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  1. Much appreciated-just gonna post individual pics
  2. Have been off the net for a while doing some corporate flying, but found some time to do this interior. Seat Package, Flooring, and Glareshield repairs-thought I would share the B4 and Aftr. "Rico" Lenway M20C.pptx
  3. Mooney team. Mic squeal issue has been resolved. Thank go to the Dave Harlow tip. Issue was the sidetone volume in the GTN 650 that was set way too high and was causing the feedback. In order to adjust it, you have to get the GTN into configuration mode. Per Dave's instrictions I set into configuration mode by holding the HOME key when you power up and ONLY touched the dial tone-reduced fm a 65 nbr to 45(a swag). Worked on the ground, after start up, and perfectly in IMC thru an LPV approach. I did not adjust the Mic gain of my Zulu 3 headset upgrade. Want to reemphasize Dave's warning. "Of course you can really screw up your configuration once you are there. So be careful!" Another happy and 0 cost ending. Rico
  4. Lightspeed folks tend to think it's a Mic gain issue. Just need a jewelry flat head screw driver. Take off Mic muff and gain screw resides under a small plastic cover. Seems sailor proof: Clockwise increases gain counter clockwise reduces gain. LS says to back off .25 turn to begin with. Appreciate all the other tips. Will report the fix once the gremlin is cornered and exterminated. Rico N231C
  5. Have developed a piercing squeal when pressing the PTT. Using new upgrade Zulu3 headset via a GTN 650. New batteries. Squelch adjust has no effect on the piercing squeal. Pls help-would really like to use the noise redux of the Z3. Going to call Lightspeed, but think the issue is in the plane, 79 Mooney 231. Any advise/help would be appreciated. Tks!
  6. Realized that I never responded to your email. My apologies. These aviation grade hides. I use multiple vendors: Omnavia, Perrone, Reliatex to name a few. The all come with FAA certificates of conformance. Foam name is Airflex-my apologies. Hope this helps.
  7. Guess you could use them on both occasions, but prefer they remain in thee plane and let the new aeroflex foam do their mission-reduce butt and back pain on the longer legs.
  8. Recently completed these M305 seats and thought I would share. Job included a full redo of overhead, flooring, glareshield, side panels, and cargo area. Happy 4th of July "Rico"
  9. TomK Is your VSI still avail? VSI in my K froze up and may need to be replaced Not much airplane $ after the tank strip and reseal. Pls advise, "Rico"
  10. Frank Tks for the comments re: My Avatar Related to my aviation upholstery bsns that I will expand when I retire fm the military after 40yrs this July. The Mooney(for Mooney interior work, quick turn around(7-10 days) and hanger side pick up/delivery when feasible), The frog and Trident(I am a SEAL with 2 of 9 lives left). Needle and thread spool(upholstery and many yrs as a military and FAA parachute rigger). Interior work and exercising my ATP in part-time corp. pilot work. This is my "boss of me" plan. "Rico" N231C
  11. Against my better judgment, breaking squelch on a renewed tank reseal thread. After years of unsuccessful hired out and expensive patchjobs, I finally bit the bullet and did the complete strip and reseal by a pro. This unavoidable decision point came when Istarted to smell traces of fuel in the cockpit. Selected the Wet-Wingologist(Edison)in Fla option. Prices abt the same with 7yr transferable warranty and good inexpensive options in the unlikely event there is an issue after the 7th yr. I developed a solid relationship with Edison, owner of Wet-Wingologists to understand his process, background, experience and finally pressed the I believe you button. Fuel tank specific DNA below: 24 yrs fuel tank specific experience with naval aviation then GA fuel tank roots. True fuel tank pro/specialist-He only does fuel tanks and has seen it all when it comes to Mooney tanks-no other maintenance distractions that reside in other maintenance facilities. Microscopic Attention to detail in the removal of tank components, stripping, access panels, cleaning/degreasing/metal preps, inspections, adhesion promoters, PPG sealants, sealant protection overcoats, gasket replace, and pressure tests. The process is solid with little room for disappointment. He can flex 4x slots each month-he had me in the shop 2 weeks after I called-sure he can accommodate specific timelines. Does not outsource his work! Location matters: The year round Florida heat is critically conducive towards the curing process-there is no artificial heat substitute in my view. Lessons reinforced: Patch jobs can be expensive losing battles There are equally reputable and guaranteed options Consider Wet-Wingologists-you will not be disappointed Picked up my K @KFXE few wks ago and on my 3rd refuel ecstatic to have resolved my Numero Uno maintenance concern. Wet Wingologists has earned A+++ rating. Do other Wet Wingologists customers agree with this assessment? Just wanted to report - pass any fuel tank specific questions VFR-Direct to Edison(954)WET-9390. “Rico” out N231C
  12. Understandable Byron-I felt the same way before embarking on the first one, but now convinced it's the way to go. Glad to take you for a ride if you are ever on the East Coast. Take care, "Rico"
  13. No problem-I did these mods at KPVG. My K has a similar set up, I can fly her there and show you. Glad to help
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