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  1. I am removing and installing it myself, which is pretty self-explanatory and difficult to screw up. Not saying that I don't have that capability to screw it up, but I don't think I did! It went to the shop the first time because it stopped working in flight. When I got it back overhauled it worked for about an hour and then started showing nose down consistently. I sent it back to the instrument shop and they told me it had contaminants in it. They told me that if the vacuum pump is on its way out then it may be spitting carbon bits back. Looking at the vanes in the vacuum pump, they don't look particularly worn to me and there is not a lot of carbon dust in there. I would expect there to be some carbon dust given that the vanes are constantly spinning and making contact with a smooth metal surface. I did have a mechanic check the vacuum pressure and regulator, and both checked out okay. The low vacuum light is operational on my panel and it goes off after the engine is running. I am going to clean the rest of the hoses and replace a couple and reinstall the AI. Honestly, there was a very small amount of dust in the tube coming off the vacuum pump itself.
  2. That's funny and true. I'm being told that the pump must be going out and that is why my AH stopped working and had contaminants in it. I was told to replace the main vacuum filter, but there isn't one. Pump goes to regulator then to distributor then to instruments. The two vacuum instruments have filters on them that are nearly new. I'm at a bit of a loss.
  3. Another question is how do I know if it needs replacement? The carbon vanes inside looked just fine, no issues noted. Slight amount of carbon dust but I'd think that was normal.
  4. How on Earth do you get to that bolt that is hidden down there? If you want to remove this vacuum pump there is just no way to get to it!
  5. This was my suspicion when it didn't seem like a part was readily available to buy. I have new filters on the DG and AH. I guess I need to clean the filter at the regulator. Thank you for the input, gents.
  6. I had my artificial horizon suddenly stop working a few flights ago right after the annual. I sent it to be overhauled. It came back and seemed to be working but then started showing a nose low attitude consistently. I sent it back to the place it was serviced and was told it had contaminants in it and was told to change my central vacuum filter I have a 74 C but can't find with certainty which filter is correct doing an online search. I have new vacuum lines ready to install as well. Any tips on which filter is correct and tips on installation are appreciated! I did have the vacuum pump and regulator checked and both were functioning correctly. Thank you!
  7. Patto

    Backfire on short final

    My C will make popping sounds if I run it rich during descent. Aggressive leaning eliminated it for me.
  8. Patto

    Mag check issue

    I took a look at it today. The metal plate on the left magneto with the negative lead coming out of it was loose. All four bolts were partially unscrewed. I applied some Loctite and refastened the plate. Mag check successful after that. Thank you, gents! Saved me some cash and frustration with your expertise!!
  9. Patto

    Mag check issue

    Exactly what I will check tomorrow morning. Thank you!
  10. Patto

    Mag check issue

    I'm dealing with this same issue right now. During run up mag check, no drop when checking the right magneto. I just finished putting in an overhauled artificial horizon, so I wonder if I pulled on something inadvertently. Thanks for the info everyone.
  11. Patto

    Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Loving all the pictures! Wish my C was out of the shop so I could fly it a bit too.
  12. Patto

    Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Yep, I'm one of those guys that have been watching this thread from the beginning and enjoying your journey. Congratulations on getting it done and being able to wake up with that thought in the morning. It's a great feeling!
  13. Patto

    What is this?

    I concur. But, I've sunk all my "spare" cash into keeping the bird airworthy.
  14. Patto

    What is this?

    Thanks guys. Glad it is nothing too important.