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  1. Patto

    Backfire on short final

    My C will make popping sounds if I run it rich during descent. Aggressive leaning eliminated it for me.
  2. Patto

    Mag check issue

    I took a look at it today. The metal plate on the left magneto with the negative lead coming out of it was loose. All four bolts were partially unscrewed. I applied some Loctite and refastened the plate. Mag check successful after that. Thank you, gents! Saved me some cash and frustration with your expertise!!
  3. Patto

    Mag check issue

    Exactly what I will check tomorrow morning. Thank you!
  4. Patto

    Mag check issue

    I'm dealing with this same issue right now. During run up mag check, no drop when checking the right magneto. I just finished putting in an overhauled artificial horizon, so I wonder if I pulled on something inadvertently. Thanks for the info everyone.
  5. Patto

    Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Loving all the pictures! Wish my C was out of the shop so I could fly it a bit too.
  6. Patto

    Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Yep, I'm one of those guys that have been watching this thread from the beginning and enjoying your journey. Congratulations on getting it done and being able to wake up with that thought in the morning. It's a great feeling!
  7. Patto

    What is this?

    I concur. But, I've sunk all my "spare" cash into keeping the bird airworthy.
  8. Patto

    What is this?

    Thanks guys. Glad it is nothing too important.
  9. Patto

    Mooney Newbie Question

    Glad I'm not the only newbie on here!
  10. I went to replace my comm 1 VHF antenna today with a new one that was recommended by an avionics guy as a direct replacement. The old one is cracked in the front and was painted (heavily) when the airplane was painted, making the reception very poor. Well, unfortunately, the bolt pattern was not the same as the old one. Anyone know of a suitable replacement? Preferably a newer, more modern product?
  11. See attached. I had been hearing a rattling/clanging noise and found the culprit under the rear seat cushion. Who will be first to tell me what it is?
  12. Patto

    Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    I admit to lurking. Thanks for all the informative posts. Can't wait for you to be able to fly it!
  13. Patto

    Nose wheel Steering

    I'm also a new C owner and found that the steering was more sensitive than what I was used to. My previous experience was in Cessna 150's. Mooneys are more sensitive. Before you write a check, I'd give it a little time to try and get accustomed to the difference between the two airframes and the handling. Could just need a little time in that new plane to get used to the difference. Welcome to the family. The folks here really know what they're talking about. Their advice has been invaluable to me.
  14. Nice! Welcome to the family!