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  1. I’m here! Beautiful day. What a smoooooooth runway.
  2. It’s probably covered in paint too. I’ll take a peek next time I’m at the hangar. Guess the painter forgot to mask them off. It just looked like an old antenna tip that had been painted completely over.
  3. Hahaha. Thanks!!! Guess it’s a good thing I chipped all the paint off it!!! It was just a blue blob seconds before I shot my Oscar winning video. Is this just a Mooney thing? I don’t ever remember small Cessna or Beeches having one when I learned 30 years ago. 17000 hours and tons of planes in my logbook and I’m still learning. My old aircraft manual and the checklist don't even mention it. Jason
  4. Mystery doohickey near the left wing root. It was covered in paint. Some paint chipped off so I started messing with it. Probably slowing me down by 5-10 knots at least!! Lol. What the heck is it? Jason Attached a 5 second video DA3665EC-71D2-4C86-B131-F1698FA56902.MOV
  5. Problem solved. Turns out that the avionics shop that looked at my plane a couple months ago forgot to secure the 430. Over time, the vibration wiggled the radio out just a wee bit. Simple fix to reseat the radio.
  6. Thanks everyone. Drove over to Aircraft Spruce and bought a handheld radio. Heading down to the hangar to chase this thing down. Bad news, we cancelled our trip to St. Augustine. Good news, we will spend a few days camping at the lake instead. The hangar is 10 minutes away from the lake! First world problems. Lol.
  7. 1975 F gns430w radio gma-340 audio panel Just finished a round trip from Georgia to Michigan and back. Last 30 minutes of the flight I couldn't transmit from my push to talk. Assumed it was just the pilots ptt so I snagged the headset from the right seater and used the right seat ptt. It worked but the sound feedback in my headset was scratchy. ATC assumed the scratchy sound was due to an issue on their end. I cancelled IFR before I couldn't transmit at all. Fast forward a couple days... I head down to the hangar to isolate the problem. With the engine OFF I can transmit. A few radio calls to the FBO using multiple headsets, both installed ptt switches and an old velcro ptt worked great. Fired up the engine to taxi out and tried a few more radio calls. Nothing...just crickets... Once again I tried multiple headsets, both pilot and copilot ptt switches and the old velcro ptt and nothing worked. FBO said the could only hear some clicking and no voice. Shut down the engine and voice over the comm worked again. Ugh... Any ideas before I head off to the avionics shop in the morning? Thanks, Jason
  8. Forget being a Walmart greeter when I retire. I’m driving this thing around.
  9. I’ll be there Thursday to Saturday. Camping as well. Are there any items that you wished you would’ve packed? I know I’ll have an empty Gatorade bottle in the tent so I don’t have to find a honey bucket at 3am. Lol. This is my first camping trip with the plane. Sunscreen. Check tent Check sleeping bag Check Credit card to buy cool airplane stuff...duh Edit...wife just asked how the coffee is. That’s all she cares about!!!
  10. I’ve been on a five year waiting list for a hangar in Newnan for five years. I’ve moved from #22 to #20. Lol
  11. Had an overhauled alternator installed in my plane during the last annual. Failed during climbout the other day. Pulled the brushes out and found the broken wire as seen in the picture. My mechanic states he has had more issues with overhauled parts over the last few years and encourages owners to just purchase new if they can. Have others here noticed less than desirable results with purchasing overhauled components vs new? The good news is this was an easy fix. Plus we didn’t have to remove the lower cowl and remove the alternator. 1975 F aerotech al-y 8520 60amp
  12. My son and I flew an operation airdrop mission on Sunday. The boots on the ground say within three hours of landing our supplies will be with a family in need. The amount of trees down, homes destroyed and boats on land was quite a sight to see.
  13. Good choice. I used to be based in New York. Flew the maddog shuttle runs for Delta. It would be entertaining to hear all the comments from atc while flying a Mooney there!!! Anything less than a small turboprop plane just gums up lga more than it normally is.
  14. I miss my 993!!! Best car I’ve ever owned. The insurance payout after the crash bought my Mooney. Those air cooled cars sure went up in value!! I got lucky. Bought the car when they were cheap. Still trying to find a way to buy another. Almost pulled the trigger last year on a ‘97 993 targa that was almost an exact match to my plane. Still dreaming...