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  1. Amelia Earhart Luncheon ; Birmingham ,Al

    I would be interested in this! Not far from MEM.
  2. Mooneys at Jewell Aviation

    I suspect I have about 25 hours in the annual on my aircraft. (doing it my self) The annual is complete, just working off the squawks now. Jewell prices are great! I suppose I will have to pay these guys a visit and see how I can get my own annual done in a day.
  3. Mooneys at Jewell Aviation

    That is an amazing price. Based on that price, the entire annual was accomplished in just over 9 hours using their $75 an hour rate! How much extra did they charge for AD research? I see on their web site that the annual price does not include AD research.
  4. AFAIK foreflight uses WiFi with the Stratus 2 or 2S receiver to connect. The bluetooth is only for the audio connection.
  5. What are these spots on my windshield?

    GLAP is definitely a good product! I would stay with the factory thickness. Going to a thicker glass adds labor time to modify the clips and hardware. Personal experience. Plus, I added the 1/4 glass to my F and did not notice a reduction in cabin noise.
  6. How long should an annual take?

    I am into my annual for 6 weeks. I am doing it myself and I have a full time job working nights, teenage kids and family time too! I am no rush as it is a toy for me. I should be back in the air in 3 weeks or so providing I can get back out to the airport when I plan to.
  7. Eddy Current inspection near KSNA

    Propeller hub that has an AD.
  8. Cowl flap torque tube removal

    I haven't tried, but with my F in annual at the moment, I have all the cowls and exhaust removed. This makes access much easier.
  9. Moving the data plate

    On large aircraft the data plate is affixed to the main entry door jamb. I would recommend contacting Mooney for information on where the data plate was installed on your aircraft at the factory. In a previous life I worked at an aircraft salvage operation. The data plates were surrendered to the manufacturer with a certificate of destruction.
  10. Mooney Summit Weather

    I'll be driving, as Stella failed compression test at annual. See everyone Friday!
  11. Elevator trim tubes wear

    Here is the video. As mentioned above, this play is normal, the wear groove if greater than .007, is not normal. You should also expect to finde polyurethane anti chafe tape at the contact point.
  12. Elevator trim tubes wear

    Around 3300 hrs.
  13. Looking for a good KMA20 audio panel

    Around $4000 for the GMA 350 recently installed in my F.
  14. Elevator trim tubes wear

    I will post up a video to YouTube and link it here later. Agreed I have a good solution already, thanks!
  15. Elevator trim tubes wear

    Hi Clarence, thanks for the reply. If understand you correctly, there is supposed to be a wear sleeve on the tube? Thanks also for the wear limits. I am fairly certain I am beyond that.