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  1. I go 50 hours, oil, filter and lab test. AeroShell 15-50 has the Lycoming LW 16702 anti wear additive already added.
  2. According to the Goodyear guidance, the tire is still good. I would probably order a tire and tube in the next few weeks to have handy because the wear is getting close. Store the tire/tube in a controlled environment, not the hot/cold hangar. Check your tire before/after every flight.
  3. Flew to Greenwood, Indiana to look at a Mooney in pre purchase stage that a friend is closing on in a few days. On the way back we stopped in Owensboro, KY for some real good BBQ. Go to KOWB and try out Moonlite BBQ Inn The BBQ was great and their specialty is mutton.
  4. I looked at this plane. Went and did a walk around. Battery is dead. Not flown much in the last five years. IIRC the prop times didn't add up. After 30 minutes in the hangar with this plane gut instinct said steer away. I could be completely wrong, but with this one I would get yer PPI done at Maxwell. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Ill be dropping of my son as well at Huntsville in June. He is doing the Aviation Challenge Mach III.
  6. I looked at this one. It is a project. Battery dead, missing logs due to house fire. It is basically an orphan that needs someone who wants to fly and tinker after each flight. It's not a bad airplane, it just has room for negotiation.
  7. I took a break as a student pilot from 1991 to 2016. I had 37 hours! Should've finished. Then I passed the written April 2016, bought the Mooney September 2016 with no complex time. Passed my oral and practical October 2016 in a 172 based on the advice received here on mooneyspace, and checked out in the Mooney November 2016. Since then I have logged 60 hours and some landings twice!
  8. I use FSS to give PIREPS.
  9. Yeah man! I'm traveling today but could get it in the mail for you tomorrow. 

    1. Bayern Speed

      Bayern Speed

      Hi Brian, thanks for the reply! I wasn't sure since it was an older post. I found a radio in El Paso that I paid for already. Sort of in a time crunch as I have a planned flight on Monday. Let it go to someone else!

    2. Brian Scranton

      Brian Scranton

      No problem! 

  10. Just checking to see if this might still be available. I need the radio.
  11. Today's flight included my wife's first flight with me ever. She recorded the landing and was not nervous at all! IMG_0344[1].MOV
  12. It's a great question to ponder. The price of a new plane is just way out of my league. In about 30 years I would be able to afford a 2017 Mooney with all of it's outdated avionics and a timed out engine that I could maybe coax along a few more years.
  13. Tom, Neil and I descended on Kentucky Dam State Park, M34 today and I believe we convinced Heath there is only one GA aircraft. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. That would be awesome! A little Mooney airshow at M34.
  15. I have an F and I am not too far away either. Maybe Tom and I could meet you the same day! The weather looks a bit iffy the beginning of the week. Shoot me a PM as well. I have been to M34 before and would like to go to Patti's as well. Sean KFYE