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  1. Mooney M20F Versus M20F Exec 21

    My 1975 M20F Executive 21 has logo lights that shine on the tail. Not all F series have that option. Not sure if that is the difference.
  2. Yoopers Rocketman's Lancair

    What an amazing machine and a heck of a journey you have been on to bring this machine to life! Thank you so much for sharing. I hope to one day see this bird in person!
  3. Fuel selector parts

    Try this: 940057-001 This is the PN Dan sent me, fits great in my 75F fuel selector.
  4. Your boot was really bad! Your engine has been sucking partially unfiltered air for years. I recently finished two annuals. One on a 75F, and one on a 76F. Both of them had holes in the boots and elevated silica in the oil. Just sent the post repair 25 hour oil sample to Blackstone on the 75F. Still waiting for the results. Your boot looks like it was easy to find with the lower cowl on. On the two I did, one might not have noticed the the boot with the cowl still installed.
  5. SOLD KING KX-175B 760Ch $300

    Works great, thanks!
  6. What's your oil pressure set at?

    I just put two new cylinders on my IO360 and running Aeroshell W100 mineral oil. The pressure runs at the yellow line if you add full power before the oil temp comes into the green. Once the temp is up the pressure runs at the top of the green band in cruise. 6 more hours of break in for those two cylinders and I will go back to Aeroshell 15/50. BTW: the engine has 2200 hours total time since overhaul!
  7. Electric Flaps Troubleshooting

    Awesome, no parts, just CRC! Thanks. Ill give it a shot. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Electric Flaps Troubleshooting

    Ok, U have read this entire thread and a couple of others, and I am not sure @Marauder resolved his problem. What was the final fix? I know someone having the same problem on their 75F. flaps intermittently will not retract.
  9. SOLD KING KX-175B 760Ch $300

    I'll take the KX175B. Where is it located?
  10. You should consider putting this on Pilots n Paws forum as well. I am headed to Charlotte area Friday from Memphis but already have a 60 pound dog going that way and a 35 pounder coming back.
  11. Another rigging question ...

    I considered that! I think we will fly it and verify good or bad results.
  12. Another rigging question ...

    @M20Doc nose wheel is straight. Even jacked aircraft to get any possible unintended pressure from nose wheel out of the system. As far as I can tell it is the mixer springs. One appears visually to be tighter that the other. I guess we will go fly it and report back.
  13. Another rigging question ...

    I am working on a 1976 M20F at the moment. Followed the rigging instructions in the manual and found a few rod ends that need adjustment. With the ailerons locked on neutral using a strait edge on the yoke they are properly faired a 0 to -2 degrees down. Once the straight edge is released they have a right wing down spring back. I must be missing something. Maybe @M20Doc or @Sabremech has some insight? Video on you tube.
  14. Bottle Jack for tire changes?

    That might work. I was thinking a rig that could possibly put a pipe through the tug point might work?
  15. Red bull air race

    Saw the Indy race last year. IFR with 1000ft ceilings! They still put on a good race. Too bad we can't land at the track!