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  1. Today's flight included my wife's first flight with me ever. She recorded the landing and was not nervous at all! IMG_0344[1].MOV
  2. It's a great question to ponder. The price of a new plane is just way out of my league. In about 30 years I would be able to afford a 2017 Mooney with all of it's outdated avionics and a timed out engine that I could maybe coax along a few more years.
  3. Tom, Neil and I descended on Kentucky Dam State Park, M34 today and I believe we convinced Heath there is only one GA aircraft. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. That would be awesome! A little Mooney airshow at M34.
  5. I have an F and I am not too far away either. Maybe Tom and I could meet you the same day! The weather looks a bit iffy the beginning of the week. Shoot me a PM as well. I have been to M34 before and would like to go to Patti's as well. Sean KFYE
  6. JPI is running an instant rebate till April 20th that makes the 830 less than the G2 from Spruce.
  7. KFYE, no discount, currently $4.00 gallon
  8. Zero fuel weight is not in the POH. That number is found in the most recent weight and balance information. The number changes anytime you make a change to the installed equipment, such as removing your old transponder and installing a new ADS-B conpliant transponder. Or if you remove obsolete equipment like the nice Loran I have, then you would calculate the weight removed and be pleased with a inceased useful load!
  9. Woo! Went for a great, smooth flight today! FYE to M11 and back. Went down to look at a '67F for sale. No joy on the F but the ride was fantastic! Smooth ride visibility unlimited!
  10. I vote for number 2...
  11. Did a night flight over the house with my son. His first night flight, he says, dad, I can see the pool!
  12. I picked the F for the extra leg room on the back. After I took a test flight with an E owner who was 6" tall and looking behind him in flight I knew I needed the mid body with two teenagers!
  13. On large aircraft, the weights are made of depleted uranium. The procurement of which is highly controlled:
  14. Good flight tonight and engine ran great. Cleaning the injector did the trick. Thanks to all for their helpful insight. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Indicating empty would be more important than full! The left tank is full to the top now. I'll check the float to make sure it is at the full limit as well. thanks for the idea. I am not inclined to bend the rod at this point, my luck it will probably break!