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  1. I am doing it myself. It is not something I would consider doing again! Oasis is highly recommended. They are about 7 months out as far as I know, so make reservations.
  2. I think you did good for a first annual at a non MSC. The lubrication portion of the AD is required on every model listed in the AD even if the aircraft was manufactured after the AD was released. The links with lubrication fittings will will have been installed at the factory for aircraft built after the AD was released. Applies to Mooney Models M20, M20A, M20B, M20C, M20D, M20E, M20F and M20G airplanes. I started my annual 3 months early because I hit 98 hours since last accomplishment of AD 73-21-01. Now I am resealing the right tank.
  3. The Domed nut will not fit the outboard panel as it is dimpled.
  4. Hi all, looking for minimum 4 EA PN 22NKA38-02 nut plate for fuel panel. I the photo with two, I need the top one. They go on the small fuel tank access panel, 1975 F. @Alan Fox @acpartswhse
  5. The owner of the aircraft has to submit the ferry permit request. You will need to list any maintenance discrepancies that are the need for the permit along with any overdue ADs. Depending on the AD, the FAA may determine that it will need to be accomplished prior to the ferry flight. The flights are usually restricted to day VFR only, avoid populated areas.
  6. If all goes well, I will have the right tank ready to seal this evening, which means I wont start that till Friday because have to go to the real job that funds all this fun!
  7. Welcome to the Mooney world! I am not far away from you, KFYE.
  8. No machine, just going to do the work by hand with lots of patience.
  9. Bringing the thread to the top! I have read this entire thread, bought all the materials, and will start the right tank strip and reseal on my M20F tomorrow. Wish me luck, pictures to follow.
  10. I just use the Foreflight software and d the digital signature. You can also update your info on the FAA web site in the FASST system and have your CFI sign there. Even your 75 year old CFI should be using the FAA site.
  11. I passed my check ride with the paper log, moved everything to digital and have never looked back. I tend to write more in the digital log about the trip.
  12. OK, I'm in, please add me and send the link. Sean