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  1. Without a picture, I am just guessing that tape covers the seam between the skin and the fresh air duct?
  2. The exhaust on my Mooney was replaced prior to my ownership. a search of the logs shows the task documented in both the engine and aircraft log on the same date.
  3. Merry Christmas to my new to me family! This site has been awesome so far with great tips on buying and maintaining a Mooney. After owning a Mooney for 3 months, I can say without a doubt I picked the right aircraft and the right crowd!
  4. A friend of mine is selling this unit, with 8130. Make an offer, he has decided to go a different way with his aircraft build.
  5. The price on that vertical card compass is less than half the OH price for the Airpath whiskey compass! I say go for the card compass.
  6. Good news is it lasted 41 years, original DG to the aircraft!
  7. This happened to my DG Saturday night. Out for overhaul, be back in two weeks. IMG_4171.MOV
  8. 2 months for me, PPL for one month!
  9. I bought my Mooney before I earned my PPL. That was September 19th of this year. I earned my PPL mid October and my complex endorsement November 1st. Insurance from AOPA is $1923. Falcon quoted me almost $3k! I have a nice M20F that performs better than expected (to me anyway). It has mostly original avionics and a really cool Loran C. For me, the first thing I did was pick a budget then a mission. Then I went in search of aircraft that met my budget and mission. My mission is Memphis to Atlanta, Central and South Florida, and central Ohio. This aircraft is capable and fun to fly! I expect that come next September when I have 100 hours in my plane the insurance will come down. Instrument rating planned in the Spring of 2017. Good luck on the purchase, and definitely spring for a pre-purchase inspection.
  10. Well done! As I get more hours in my Mooney (14 so far) I will get the instrument as well in the spring. It would be great to have it before the caravan next year!
  11. Everyone has said it and it is my personal experience as well. I earned the PPL in the rental C172. I had already bought the Mooney and transitioned the following week to my M20F. I agree with the advice to get the PPL in the rental C172. Now I have 13 hours solo time in my Mooney!
  12. I am going to try and make this. I may be in a rental as I am planning to get ADS-B installed and if the timing works out, Stella will be in the shop.
  13. dual gps.pdf Used five or six times during PPL training. Works great, all packaging, 12V charger, cord, strap, dash/glareshield mount. Paypal ok, $60.
  14. Starr though AOPA quoted me $1943, student pilot with just under 60 hours, no complex time.
  15. You can count on it! I look forward to getting advice any where I can!