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  1. Bayern Speed

    new mooniac

    Welcome to the Mooney world! I am not far away from you, KFYE.
  2. Bayern Speed

    Fuel tank sealant removal machine

    No machine, just going to do the work by hand with lots of patience.
  3. Bayern Speed

    Fuel tank sealant removal machine

    Bringing the thread to the top! I have read this entire thread, bought all the materials, and will start the right tank strip and reseal on my M20F tomorrow. Wish me luck, pictures to follow.
  4. Bayern Speed

    Paper Logbook #3

    I just use the Foreflight software and d the digital signature. You can also update your info on the FAA web site in the FASST system and have your CFI sign there. Even your 75 year old CFI should be using the FAA site.
  5. Bayern Speed

    Paper Logbook #3

    I passed my check ride with the paper log, moved everything to digital and have never looked back. I tend to write more in the digital log about the trip.
  6. Bayern Speed

    MooneySpace Member Map

    OK, I'm in, please add me and send the link. Sean
  7. Bayern Speed

    2019 Aviation Goals

    For 2018- flew 110 Mooney hours, earned high performance endorsement and flight review in an A36 2019- get the IR, tail wheel endorsement, fly another 100 hours to amazing destinations 2020- pay of the house, fly another 100 hours, get some hours in a Cessna 195, maybe even buy one!
  8. Bayern Speed

    ISO main gear shock link PN 520010-1

    Thanks to David who sent me a nice serviceable used shock link Stella is back together and standing on her own again! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Bayern Speed

    ISO main gear shock link PN 520010-1

    David, sent you a PM with my cell number, thanks!
  10. Bayern Speed

    ISO main gear shock link PN 520010-1

    That is correct. I can post a pic as well of the old one. Thanks!
  11. Bayern Speed

    ISO main gear shock link PN 520010-1

    So far no luck finding a shock link new or used unless I buy from Mooney for 3x price. There are a few used complete gear assemblies out there. Don't know if the link is serviceable without disassembly. Sending my old link to LASAR so they can take a look. Maybe it will be within limits.
  12. Bayern Speed

    ISO main gear shock link PN 520010-1

    Left you a message Alan!
  13. Need one main gear shock link for my 1975 F. Mooney has three new in stock for ~$1400 each, not real interested at that price. LASAR has 16 week lead time for their PMA part, ~$575, although I might get lucky and a new one will get returned unused. Anybody have a serviceable used one or a new one that you ended up not needing?
  14. Bayern Speed

    Pre-buy Inspection Recommendation Arkansas

    I am in Memphis and might be able to help depending on timing. Phone: 9 0 1 592 seventy two hundred.
  15. Bayern Speed

    1975 Mooney M20F NOT for sale $41,500

    Per the Minister of Finance, (my wife) this aircraft is not for sale. She insists that we keep it.