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  1. Mooney Summit V Registration is now open

    Thanks for the offer! I hope it doesn't come to that, but I am going either way.
  2. Mooney Summit V Registration is now open

    Work has cooperated and I have the time off, I have my hotel reservations at the host hotel and I spoke with Sheltair, plenty of room on the ramp! The only obstacle this year for me will be IMC. This time next year, IMC will just be a filed flight plan away!
  3. To get vapors out of an empty tank, a pneumatically operated vacuum should be used to purge the fumes. You do not want any spark generating equipment any where near those fumes. The venting equipment and aircraft should be bonded, and the aircraft grounded.
  4. Loose nose gear door

    There is not much you can do for a hinge except replace it. I have the same issue on mine, hinge purchased from Lasar, talk to Dan! The door will need to be removed to replace the hinge. Fortunately the hinge is screwed to the aircraft side. Unfortunately it is riveted to the door.
  5. Wing Walk Strip and Refresh

    Awesome how to post, thanks for sharing!
  6. First repairs needed

    Glad it was an easy fix!
  7. First repairs needed

    Had mine for 9 months as well, works great! Hopefully warranty will cover it.
  8. Mooney Summit V Registration is now open

    Registered, hope work stays out of the way. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Emergency Gear Problem

    It's a pre flight step for me after I get the seat adjusted I verify the engagement lever is stowed. I have bumped it more than once with my left knee getting settled in. 1975F. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Panel instruments - sale

  11. Foreflight track log bug

    Flew two legs on Sunday with no problems. Turned on the logging as ForeFlight requested. Sent them the information but I think it was not much help since everything worked properly. They said turn the logging off and they will keep an eye on it, whatever that means. I will update if this happens again. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Went on a flight last Wednesday to meet up with another pilot in KIER and pick up a few puppies to take to a rescue. Set up the Foreflight as usual with the departure, destination, altitude, my tail number etc just like I have been doing for 10 months. My tail number is N6897V. I was meeting a pilot flying N181EJ. The only reference to his tail number is in an email for the trip plan. Somehow Foreflight picked up his tail number and attached it to my track log/flight. I have reached out to Foreflight and they asked for another flight with data logging turned on to see if they can find anything. Has anyone encountered this bug with Foreflight?
  13. How Many Hours Between Oil Changes?

    I go 50 hours, oil, filter and lab test. AeroShell 15-50 has the Lycoming LW 16702 anti wear additive already added.
  14. Tire replacement criteria

    According to the Goodyear guidance, the tire is still good. I would probably order a tire and tube in the next few weeks to have handy because the wear is getting close. Store the tire/tube in a controlled environment, not the hot/cold hangar. Check your tire before/after every flight.
  15. Today's flight for 2017

    Flew to Greenwood, Indiana to look at a Mooney in pre purchase stage that a friend is closing on in a few days. On the way back we stopped in Owensboro, KY for some real good BBQ. Go to KOWB and try out Moonlite BBQ Inn The BBQ was great and their specialty is mutton.