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  1. ...and I did not know!
  2. AFAIK every aircraft has a tach. Not every aircraft has a hobbs. Go with tach time for maintenance.
  3. To do the install IMHO you may also need to perform an electrical load analysis to show that the system does not get overloaded when using these lights.
  4. Got the pump out. It was overhauled on 2001. Going for an overhaul and see how long that lasts.
  5. Now it's down to Aeromotors $400 rebuild or Weldon for $1236. Decisions decisions. I think I'll take the pump out and then decide! This place is a wealth of knowledge!
  6. Looks like I'll be gettIng an overhaul on my Duke fuel pump then!
  7. Monday went to Kentucky Dam State Park. It was a lonely, empty place with a very nice runway. The numbers on the runway did not match the AF/D or the airport signs! I guess that is coming as the runway markings looked new.
  8. Looks like I have the same problem on my '75F. Fuel is dripping from pump fitting to make about a 3 foot puddle! Turned the gascolator to off and drip stopped. I'll take the pump out in the morning. Does anyone know if this is a Dukes or Weldon? Can't see the data on the plate.
  9. CF is pre 1974 registration in Canada.
  10. Cannot use any material that does not meet the flammability requirements.
  11. Took four weeks to get mine.
  12. I never imagined using acrylic for cylinder head so you could see the action. Very cool!
  13. Without a picture, I am just guessing that tape covers the seam between the skin and the fresh air duct?
  14. The exhaust on my Mooney was replaced prior to my ownership. a search of the logs shows the task documented in both the engine and aircraft log on the same date.
  15. Merry Christmas to my new to me family! This site has been awesome so far with great tips on buying and maintaining a Mooney. After owning a Mooney for 3 months, I can say without a doubt I picked the right aircraft and the right crowd!