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  1. Minister of Finance has blessed the sale. I have had two potential care takers come by and give her a walk around. Took one up for a flight. Now they are checking with their Treasury Department to allocate funds. Still for sale until cash in hand.
  2. I have an F. The price is right, the times not so much Take a look and call if you are interested.
  3. Updated details, still flying great. Times are approximate and will continue to go up. Aircraft is flown 100+ hours a year. Total time: 3440, times will go up, aircraft is actively flown Engine: Lycoming IO360A1A, SN L-14503-51A SMOH: 2112 OH date: Nov. 1984 #1 and #3 cylinder ~200 hours TSO installed Dec. 2017, Compression #1/78 #2/76 #3/76 #4/68 Prop: Hartzell Hub Model HC-C2YK-1BF Blade model F7666A-2 TSPOH: 439 Prop AD 2009-22-03 next due ~ 3510 tach time Annual due JUNE 2021 IFR Cert due January 2021 Useful load: 1001 LBS RECENT WORK: Engine vibration isolators, gear shock discs, right tank reseal, nose gear steering horn, new pilot seat belt, new ELT MODS: Lasar Cowl Closure, oil cooler relocation, brake caliper rotation, right side air vent AVIONICS: NAV/COM KX170/175 Transponder: Stratus ESG, ADS-B out, 1090 ES Audio Panel: Garmin GMA 350c four place intercom, stereo, Bluetooth Autopilot: Pathfinder P2A, wing leveler w/heading bug and VOR capture Additional Equipment: Davtron M80 clock, Whelen strobes, 4 place digital EGT, dual PTT, front seat shoulder harness, light weight starter, tow bar Exterior: White trimmed in red and blue (painted 1996, Bill Potts Painting, Salinas CA) some clear coat flaking Illustrated parts catalog, maintenance manual and POH on thumb drive Interior: Gray leather with headrests Complete logs, no damage history SB M20-208B CW Owned and maintained by IA/A&P/PPSEL Contact: Sean Siefring 901-592-7200 Price: $41,500 OBO
  4. Can't go wrong with the JPI900 and you will get a small increase in useful load by removing all the factory indicators. I would highly recommend the Ceis fuel senders at the same time.
  5. AC 43.13 has the correct methods to repair acrylic/plexiglass. In short the hole should be tapered and a plug made of thicker materiel bonded in and sanded flush. Done correctly the repair will be nearly invisible. Clear silicone is not one of the methods of repair in the 43.13. A screw/washer/nut combination is an acceptable temporary repair to next annual.
  6. As a part of my check list before each gear retraction/extension I check the lever to ensure it is completely aft/disengaged. I had the handle rotate once, that was enough!
  7. All sealed up. No after pictures taken. It is a beast of a job!
  8. Riffle files are recommended as far as I know. Go slow, follow the manual.
  9. If your IA has a problem with the paperwork from previous work accomplished, he could always inspect the work and submit the documentation he believes to be required. I would consider that good customer service.
  10. It was great to meet Brad and show of the F! He fits very well in the seat and won't be disappointed if he chooses to pursue a Mooney!
  11. I am at KFYE with an F. Will be out there 9-4 Monday-Wednesday. You are welcome to stop by and sit in mine.
  12. On short final the controller advised of potential hazard to #1 and provided direction to eliminate the hazard. As PIC in #1, he was put in a position to decide if the short notice of change from cleared to land to go around would put him in a hazardous situation. If he called unable and landed instead, the jet behind would have been advised to go around. IMO, the controller miscalculated the closure rate of the jet when clearing the Mooney for #1 and should have made #2 go around. The most critical phase of flight is short final. It is unwise to add unnecessary work load. #2 was higher and further out and should have been made to go around. Glad that you were able to safely abort the landing. As far as calling, I would have requested their number so I could after I cooled off.