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  1. I ran into @John morehouse while attending a Cessna 195 maintenance clinic this past weekend, 9A5, LaFayette, Ga. Nice K model.
  2. The 195 pilots are close knit. It is a small slice of antique aviation.
  3. 1200# UL, 135kts true. All the 195ers say just load it, she will take off.
  4. 18 total hours flown, some good cross wind practice. Wife and kids have flown with me, so I would say it is a resounding success!
  5. Many older log books have cursive in them. The A/P school I attended 30 plus years ago impressed upon all us hopeful AMTs that block printing was the ONLY way to make a legible log entry.
  6. With a Mooney, it is never "farewell" it is, see you around the patch friends!
  7. Fly in at a friends private grass strip. My wife caught a cool smoky start up!
  8. I did the Baker School. It will get you your IA guaranteed. They say it is Mon-Fri. I tested out Thursday morning and went home. I liked it. Edit: It is likely the big airlines will pay for the course. The little package company in Memphis that employs me paid for mine. All I had to cover was transportation and food/lodging.
  9. Just take it to a prop shop every 100 hours. It will take 10 years to even get close to the value of the B hub. Memphis propeller can do the job in about an hour all in including a ride to their shop to pay and get the log entry.
  10. Sounds like the emergency extension lever/cable may be out of rig. You should feel a positive detent when the lever is nearing the disengaged position. Once you have the rigging for the emergency extension lever sorted, give the gear a good lubrication at all points. On my 75F, I had to remove the gear actuator, disassemble, clean, lubricate, and reassemble. install, and rig the lever. All worked flawless after that.
  11. @Hank thank you! I look forward to seeing my Mooney friends out and about!
  12. @Nick Pilotte she does leave a small mark. I have a flat pan to keep the oil off the floor. @Missile=Awesome the Hughes mono plane is pure airplane porn! Way out of my $$$$ league. The Gee Bee, well that too is just an amazing piece of aviation lust! I am happy to be the care taker for a time. Transition training has been pleasant thus far.
  13. I plan to use her to visit my kids at college, go to fly ins, and volunteer for Pilots n Paws. The radial engine takes some specific care to ensure long life. You have to pull the prop through 6 to 8 blades before each engine start to ensure the lower cylinders do not have any oil collected in them which could result in a hydraulic lock/bent connecting rod. The fuel primer must be used every start. The RPM range on the engine is much lower, red line is only 2200, cruise is 1950. Carb heat set to about 95 degrees F in flight to prevent icing/improve fuel burn.
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