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  1. Another rigging question ...

    I considered that! I think we will fly it and verify good or bad results.
  2. Another rigging question ...

    @M20Doc nose wheel is straight. Even jacked aircraft to get any possible unintended pressure from nose wheel out of the system. As far as I can tell it is the mixer springs. One appears visually to be tighter that the other. I guess we will go fly it and report back.
  3. Another rigging question ...

    I am working on a 1976 M20F at the moment. Followed the rigging instructions in the manual and found a few rod ends that need adjustment. With the ailerons locked on neutral using a strait edge on the yoke they are properly faired a 0 to -2 degrees down. Once the straight edge is released they have a right wing down spring back. I must be missing something. Maybe @M20Doc or @Sabremech has some insight? Video on you tube.
  4. Bottle Jack for tire changes?

    That might work. I was thinking a rig that could possibly put a pipe through the tug point might work?
  5. Red bull air race

    Saw the Indy race last year. IFR with 1000ft ceilings! They still put on a good race. Too bad we can't land at the track!
  6. It's cold, Mooneys heaters

    If the air supply that flows over the exhaust manifold is not sealed up good that could contribute to loss of heat. I had this challenge on my F and found the tube from the heat muff to the fire wall was sad and needed replacing due to leaks.
  7. Mechanics upcharge for parts?

    I would expect a bit of a mark up on any part that someone else took the time to look up, make the phone call or place the online order, receive the package, open the box, and verify the contents are indeed what was ordered. Especially if all this activity took place inside of a building that said mechanic was paying rent, leased, or owned. Some shops have a "no customer supplied parts" policy. that typically is so they can control and keep record of parts they installed. This comes in handy when the FAA comes asking for all the service records of a particular aircraft that has had a mishap.
  8. Not hard to believe at all. As we age our reflexes get slower and our ability to make sound decisions is diminished. There are many great pilots that later in their years are not so great any more. I know there will be day when I am not able to fly. I just hope I have the sound mind to recognize that I should hang it up before I am forced to by a few mishaps.
  9. Introduction and owner question...

    I have a fixed budget of 12k a year. If I run out of budget before I run out of year, I am polishing parts till the budget catches up. I have a reserve for engine and prop so that won't slow me down. I flew 110 hours last year. That is $4400 in fuel, $3960 in MX flying reserves, the rest is hangar and insurance.
  10. That spacer goes between the valve and the rocker arm. Your compression would be good because that valve was not opening the full lift or duration. I would boroscope the cylinder and look at the valves as a precaution, but I am not too concerned you will find anything. The concern is the valve stem and the face of the rocker arm where the rocker arm was opening the valve with the spacer missing. That could have caused abnormal wear on both components. The rocker arm will come out with relative ease once the piston is at top dead center compression. Take it apart, have a look, you might get lucky and have no unusual wear. For that spacer to fall out, the valve clearance may not have been set correctly on assembly. I believe you have a Lycoming. The clearance is set by different length push rods. All of this can be done without removing the cylinder.
  11. Engine issue

    I see a problem with #3, then #2, then #4. This is a serious moving target. 1. Did the plugs get returned to their original position? 2. Did the injectors get returned to their original position? Try to make only one change at time to the systems for trouble shooting. With the problem moving around, it has to be something common to all the cylinders. Magnetos appear to be isolated, so my next step would be to check the fuel flow divider to make sure fuel is coming out of all the ports equally.
  12. Early Christmas gift

    Wow, what a beautiful piece of machinery! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Offloading fuel

    Draining 10 gallons of fuel is not continuous duty. Plus, with the line disconnected it is a low load on the pump. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Offloading fuel

    Disconnect the fuel line at the firewall, attach a line to the fitting, put the other end in a container and turn on the boost pump. You can select which tank to drain using the fuel selector.
  15. Looking at kpaul's photo, his test switch is on the panel for his 75F, and he has fewer annunciator lights. I can get out to my bird on Friday and get a few photos to post up. Maybe you can post a pic of your panel and we can take a look?