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  1. Bayern Speed

    ISO main gear shock link PN 520010-1

    David, sent you a PM with my cell number, thanks!
  2. Bayern Speed

    ISO main gear shock link PN 520010-1

    That is correct. I can post a pic as well of the old one. Thanks!
  3. Bayern Speed

    ISO main gear shock link PN 520010-1

    So far no luck finding a shock link new or used unless I buy from Mooney for 3x price. There are a few used complete gear assemblies out there. Don't know if the link is serviceable without disassembly. Sending my old link to LASAR so they can take a look. Maybe it will be within limits.
  4. Bayern Speed

    ISO main gear shock link PN 520010-1

    Left you a message Alan!
  5. Need one main gear shock link for my 1975 F. Mooney has three new in stock for ~$1400 each, not real interested at that price. LASAR has 16 week lead time for their PMA part, ~$575, although I might get lucky and a new one will get returned unused. Anybody have a serviceable used one or a new one that you ended up not needing?
  6. Bayern Speed

    Pre-buy Inspection Recommendation Arkansas

    I am in Memphis and might be able to help depending on timing. Phone: 9 0 1 592 seventy two hundred.
  7. Bayern Speed

    1975 Mooney M20F NOT for sale $41,500

    Per the Minister of Finance, (my wife) this aircraft is not for sale. She insists that we keep it.
  8. Hi Alan, would you happen to have a right side exhaust close out panel for a 1975 F? It doesn't need to be serviceable, I need the forward 4 inches of the panel.


  9. Bayern Speed

    Would you accept a clearance from her?

    Just by all of us hearing this audio it is one more piece of training to put in our knowledge bank. We all continue to learn from our own experience and the experience of others. I personally never really considered that I would encounter a controller that was partially incapacitated!
  10. Bayern Speed

    Nashville Recommendations

    I flew in to BNA just two weeks ago. Went to Signature. Its not too hard of an airport and they usually have time to give you a progressive taxi if you are not familiar. Be ready to listen fast!
  11. Bayern Speed

    1975 Mooney M20F NOT for sale $41,500

    Thanks! It is a great plane that I fly every week. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Bayern Speed

    1975 Mooney M20F NOT for sale $41,500

    The plane is still available.
  13. Bayern Speed

    1973 M20E Just listed

    Tom, that is a marvelous plane! I am happy to say I have seen this one in person and it will not disappoint. No doubt you have priced her to sell!
  14. Bayern Speed

    1975 Mooney M20F NOT for sale $41,500

    In the last two weeks I have received 8 calls. Be happy to give anyone a ride who wants to take a look. I keep flying this plane every week and enjoy it. I would not hesitate to take a long cross country anywhere she has the range to go. Longest trip so far is KOSH-KFYE, 556 NM, 4hr 12min, 33 gallons.
  15. I replaced my door window on my F last year. It takes a bit of time as you must remove all the door trim, all hardware for the window and trim around the window being careful to keep everything in order so it goes back in where it came out of. Also, on the F, there is one trim screw that is cut very short as it is over the push rod for the upper door latch. If you put a long screw in there, the screw will go into the rod and prevent the door being latched. The adhesive from the old window must be completely removed from the frame to ensure a good bond with the new adhesive. I went with a thicker than stock window which is nice, but that additional thickness extended my work time by a couple of hours because I had to modify all the existing retaining clips to allow for the additional thickness. The new window will come over sized and will need to be trimmed and drilled to fit.