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  1. I was expecting less than 18k so I was blown away when the quote was 28k. I have had a few issues with the KFC150 in the last year (ki256, roll servo, disconnect switch) so I'm probably better off avoiding the aspen. I couldn't bring myself to install a GFC600 in my 201 if or when it is available so I'd just be doubling down on the king autopilot. If the shop was trying to stear me away from the aspen they should have just said so and not wasted our time. Are there any recommendations for shops in the Midwest?
  2. I bit on Aspen's recent discount until my avionics shop quoted me $28,000 to install an Evolution 1000 ProPlus and the EA100. The hardware cost was just over $12,000 leaving the balance for installation. The shop expected the install to take 120 hours to complete. What is a reasonable cost for a single screen Aspen install? I'm hoping this was the shops way of telling me to be patient and wait for the G5/GFC500.