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  1. Dan, Because I have WAAS, GTX345 transponder without internal WAAS was ordered, but it would not talk to the G1000. Software version issue. So replacement was shipped GTX345 with internal WAAS, which necessitated another GPS antenna on the plane. I get ADSB traffic, but no weather, GPS and AHRS, which via bluetooth can go to your iPad. The GPS positioning works but I have yet to get the attitude information to display in Foreflight. Will work on this, but not really urgent since I have the SAM for attitude information. The HSI in Foreflight will provide my navigation in the unlikely even
  2. Unknown. But AHRS was replaced. There's only one in the airplane, btw. A second AHRS would be a great option.
  3. And with no Needle and Ball, pouring 310 horses on the fire, even with keeping wings level, I skidded almost 90 degrees off heading. The wet compass in a climb and turbulence is like having a bobble head doll on the dashboard. Decoration only. Make no mistake, there is no partial panel in this airplane I would have given anything for a six pack with a failed attitude indicator. You can be inverted, but without heading there is no missed approach procedure. Get above cloud and get your pulse down. Then get home and search for backups for the panel.
  4. Newbie here. Thought I would share my panel upgrade. Decided to install SAM, for backup attitude, altitude and heading with independent AHRS for heading, after both panels went black in IMC on approach, not the best day. GTX345 Transponder which allowed me to install Garmin 825 active traffic, as well as ADSB In/Out, although not needed in Canada, yet, and no coverage except when I fly along border or into the US, TRIG Comm 3 and TRIG Transponder 2. If I could only find a place for a second engine, I would be happy.
  5. Just joined. Based at CYKZ. 1984 M20J in 2003 to 2010. Then 2009 M20TN till now. Been with the Mooney Service Centre at CYKF since Day 1, and wouldn't go anywhere else. Nothing beats a Mooney. Sweet.
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