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  1. Batteryminder M20E

    Sadly, on an M20E, there isn’t an APU unit or an external power plug door. Or at least it wasn’t a stock item on mine.
  2. Batteryminder M20E

    Takair had a similar idea. Because I have a vacuum step, I may mount the connector inside and near the step opening. Giving me just enough room to plug it in and keep the female connection tucked inside the fuselage. I’m going to look into this and will post pictures if I’m able to install it that way.
  3. Batteryminder M20E

    Thanks PTK. Sounds like a GREAT set up! Please do send pics! I'd like to see what it looks like.
  4. Batteryminder M20E

    I probably should have mentioned that my battery is located in the aft fuselage left (port) side just behind the luggage area. (But I think you understood that Don) If I snake the lead wires from the battery to through the hackrack, for example, is there an issue of leaving the batteryminder plugged in and placed in the hat rack? Or does it need to be outside the Fuesrlsge?
  5. Virginia Accident

    Holy cow that paint is identical to mine!
  6. Batteryminder M20E

    I replaced my old battery in 2016 with a new 12V Concorde sealed battery. Its been a great battery and its never let me down, but I'd like to add a Batteryminder model 128CEC1-AA-S5 that is specific for this battery. Has anyone installed a connection for their batteryminder other than removing the fuselage access panel each time and opening the battery box to connect it?
  7. AntiCollison lighting ( can i dump the beacon )

    Post some pics of your lighting upgrades Marauder. I’d like to see the finished product
  8. AntiCollison lighting ( can i dump the beacon )

    Matt, You haven't seen a red and white belly strobe (coffee grinder) on a vintage Mooney? They all have (had) them unless they've been removed and changed to modern strobes. Typical stock lighting configuration on a vintage Mooney is red/green wiingtip lights (no strobe, no white) tail marker white and a belly strobe (rotating beacon aka coffee grinder) flashing red and white.
  9. AntiCollison lighting ( can i dump the beacon )

    Interesting point as the only difference between these lights and what I have on the aircraft are the incandescent vs LED . I'm running all stock lights now and the only white one on my aircraft is the tail light. (and the coffee grinder on the belly). These are one for one replacement (red, green, white) with what came on my aircraft in 1965. Just better technology and much brighter. The flashing is a pilot controlled option.
  10. AntiCollison lighting ( can i dump the beacon )

    I fly a 65 M20E. I have the stock belly rotating beacon and stock wing tip and tail NAV lights. I'm thinking of replacing the position lights (wing tip and tail) with new LED bulbs from "Sextant Lighting". They produce a NAV/STROBE replacement LED bulb designed for vintage aircraft. The kit comes with the three bulbs and three clear glass domes to replace the colored stock domes as the LED's themselves are colored. When the bulbs are first turned on, they are constant on NAV lights. But when you switch them off for 3 seconds and then back on, they strobe. I'm wondering a similar question. If I install these, can I remove the mason jar type beacon from the belly. Here is a link to these bulbs being installed on a vintage Stinson. V
  11. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Alex, were you getting any type of belt squeal from your old alternator?
  12. Aircraft Property Tax

    Being an aviation state and home to Wichita (air capitol of the world) Kansas has very friendly aviation taxes. Zero property tax or use tax on aircraft 30 years old or older used for private purposes. However, that all changes if you register it in your business name.
  13. I Used To Fly A Cessna C140...

    Congrats and welcome. We have similar paint schemes!
  14. Landing gear switch

  15. Landing gear switch

    I stand corrected.