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  1. I have a 65E with the oil cooler relocated aft in the cowl and the cowl closure mod. The highest I have ever seen my oil temp on my JPI was 230. That was on a super hot day during climb out. Normally, my oil temp is Between 189 and 192 degrees at cruise and it’s VERY consistent. My CHT’s range from 340 to 370 during all phases of flight. I run ROP. You’ve received some great technical advice here. A couple things that separate our E’s from our J brothers who share the same IO360 is, the E model doesn’t have very large cowl flaps. Unlike its J and later brethren who have larger, barn do
  2. I suppose my dealer was busy as well in the midst of wrapping up ADSB installs. (Which may go on for a few more years) Really, It’s all good. The purpose of my post was merely to seek input on the max pro and what value my fellow aviators put on the upgrade before I pulled the trigger. Was never meant to be a complaint. Aspen has always been great to me.
  3. Thank you! The Missourians call them the Ozark mountains. They sure look loke mountains when they fill up your windscreen. lol
  4. Definitely! Looking at building a 60 x 50 hangar. The lots I’m looking at are just above the private boat docks so it’s a short walk to the water. I wanted to leave enough room though for a Mooney Mite! Always wanted one.
  5. I appreciate your input. I probably live a different life than most. I’m a small business owner. I work, spend time with family and I fly. The last time I was at Oshkosh was 1987, never been to sun in fun and really have zero interest in going. Not into crowds or taking about flying. I’d rather be doing it. I fly 100 to 150 hours per year. I’m probably on Mooney space five times in a year and I don’t subscribe to AOPA, Flying or any other magazine. I recently, however found value in aviation consumer magazine and started subscribing to it this year. I grew up in aviation as a third
  6. Discovery Bay on Table Rock Lake in the Ozark mountains. 1950’ paved runway. 300’ obstacle on 30, cliff and lake on 210. Landing runway 30, no room for missed. 5 knot tailwind. Future home for me and my 65 M20E. IMG_2528.MP4
  7. Cool, as many times as I've been laying on my back on the floor board, ankles over seat back, I've never seen it. Think I'll go slide in there and look now.
  8. My seats (front and back) were redone by the previous owner of my bird in 2012. He had the aircraft upholster in Arlington Washington use a very nice aviation memory foam. To Carusoam''s point, foam is very important as is what covers them. Mine are covered in soft leather and they seem to conform to my buttocks perfectly. They are INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE. I am 5'7" and weigh 150. They only downside I have found to this grade of memory foam is that when hangar temps dip below 50 degrees F. they become very stiff and firm. That is until that amazing Mooney heater warms them up and I once
  9. Great looking C! You say this is your first Mooney? Welcome! Do you have pics of the panel? Have you arranged for a quality prebuy inspection? There are LOTS and LOTS of things to look for. I bought my first Mooney in 2015. Love mine and I've learned a LOT since then. You've definitely come to the right place for help. Regardless of what you do, find a qualified A&P who is WELL VERSED in Mooney's to do a complete pre-buy before you exchange any funds. Just my two cents and my limited 5 year stewardship of N706WC and my 33 years of flying.
  10. Email copy of letter sent to John Uczekaj CEO, CC: Mark Ferrari Director Of Marketing via Vicki Calloway admin, has been sent to you Greg. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND HELP!
  11. Greg, Yes, I’m very interested. Interested in knowing why positive constructive feed back from loyal customers to a CEO was completely ignored and still interested in the upgrade. I wrote a letter to John Uczekaj. I spoke with his admin and asked for his contact info. She asked me what the nature of my request for contact was. I explained that I wanted to voice my concern over not being informed Via mailing list like other Aspen customers about the opportunity to upgrade my displays during the promo and that I had spoken with a particular employee about the issue and how the compa
  12. Ha! Thanks carusoam. Honestly, I love my Aspens but that little center mounted Aera 660 packs on hell of a punch for $750.00. Its so crystal clear that it got me to thinking my Aspens may need refreshing. HOWEVER, $750 and $7500 are quite a different animal.
  13. Thanks for your input! So you don't feel there is enough improvement in screen quality or other features given the current upgrade price? I tried to get in on the 2K per unit upgrade. I missed out on it by four weeks and Aspen refused to let me have the promo price. I even wrote a letter to the CEO but got no response from him.
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