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  1. Baggage door opens on departure

    Yes, actually a panel light is a great idea!
  2. Baggage door opens on departure

    I’m using the ForeFlight Check List. You can completely customize it for different aircraft. It allows you to store checklists for multiple aircraft by their N number. You can also share your checklist. What I like about it is it shows me if I failed to check anything off and will immediately go to the unchecked item when I complete the list.
  3. Lightweight Portable Generator Review

    I bought a Honda EX350. It puts out 300W or turned down to 150W with a switch. SUPER quiet and supplies just enough power to operate my engine preheater when I’m at a remote airport and can’t get near power. Weighs 19 lbs. I don’t believe Honda makes these any more but they can be found on the used market. I bought mine used. As I recall, I paid $250.00 for it. Well worth it!
  4. Baggage door opens on departure

    I have it as part of my check list. I use an iPhone app checklist. When I touch an item on the list, it marks it complete. I actually have the baggage door at the beginning of my preflight and as the very last item.
  5. You’re going to love them Bob! I love mine! The extra fuel makes a world of difference. Like jetdriven said, “the best speed mod is more fuel”.
  6. Retract handle boot

    I totally get it! I’m picky too. Thin leather is one thing, I would have loved to have gotten thin leather. The shop that did my annual used a see through cloth that’s horrible looking and charged me $100.00 for it.
  7. Retract handle boot

    The shop that did my annual last year replaced mine (even though I specifically asked them not to) and charged me $100.00. The material they used is only dlightly better than tissue paper. Makes Hectors sound like a BARGAIN
  8. Video PIREP On Aeroleds Sunspot PAR46 LX Landing Light.

    I gave the pulsating one (HX) serious thought. I probably should have gone that route but as bright as the light is, it seems like it would be hard to miss even if it weren’t pulsating so I decided to stay with the less expensive version.
  9. Hudson Corridor

    Very nice video Oscar! Are your shooting with a GoPro or a Garmin camera?
  10. https://quik.gopro.com/v/4Xv1xYh9kH/ Here are some better shots of the physical characteristics of this landing light before it was installed. The Installed video can be found after this one.
  11. Video PIREP On Aeroleds Sunspot PAR46 LX Landing Light.

    I purchased this one from Aircraft Spruce. I’ll post a video of unboxing the light so you can get a better look at the physical characteristics.
  12. Video PIREP On Aeroleds Sunspot PAR46 LX Landing Light.

    Thank you Oscar!
  13. Video PIREP On Aeroleds Sunspot PAR46 LX Landing Light.

    I can think of a couple of ways. Shadow puppets on the hangar wall or silhouettes of naked young ladies dancing in front of it. The later might get me kicked off of Mooney Space though. So instead, you’re stuck with my mug explaining why I bought the thing.
  14. Pilot Report on my Recently installed Aeroleds Sunspot PAR46 Landing Light in my M20E. https://quik.gopro.com/v/YchMh0m34l/
  15. Yet another vintage panel upgrade

    Is that the JPI EDM 900 you have there Paul? If so, how do you like it? I'm considering upgrading to it next year and redoing my right side panel and removing my legacy tach and MP gauges.