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  1. Interesting question, the basic VFR requirements are just for a tachometer, not a tach counter. Is one or the other required in the maintenance rules?
  2. IIRC, one of the nav LED's would have to be installed in parallel with a resistor to allow more current through when on, but that's a fuzzy memory . @PT20J, I'm assuming some of the Whelen lights like the Orions have that internally, since my landing gear light works like normal?
  3. Aerox uses an industrial CGA-540 valve, right? Not the post-valve most medical bottles use? I use bottles with CGA-540 valves and just tell them its for my aquarium or my beer brewing hobby, and the welding supply shop doesn't have a problem
  4. If nobody has, I use their PAR46 Fusion46 LED landing light and I've been really happy with it.
  5. My point was more that if you fly faster than Vfe with partial flaps, you're essentially a test pilot, but point taken FWIW, your arm gets REALLY cold if you stick it out the storm window while in flight!
  6. I stand corrected! I didn't know that OK, I give up, why do the later J's have a partial flap V speed specified? It's not the same serial numbers as the max gross weight change, right?
  7. It doesn't, it's one of those things that nobody was required to test and publish, so they didn't. Kind of like how there's no V-speed for the maximum safe speed you can stick your arm out the window--there probably is a speed, but you won't find it in the POH
  8. I mean, that's technically correct, Vfe is specified for flaps fully down. Whether it's smart to have partial flaps above Vfe is up for debate...
  9. I think I read somewhere that most of these aviation related videos are made by a couple of clickbait artists from the Southeast Asia (can't remember if it was Malaysia or Indonesia). Same idea with the stupid enunciation though
  10. Yes, that would be a more nuanced and less inflammatory statement of your position, thank you
  11. Just got back from a trip down the West Coast from Oregon, with stops in SQL, MYF, SMO and MFR to visit some family and friends this summer. Some comments and photos in no particular order: It was hot. My wife got some evaporative cooling vests that worked pretty well. It has hydrogel pellets in some pockets, so it doesn't have to be soaking wet to work, and retains enough water to last for most of the day in the heat, especially in Medford. Airport PIREPs: I hadn't realized SQL has no self-serve fuel, so remember to call Rabbit Aviation ahead of your departure if you need fuel from the fuel truck. SQL is a relatively short runway, and after touching down I braked firmly anticipating this, and then realized with embarrassment I still had about 1000' of runway left (8 kt headwind). Transient parking was available on a Friday afternoon. CrownAir in MYF was fantastic and they helped out with getting the rental car. Their tiedown cost isn't cheap ($20/night) compared to transient ($9/night), but when I was last at MYF, transient was completely packed so I didn't want to worry about finding a spot. As it turned out, of course, MYF was pretty quiet when we arrived. There is no self-serve fuel at SMO either, the only SS pump is for UL94 fuel, by decree of the Santa Monica Homeowners Association. You have to call Atlantic for the 100LL fuel truck at $8.50/gal. Transient parking is $20/night, and there's a $24 landing fee (the best argument I've heard against touch-and-goes ) I fly into Medford frequently, and Million Air there is always great. Lot of firefighting ops going on right now, and when we were there I saw a weird sight of a Marine UH-60 and AH-1 being refueled by the FBO Some ATC shenanigans: While on an IFR plan, I vaguely heard someone identifying themselves as "Icon" and it sounded like he was going in the opposite direction 1000' above me. I vaguely thought that was odd, since the Icon A5 wasn't IFR capable, and wasn't sure if it was capable of getting up to 11,000' MSL either, but I was curious to see one for real. Then ATC called me and said I had a C-17 opposite direction and would I like vectors to avoid wake turbulence, and I said "that'd be lovely." We spotted the C-17 about 20 nm (!) away, and as we came within a couple miles, the C-17 called visual on us. At that point, I realized he was using the callsign "Icon", so I thought it was funny I was expecting to see an Icon A5, and instead saw a C-17 up close Anyway, kudos to ATC for offering On the flight down from SQL, I picked up IFR in the air, got new routing, then realized a couple minutes later when talking to the next controller that the new route put me through a restricted area around the Hunter-Liggett military area. I asked the new controller if the area was active, and she said yes and that I'd need to avoid it. When I pointed out I was on an IFR plan, there was a long pause, after which we negotiated some vectors and extemporaneous routing. I suspect my IFR plan got lost somewhere crossing sectors, and the next controller thought I was VFR. No harm done, since we were in severe clear, but my wife got pretty nervous listening to it. The northern California fires continue, although the surface winds and winds aloft have been helpful, so the smoke wasn't too bad except for directly over the area. I took the coastal detour through the Oregon/California border both ways. Radio reception with ATC there can sometimes be a little spotty, though Strange sight in Medford Landing MYF San Diego coast San Francisco and Bay Area from the east Landing SQL Oregon Dunes near Coos Bay
  12. No, but when one states their opinion as fact, it should get corrected for accuracy
  13. I've got a few filters I can part with if anyone in the PNW wants to fly up here and pick one up on a weekend
  14. That's the part that really creeps me out, if I just had new cylinders put in, every bone in me would want to quadruple-check EVERYTHING during the runup
  15. Does that mean you ran on one mag at a time without the shuddering?
  16. Quoting someone automatically sends a notification too, so @PT20J got pinged already Sorry for all the pings @PT20J
  17. That's also like saying that pilots have a 100% chance of having completed their PPL @MoMooneyMoProblems I'd actually suggest holding off on owning a plane until you're a bit past your PPL. Buying, owning and learning a new plane are three pretty steep learning curves. Even after you get your PPL, there are still some things you'll want to be working on with or without an instructor, like expanding you personal minimums, precision while flying, rough field landings or whatever. The first year of buying a plane and plane ownership was a whirlwind of learning for me, at times it felt hard to keep up. I was glad I was flying a club plane at the time and not working on my instrument ticket yet. I spent about 6 months with the Mooney before telling my CFI I was ready to officially start my IFR training. Granted, everyone is different, but just a thought.
  18. This is still my favorite airman's reference: https://www.av8n.com/how/
  19. Is CrownAir no longer at MYF? They did well by me for a pre-buy several years ago, and spotted a number of Mooney-specific issues right off the bat.
  20. Good luck! If by "fun", you mean constantly explaining the additional checks coming out of your bank account, then welcome to the club! The way I understand it is that IA's or A&P's can't "declare" a plane unairworthy. However, starting a required inspection automatically renders the plane unairworthy. At that point, the IA decides whether to return the plane to service or not.
  21. Have you SEEN some of my landings??
  22. I suppose a partial nosegear collapse would make control on landing fairly spicy?
  23. I use an ancient Samsung Galaxy Tab A running FltPlan Go and getting ADSB from a Stratux receiver. The tablet runs with the screen on bright for about 6-7 hours without charging. Whenever I get the overheat warning, I just unplug the tablet and wait until I'm some place cooler. I think the problem is the opposite. Charging rarely causes a problem with heat. Heat causes a problems with charging. You don't want your lithium battery charging while hot, that causes a risk of all sorts of bad explodey things. Conversely, charging health lithium batteries should not cause a lot of heat, it's almost 100% efficient. It's FAST charging that can be an issue, and tablet batteries are too big to be fast charged by USB power supplies. If you charge your tablet in a cool environment, it might warm up to where it's warm to touch, but it shouldn't get any warmer than 70-80F (if it does, there's likely something wrong with it!).
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