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  1. Junkman

    When to overhaul the turbocharger?

    You took these pictures before your mechanic had a chance to safety wire the v-band clamps, right? Nice shiny new exhaust! I've wondered what that looks like... LOL Cheers, Rick
  2. Junkman

    Tyndall Damage

    Ron, can you tell us where the best place is to send contributions for the relief effort? A local organization? Cheers, Rick
  3. Minimum rail thickness of 1/4” - I won’t be at my airplane for a couple of days to measure, does anyone know off hand how thick the center rail between the two radio stacks is? Certainly looks like a good idea if it will fit. Also spawns some thoughts of a good use for a milling machine for owner-fabricated parts if these are too thick. Cheers, Rick
  4. Junkman

    Mooney Summit VII

    That's a bit surprising, considering how much of Mr Kromer's work is out there already. I'm guessing he has some things in his presentation he doesn't want in the public domain - any chance he could sanitize/redact his presentation for release? Its asking a lot, but may be worth the question. Cheers, Rick
  5. I'll be at the hangar this evening, text me if you're headed out. Cheers, Rick
  6. Are you looking at a new installation, or is your current on-the-fritz comm/nav a GNS 480 and you're looking for a replacement? Sounds like the latter and you're looking for a "quick kill" solution to keep you progressing through your check ride. @Alan Fox may be able to help you, if that's the case. Cheers, Rick
  7. Junkman

    Mooney Summit VII

    Is it possible to post the presentations on the Mooney Summit site? Can/will the presenters give permission for their material to be posted for all to download for reference? @mike_elliott, what do you think? Cheers, Rick
  8. Remove the bulb...? Sorry, that wasn't helpful but I couldn't resist. Cheers, Rick
  9. Junkman

    Mooney Summit VII

    This year was my first opportunity to attend the Summit and I was impressed with the caliber of the presenters and the value of the information that they shared. This is a treasure of the Mooney community that deserves our continuing support as well as our championing to our brother and sister affinity groups that they might develop similar events. "Better the Breed" is something all aviation groups can and should embrace. Well done and my hat's off to Mike and Ron for the genesis, and to Seth and Lee for carrying the torch forward. Cheers, Rick
  10. Junkman

    Porpoising a Mooney

    I was hoping you'd use an appropriate aeronautical analogy, but I'm done asking you questions.
  11. Junkman

    Porpoising a Mooney

    Of course you do. But how do you assess your energy level?
  12. Junkman

    Question about cylinder pressures

    This reinforces the conventional wisdom that there are specific assessments of cylinder health based solely on the differential pressure check. It was published in 1998. I believe Textron Lycoming has come around on lean of peak operations, has there been any other communication from them, more recent than this service instruction, regarding the compression checks? Thanks for posting the SI Clarence. Cheers, Rick
  13. Junkman

    Porpoising a Mooney

    Interesting thread, Yetti. Here's a trick question - do you fly your airplane with respect to angle of attack or airspeed? And no, it doesn't matter if you have an AoA indicating system. Without documenting some very embarrassing situations, I'll offer that if you have and maintain control of the airplane (which means the airplane is doing what you are commanding it to do with your power and flight control inputs) and you have enough runway ahead of you, you can achieve the parameters necessary for a successful landing. Having said that, if a true porpoise situation is developing (nose wheel finding the runway before the mains) the best option for most of us is to see how quickly we can get the throttle to the firewall and give ourselves another chance to get set up for a stabilized approach on the next attempt. I concede that there are many other factors that will run through one's mind (weather, fuel state, ego...) but if you aren't controlling the airplane, nothing good will come of trying to force it onto the runway. Cheers, Rick
  14. Here are screenshots of the two custom profiles I created in Foreflight for my airplane. There are two screenshots for each profile as it doesn't fit on one screen. The first is for LOP ops, the second is for ROP ops. I don't use LOP below 10,000' but have the surface data in there for completeness. You need the Performance Pro (?) subscription to use these detailed profile models. I also have multiple "basic" profiles built for a selection of altitudes and power settings that work with the basic Foreflight subscription, and am happy to share if anyone wants to see them. Keep in mind that I built the below profiles with conservative planning as my objective, which leaves an "out" for those unexpected/unplanned events that drive you to fuel conserve mode. Don't trust them until you've verified them in your own airplane. Oh, and if anyone knows how to share aircraft profiles in Foreflight please let me know. I haven't been able to figure out how to do it. Cheers, Rick
  15. Junkman

    Leaning / GAMI Questions

    I employed this same/similar technique, a very slow and deliberate leaning process with 10-15 second pauses at each 0.2 gph increment. I synched the clock in my JPI with my watch, to the second, and manually recorded only the fuel flow with time stamps to later correlate with the temperature data I downloaded from the JPI 700. This makes the manual recording task much less demanding. You said you have data logging on your JPI 700, are you able to download it? If its an older installation it requires a special cable - PM me if you don't have the cable. If you aren't able to download it, a GoPro or phone camera, as someone already mentioned, works great to capture the JPI display data quickly and accurately, although it it is a bit tedious to step through each cylinder at every fuel flow increment. That's how I did it the first couple of go-arounds with the original Lycoming injectors to baseline the engine and see if GAMIs would be worth it. The other thing I did was stay at a lower power setting than you're using, based on some Mike Busch reading I did. I use 25/2400 and 4,500 MSL. That puts your manifold pressure roughly at ambient pressure on a standard day, which Mike recommends. It also keeps your engine at a low enough power setting that just about anything you do with the mixture won't hurt the engine. I repeated this technique through three iterations of injector swaps to ultimately get to a 0.2gph GAMI spread, as determined using the above technique. I just installed a JPI 830, and verified the same results (0.2 gph spread) with the 830 data. It can be done with patience and discipline in your data collection. Cheers, Rick