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  1. There will be a post here as soon as registration is open to let everyone know. With the new venue we anticipate being able to accommodate all who register with no need for a waiting list! Cheers, Rick
  2. @Zulee just had the windscreen on his J replaced, he may be able to offer some info. Hollywood, you out there? Cheers, Rick
  3. That's exactly the case I had with what appeared to be a small prop governor oil leak - and add in that it was after hours on a late Sunday afternoon with no one on the field to give it a look. I got a second opinion from the Savvy tech on the wisdom of my plan to fly the airplane the 1.3 hours home where I could put it down for my mechanic to take care of. We discussed the pictures I sent him, I answered his additional questions and sent a couple more pictures, and we determined that the risk was acceptable with a couple of mitigations and the RTB plan was sound. The flight home was uneventful other than the expected indications of more oil loss when I got to the hangar. I consider the Savvy service as one more tool for my single-pilot Operational Risk Management applications. As Paul said, sometimes a second opinion on your PAVE and IMSAFE assessments is a really good idea. Cheers, Rick
  4. I've had the opportunity to use the Savvy Breakdown Service twice, and I'm very happy with the results. Think of it as sort of AAA for your airplane - you have a problem, call the Savvy toll free number and talk to a dispatcher, and within minutes you get a call back from a knowledgable technician who helps diagnose your issue and gives you a recommended course of action. If service is required to get you back in the air, the technician will refer you to a reputable shop on or near the field you're at. No guess work or looking for local recommendations. That's the real benefit of the service from my perspective; you get a referral to a reputable service provider in Savvy's network and get to provide feedback on your experience. You can also make the initial contact online if you want - I did that on one occasion and provided the technician pictures of the oil leak I had to help with his diagnosis. They follow up with you to make sure you get your airplane airworthy again and also to make sure you got home ok. Worked great, and I highly recommend it! By the way, my insurance provider doesn't include the Savvy service, and I pay the full price for coverage through Savvy. Worth every penny to me. Cheers, Rick
  5. KGKT has a land lease arrangement where they will give you a 30 year lease for land on which you build a hangar. The annual lease cost is based on the size of the hangar you build and is quite reasonable, something like $3-$5 per square foot per year, adjusted for inflation each year. My annual lease for a 60x60 hangar will start at less than $2K per year. At the end of the 30 year lease period, the ownership of the hangar transfers to the airport and the current owner is given first right of refusal of continuing the lease, albeit at a substantially higher price. Its designed to build the infrastructure of the airport at no cost to the county, and is geared more toward businesses rather than individuals. Amortizing construction and lease costs over the 30 years, you are essentially paying up front to lease the exact hangar facility you want, per your own specifications and design, for substantially less than what you would pay to lease an existing hangar of the same size but not necessarily configured as you would like. Why this may appeal to you as an individual is that all of the hangars currently on the airport are occupied, and the waiting list doesn't move much. You also have the right to sell the hangar and transfer the land lease any time prior to the termination of the 30 year land lease. Glennie and I are of an age where we expect to only need the hangar for 15-20 years, so we'll recoup a portion of our investment through sale or sublet and further reduce the effective monthly amortized cost of having exactly what we want. Having said all that, the county IS planning some major improvements to the airport, and that will most likely include construction of more t-hangars for lease. I'll know more after our face-to-face with the airport manager next month. Cheers, Rick
  6. There was a mailing from MAPA last week that talked about the changes for establishing/renewing membership this year. I had set up auto-renewal through PayPal and the mailing specifically addressed that will not work right now. I have to admit I didn't digest the whole letter, just enough to understand that I needed to send them a check this year. Calling with a credit card will work too, I assume, but I don't remember reading that in my cursory scan. Cheers, Rick
  7. Those are the cloud tops in hundreds of feet, i.e. 276 is 27,600 feet. Cheers, Rick
  8. @Shiny moose Jeff, give me a call at (314) 283-5718. I'd be happy to discuss, a conversation would be a much better way to make sure I'm getting you the info you're looking for. Leave me a message with a call-back number if I don't pick up, that's my mobile number and I screen my calls. Cheers, Rick
  9. KSUS in Chesterfield MO, southwest side of the STL Class B. Lots of different hangar type and size options, including owning on leased land, but here's the average info germane to this thread, and what I know to be true from my rental/lease experience: Shadeport $190/mo with electricity available, long (>6 months) waiting list T-hangars $265/mo and includes electricity, short (<6 months) waiting list 50' x 50' box $800/mo with electricity, $700.mo if you pay your own electricity. I pay my own electric for less than $40/mo, and have 4 banks of 8" fluorescent lighting, a refrigerator, several battery chargers, 120V compressor, and small office equipment. No HVAC, and I have a short walk to find my "palm tree". Longer (>6 months)waiting list. Most hangars have electric bifold doors and concrete floors, most leak when it rains hard... pretty standard I think. Cheers, Rick
  10. My wife and I decided on Sevierville TN, and are building a hangar on the airport there (KGKT). Lots of housing choices within 5-10 minutes of the airport to suit just about every budget. Moderate climate in the Smokey Mountains, although possibly a bit on the warm/moist side in summer. As long as you don't need an ocean beach at hand and you're not a big city person its a pretty good choice. Bonus is all of our kids already like to vacation there so they will have a free place to stay and we'll get to see the grandkids regularly! Cheers, Rick
  11. I limit myself to 8 hours of flying in a 12 hour period. The 12 hour period starts when I show up at the airport and ends when I shut the engine down at the end of the day. This assumes that flying is the only event of the day - no work/play/anything else before showing up at the airport first thing of the day. Yeah, I know, that leaves 4 hours somewhere in the middle. Refuel, lunch, quick (or not so quick) nap fills that time. Cheers, Rick
  12. Here's some info for folks still making reservations - a 15% discount is available at the Origin. This per Mike Elliott: ACCOMODATIONS We just got approved for a 15% discount for room reservations at Origin at Seahaven condo for all the Mooney Summit attendees. You must call the front desk at 850-636-6552 to obtain this discount, and make any special arrangements. We cannot do this for you. If you have already made your reservation, you might give them a call to make sure this discount is applied. SME’s and invited guest of Dr. Dubin will receive separate emails for arrangements from his property manager. Cheers, Rick
  13. Is that new math? Or did your friend find other charges in the ordering process that varied between the codes? Its always something... Let me get out my slide rule and check my calculations.... LOL Cheers, Rick
  14. I just received this sale offer from Sensorcon. It's a flat $30 discount but only valid this weekend. If you choose the Basic model it saves you a few bucks over the 20% discount that @DanM20C was able to get for us. www.Sensorcon.com, Promo Code LABORDAY2019. Cheers, Rick Take advantage of these great offers from Sensorcon! Use Promo Code LABORDAY2019 at checkout for $30 off! Offer Valid Friday 8/30 - Monday 9/2 Max quantity of 4 items per product type per order* Sensorcon Carbon Monoxide Basic Inspector INS-CO-01 $129.00 Sensorcon Carbon Monoxide Industrial INS-CO-02 $149.00 Sensorcon Carbon Monoxide Industrial PRO INS-CO-03 $169.00
  15. Congratulations, and welcome to the family! Cheers, Rick