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  1. Now's the time to register for Mooney Summit VIII before the registration fee increases on July 1st to $149. You have another 12 days to register at the Early Bird amount so don't miss the opportunity! Go to https://www.mooneysummit.com to check out this year's agenda and get registered. Cheers, Rick
  2. This is correct, we are finalizing contracts for room blocks at three different nearby hotels. We'll get the hotel registration information out to everyone as soon as possible. Again, thanks for your patience! Cheers, Rick
  3. Yea, I overstated that a little. Using the lowest possible power for the final portions of the approach/landing and taxi gives me plenty of low power time before shut down and it usually exceeds 5 minutes. I don't idle in place before shut down to get more cooling time as it doesn't really work that way, as pointed out in another post. I'm really looking for a decent CHT drop of about 30 degrees before shut down. As far as whether it matters, I believe it can't hurt so I do it. Cheers, Rick
  4. My training was to verify two positive indications of a climb (altimeter and VVI) before reaching for the gear handle/switch. You'll see my gear hanging as I accelerate in ground effect and retract after I've pitched up at climb speed. Just sharing the technique that's worked for me. Cheers, Rick
  5. I use Camguard in my Bravo. I've only owned the airplane for about 300 hours of flight time since 2016, which is part of the driver to use Camguard. I've had no problems and change the oil every 25 hours or six months, which ever comes first. I'm religious about ensuring low power settings for the 5 minutes before engine shutdown to avoid the coking problem. Most of the time that cool down starts at the FAF or on final if VFR. Cheers, Rick
  6. My airplane has a 2014 paint job on it and required touchup of all of the access panel screws and a number of chips that occurred during panel removal, which Paul did as part of the reseal job. Paul also repainted the wing walk. But if you're planning to repaint your airplane I would definitely wait until after you have the tank work done. The quote for a complete strip and reseal of my M20M last August was $11K. As I recall it took a little over two weeks to complete the job because one of my wings had quite a number of difficult to strip areas due to past tank seal repairs. Paul doesn't
  7. I had my M20M done last summer by Paul Beck at Weep No More at Willmar MN. I'm very happy with the results! Cheers, Rick
  8. Our hotel contract is pending, and we will be getting the registration information out to all registered participants as soon as possible. This will be available to you no later than the end of June. Thanks for your patience! Cheers, Rick
  9. @FastTex You're welcome! But I would give them a call at (618) 566-5265 to see if they might be able to get you fuel, especially if KBLV is the closest airport to your daughter. Things seem to be changing daily. Cheers, Rick
  10. @FastTex Air traffic around St Louis is relatively light for a Class B and the approach controllers are generally happy to give you vectors rather than STARs and SIDs to and from the surrounding airports. At Mid America the north side of the field is the civilian side. The last I knew there is no FBO or 100LL available on the field anymore, but you can try calling (618) 566-5265 as listed in Foreflight and the AOPA airport listing to find out where to park and where to exit the ramp. They used to have a very low volume of small scheduled air carrier operations out of the terminal there bu
  11. Yes, I've also had issues with Duracell and Procell in the last few years. There is a HUGE counterfeit market and the counterfeit batteries show up at online retailers and even at Walmart. Do a search on "counterfeit duracell" and you'll find a lot of material that shows how to identify the authentic batteries from the counterfeit. The counterfeit batteries are typically found online and usually sell for too-good-to-be-true prices. But paying the "normal" price doesn't guarantee you'll get the real deal either. You really need to know what you're looking for to ID the junk. Chee
  12. You can try McFarlaneaviation.com, they can custom build anything they don't normally stock. McFarlane is also a new Mooney Summit sponsor this year! Cheers, Rick
  13. @affricate Had you borescoped the cylinders since you bought the airplane? I'm curious if there were any observable exhaust valve anomalies prior to failure, and if not, how long it had been since the last borescope. I check mine every ~25 hours at oil change and would like to know if there's reason to take a look more often. Thanks for any info! Cheers, Rick
  14. @affricate Thanks for reaching out! I've been wondering if there were others on MS. I still have the load meters for the alternators and am curious what kind of indications you get. Mine are very low, like 20% or less. I saw your post about dead sticking your airplane after an engine failure last month. Nice work getting it safely on the ground! Cheers, Rick
  15. At the risk of being declared today's Master of the Obvious, the rules for small UAS operations can be found here: https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?node=pt14.2.107&rgn=div5 It's a pretty short read, and 107.51 is the paragraph of relevance to the limits we're discussing here. Our being familiar with the regulations that apply to the Small UAS can help us understand where to be looking and know what rules the operators are supposed to be following. The MOTO part is that people aren't following the rules so the safety of manned aircraft is compromised beyond the risks Part 107 is s
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