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  1. Here's the latest iteration, and the last for a bit. I already have a GTX345 installed, so that's also one of the reasons for preserving the box in the panel. This looks a lot cleaner to me, but I want to consider the suggestions about using different switches and about getting a newer annunciator panel. The legend on my current annunciator is pretty ratty looking and I haven't been able to find a replacement, so if a newer panel is an option I'd like to look at that. What's involved with swapping one configuration for another? Incidentally, I don't think the annunciator I have is original to this airplane as it doesn't match what's in the parts catalog for 27-0019. Thanks for all of the suggestions! Cheers, Rick
  2. Oh NOOooo! What's the driver for that? I thought the shop had already coordinated with Aspen, and everything was laying flat in that regard. Or is it just that the paperwork at completion needs to make the rounds for the final okee dokee? Cheers (and sympathy), Rick P.S. I guess you won't need me to give you a lift over to pick up your airplane anytime soon then. Maybe mine will be fixed by then....
  3. I've been a member for a few years, from before I bought my airplane. Is the manual available for purchase separately, or is it only available as part of the PPP? I haven' been able to make one of those yet due to work scheduling conflicts. Someday soon I hope. Cheers, Rick
  4. How does one acquire a MAPA Manual? Is it only available if you attend a PPP, or is it available online? Cheers Rick
  5. Here it is from the Garmin web site: EIS TXi Dedicated 7" Portrait EIS Display - Single 4 Cylinder Piston Engine $11,940.00 USD A little further down the page: A single 10.6” TXi display can accommodate PFD information, a multifunction display (MFD) and a vertical EIS strip. And the 7” formats can act as dedicated EIS displays or as split-screen MFD/EIS displays1. And finally, the footnote: ¹7” display split-screen MFD/EIS format is available for single-engine piston aircraft only This would appear to prevent it from being used as a PFD backup, which then would require the installation of a G5 to back up the 7" PFD. That's a non-starter for me. And also makes the JPI 900 look like a steal! Cheers, Rick
  6. I might have this wrong, but I THINK I read that if you use a 7" TXi as an EIS, that's ALL you can use it for. It doesn't make sense now that I've typed it, but I remember thinking that it didn't make sense when I read it, either. I was hard-over on going Dynon at the time and didn't look into it anymore deeply. I'll have to go back and perform my due diligence. I remember thinking that it would cost me more to go the Garmin EIS route because I already have the JPI probes and harnesses, I'm familiar with the JPI, yada yada. For those questioning what turned me off of Dynon, see Anthony's #7 above. Too many unknowns about the autopilot/trim capability at this point, and those are extremely important selling points for me. PLUS the fact that I have to install a D10 backup. Now if they come out with certified display configurations similar to Garmin... Cheers, Junkman
  7. That was the first thing that went in the panel plan, Dan. Glennie was very happy about that too. Cheers, Rick
  8. Rat farts! You're right. I bit off on this once before and forgot about it - the M20M panel blank in Panel Planner is taller than the TLS panel that I have. Updated plan below, with annunciator moved front and center and the TKS panel trimmed to minimum dimension: Cheers, Rick
  9. When I was talking to Garmin about them using my airplane for the GFC500 STC work, I told them (by email) that I wasn't interested because I didn't want to put a G5 in my airplane, and the GFC500 wouldn't be an option for me because of that. I was asked to call the rep. By the time I called him, he had a candidate airplane selected for the STC work, but he continued the conversation with me about what I wanted to do with my panel. The conversation turned a little cloak-and-dagger with him saying he couldn't tell me directly what Garmin had in the works, but that I should think in terms of what it might take to get the widest sales of the GFC500 beyond the G5 market, and that would lead me to a future GFC500 solution with my panel configuration plans. He wouldn't give me a time frame, but that's no surprise. I'm guessing 2-3 years minimum, which hits my upgrade timeframe. If I'm wrong, I go a different direction with my panel, or at least the autopilot. Like you said, its software in the G5 that drives the GFC500. The TXi runs on software too, Garmin holds the code for both, cats and dogs occasionally sleep together and from those strange bedfellows emerge interesting results. Again as you said, time will tell. Cheers, Rick
  10. You’re going to be hearing more about GFC500 requirements from Garmin as time goes on. I won’t need the G5 by the time I’m ready to pull the trigger on this. Cheers, Rick
  11. I'm going to upgrade my panel at some point, and have arrived at my latest favorite configuration. This will be a complete R&R of the panel aside from the things that must remain for certification requirements. I've moved some standard things around, like trim indicators and light switches, to make for a better flow with the new configuration and to move everything to my right hand. For instance, I put the switches for taxi lights, landing lights and the boost pump together at the bottom of the panel for easier pre-landing cross check (all three switches are ON for landing in my personal procedures). The iPad mini on the right is representative, as it is intended to serve mainly as inflight entertainment for my primary passenger and I may use a larger iPad on a flexible mount to allow landscape orientation.There isn't a convenient place to stash an iPad that isn't in use, and attaching it to the panel keeps it from being loose in the cockpit. Plus it gives me another display option if Glennie isn't with me. I like the two 7" TXi displays as this configuration requires no backup instruments and helps clean the panel that much more. I want a dedicated engine display and I spent quite a while thinking about where to put the JPI 900 and decided on where I have it to provide an easy crosscheck in the (left hand) VFR pattern, which I fly about 50% of the time. Plus I already have an 830 in the airplane on that side of the panel so it will reduce the effort to move/extend the harnesses. I know, that would be the LEAST of my financial concern with this project, but it's something anyway. And I like the 900 over the 930. I also like redundancy, hence the comm panel and the transponder in the stack so that I don't have the single point failure of controlling remote units through the 750. Oh, the TKS panel (NOT FIKI) is currently installed in the radio stack so is oversized from what it needs to be in width, but I kept it's current dimensions for this exercise. I have witnessed some of you taking the spending of other people's money to a high art form, so for you this should be fun. Here's what I have so far, minus some obvious details, like the landing gear switch, that I haven't figured out how to replicate in Panel Planner. I'm really liking it... aside from my estimated cost of, well, a LOT. This will be going into an M20M, one of the original TLS birds. Thanks for your inputs. Cheers, Rick
  12. I've been really happy with the performance of this stylus, using the small tip. No charging required. But I don't know what I don't know about the Apple Pencil and it's capabilities. All I need to do is write, and sometimes draw on plates... https://www.amazon.com/Bargains-Depot-Capacitive-Universal-Replaceable/dp/B00D5GC78O/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=bargains+depot&qid=1547745116&s=Electronics&sr=1-4 I've got a Mini 4 with a Mini 3 backup. Yes, I was "one of those people" who bought a Mini 3. The stylus works great on both. Cheers, Rick
  13. Awesome, thank you! And thanks to Anthony @carusoam for alerting the MS experts to help me get to resolution and back in the air! Cheers, Rick
  14. Thanks Cody! My mechanic will need the service letter to effect the repair, and he's having difficulty getting his hands on it. My elves would like to know which Dana seal your elves use, and where they source it from. My elves are pretty inexperienced in such things and had never heard of Dana seals before tonight. Cheers, Rick