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  1. Hi John, yes we have your registration fee and you are good for the 2021 Summit. See you there! Cheers, Rick
  2. I know you've made your decision but here is a reference from Aviation Consumer. I think the headline synopsis is still relevant and says it all. Electric Preheaters: Reiff Enjoys Value Edge Our trials show that Tanis delivers more heat faster, but it also costs more to install. Reiffs good-enough approach is the top value for most owners. By jcavangh - Published: February 21, 2007Updated: October 29, 2019 FWIW I have the Tanis system installed, purchased at a KOSH discount whe
  3. Sorry @jthawkins2001, first time I've logged on in a while - still looking for a ride? Thanks for the call-out Paul @gsxrpilot! I just got my girl back from Weep No More today and have an unrelated electrical issue to resolve (hopefully quickly) but would be happy to oblige. I'm at Spirit of St Louis (KSUS) and can be available most any time. My airplane is a turbo long body so not representative of what you're looking for but I'm still happy to have you come over to take a look around and see what you think. Voice or text (314) 283-5718. Cheers, Rick
  4. @ZamF16 did you get your issue remedied? I had the same experience as @drstephensugiono in that my fuel pressure was reading erratically (off-scale high in my case) and in the course of troubleshooting my mechanic opened and cleaned all of the connections to the transducer and it returned to normal operation. Hopefully you didn't replace an otherwise serviceable part. Cheers, Rick
  5. @Knuckledragger00 , does this happen every time you fly? Where is your CG? Reason I ask - my TKS Bravo never exhibited this phenomenon until I had 535# in the front seats (I’m large, passenger was larger) and my CG was at 44.8 inches. My typical CG is 46 inches or greater. I executed my normal takeoff technique which is 10d flaps, back pressure to a liftoff at 70 knots and shallow climb accelerating to 105 for climb out. Leaving ground effect the stall horn came on, and I eased the back pressure to accelerate and the horn ceased after about 3 seconds. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what t
  6. Ok, now I'm starting to think that I'm doing something wrong on my end. @Davidv, @daytonabch04, @kortopates, would one of you be willing to let me try to email you my N1088F profile and see if it will load into Foreflight for you? Troubleshooting 101. Or maybe that's Obsession 499. All I need is an email address. @DaveMC I'm trying to prove that it's me, not you. Cheers, Rick
  7. Yes Paul, after doing some more reading I think you are correct. I believe I'm the one who was confused. @Davidv, what level Foreflight subscription do you have? Performance Plus? @DaveMC, same question... I've been assuming you have Basic Plus or Pro Plus. Cheers, Rick
  8. Ok, I learned something more about Foreflight while trying to get my performance profiles to @DaveMC. I have the Performance Plus Foreflight subscription and it let me build a complete multi-altitude performance data table for given power settings so I can use one profile for any cruise altitude at that power setting. It can be a lot of data points to collect and enter but it will be very accurate if you give it good data. Unfortunately that kind of custom-built profile can only be used with a Performance Plus subscription and can't be shared with someone with a Basic Plus or Pro Plus sub
  9. I created custom profiles for my personal favorite power settings and altitudes. PM me your email address and I can send them to you if you'd like to take a look. Power profiles are: - 30/2400 LOP and ROP - 30/2200 LOP and ROP I'm planning to create another set for 32/2200. Data is entered for 0', 10,000', 17,000' and 25,000'. If I recall correctly the Foreflight performance algorithm does linear interpolation between the entered data points. My planning data has matched my empirical results within ~2-3% so I've been happy with what I have without further refinement of the p
  10. Nancy Belville requested we post this message for Bob's friends on Mooneyspace: With great sorrow, Rick
  11. Nancy Belville requested we post this message for Bob's friends on Mooneyspace: With great sorrow, Rick
  12. I have an occasional vibration on climb out that I THINK I've isolated to a momentary increase in AOA and may be coming from my nose gear doors. I notice it when I'm climbing through turbulent air that requires a pitch adjustment - I hand fly my airplane in the climb. Does that ring any bells similar to your situation? I religiously review my engine data and have a Savvy subscription and no engine anomalies have been seen. I'm annualing at an MSC @AGL Aviation in October and will be asking for a good check on the gear door rigging. I'll report what I find out from Lynn. Cheers, Ric
  13. This ^^^ Mine are in the same place.
  14. You're probably going to have to check with JPI on this one as I think it will require a software update to only give a single alarm when a tank drops below your set value, or an option to have it alarm on total fuel remaining. I have an EDM900 installed in a CH2000 and had the same issue. I set the value to zero and I use @Marauder's technique of alarming fuel used, but I always start with the same fuel level in that airplane so it works for me. I vary the starting fuel load in my Mooney so it wouldn't work as well there. @gsxrpilot may have some ideas, I believe he has an EDM900 in his
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