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  1. Here's some info for folks still making reservations - a 15% discount is available at the Origin. This per Mike Elliott: ACCOMODATIONS We just got approved for a 15% discount for room reservations at Origin at Seahaven condo for all the Mooney Summit attendees. You must call the front desk at 850-636-6552 to obtain this discount, and make any special arrangements. We cannot do this for you. If you have already made your reservation, you might give them a call to make sure this discount is applied. SME’s and invited guest of Dr. Dubin will receive separate emails for arrangements from his property manager. Cheers, Rick
  2. Is that new math? Or did your friend find other charges in the ordering process that varied between the codes? Its always something... Let me get out my slide rule and check my calculations.... LOL Cheers, Rick
  3. I just received this sale offer from Sensorcon. It's a flat $30 discount but only valid this weekend. If you choose the Basic model it saves you a few bucks over the 20% discount that @DanM20C was able to get for us. www.Sensorcon.com, Promo Code LABORDAY2019. Cheers, Rick Take advantage of these great offers from Sensorcon! Use Promo Code LABORDAY2019 at checkout for $30 off! Offer Valid Friday 8/30 - Monday 9/2 Max quantity of 4 items per product type per order* Sensorcon Carbon Monoxide Basic Inspector INS-CO-01 $129.00 Sensorcon Carbon Monoxide Industrial INS-CO-02 $149.00 Sensorcon Carbon Monoxide Industrial PRO INS-CO-03 $169.00
  4. Congratulations, and welcome to the family! Cheers, Rick
  5. Very much in favor of my wife for the same reasons! Cheers, Rick
  6. I'm using Livingston Aviation in Waterloo IA (KALO) for my CFI/CFII accelerated training the first two weeks of June. http://www.livinstonaviation.com You can complete the course in your airplane or theirs. I did my Commercial with them in November. Word of warning - they are booked out at least 6 months, so this is an option only if you aren't in a hurry. Cheers, Rick
  7. @MarauderCheck the FAQ at NFlightCam. He states specifically that it won't work due to a ground loop (charging off of aircraft power). Please consider that Electrical Engineering was the only class I was given the opportunity to take TWICE during college. Cheers, Rick
  8. I'm also using a Lexar card, 64GB. I also tried a SanDisk card with the same results. The cameras are at the hangar at the moment, but I believe I have them set to wide at the highest resolution that the H4 Silver will do. Does that affect audio? I'm headed back out tonight and will play with it a little more. Thanks for the suggestion. Cheers, Rick
  9. Ouch. I scheduled my courses with them 6 months in advance due to planning requirements at work, and I was getting their "next available dates" with that much lead time. I'm sorry I didn't recall and relay that in my initial post. It's a small school that does one-on-one instruction and one of the owners is the primary DPE. Tough and thorough with reasonableness thrown in, a pleasant combination. Good luck with your search for a good fit! And thanks for the updates, you're helping the next guy. Cheers, Rick
  10. My GoPro Hero 4 Silver(s) won't record aircraft system audio using the NFlightCam patch cord. I have two cameras, two patch cords, two headsets, and two airplanes that I've tried them in, with the same results in every possible combination of camera, patch cord, headset and airplane. I'm working with Patrick Carter at NFlightCam to troubleshoot, but thought I'd check my brethren here to see if anyone has run up against - and solved - this issue. Some details: 1. Both cameras have the latest GoPro firmware 2. I have the correct FlightCam patch cords for the Hero 4 Silver 3. The patch cord will charge the cameras from an external battery source 4. Both cameras appear to be looking for an audio signal through the patch cord as the internal camera microphones are turned off and the playback audio is a low level hiss 5. Both tested airplanes have Garmin GMA340 audio panels, and I'm using Bose A20 bluetooth headsets 6. The headset plugged into the patch cord has normal audio 7. I've tried both patch cords with both the pilot and copilot headset jacks in both airplanes, and with both cameras 8. I've tried various volume settings on the audio panel with no success/improvement Any ideas? Don't assume that I know ANYTHING about how to operate a GoPro beyond turning it on, syncing with a GoPro wifi remote control, and starting the recording. Treat me like a child with a new toy and you'll be at the right level of competence. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Rick
  11. I'm curious - the article says the ESP is Garmin-designed. Does anyone know if the SWPS is part of the ESP system or a separate external input to the ESP? Cheers, Rick
  12. Here's the piece that's missing, curiosity got the better of me. From the Flashpass.net website: Pricing 1 Year Subscription for Unlimited USA eApis submissions: $60.00 USD 1 Year Subscription for Unlimited MEXICO Apis submissions: $50.00 USD notice: In order to submit a manifest to or from Mexico. A MEXICO + US Unlimited Subscription is required. For casual Flyiers (without Mexico APIS) we also offer Pay as You Go: Single manifest submissions for : $9.99 USD Five pack manifest submissions for : $39.99 USD Notes: Mexico Subscription is required for all flights to or from Mexico. A Mexico APIS manifest will be submitted to Mexico authorities. Pay As You Go users can ONLY submit manifests via the iPhone or iPad APP. AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SUBMIT A MANIFEST TO OR FROM MEXICO. Cheers, Rick
  13. This doesn't sound right. Here are some questions that might help: 1. Have you run a GAMI check per the GAMI website, or per Mike Busch's procedure at https://www.savvyaviation.com/home/resources/? 2. What is your GAMI spread? 3. Are all cylinders going lean of peak at the TIT setting you are using? 4. As already mentioned, are all components of your ignition system in good shape? Using fine wire plugs? 5. What is your peak TIT? The answers to those could help pinpoint an issue that would drive what you're seeing. Cheers, Rick
  14. I went to the folks at Livingston Aviation livingstonaviation.com at Waterloo IA KALO for an accelerated Commercial course and was very pleased. Waterloo is less than 300 miles from you and worth a day trip to go talk to them and see if you like them. Chad Lee and Erik Mondt are the instructors that I worked with - both were very good and worked to my needs. Look at their web page for their course offerings and prices. Definitely not for CBs, but they will get it done for you and make sure you are competent when you leave. As for the benefits of accelerated training - preparation for each and every day is key, and you need to have the mindset that you will continue flying regularly after you get your rating. Immersion training is extremely effective for a lot of people. I personally prefer it. Its what the military and the airlines use for a reason. Full disclosure - I'm going back there for two weeks in June to knock out my CFI/CFII. I've been an instructor of another kind for over 30 years so this option works really well for me. And I'm fortunate to have more money than time (this year...) so I can make sense of the economic end. Cheers, Rick
  15. ...with Breakdown @Bob_Belville presiding! Glennie and I are looking forward to it. Cheers, Rick