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  1. Junkman

    2018 Mooney Caravan

    Thanks Yves! I don't know if we'll be able to put it together before winter this year, but I'll let you know as the summer/fall unfolds and see what we can make work. Or maybe I should buy an airplane snow shovel to be prepared to make the winter trip? I've heard that's a requirement for safe winter flying north of the border... Cheers, Rick
  2. Junkman

    2018 Mooney Caravan

    +1 for Ute being the videographer in C-FSWR while Flanders flies!! Cheers, Rick 2018 November 1 and beneficiary of November 3's promise
  3. Junkman

    Promotional give away

    Ok, how often do you see a man's wife knowingly and willingly embrace his mistress....???!
  4. Junkman

    2018 Mooney Caravan

    Nice work Ned! Glennie and I are looking forward to making the trip north to visit you and Ute, and Yves and Diana. We'll be in touch once we pick a timeframe for the trip. I can only imagine the stories that will come of our next get-together! Cheers, Rick
  5. My apologies up front for failing with my search skills - I couldn’t find a thread that talks about using something other than rivets in the radio stack trays. So the question - is there an approved alternative to riveting the radio racks in the Mooney radio stack? I have an M20M going through a “minor” avionics upgrade that is turning into a bit of a pain due to overlapping side-by-side racks and hidden rivets. I’m upgrading my transponder, which is mounted to the right of the main stack. The existing transponder rack rivets are underneath the center radio stack trays, so everything has to come out to drill the rivets and R&R the transponder rack. I’d like to put everything back in with more easily inserted and removed fasteners. Any help with ideas and things that have worked for you are much appreciated! Cheers, Rick
  6. I don't know about the booing, but yes, some warbirds had to hold during our arrival. Interesting, I wonder what words the announcer used that elicited booing? Or was it a reaction from people monitoring "tower"? Cheers, Rick
  7. Junkman

    Dynon Certified thread

    Latest word at AirVenture from both Mooney and Dynon is that they are working together for an upgrade answer for the heritage Mooneys with the Dynon Certified hardware. Possibly a subset that doesn't initially include the autopilot, depending on how the STC work progresses. There was even a veiled reference to the possibility of seeing something other than Garmin in NEW Mooneys. Back on topic - the timeline for the heritage solution is early 2019, subject to FAA decisions. Apply your own salt to taste. Cheers, Rick
  8. Junkman

    If I were in the market for a new Mooney...

    @Guitarmaster, I just talked with Jeff Magnus, Sales Manager at Mooney, and he would like you to stop by the booth and talk to him so he can address your concern. They’re providing VIP access to Mooney owners for the night airshow and he’d really like to talk with you. I echo the experience @skydvrboy had at the booth, I was treated well. Cheers, Rick
  9. Junkman

    Nice opportunity for a Bravo owner!

    Glad to hear it worked out for you! We'll see you at KOSH. Cheers, Rick
  10. Junkman

    Tie down anchors for Oshkosh

    I have an extra set of Big Screw Tiedowns that I would like to find a home for. PM me if you're interested. Yes, they're pricey at $150 but they look like they will do the job better than anything else out there. They go in easily with a 1" ratchet. https://bigscrewtiedown.com BTW, I paid way more than $150 for these, but that's the price they sell for at Oshkosh so that's what I'm offering them at. Cheers, Rick
  11. Junkman

    Nice opportunity for a Bravo owner!

    One last tid bit on this subject and I'm done - I gleaned from indirect conversation that the GFC500 will ultimately be certified for use with other-than-G5 interfaces, and the G5 will ultimately be certified as a back-up for other PFD installations. The only thing in question is the timeline in which this will happen. I was told to "stay tuned" for future announcements from Garmin, some as close as Air Venture 2018. I'm slightly kicking myself for not volunteering my airplane for the STC work, but will still get more than the cost of lost opportunity of getting Glennie to the beach. Cheers, Rick
  12. Junkman

    Flying to see fireworks

    Hmmm.... I guess I'm easily entertained. I took my wife up last year here in St Louis, and we really enjoyed it. We were in a CH2000, which has a much larger viewing area than the Mooney, and we were only going about 80kts at 1,000 AGL. EVERYONE in St Louis and the surrounding areas has fireworks, meaning both the big displays that the municipalities put on and all of the stuff that is shot off by private citizens. Some of it reminded me of some of the stuff @kpaulreferenced from another part of the world, but it was an enjoyable experience that we may do again this year. Cheers, Rick
  13. Junkman

    Nice opportunity for a Bravo owner!

    Awesome! Now I know why I haven't heard from Jarret. I'll stop leaving him messages. Good luck!! Cheers, Rick
  14. Junkman

    Retirement location

    And out of left field.... We live 10 minutes from the airport, and have everything you've mentioned except Southeastern US, in of all places.... wait for it.... St Louis MO. Actually St Charles MO, a suburb of St Louis. We're 3 hours from the Gulf beaches in our TLS/Bravo, and not much further to anything else east of the Rockies. Summers are a bit hot and humid, but winters are fairly short and avoidable by a 3 hour flight to the Gulf beaches. Maybe not perfection, but certainly a place to consider. We really like it here and are planning to stay. Cheers, Rick
  15. Big thanks to Goat for his work in organizing/reorganizing the clinic with all of the weather challenges and participant changes. Planning one of these is one thing, making everything work when the deviations from the plan start happening is something entirely different. Well done Sir. Cheers, Rick