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  1. I'm curious - the article says the ESP is Garmin-designed. Does anyone know if the SWPS is part of the ESP system or a separate external input to the ESP? Cheers, Rick
  2. Here's the piece that's missing, curiosity got the better of me. From the Flashpass.net website: Pricing 1 Year Subscription for Unlimited USA eApis submissions: $60.00 USD 1 Year Subscription for Unlimited MEXICO Apis submissions: $50.00 USD notice: In order to submit a manifest to or from Mexico. A MEXICO + US Unlimited Subscription is required. For casual Flyiers (without Mexico APIS) we also offer Pay as You Go: Single manifest submissions for : $9.99 USD Five pack manifest submissions for : $39.99 USD Notes: Mexico Subscription is required for all flights to or from Mexico. A Mexico APIS manifest will be submitted to Mexico authorities. Pay As You Go users can ONLY submit manifests via the iPhone or iPad APP. AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SUBMIT A MANIFEST TO OR FROM MEXICO. Cheers, Rick
  3. This doesn't sound right. Here are some questions that might help: 1. Have you run a GAMI check per the GAMI website, or per Mike Busch's procedure at https://www.savvyaviation.com/home/resources/? 2. What is your GAMI spread? 3. Are all cylinders going lean of peak at the TIT setting you are using? 4. As already mentioned, are all components of your ignition system in good shape? Using fine wire plugs? 5. What is your peak TIT? The answers to those could help pinpoint an issue that would drive what you're seeing. Cheers, Rick
  4. I went to the folks at Livingston Aviation livingstonaviation.com at Waterloo IA KALO for an accelerated Commercial course and was very pleased. Waterloo is less than 300 miles from you and worth a day trip to go talk to them and see if you like them. Chad Lee and Erik Mondt are the instructors that I worked with - both were very good and worked to my needs. Look at their web page for their course offerings and prices. Definitely not for CBs, but they will get it done for you and make sure you are competent when you leave. As for the benefits of accelerated training - preparation for each and every day is key, and you need to have the mindset that you will continue flying regularly after you get your rating. Immersion training is extremely effective for a lot of people. I personally prefer it. Its what the military and the airlines use for a reason. Full disclosure - I'm going back there for two weeks in June to knock out my CFI/CFII. I've been an instructor of another kind for over 30 years so this option works really well for me. And I'm fortunate to have more money than time (this year...) so I can make sense of the economic end. Cheers, Rick
  5. ...with Breakdown @Bob_Belville presiding! Glennie and I are looking forward to it. Cheers, Rick
  6. I'm at Spirit of St Louis, just inside the west gate by Elite Aviation. I don't have what you're looking for, but happy to talk Mooneys and let you have a look around and go fly if you'd like. I have the same mission and have hit the beaches in Florida and Alabama with my beloved on a semi-regular basis. Happy to talk about that, too! Email is the best way to reach me - rickjunkin@yahoo.com. Cheers, Rick
  7. $27,500 by my math, give or take, for hardware. For comparison, subtract $7K for a GFC 500 and you're reasonable close to a Garmin 500TXI 10" plus G5. Its late and fuzzy math on my part, someone else will surely do the fact-checking. Is this working out differently than we anticipated at Oshkosh when we all raised our hands?? Cheers, Rick
  8. Sorry gang, sold in about 30 seconds....
  9. I upgraded to A20s with the incentive of a $300 exchange from Bose for my Bose X headset, but realized that these go for more than that on eBay and I could do a solid for one of my Mooneyspace brethren. The headset isn't perfect - the battery cover is missing a prong and requires a little finagling to get into place, but it works perfectly. PM me if you're interested. $300 plus shipping and insurance of your choice. Cheers, Rick
  10. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I turn on my non-FIKI TKS almost every time I turn on my pitot heat. And I lead that an estimated 5-10 minutes prior to entering an area of concern (almost always occurs on descent with worse than forecast weather/cloud deck). While there is a "de-ice" switch position, I find it most useful for wetting out the panels more quickly during preflight. I don't count on it being able to overcome accumulated ice. Cheers, Rick
  11. oops... yeah the OTHER Big Blue... That's what happens when I post after my normal bed time. Cheers, Rick
  12. Big Blue has been doing some pretty impressive things in the realm of customer support and customer service lately. I think we ForeFlight users may be surprised at how well this goes for us. One man's opinion. Cheers, Rick
  13. Here's another perspective Paul - fewer panels and reduced install time produces more profit, because the price certainly won't be reduced. I'm inclined to believe it was a business decision before they went for certification. My non-FIKI system does an awesome job of spreading TKS fluid everywhere I want it on my TLS. Anyone care to follow me out of the box on this topic? Acknowledging the legalities involved, what if we looked at this purely from a technical/practical perspective and determined what is required to make the non-FIKI equivalent to the the FIKI? CAV won't do it, it isn't in their best interest. But I myself might, given the new climate in the FAA certification environment. Just a thought. Probably can't be done without great expense. Legally. I'll probably get a spanking for even suggesting this... Cheers, Rick
  14. From the EI RPM (R-1) manual: Tach Time: The tach timer keeps a running total of time the engine is above 1300 RPM. It's likely that a leak check run-up never exceeded 1300RPM, or if it did, only for a few 10's of seconds. Not a mechanic, just spit-balling. I think someone suggested downloading engine monitor data to see if anything shows there - good idea. Cheers, Rick
  15. Thanks! That has moved into the "primary option" column. Cheers, Rick