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  1. Thanks @Marauder. Those pieces don't appear to match what is in the M20J/K. My panels appear to have the window frame integrated into those panels, making one large piece of plastic.
  2. Thanks to some PM chats, I've located the cargo door panel and the 2 panels on the door. I'm still looking for the rest on the list: 2 side panels (front/rear) on pilot side 1 side panel (rear) on copilot side Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the referral. Completely understood - I should say I'm not doing the interior work myself - I have a well-regarded airplane interior person doing the work. We're likely going to be painting/patching/covering all the other panels already, so if I can get the few that I need at a 'vintage' price/condition that are serviceable, it could be less expensive than plane plastics and I'll end up with the same result. If I'm covering/painting pieces anyway, I really don't care if the plastic is new or old.
  4. I struck out with Jaeger. Still on the hunt. I must by using the wrong search words on Ebay - all I can find is a top door panel, but the shipping alone is $200.. Can you point me to the right auction?
  5. My plane is currently getting a paint job and interior redo. I'm looking for the following bits for a 1979 M20K (231, factory oxygen if it matters), which, upon removal, disintegrated into many irrecoverable/unusable bits even with the greatest of care (they were already cracked/warped/worn/repaired and just turned to dust). I reached out to Paul Loewen without any luck. Does anyone have a source they could recommend? The 2 side panels on the pilot side 1 side panel on the copilot side, cargo door panel 2 panels on the door I'm aware of Plane Plastics, but their prices are a fortune - and since I was able to save most of the bits and will likely be wrapping or painting them, it seems silly to get new pieces that are going to be covered/painted anyway. It also seems like they only go up to the "J" model, but I assume they are very similar to the K if I had to go that route.
  6. anonymouse

    First Mooney: 231 vs. 201

    FWIW, I bought my first Mooney a few months ago, and it's a 231. It's currently sitting in the paint shop, but the benefits of a turbo (especially going East, or above clouds) are far more useful/often than I thought they would be before I bought a turbo plane. Once I got my fuel flow setup properly done, it runs pretty cool. It's like any other plane - once you get used to where all the knobs and buttons are and have a good checklist, it's not particularly challenging to fly. Flying is expensive, so the difference between one or the other on a per hour basis wasn't really a decisive factor for me.
  7. anonymouse

    Autopilot avionics update.

    Here is availability info straight from an email I sent to Dynon: "No one here at Dynon has any guess as to when the Mooneys will happen. We will not start selling the STC for the 172 until the 2nd QTR. After our dedicated shops provide feedback on the installations, and we learn how to make their lives easier, we can then start tackling other makes and models. Conservatively, it could be anywhere between 6-18 months after we start selling the 172 STC. "
  8. anonymouse

    Autopilot avionics update.

    Dynon got their 172 STC approved today. Very exciting news, and with luck they will be able to quickly expand it to our birds now that they have their foot in the door.
  9. anonymouse

    New to me M20K - many questions (now AOG)

    As most predicted, it was the hose backing off the induction port of the turbo with just a small opening. So, I'm back and flying again. Now for attempt #2 of fuel flow setup.
  10. anonymouse

    M20K 231 GB to LB question

    I've read this thread a few times now and didn't see how much it is to upgrade a GB to LB at say, an annual instead of an engine rebuild event. Has anyone priced that out?
  11. anonymouse

    New to me M20K - many questions (now AOG)

    Thanks for the thoughts, @carusoam. I feel like I've gotten some great support in this thread and in a couple PM's with people reaching out to answer most of my questions, and I think getting the fuel flow set up properly with an A&P capable of reading an 8 page document and listening to my verbal instructions will go a long way to solving a good chunk of my initial issues. I've since found where the valves are to adjust the oxygen flow, so that's one topic off the plate as well. I had to take a commercial flight and won't be home for a few days. The (new) mechanic (at a Mooney Service Center) is going to look at it early next week. As others have said, it's likely a blown off intake hose. I got a thorough PPI - I think my home field mechanic just F'ed things up. I have about 1300 hours TT, am instrument current, and previously flew a Columbia 350 on the same work trips. I don't feel like I'm in over my head at all - I just have a bad mechanic.
  12. anonymouse

    New to me M20K - many questions (now AOG)

    I don't have a way to download data, yet. I have a jpi 700. He also changed the oil and re rigged the flaps, but I don't see either causing the problem either. I guess I'll find out on Friday.
  13. anonymouse

    New to me M20K - many questions (now AOG)

    Well things took an interesting turn today. The mechanic did the fuel setup yesterday, and on takeoff I had exactly the same fuel flow - 21 GPH - as before. A subsequent phone call would reveal that he set it up at 40", despite me bringing him the manual and saying it had to be adjusted down to 24.7GPH at 37" because of the intercooler. "Oh" he said. What's even more fun is that I called him from SBD, where I'm now AOG. On climbout from the LA area towards Denver at 10,000 feet, I had a sudden loss of about 15" of MP and 12 GPH fuel flow. I immediately diverted and landed normally (with next to no engine power, but with oil pressure/temperature normal). I was showing something like 4 GPH on final. My working theory is that whatever he 'adjusted' popped off and slipped resulting in the sudden power loss. There is no sign of oil/leaks/catastrophic failure/untoward sounds. I don't think I lost my turbo because the severe power reduction was at all altitudes. I have a mechanic from CCB coming out on Friday to diagnose the problem. I didn't have time to look at anything on the ramp as I have a series of business meetings tomorrow and had to make immediate commercial flights.
  14. anonymouse

    New to me M20K - many questions (now AOG)

    That will be a short term problem for me as I'm having a JPI 900 installed in the next couple of months. I appreciate the information in the mean time and won't stress too much about the #2 cylinder absolute temperature reading.
  15. anonymouse

    New to me M20K - many questions (now AOG)

    I have the ball in the channel with markings, but no valve. My current setup goes port --> tube --> ball in channel --> tube --> mustache style cannula. From what I've read, the onboard regulator is auto-economizing.