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  1. APTUS Pilot

    New Mooneys, any interest at all?

    New development: CEO Saxena is out, and the M10 is reportedly still moving forward "full speed ahead". https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2017/april/24/mooney-ceo-out I am not exactly overflowing with optimism about the future stability of the company. But maybe the 170 knot diesel M10J will happen after all.
  2. APTUS Pilot

    Today's flight for 2017

    Putting in some safety pilot time in our M20J the other evening gave me an unusual opportunity to snap a few pics. Sunset over Knoxville TN, with "Downtown Island" airport KDKX in the foreground lower left. Looking west down runway 26 with the Tennessee River bending around the airfield. East TN is a great place to fly.
  3. APTUS Pilot

    Let's do the math

    Actually "sheets" are what landlubbers call "ropes". A sail is just a sail. Unless it's really old, then its a "rag".
  4. Great feedback in this thread. Read Conrad's comments carefully. I am basically doing what Danb did. Did my primary in a rented Archer. No regrets there and it set me up nicely to ease into the low-wing M20J that I bought about a month after my PPL checkride. I am glad that I did my PPL training in a simple aircraft. The 201 I fly now has humbled me a couple times (mostly landing) and things can definitely happen much faster. I could not be happier with the transition overall however. Now it is a great IFR training platform. Love my Mooney, but also appreciated primary training in the Archer. Ben
  5. APTUS Pilot

    Who's Installing a G5?

    So, George- Can you shed any light on this? We are trying to determine if the HSI functionality is available at all in the STC'd version. Thanks, Ben
  6. APTUS Pilot

    Garmin G5 Attitude indicator pirep?

    Gann Aviation in GA just quoted us $2800 installed for a new G5. That is so low it became attractive compared to repairing a drifting vacuum AI. We reserved the last unit on their shelves but have to wait a few weeks for an install window. Have seen nothing but good things about Gann on this forum. Will report the result.
  7. APTUS Pilot

    New Owner Report - M20J

    New Mooney owner here. I thought I would share some of my observations with you grizzled old pilots so you can be reminded of your first day in a Mooney. I am based in Knoxville and the plane is now at KTYS. My small engineering firm has a couple pilots on staff (me and MS'er AaronDC8402) and we decided to buy a plane, ostensibly so we can better reach our clients in person. I just got my PPL about 3 months ago (after flying for 2 years, a long story). Tomorrow I expect to crack 100hrs total in my log book and finish my 5hrs of transition training (required by insurance) before soloing my new-to-me M20J. She is a 1989 201 SE with a 210hp (?) engine by Firewall Forward Inc. Original interior and exterior in fine shape, always hangared. Really comfy seats and an updated panel (Garmin 480W, GTX330, PMA7000B, EDM700). I am quite smitten. The buying experience was fun. We found her in FL on Trade-a-Plane and contacted the selling broker (William at O'Brien Aviation) directly. All our dealings with him were straightforward and enjoyable. We did not use a buyer's agent, with no regrets. We paid for a Pre-Purchase Inspection at Daytona Aircraft Services which is a Mooney-Certified center and was very close to seller. Real good experience with them as well. No surprises found so we had them complete about 3 AMUs of other work like gear shock discs etc at my expense. Traveling logistics to FL to retrieve the plane got complicated so when the repairs were complete my impatience got the best of me and I closed on the sale and had it ferried up to us in Knoxville (KTYS). I had just bought my first airplane without ever flying it. Ferry pilot reported boring flight with no squawks. Perfect. Our transition instructor barely meets the 25 hrs M20 time required by insurance co., but we had lots of experience with him so up we went. I have read plenty of MS opinions about training with a Mooney expert for type-specific instruction. Haven't done that, and am wondering what I am missing. I would like to hear from anyone who learned to fly their plane, THEN got Mooney-expert instruction. I may seek this out sooner rather than later if justified. First flight impressions: Cozy cockpit but I felt at home immediately (I am 5'-9" and 160lbs). Great visibility on the ground and in the air. I love the way it responds to the controls- very direct, good balance, no slop. It wants to fly and when it does it flies smoothly with no bad habits. I fell in love immediately. A few specifics (view these in comparison to my training in an Archer III): Takes off flat and just starts climbing Climbs eagerly, even near max gross wt Elec trim is very sensitive, I need to use manual trim wheel at speed I tended to blow past my altitude while leveling off due to continuous pitch-up during acceleration the sound of wind noise increasing as the speed keeps rising is one of my new favorite things in the world descent and deceleration not difficult, just plan ahead (normal practices) on approach control feels positive, lands like a dream at 70 knots (floats like a low-wing, nothing unexpected) ground behavior superb, with precise steering and great view all around back seat is a nice place to spend time too, with plenty of room and a great view Summary after just a few hrs: The most fun I have ever had in the air. It is easier to fly than I expected. No intimidating P-factor like a Bonanza I have flown, nor as finicky with prop/power settings. No control friction and sluggish wallowing around the pattern like an Archer. My main question so far: Why would I want to fly anything else? Ben And yes I realize I am a total noob. I will take it slow.
  8. APTUS Pilot


    Pics from purchase and some early flights by new owners. Now at KTYS near Knoxville TN.
  9. APTUS Pilot

    EDM700 with FF and USB

    We're going to be good friends, Don.