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  1. I just had mine overhauled, it was flopping left to right in turbulence. I took it to Naylors instruments in Gainesville and had it back in two days for $250. Turns out it was low on dampening fluid, but they checked all the specs and adjusted as necessary. Great shop, great people. Scott brought me to the lab and opened it up for me while I was there. Here is their info.
  2. No, get it right Andrew, 201er travels the world in his Mooney doing covert work like taking out third world dictators. Raptor works nights and has three young hotties that he hangs with. Oh, to be young again...
  3. Tom, Thanks again for your hospitality and taking the time to show and tell about the Lancair. You are an artisan extraordinare my friend! The air ranch is an amazing place as well. It was a great time. Steve
  4. Dan, Wow!, No words can convey my thoughts. What an amazing outcome. I have to agree with Guitarmaster, not luck, but God.
  5. Congrats Stephen! First mod before I ever flew 88V was shoulder belts. I wouldn't fly without them. Best Wishes, Steve
  6. Looking at the video, there appears to be a shoulder harness. I don't see head contact with the windscreen possible even with a lap belt on. Maybe he didn't have any restraint on? Crazy story and so amazing that he survived.
  7. Nice tease Andrew, can't wait for the reveal.
  8. 7days for mine
  9. Pritch, The Kendall-Jackson people own a farm here in Ocala. Ask your CFI if he flies into OCF. Nice gesture to take him up in the Mooney for a bit. One of my best flying memories was taking a B-17 pilot up in a Cardinal. He was 89 at the time and did a great job flying. Steve
  10. I know, not Mooney related, but this is a very informative and quick video. Just wanted to share.
  11. According to LASAR's website the one piece belly is the same for F, G, J and K. Is it a factory or Lasar belly?
  12. Will that work on my "F"?
  13. Very good information. Thank you Jim. Steve
  14. Jim, I do recall seeing the yellow satellite dish just not sure when and where. So when that is on I am not getting TIS-B traffic? I also thought that non-transponder equipped aircraft would be picked up by ground radar and broadcast through TIS-B and show up with the diamond shaped symbol on my screen (no airspeed or heading info). Thank you!