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  1. I would have to say no. The reason is that out of the last 12 months of ownership, the first two months were getting 88V up to par after several years of "paper" annuals. Then my recent Lynx install, and minor panel improvements as well as unexpected mechanical issue cost me another two months of flying time. I want to fly not relinquish my aircraft to a shop. Knowing now how much time proper avionics installs require, I am happy with my "new to me" KLN 94 gps. A waas unit would be nice, but not necessary for me. An engine monitor sounds awesome, but also more down time replacing sensors. A new interior would be really cool, but again more down time. No, for now I'm happy, as a matter of fact I'm on my way to the airport for an instrument lesson.
  2. James, I was leaving the avionics shop after they reconfigured the unit (I had the Lynx 9000 installed as well). The first try for my validation didn't take and the shop needed to make some adjustments. Since I was already in C airspace and under the class B shelf, I asked for VFR flight following and asked to remain within the 30 mile ring for 30 minutes. The controller told me to do whatever I needed and let him know when I was resuming my flight back to Ocala. Upon landing, I logged into the rebate site, plugged my info in and got the four "greens" that confirmed my validation. I've noticed all my VFR flight following trips show up on Flight Aware now. Even some 1200 flights are showing up. I'm pleased with the Lynx and am amazed at the amount of traffic that is out there. I have it feeding my iPad on ForeFlight. I hope you enjoy it and find it a great tool as well. Steve
  3. Just received my rebate and thought I should post the flightaware record of my validation flight. The flight was conducted under the ORLANDO class bravo shelf. I never exceeded 2600 feet. I basically did some lazy turns, remained there for 30 minutes and flew home to beat the arriving cold front.
  4. Tom, I saw that post of yours, very impressive. As for taking a ride in the Rocket, well I should "just say no", but I would love to. PM sent. Thanks, Steve Corun
  5. Looks like all tail wheel aircraft, made for the bush. I wouldn't do it in a Mooney. Unless it's low and slow, I'd say no-go.
  6. The info in this thread is fantastic. The M20 is such a versatile airframe with so many options. Thanks to those who answered my questions. For those out there with a turbo or long body, please don't offer me a ride. I'm truly afraid that I might catch something that requires a large amount of AMU's to heal. I still enjoy my "F" so much and she fits my mission so well I really could do without the temptation.
  7. So for you that have jumped from the IO360 to any of the big block Mooneys, how is the transition? Did it require additional training (other than the h.p endorsement)? Also, is a turboed "small block" any more capable than the large engines up high? How about maintenance between an TIO-360 and the IO-550, longevity, etc? Thanks in advance for your comments, Steve
  8. Alex and Hector, are either of you going to the Mooney lunch at KLEE Saturday?
  9. +1, just traded out my KLN 89b for a 94 so I could save some cash and do the updates myself (I had been having the data cards mailed to me which is almost double the cost). Had to find an old laptop with XP and then restore it to service pack 2. Bought the sandisk card reader on eBay (look for one with the software update). Have done two updates now no issues.
  10. Awesome! Enjoy! "F"'s are Fantastic.
  11. Vance, My invoice shows 14 hours to R&R the main gear and 5 hours to fix leaks and replace brake hoses. I think I had about 8 hours in stripping the wheel wells. I gave my neighbor $300 for bead blasting and powder coating. Hey, by the way. Our serial numbers are just 25 apart! Best, Steve
  12. Vance, Thanks, I would have to look at my invoice to be sure. I did a lot of the stripping and grunt work myself. My neighbor does bead blasting and powder coating, so that cost was separate from the annual. I'll look up my invoice tonight and see how many hours my mechanic charged.
  13. At my PPI my mechanic recommended that the main gear be removed, stripped and inspected since he couldn't get a good look at the gear due to accumulated coats of paint over the years. The plane was almost due for annual so before I ever flew her, we went ahead and removed the main gear, stripped and powder coated. I stripped the wheel wells and had them alodyned and new brake hoses installed as well. The difference visually is remarkable.
  14. Beautiful Mooney, best wishes with the sale and upgrade.
  15. But it really is an important safety feature.....right?