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  1. New technology makes it easy to detect now. Beware what you do, they might be watching.
  2. This is a first for me. TFR for gas release. Hmmmm.
  3. This looks like a pretty good deal... search "S-Tec system 50 A/P including DG" The page wouldn't paste. plus the KLN 89b from Jet would make a nice platform for little $.
  4. I like stories with happy endings. I'll heed that advice as well. Just so happens I found a small drop of oil on the hangar floor yesterday. Unusual for my engine and I do have the quick drain.
  5. I believe the iPad needs at least a 2 amp charge while in use to actually charge, otherwise it is using more juice that it is taking in. The cigarette lighter adapters only supply 1 amp so you will slowly be discharging if you are still using the device. This is a great option and is approved...
  6. The poll above shows roughly one quarter of us consistently monitor guard while flying. If this number holds throughout the entire GA community, 1 out of 4 aircraft are monitoring all the time. Not to mention almost half of us monitor 121.5 at least occasionally. Considering the amount of traffic in the sky (especially in the southeast) there is a high chance that if a beacon goes off someone will report it. That being said, what will transpire from the reporting seems to be a crap shoot. Just like the car alarm in a crowded parking lot draws almost no attention, the 121.5 ELT might or might not get a second glance.
  7. Bob, How did you not pass the G-IV when doing that air to air shot? You must have had to throttle back.
  8. Jim, Did you use ugly and Mooney in the same sentence? I think we might have an infiltrator among us.
  9. Kathryn's report posted a photo of the pilot and his young family today. So sad on so many levels.
  10. Years ago I had three IA's scratching their heads over a problem I was experiencing with a C182. All were stumped. A friend in St. Louis recommended Bill. One phone call and a description of the issue and Bill diagnosed the problem within 5 minutes. Bill is also very entertaining. That alone is worth the price of admission.
  11. Kevin, while I waited. Actually the $250 price is if you do the run-up for them, so I was actually involved. Regular price is $300 with no owner help.
  12. I ended up at Aircraft Engineering (Bill Turley) in Bartow. Definitely feel a difference and glad I had it done. Got me to .02 IPS. For $250 they dressed and balanced the prop and all new SS screws in spinner.
  13. I do the same with the #2 radio. I've reported at least 5 events and ATC usually asks other aircraft in the vicinity to check guard to try to get a bearing. Apparently there is no more sending CAP flights to investigate these though.
  14. I heard from Andrew and he is busy practicing for the 10 meter dive competition to benefit cancer research UK. Says to say "hello" to all you Mooniacs. 10 meters is over 32 feet, head first. My hats off to you Andrew.
  15. This happened Easter weekend. Several planes departed the field and no one reported the crash that was visible in plane sight. Multiple aircraft reported hearing the ELT including myself on Saturday evening. Does ATC even investigate these anymore? It was reported the pilot was an Atlanta controller. Wife and kids aboard as well.