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  1. Hello all, We just installed new donuts on the nose wheel along with a LASAR steering horn and a rebuilt nose truss. The steering is much more responsive and no play whatsoever. There is no more shimmy right before rotation now. So overall a pretty noticeable improvement. What I am not happy about is how exaggerated every bump in the pavement feels. My plane bounces like a low rider on Sunset Blvd. Is this the way a Mooney is supposed to feel when taxiing? Anyone else have the same reaction after replacing their donuts? Thank you in advance for your responses, Steve
  2. I'm so glad your friends were not hurt or worse. What a horrible situation to come home to.
  4. Hey Josh, Last annual (my first) we replaced all the brake and oil hoses due to them being hard (no flex). We just finished the second annual and with the cowl off I ran the engine to check for oil leaks and found a rather severe fuel leak. The line feeding the pressure gauge had failed and was pouring over my right side exhaust system. Upon inspection of the fuel lines they all looked fine and were flexible, but this one had developed a hard spot about 6-8 inches long and that's where the leak formed. So inspections don't always reveal a problem. I think hoses are supposed to be replaced every five years.
  5. Now that's a proper Avatar!
  6. Time for an updated avatar Andrew!
  7. ..."and carry on". I was wondering about the missing part of the neighbor girls shirt. Poor thing needs a new wardrobe.
  8. They really are both great speeches and I agree with the gist of the messages. Based on the condition of the world today we will certainly be hearing many more similar speeches in the future. I guess what I'm wanting to hear from the World's leaders is something more condemning of the beliefs and teachings of a radical element. Instead we are encouraged to accept cultural diversity. How many more senseless killings and then responses to carry on with your normality will humanity endure?
  9. One of my friends keeps this chart in his toolbox. Most of the torque specs are easily found for our Mooney's but this is a handy reference to have.
  10. James, I had the same issue. I was told the Lynx unit is sending a much more powerful "burst" of data out than the old transponder. This signal is picked up by other equipment and you hear it as a pop in the speaker or your headset. In my case, the shop increased the distance between my transponder antenna and the marker beacon antenna. I will measure the distance and let you know if you like. It is not much because there is not much real estate to begin with. Steve
  11. Prime minister May's response to the attack: "As I speak, millions will be boarding trains and airplanes to travel to London, and to see for themselves the greatest city on Earth," she told the House. "It is in these actions -- millions of acts of normality -- that we find the best response to terrorism -- a response that denies our enemies their victory, that refuses to let them win, that shows we will never give in." Just be "normal" and terrorism will be defeated. There it is...
  12. There are a number of planes at every airport that need to be flown and are literally wasting away. In the last 8 years, I flew a Cherokee 235 and a Skylane in exchange for washing, waxing and assisting with annuals. I also bought a tire or two, a rudder bungee and some oil and filters. The owners, one elderly WWII vet and one busy doctor were delighted to have someone put 50 or so hours a year on their plane that would have otherwise been deteriorating. A renters policy will protect you both. Hang around the FBO, talk to the maintanece shop on your field. You might be surprised what kind of a deal is available.
  13. Woot! Nice E! Let us know how the pre-buy goes.
  14. Nice! That makes me want to go lift some weights, rub my hands in grease, shoot my Garand, belch and generally do manly stuff. Argh! I love me some horsepower!
  15. Skates, I have somewhere around 700 hours and I still feel the rust after 3-4 weeks. Mine plane has been down for 3 weeks for annual and I won't take a passenger until I've been up a time or two and feel confident. Maybe my rust is different than a lower time pilot, but still rust none the less.