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  1. Neil, yes I thought of that. I'm fairly certain that I can find someone to swap out with me for testing and it sure beats crawling behind the panel to check connections first. Thanks wcb, yeah the tkm looks promising. I'm about ready to take my instrument check ride so I don't want to reconfigure with a new gps until after I'm rated. The gtn 650 looks like its in my future though. Yetti, Excellent point and easy, will do. N201MKTurbo, the weather has been hot and humid lately, I do have a cooling fan though. Seems plausible that heat could have taken it out.
  2. Eric, Thanks for the reply. Yes com #2 works (the old KX170B indestructible).
  3. Hey guys, my KX 155 does not seem to be transmitting. Started out as intermittent and now seems like nothing at all. I can still receive com and nav just fine. The "t" lights up when I push to talk but Tower can't hear me. Audio panel is a kma 20. Has anyone been through this? Any suggestions other than checking the RCA connectors?
  4. Sold
  5. Steingar, Say it isn't so. Please forgive me for this, but I have to at least give it a shot. For the common good.
  6. Glad you are alright. I know the feeling. I was taking my wife and kids to the FL Keys years ago. Departed 18 after announcing taxi and departure on the CTAF. On climb out I happen to look out the window (high wing) and see an Eclipse jet fly under us about 200 feet and opposite direction. Called Jax approach and told them what happened. Turns out the guy was doing an ILS practice approach and never made a call on CTAF.
  7. Bump
  8. Ach du lieber Gott!
  9. If you are going to make adjustments, be sure to check the witness holes in the rod ends afterward. If not, you could end up with insufficient threads to hold your ailerons to the push rods. This could make for an ugly situation in flight.
  10. Here's where I go to recline after I set the autopilot. Passengers keep telling me how much bigger it looks inside.
  11. Don, as a small time real estate investor you have piqued my interest. I would love to hear your story. Steve
  12. Better yet, have the A&P watch you do it. He's getting paid regardless. If he's not ok with it, find one that is.
  13. Wrong!
  14. Awesome! Cant wait to see it in person at one of our FL Mooney lunches.
  15. You dont need the ADS-B for instrument flight. As Marauder stated above, you can acquire your rating with the radios you have. Get them repaired and get your IFR certification while the plane is in the shop. I would ask the shop if they have any IFR capable gps units that they took in trade, something along the lines of a KLN 89b, KLN 94 or KLN 90b. It would be nice to incorporate RNAV approaches in your training and these units are very afforable as avionics go.