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  1. Ok, so one down, now when can I drop off my "F"?
  2. I fly about 125 hours a year, try to keep changes at 25 hours but have gone to 33. New filter and Blackstone analysis each change. Having been at the CamGuard presentation at Mooney Summit 2016, I use Aeroshell W100 and CamGuard. Longer intervals and synthetic oil with our late model cars does not apply to aviation engines with loose tolerances.
  3. I had a VC compass installed a few months ago. I like it as it is similar to the DG for partial panel instrument flying, but it is out of calibration. I believe I am going to need the compensation balls to get it right.
  4. I saw you land. You were the last one in then they shut down the field.
  5. Hey, I like your town. Had a great lunch at The Grille on Congress. Lots of really nice cars running around town.
  6. Sweet, I would have said Hi if I saw your Mooney. They had the runway closed for about 45 minutes when we were leaving. Any idea what happened?
  7. Is is it just me or does it seem that Mooney drivers are partial to redheads?
  8. Happened to me early on in my flying life. Cherokee 140 night flight to Stewart FL. Didn't trust my VOR, had counted the numerous airports southbound along the coast. I was convinced I was there but VOR from adjacent inland field told otherwise. Lined up and tower didn't have me, confirmed landing light on, short final...Cherokee, try Ft. Pierce tower... sure enough I was 700 AGL and lined up for Ft. Pierce.
  9. LOL, Now that's funny!
  10. The real question is what's the useful load?
  11. That's an odd looking horse.
  12. Hey FL Mooney flyers, Gaylene at Tailwind Cafe (OCF) misses us and wants to know when we are coming back.
  13. I would be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to represent the South.
  14. Very Cool, Thanks!