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  1. Mooney Fans! I need help. My pilot seat twists when I put the wheels up and down. Whats going on? Anybody else ever felt their booty move when they move the gear lever? Im in a 1969 M20F. One of my gear doors has a crack in it too. Not sure if thats related or not. My mechanics comment was, it "ain't supposed to do that!"
  2. Whats the legal/ regulatory problem, if any, with removing the positive control? Can I simply go with a "new" autopilot? Can positive control be removed? Im tired of waiting for it to be repaired? Related question.... Does anyone recommend an avionics shop in/ around Tennessee for an M20F???
  3. Is there a current supplier for the Gerdes parking brake valve? My housing is cracked and is leaking. I need a replacement. The Scott from Spruce seems shiny and new, but I'm probably gonna have to replumb, and re mount to make it work. I'd rather go with a new Gerdes if available. Where do we get them? Please only respond if you have actual constructive data.....I'm really not looking for humorous or gratuitous comments. Will
  4. Yes--. Leaking to the outside world! Holds the brakes great! Works like a charm? i wonder if its the darn supply hose up top with a hose clamp?
  5. Well, did the best I could to overhaul the parking brake gizmo using the correct o-rings, but the damn thing still leaks? What's the trick?
  6. No, it didn"t. Im going to call lasar tomorrow. I agree with your second thought, but after you get the big easy ones in place, it gets a bit more complicated. I just want to do it right.
  7. Thanks everyone........the manuals magically appeared in my inbox.
  8. Would someone please share the numbered insulation installation drawing? I'm replacing all my old insulation with the pre-cut kit and need the drawing to see where they are supposed to go.
  9. I've searched various posts, and downloads and can't seem to get my hands on the Service and Parts manuals for my 69 M20F. Would any kind soul share these with me?????? Would also like the positive control and Brittain Autopilot manuals if possible. Thanks, Will Robersonwill@hotmail.com
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