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  1. sgrooves

    When should I change the oil?

    Not to pull this any further off-course (although it seems to have gone that way) Those of you who change your oil yourself... how long does it take you? Those of you who have the shop or someone change your oil for you... how many hours labor do they charge you?
  2. sgrooves

    Cowl Flap Push Rod - M20J

    Thanks all for the help. Turns out they were able to pretty easily re-thread the end of the rod and reattach. Saved me from an entire new cable and complete re-rigging. Unfortunately no pics yet and I haven't had a chance to get up to the hangar to check it out yet. I did find the below pics in the IPC in case anyone find this thread and needs it. Oddly enough, the rod itself does not appear to be identified, the entire assembly and cable is.
  3. sgrooves

    Cowl Flap Push Rod - M20J

    Plane is at the shop. I asked for a pic and they were also going to send me the portion of the part catalog that has the piece. Apparently it only numbers the entire assembly, not the rod. I think their first try was going to be to rethread the rest of the rod if there was enough length left. It’s the push/pull rod I circled in this picture. Apparently on the engine side of the firewall it is threaded and screws into another part that actually controls the cowl flap. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Anyone know the part number on the cowl flap push rod for a 1981 M20J? Better yet, anyone have a spare? The threaded part where it screws into the cowl flap control behind the firewall sheared off. Right now the rod is just moving freely.
  5. sgrooves

    Rest stop NC to WI

    Last year I stopped at KBAK on my way to southern Wisconsin. Restaurant on the field. 2 long runways. Fuel isn’t super cheap but it was great with the girlfriend and dog. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. sgrooves

    Whelen Orion 650, and 500 LED lights

    Ended up finding a decent deal for a couple of them online. Aircraft Spruce matched the price and I avoided shipping and taxes. The lights all got installed at annual #2. Besides that and the aileron SB, everything is was standard. Got the plane back yesterday. See pics and video below. They did run the sync wires, fabricated the mounts, and repainted the wingtips. Video: Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. sgrooves

    Today's flight for 2018

    Low clouds at takeoff dissipated up near KHKY. But had a great view flying nice and low for the short hop up to AGL at KMRN for annual #2.
  8. sgrooves

    N943RW at Hawk Aircraft Paint

    Looks really nice. I'll actually be up at MRN this weekend dropping the plane off at AGL for annual, too bad I won't be able to see it in person
  9. As someone who has never let my tanks run dry, or had an in-flight shutdown, is the procedure just switching the tank with the boost pump on? If you get to the tank late and the engine dies, is switching tanks with some boost enough to get it started again (assuming the prop is still windmilling)? Or do you need to get the mags back to start?
  10. Found this online here: ... probably the explanation for the temporary yellow x's. Hopefully they reverse this. "But the airport will remain in use for about a year by UNC Hospital Air Care for parking and refueling, under an agreement with the airport. The temporary arrangement will last as long as the hospital builds additional helipad space."
  11. sgrooves

    Whelen Orion 650, and 500 LED lights

    Appreciate the insight. The plane will be opened up for annual a month prior to Oshkosh so was hoping to get them installed then. Is the Oshkosh special from Whelen directly? I suppose I may be able to try the good ole credit card price protection if it is is pretty meaningful and advertised.
  12. sgrooves

    Whelen Orion 650, and 500 LED lights

    Both of my strobe power supplies have decided to call it quits. Guessing the 650's are still the preferred way to replace the nav/strobes with LED? Looking to make the upgrade at my coming annual. Anyone find any deals other than the 450/per side from aircraft spruce?
  13. sgrooves

    Fuel smell in cockpit

    Glad the issue is fixed. I actually just had a fuel smell that turned out to be a result of a leaking fuel injector. My concentration was on high EGT on one cylinder that I thought was a clogged injector. However, I let the mechanic know that I did smell a little raw fuel that seemed to start concurrently. They did a high power leak test and found the injector leak. Really value mooneyspace teaching me to listen to the plane. When something smells or looks weird, it deserves a better look.
  14. sgrooves

    Aspen / Autopilot issues

    Same exact thing happened to me with my "new" J in the first 6 months
  15. sgrooves

    Stec 55x

    Had a similar issue with my Stec55x. Turned out to be the ACU driving the Stec from my Aspen unit was bad. The ACU was replaced under warranty, labor wasn't cheap though.