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  1. Aspen / Autopilot issues

    Same exact thing happened to me with my "new" J in the first 6 months
  2. Stec 55x

    Had a similar issue with my Stec55x. Turned out to be the ACU driving the Stec from my Aspen unit was bad. The ACU was replaced under warranty, labor wasn't cheap though.
  3. Quick Question Re Mx Charges

    Well... this gives me something to look out for when I get my overhauled Wheldon fuel pump back from likely the same shop this week... I had caught it making some noise and sent it off preemptively. 38 hours seems like a lot. But then again everything seems to come back with more hours than I expect. For what its worth, my shop mentioned pull the pump only took "an hour". Who knows what the final bill will look like.
  4. Mooney Pre Buy Video

    Great video and beautiful plane. I’m down at KAPF at least once a year now with my J. Would love to see yours in person sometime. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. 65 M20E Pre-Buy Help! STAT!!

    PM-ed on a couple CFI's
  6. Insurance renewal

    In NC they do short-rate on the insurance credit. Basically take a percentage off of what you would have received back in credit. Bought my M20J fresh off my PPL with about 50 hours, none in type in 2015. Only a couple insurance companies would quote me. Best I found, first year was about 2,200. Second year (2016), with more experience and based out of a towered airport actually went up to 2,300. The rationale was fear of retracts. Four months later, I had 160 hours, over 100 in type, and 85 in the last year. Also had recently gotten my IFR ticket. On a whim I rechecked quotes via the sporty’s promotion and found one (Global) at 1,350 with 10k in additional hull coverage. Did the short rate cancellation on my original policy, got ~1,400 back, to basically get a 4+ month extension and more protection at no cost. Didn’t get all of my money back by cancelling but it was more than worthwhile. Rough numbers based on memory but i think it shakes out right.
  7. Signing. I've flown in and out of there a couple of times. Unbelievably convenient to visit people at UNC. Pattern altitude at 2,000 ft above the surface makes it a little more interesting (compared to others in this area). There were probably only 2 other planes on the ramp when I was there last.
  8. How do you mount your ipad

    I find the yoke mount with my iPad Pro 9” gets a bit in the way of my knees if I need to turn the yoke side to side with my heels on the floor (no brakes!). Going to try and mess around with the mount this weekend to try and get more clearance. Not a big deal in flight when I slide the seat back, but with the seat even in the furthest aft notch it can be annoying on takeoff/landing. I’m 6’2”. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Finally tracked down vibration m20j

    How much play should there be in the cowl flaps -open- position? Or should they be snug with no movement?
  10. Get the rating.

    I was in that mess yesterday. Weather was not improving throughout the day as forecasts suggested- it got worse. Heard many VFR pilots on the radio in GA/FL/SC asking for help to be turned around and a couple who landed short of their destinations. Even with my IR, I had to descend from 9k to 5k to 3k to stay under the layers once temps got too low. Although I will say, it was nice riding high above the turbulence at 9k in/out of the tops for about an hour of my flight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Fluctuating EGTs (IO550)

    I have an IO-360 but I was having similar issues with my #4 EGT probe. Totally erratic with no pattern, CHT's fine. At times it would max out on the gauge visual. There were occasional fluctuations on #2 also. This was going on for a few hours despite checking injectors etc. Turns out my #4 EGT probe was on the verge of dying and 2 flights before the annual it died completely. The erratic signals from the probe caused cross-talk on the #2 probe. Sounds like you could be having something similar. The lower reading at full rich also makes me wonder if its an old probe. I ended up replacing #4 and everything was smooth for ~20 hours until #2 started acting out. This time I knew it was likely a probe and swapped it out, no issues after. The new probes in #2 and #4 are much more sensitive at lower temps than #1 and #3.
  12. I’m in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Roy Halladay/Icon A5 Crash
  14. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. +1 on AGL Aviation. Had my first annual there. It's about a 35 min flight from Monroe