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  1. sailon

    Garmin 430W GPS antenna problem.

    Thanks! On further thought, I am going to check out the idea that the LNA has gone unstable. If a electrical stability is found, it is a major AW issue which warrants a problem report to FAA copy Garmin.
  2. sailon

    Garmin 430W GPS antenna problem.

    To reawaken an old thread, I just came across this exact problem. GA35 antenna, GTN 650. Noticed loss of signal when I banked the aircraft earlier, now antenna completely dead. So are the other portable GPS systems in my airplane. Just had 650 bench checked, was perfect, now airplane goes into shop on Thursday. Assume no recourse from Garmin?
  3. sailon

    Gear Tool Requirements

    Just called Hangar Tool Box, apparently they are out of business due to illness!
  4. sailon

    Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Jesse, saw lots of comments regarding the engine. Do not know how much time the engine has, but if the number is greater than 100, you may be lucky and skate. I was looking at an aircraft that didn't run for 10 years. I called a well established overhaul shop, and he stated that the engine should be fine. Suggest that you and your mechanic boroscope the engine, (it is great that he is familiar with it by the way) and give a reputable OH shop a call. It may be that the seals around the prop may be your biggest problem. My bird was lightly used for a couple of years before I bought her, engine is immaculate, but I just had to do a prop reseal. Prop was 81 hours since overhaul performed in 2014. If there is no evidence of rodents or corrosion (check the tubing), and you get good vibes from the shop, I wouldn't hesitate to go for it.
  5. +1 for this great FBO/Airport. KFMY Base OPS is THE great example for the rest of the airports in the country. I fly there often.
  6. sailon

    Mooney for tall pilot

    Maybe Mooney left a few holes off of the rail. I checked several times for the pedel extensions, they were not there. With the seat in the last hole, I was uncomfortably close to the panel. The K sits totally differently. Also, I do not have vertical seat adjustment like the K does. My inseam is 34 inches. Mike, be careful with regards to downloading data for the seat rail mod. The print that was downloaded previously from this website was exclusively for a specific tail number. It takes an STC to modify the fleet from a single mod. My mechanic and I looked at the print that I downloaded from here, saw the exclusivity paragraph, and we figured that the FSDO would not approve.
  7. sailon

    Mooney for tall pilot

    I just finished getting the paperwork done to modify my F to drill the extra hole required by my long legs. My torso is short, but my sister says that I got all of the legs in the family. Just to modify the print by the DER set me back 1 AMU. NOT inexpensive, and the DER just updated the print to change the part number of the rail from the E model to the F. I saw some discussion regarding various models. I can fly the 252 model without any problem and no seat rail modifications required. I suspect that the K version stretched the fuselage maybe 6 inches. F's and shorter will likely require a seat rail mod if you are a long legged pilot. Not sure about the J model, but it may require rail mods as well.
  8. Never did 35, but plan on taking an instructor up to get used to 20 which is what I was comfortable with in my Arrow. Just wanted to check with the Forum to make sure we won't break the airplane! Thanks all.
  9. I know that all airplanes I have flown with a steering nosewheel, it will dart in the direction of rudder correction when the nosewheel touches down. Something to be ready for.
  10. Yes, the airplane will be pointing straight down the runway, however the crosswind correction applied by the rudder pedals will cock the nosegear.
  11. I have read most (if not all) of the discussions on Mooneyspace about crosswind landings, and all have discussed pilot skill vs, aerodynamics. However, I also have been studying the mechanics of the Johnson bar, especially its single point of failure (i.e., the weld of the bar to the linkages). I was wondering if there is a correlation between the published / demonstrated low X-wind capabilities and the large side loads imposed on the J-bar during a perfect X-wind landing. (Side loads will be imposed, at least due to the cocked nose wheel on nose wheel touchdown). I know pilots can land in a 35 kt x-wind, however, it also makes me wonder if those same pilots are experiencing premature J-bar failures. Thanks!
  12. sailon

    Mooney lunch at Vero Beach

    Nice pics. Glad everybody got the colorscheme memo. Didn't have time to repaint mine before that event!!
  13. sailon

    Flying a 252 For The First Time?

    Hey CW, I started my Mooney career in my CFI's 252, and now own my own F. Some things are easier in the 252. Higher flap speeds and landing gear speeds for one. Not to mention electric flaps, cowl flap, and landing gear. The speed brakes come in handy. They fly and land the same, just watch the speeds. Here is an excellent reference for handling the numbers: Mandatory reading in my opinion. If you like, I and my instructor are in the Melbourne FL, let me know if you would like to hookup. I actually find speed control in the F a bit harder to get used to since the flap and gear speeds are much slower.
  14. This has been an interesting topic of discussion that I have had with Flight Standards within the FAA. If provanance can be shown between the electronic version of the operating manual and the manual origanally supplied, the electronic version can meet your ARROW requirements. This topic of discussion came up when I purchased my airplane, and with the modern panel, I found that the flight manual supplements that would need to go into Chapter 9 of an Airplane Flight Manual weighed over 3 lbs! So, if you can carry an electronic version of your operating manual, or AFM, and it can be shown that it is equivelant to the paper copy, the paper copy can stay home in your files.
  15. sailon

    M20F cruise speed

    Wow, I am amazed at all of the different techniques for hot starts. I too have lots of experience with hot starts with IO engines, first the Arrow, and now my F. The best procedure by far was found on this site. When i shut down expecting to start hot, open the oil access in the cowl. This lets alot of the heat vent off, and helps with the vapor locking issue. Second, when I climb in, I push the throttle and mixture (and check prop) to the wall while I get sorted out. Then throttle back to 1/4 inch from idle, mixture to cutoff and it usually kicks after 6 to 10 blades. If it doesn't, I give it a 1 second hit from the boost pump. No more, That does the trick. One piece windshield (not the 201), no other mods, 150 kts at 75% power, 2500 RPM at 4000 ft. 155 kts at 7000 feet at full throttle ( around 70%) Sweet spot seems to be between 7 to 10000 ft.