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  1. I have got a few hours on her and the flying is awesome! I'm still knocking off the rust but I'm very pleased with the progress. I like the feel of the aircraft but am picking up on the more restrictive cockpit environment. My kneeboard is a bit bulky in this cockpit. Do you guys have any recommendations on a cockpit layout and a kneeboard etc that works well in this aircraft. I like to write down ATC instruction and other information pertinent to my flight without having to reach behind the seat for a pad of paper. Thanks!
  2. The BIG DAY finally arrived! We took her for her maiden voyage and she flew like a dream! Looking forward to getting really proficient flying her.
  3. I'm getting ready to reinstall the skin panels over the avionics accessory bay and the previous owner has about 15 different types of weather stripping to seal the panel. Anybody have any advice on the best type of weather stripping to use here. I haven't cut any corners yet so I might as well clean this up while I'm at it.. THX
  4. Interior finished! Before and after photos. Just a few more days to finish the engine and annual and she ill be ready for flight again!
  5. Engine runs today! She is purring like a kitten . Now I can equate the money I spend to the noise it makes at least!
  6. A slow week but with a couple days left on the interior and a couple days on the engine and annual we are getting soooooo close! Won't be long now.
  7. A quick update! Getting close to getting her in the air. I had the exhaust rebuilt and we just got it put back onto the aircraft. Over the weekend I installed the mounts for the new seat belt shoulder harnesses. A new interior is going in this week and with any luck we will be running it next week. Shouldn't be long now. Getting very excited about building some time in her! Pictures to follow
  8. Hit a road block today. Looked like there might be some small cracks in the ends of the exhaust. Had it checked and the initial assessment is that the exhaust might not be repairable. I don't want to look past a safety issue but can an exhaust be repaired? Any recommendations on a good replacement? Not planning on getting a super awesome tuned exhaust yet as I just want to get the girl up in the air safely for now.
  9. More engine work today. The Prop Goes Back ON!!! Making good progress!
  10. A quick update! Started hanging the engine on the aircraft today! Won't be long now I hope. Went to Oshkosh for the first time this year and checked out everything that could possibly relate to my project. Plenty of great ideas but kept my wallet where it belonged until I get the plane in the air. Stopped by the MAPA tent and met Don Maxwell and his wonderful wife. Very welcoming! Became a member of MAPA and am now working on the secret handshake . Learning more about my M20E daily and getting excited to get her in the air!
  11. Thanks for the info RLCarter! The lower cowl is off the aircraft so I'll look forward to about 2 hrs of TLC on the ram air door seal.
  12. The engine is finally going back together and should be hanging on the airplane this month. Very excited! While I have been waiting for the engine I have been taking care of some simple housekeeping issues on the aircraft. Cleaning and touchup paint primarily. I noticed the other day that the rubber gasket on the ram air door was cracked so I just ordered a replacement gasket from LASER. Looks like it secured to the door by flush mount rivets. Anyone ever change one of these and can offer a few pointers? Thanks
  13. Great discussion but still more interested in the insulation material not the gasket material that seals the panels at the skin. The insulation material is glued to the back of each panel and is aprox 4"x12" and about .5" thick. I have found a few options but wanted to see if anyone could verify the specific type if insulation so I can order the same stuff if possible. THX!
  14. Just waiting on the final engine components to come in so we can finish putting the engine together. While we have been waiting I have been polishing the firewall and have been completing other trivial tasks. There are two upper cowl panels just aft of the firewall that allow access to the back of the instrument panel. These panels have a section of insulation glued to them. The insulation is about a half inch thick with a silver face. It is deteriorating a fair amount so I was going to replace it while I'm waiting on the rest of the engine stuff to come in. Anyone know the spec on this insulation so I can order some up? THX