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  1. I’ve been using the same install for about a decade. It works well and is very convenient. My connectors are missing the fancy rubber covers but I’ve never had a problem. My charger stand has a sign on it showing what battery was charged last. I also have a foot switch with a led nightlight wired in to make sure the charger is off when I attach it but I don’t forget to turn it on (it drains the battery if the power is off). I prefer one charger to one battery combo.
  2. M20U

  3. M20U

    If I was buying new the Acclaim would be my choice. When you look at the depreciation during the first five years the slight extra cost of operating a turbo is soon forgotten.
  4. Belize

    Did the flight a few years back. No LL on the island at the time which required a short 30 min flight and a lot of paperwork to fill the tanks. Exspensive but no different than other islands in the area. Nice bucket list flight but I’d fly commercial going back. Edit early morning mistake, thinking of Bonaire...
  5. 94 Mooney M20M: TKS, GTN750. This Week Only

    Looks like you found your plane...Jimmy is a first rate broker!
  6. Dynon is getting closer

    You could have dual transponders like the big boys... I think if you take the time it takes the experimental AP’s to be certified and multiply it x 4 it will put you pretty close. At least by that time you will hopefully have more than one installer to choose from for the lower 48 customers. It will be measured in years...but might ship before the ki300.
  7. FS: Garmin 106A $1350

    One final bump with a price reduction. Fly safe!
  8. 310 hp fuel flow

    Took a look at some of the temps. The 26.7 redline is worthless as I’m not able to keep my cht in check on climb out (working towards 390). Having my mechanic bump it up to 28.5 this week. @carusoam I previously had the jpi 700 / moritz setup and never had an issue running a higher FF. I find it ironic that this latest and greatest JPI primary has a worthless warning that the factory did not find necessary to implement (15 years ago or recently with the g1000) and has not caused me to fall out of the sky yet...
  9. Thoughts?

    My suggestion... You can buy the 625/445 kit for just over 8amu. Have the shop wire the rack for a future 650 and fly off the second com until you do. If you already have gpss go with a single G5 in the AI position if not a single G5 hsi to gain gpss.
  10. My new E

    I think this is going a little too far... I do believe that everyone has a choice, especially a buyer of pleasure vehicles, to make the best informed decision they can. Every buyer has a price point and tries to obtain the best value per dollar. This particular aircraft was sold at market value for less than most E models of that vintage. Planes with damage history that replaced parts with a reman or sent it to a well known shop for an iran (with extensive paperwork) will command a higher sale price.
  11. Thoughts?

    This is correct but the G5 does not need a backup.
  12. 310 hp fuel flow

    @kmyfm20s 30 gph redline and that’s for a 2500 redline...
  13. 310 hp fuel flow

    In the STC documentation it states 160 lbs per hour in a couple different areas. When I tried to reason with JPI that the stated 27.2 (also in the stc info) is what I wanted it set to they said it was a typo and they would not deviate from 26.7. My asking for consensus was to clarify that properly setup it should be above that anyway so why waste my breath and time to send it in. Thank you for this, very helpful. I’ll make sure the JPI reads 28 on TO. No possible way the company will program a change like that so I’ll just use the blinking light to confirm proper fuel flow has been reached.
  14. 310 hp fuel flow

    Wondering what the consensus is on TO FF for a 310 hp 550. I’ve had mine at 27.5 but JPI is unwilling to budge on the 26.7 redline. The STC info states 27.2 but JPI insists it’s a typo. Not really happy with JPI for multiple reasons and I don’t want a blinking light every time I take off. Suggestions? Anyone know how to get to the setup menu on the edm 900?
  15. Steel in filter

    I think the Iran is a great idea from a good shop. If you’re putting on that many hours I’d keep going past tbo. Shipping an engine is very cheap and you could help your IA with the R&R.