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  1. Even if Garmin made the gad43e available it would cost >5amu for the unit and unlock code without installation. They would need to announce a new box that does the same thing at 1/10 the cost and stipulate it is not legal to use if you have a green or blue plane...
  2. Camera Mounts / Location?????

    I was amazed how much my compass moved when I held my cell phone next to it. @jonhop what is the thread dimensions on that?
  3. 1983 M20K 231 ROCKET 305 for sale

    If you want a hot rod this is your plane! If you try to upgrade the F to this level of speed (adding a turbo) you will still be left wanting more.
  4. I've seen a lot of Porsche 911 spin out mid corner and plenty other exotics almost park it in the corners. They receive the same comments that your instructor is saying. I personally agree that a sr22tn is too much aircraft for a new pilot. Retract does not add or subtract performance it just adds a little complexity. IMO there is a lot going on with a cirrus aircraft and you need to be dedicated to learn the proper techniques to manage it. Having lots of money does not always mean the individual is dedicated.
  5. Garmin G5 anybody?

    I think Cessna has the vacuum backup. Probably certified the 1000 that way.
  6. I really hope @thinwing purchased / was loaned a 530w to get his plane back in the air. No reason to let a plane gather dust all summer for an easy interm solution.
  7. Garmin G5 anybody?

    It can't be a backup to a pfd that requires a backup. The only stc legal places to mount the AI G5 is the primary location if you do not have a flight director or the turn and bank location if you do. However, I really can't believe someone would give you a hard time if you placed the additional life saving device off to the side instead. ...not really sure why I keep repeating this BS legal crap. What you should do is put it where it will be most helpful and find a reasonable person to get it field approved...like @gsxrpilot
  8. Garmin G5 anybody?

    If you have a air driven DG you will need a pair of G5's
  9. M20F is the same as an M20J?

    175 kts with a 10 knot tailwind...that's one fast F!
  10. Garmin G5 anybody?

    No backup is required. Im curious if it is legal to install in the T&B location if the plane is FIKI?
  11. Avidyne IFD550 ADS-B I/O Promo

    Depends on the shop. If they are not making a profit on the unit you need to cover their time. Do you have anything that would be moved or is there an open space above the 430?
  12. This is the problem. So many long bodies out there flying less than 40 hrs a year. With two batteries, one that might just sit unused for months. I've been slow to change and I'm sure it has cost me dearly with 4 gill doorstops in my garage and two more in the plane. However when I purchased my plane it had two concord batteries that needed to be replaced (1 that was two years old and the other was just over three). So in thirteen years I have purchased 6 gill batteries with the last set due to be replaced next spring. I'll probably just try the concord and see what happens. 'I use the proper batteryminder and alternate between batteries every time I fly.
  13. M20F is the same as an M20J?

    My Mooney has fuel guages on the wings...I like to roll old school. I think they are calibrated for ground operations.
  14. M20F is the same as an M20J?

    You need to keep most of your current guages with the 830. The 900 and 930 allow you to ditch the old stuff.
  15. Garmin G5 anybody?

    This is my understanding as well. The problem is the unit is not TSO'd to use as a backup of any kind. I think @LANCECASPER is correct the FIKI issue is they did not certify the AI to work without the pitot input working which I assume interferes with the FIKI certification.