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  1. I’m sorry but this is being forced into the batters box not stepping up to the plate. I still like my 900 but I’m seriously looking at the Garmin system.
  2. I find pausing before climbing into an icing layer to gain speed works well. Make sure the panels are fully wet before entering.
  3. Agree with the above numbers. 62 psi at 2550 with slightly cooler oil temps.
  4. LGL is side stepping a requirement but it’s far more palatable than posting on the general forum.
  5. Within 750 hrs of flight I lost the com in both my 430w and 530w. It can happen...
  6. No AME’s in my area will do BasicMed. None of the doctors who normally do CDL etc exams would do it. I ended up driving out of state to get the job done (5 hr round trip).
  7. As Stanton mentioned the G5 cannot replace the primary AI if it currently has a flight director. Also I’m not sure if you rocket is FIKI certified but the G5 can’t be installed with that certification. I purchased one and had to sell it because of the FIKI issue. However, one option is to only replace the hsi with the G5 which could still be used in case of an emergency as a AI. It would also take care of your Gs issue.
  8. If you want help finding your next plane please share your budget and features that are most important to you.
  9. The long body aircraft have two, staggered slightly. Still a pain to get the batteries and O2 tank out.
  10. JPI will not even allow 27.2 forcing the 26.7 quoted earlier in the STC. The pilot side ship EGT was not added to the system when the exhaust was completely rebuilt during the overhaul. TIT would be a required probe.
  11. Mooney owns the STC now. My JPI flashes at me on every single takeoff. They are unwilling to bump the “unsafe” limit.
  12. Plugs were removed and ohms checked were in great condition but replaced with two new ones because I want to narrow down the problem areas. Egt probe swapped and the problem stays with the cylinder. Calling Paul at Gami on Monday for a new injector or two. I’m almost 100 percent sure this is a fuel related issue and that cylinder had a bravo injector vs a echo / foxtrot flow classification. Thanks again for the help and I’ll report back when my mechanic has time to work on it again.
  13. Thank you everyone for all the help so far. To answer some background questions... The engine does have the baffling mod done about 12 years ago per the specs from a Mooney employee at OSH. The fuel flow is just over 29 gph and has been keeping the cylinders cool on climb out. Using the JPI 900 which I find just ok and does not have a white box like the factory gauge.
  14. @Shadrach the OAT was probably in the 25-35 deg F. The last gami injector fine tuning was done a couple months ago. I’m going to closely look at previous flights to get more of a baseline.
  15. I apologize for letting this post go cold. Very busy over the last week with no time to look at the plane. Over the weekend my mechanic took out the fuel distribution spider and the injector and said everything was very clean. He put it back together and ran the engine on the ground reporting that everything was working normally. This engine is about 100 hrs SMOH and everything was reman’d to factory new specs. A few injectors have been sent back to gami to even the spread (including this #5 injector). The JPI sensors all read exactly the same with a cold engine. When I started the plane today it seemed a little rough but it has been ground run 4 times now and I’m not sure if the spark plugs are a little fouled. The #5 egt acted similar to previous run showing ~150 deg warmer until I leaned hard on the 1600-1700 runup which brought the others up to the same level. Attached is the takeoff that started my concern. I did not notice the higher egt during runup. On liftoff I noticed the egt was noticeably high. I continued to watch for a few seconds as the cht on that cylinder started to rise abnormally so I reduced power and landed. I need to reduce the sample rate to 1 seconds vs the 6 seconds it’s set on. I’d also like to do a proper lean test but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to take off with the data I’m looking at (I really have NO idea what I’m looking at). Probably need to join savvy to tap into the knowledge base but at this point I just want some opinions. I did move the slider from pic to pic to show the peak cht on #5. Note the first pic had #5 egt peak at 1560.