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  1. 72 gallon tanks. It was a k model wing bolted where the short body mooneys were attached. It has a Porsche tail cone and a mustang tail.
  2. 300hp at 2700rpm. We are looking at mag options now.
  3. Engine is overhauled. Can’t wait to fire this thing up.
  4. About 600 feet. He turned 45 degrees and landed on the other runway.
  5. Still learning about it. Tom Bowen said they didn’t get the contract because the roll rate was not high enough and later they tested some other positions with the friese ailerons which allowed a 7 second roll rate but caused the airplane to be dangerous at slow speeds. The airplane was flown after Tom and some other employees put it back together. It was flown regularly by some of the Mooney employees. The configuration it is currently in would be too dangerous and it will be either converted back to the slower roll rate or maybe even a regular aileron and flap. We are still waiting on more
  6. We picked up the Mooney predator this weekend so we can make it fly again. Out of all of the restoration projects we’ve done this will probably be the most exciting Mooney we’ve worked on and I’m going to keep this thread updated with our progress as much as I can. With the help of some former and current Mooney employees who have worked on it we hope to have it flying soon with maybe a few updates along the way and hopefully those who have dreamed of fly it will get a chance.
  7. I don’t think it’s available for the bravo. It does support the 4.9 terrain database which is required when you upgrade. It has the software where you can add the Mid continent SAM backup instruments and a the keypad. Also the gdl 69a Sxm. Flight stream software was not included unfortunately.
  8. Plane has tks. Poh explains difference in blue pitot heat lights and amber lights.
  9. Mooney owns it. It can be bought and installed through a service center. List price is $799.
  10. Its finally available for those interested.
  11. Looks like the elevator controls need to be checked. If there is just a little resistance in the controls it will cause the trim Servo to kick in to relieve the tension on the elevator servo. Most of the time this resistance is due to dirty or dry yoke shafts. Moisture in the static line is also a common reason for oscillations. I’d lube the yoke shafts and go try it. Then check for moisture.
  12. Full refunds will be given this next week for the convention. Rooms will be Refunded through the hotel. If there are any problems getting the refunds call our office and talk to me I’ll make sure it gets taken care of. Paul Maxwell 9036439902
  13. Looks like it’s at the splice plate where the inner spar connects to the outer spar. It’s repairable by replacing the spar cap and maybe the doubler. Requires drilling down the bottom wing skins from the belly outward knocking out the huck bolts and drilling out a lot of rivets and detaching everything in the way. We’ve replaced four spar caps in the last year. Although a lot of work at 120-150 hours still cheaper than getting a new wing and transferring it. If you have some questions on it give us a call be happy to give some advice to whoever decides to tackle this.
  14. We repair them for a flat fee of $350.
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