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  1. Looks like the elevator controls need to be checked. If there is just a little resistance in the controls it will cause the trim Servo to kick in to relieve the tension on the elevator servo. Most of the time this resistance is due to dirty or dry yoke shafts. Moisture in the static line is also a common reason for oscillations. I’d lube the yoke shafts and go try it. Then check for moisture.
  2. Full refunds will be given this next week for the convention. Rooms will be Refunded through the hotel. If there are any problems getting the refunds call our office and talk to me I’ll make sure it gets taken care of. Paul Maxwell 9036439902
  3. Looks like it’s at the splice plate where the inner spar connects to the outer spar. It’s repairable by replacing the spar cap and maybe the doubler. Requires drilling down the bottom wing skins from the belly outward knocking out the huck bolts and drilling out a lot of rivets and detaching everything in the way. We’ve replaced four spar caps in the last year. Although a lot of work at 120-150 hours still cheaper than getting a new wing and transferring it. If you have some questions on it give us a call be happy to give some advice to whoever decides to tackle this.
  4. We repair them for a flat fee of $350.
  5. Surefly is also available for turbocharged engines in the fixed timing mode. The aml covers the engines it has been approved for and the stc tells requirements for advanced timing mode installs. There are dip switches on the timing housing for the various configurations.
  6. Looks like it's only one skin in the picture and dent isn't deep enough to hurt any stringers and was between ribs. That skin is about 1k and takes about 45 hours to replace reseal and paint. Stall switch bracket is probably busted and tab is obviously no good. Probably looking at 5k-7k for repair depending on the stall switch and labor rates much cheaper than a replacement wing.
  7. Amsafe estimates installs will be 4-6 hours. The price $2580 includes both front seat belts with shoulder belts. The sensor has a self test mode and does not need the amsafe test tool for install. The wires are one length only limiting where the sensor can be installed to under the left or right seat. I would suggest installing with nutplates in the floor for easy removal in the future. I asked the rep to join mooneyspace and introduce himself and he said he would. He did say they have a Facebook page and can also answer questions there.
  8. Both GIAS have to be the same. The latest Mooney s/w -34 is only available for WAAS. It is possible to go from -34 to -30 s/w the problem with doing it if needed to be done is the GMU is updated to s/w 2.05 during the -34 update and a GMU loader card has to be used to revert back to s/w version 2.01 for -30 to work. So the Gia 63 nonWAAS does have some value in a worst case scenario.
  9. We have not installed one but the time for install will depend on a two point or three point install and depending on if the current three point mounting bracket can be used. I would guess for two point about 1.5 hours per seat and the three point could be another 30 min if the existing mount is used. One of the sales members gave out the wrong price ($2580 I believe) during Oshkosh and amsafe is sticking with that price as an introductory price and said it will go up in 2019. It also doesn't need the testing equipment so any a&p can install. Here is the install manual. Hope this helps.
  10. The MooneyMAX Round-up Conference and Workshops will take place October 10-14, 2018 at East Texas Regional Airport, Longview, Texas. This event is an educational event for the enthusiastic Mooney community and dedicated to enhancing safety, maintaining aircraft, and love of flying. The newly built Hilton Garden Hotel and Conference Center will be the host hotel of the Round-up Conference and Workshop with over 8,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting and pre-function space. Exhibitors will be in the large 1,500 sq. ft. pre-function area, immediately outside all meeting rooms, and will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Oct 11th and 12th. To start off the conference you are cordially invited to the Opening Cocktail Party, Wednesday evening, and October 10th. A full schedule of new exciting speakers with new educational topics is being lined up for Thursday, Oct. 11th and Friday, Oct. 12th. Buffet luncheon provided in the pre-function area for all participants. Workshops will be all day Friday, Oct. 12thand Saturday, Oct 13th: MooneyMAX Maintenance, Right Seat Ready©, and Mooney Caravan. Saturday will be a day of more aviation seminars, a tour of Mid America Flight Museum (all aircraft are currently flying aircraft.) Saturday evening reception and dinner: Beautiful private Lake Cherokee, Cherokee Country Club. All workshops and seminars are included with registration: $250 per person with early registration $215 through end of AirVenture. ONLINE REGISTRATION: A link for hotel room reservations will be available from the hotel on Friday, June 22nd Special Saturday evening Keynote Speak: Mr. Kenneth Bowersox, U.S. Naval Aviator (Ret.), Former NASA Astronaut and Shuttle Pilot Kenneth Bowersox served as the Interim Chair of the NASA Advisory Council from June 2016 to January 2017. He is a retired U.S. Naval Aviator, with over 19 years of experience at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Selected to the astronaut corps in 1987, he has flown five times on NASA's Space Shuttle, serving as pilot, commander and mission specialist, and once on a Russian Soyuz, where he served as the flight engineer during descent. During his five orbital missions, Bowersox has logged over 211 days in space, including five and a half months aboard the International Space Station (ISS), where he was the mission commander of the 6th expedition. He was also a crew member for the first two Hubble Space Telescope repair flights and two United States Microgravity Laboratory flights. Subsequent to his mission aboard the ISS, Bowersox served as the director of the Johnson Space Center's Flight Crew Operations Directorate, retiring from NASA and the U.S. Navy in December, 2006. After retirement, he remained involved with the U.S. space exploration program as a member of the standing review boards for ISS, Space Shuttle, and the Constellation Program. From 2009-2011, Bowersox was the Vice President of Astronaut Safety and Mission Assurance at SpaceX. Currently, Ken works as an independent technical consultant, advising clients on spacecraft design, proposal development, and providing independent assessment of technical programs. He joined the NASA Advisory Council in November 2013, and served as Chair of the Human Exploration and Operations Committee. If you have questions or comments, please call 903-643-9902 or e-mail Jan Maxwell, For additional information related to the Hilton Garden Inn in Longview, TX view this link Cover with registration link.docx
  11. All Mooney People! MooneyMax Conference and Clinics When: October 10 - 14. 2018 Where: Longview, Texas (KGGG) New Hilton Garden Inn and Event Center, 905 East Hawkins Parkway, Longview, TX 75605 Events: MooneyMax Maintenance Seminar Don & Paul Maxwell and our staff Right Seat Ready with Jan Maxwell & Jolie Lucas Mooney Caravan Formation Clinic A fresh new list of seminar Speakers & Vendors Tour of Mid America Aviation Museum tour Saturday Night Banquet at The Lake Cherokee Country Club Banquet Speakers The REAL Space Cowboys that are Mooney owners Web Site and online registration should be open this weekend. I wanted to call it the Mooney Roundup but SHE said No! My contact is Ph. 903-643-9902 Please call with any questions. Thank you, Don Maxwell