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  1. Putting vinyl ("decals") on your plane

    Raged, Back 10 years ago I had graphics wrapped onto my Top Dragster (205mph) and was partners on a TAFC that we had wrapped on a carbon body. I've had my K model now for 2 years (but have now been deployed for 11 months so no flying) and although my paint is 10 years old and still looks new, I'd be up for some wrapping from you ! You get it figured out and hit me up ! Right now I'm in Northern CA but heading to OK possibly in the next 4 or 5 months. I've seen wraps that are hard to tell from amazing paint jobs by the unknowing public. I'm game ! Your work looks as nice as any I've ever seen (from your pics).
  2. FAA ACS on Turbo V-Band couplings

    We've used some of those exact clamps in a drag racing application on a twin turbo small blocks that made over 1500hp running over 40lbs of boost. Installed and removed those same clamps literally dozens of times and never a failure. Granted our runs were 4-6 seconds plus engine warmup/cool down thermal cycles for every pass but I cant imagine they're THAT much different than our blessed $350 aviation versions. I'm doing an annual with some upgrades in March and I will definitely be checking my K model clamps now. Thank you for the heads up !
  3. Sending you a PM. Been off scope for over a week. Just getting back to reliable internet. Rick
  4. PSHap, sorry, a bit late to this thread. I live in Roseville too !! I actually went out to Skywagons to look at a J model about 2 years ago when I was shopping. They were nice enough but the particular plane I was looking at needed more work that I could see visually than I was ready to pay his price for. Never got to the hard dickering stage after my second visit to them. I found my K model in Minnesota and it was worth every penny to fly out there to see it. Mike Wiskus (Turns out he is/was the Lucas Oil airshow pilot-Pitts) was selling the plane for a family friend. I had them do a full annual after we did a semi-solid inspection and I gave them the go-ahead. Even though I had them do the prebuy, they were more than willing to take it, with me to the shop of my choice for the prebuy. In hind sight, my plane is all virgin original which means I get to/have to do all the expensive upgrading avionics-wise. My next plane, if there ever is one, will already be updated I think. Unfortunately I'm deployed right now in AF for another couple months. If your staying in Rville and want, PM me. My planes at L36 tucked in under SMF's Charlie a/s. When I et back I'm going back to flying L39's and jet targets so looking forward to that. Mauser Aviation is a smaller FBO at L36 but Coy, the A&P there is great. I'm sure they'd be happy to do a prebuy for you if you're still needing one locally. Best of Luck in your search.
  5. And an update for the GTN 750... I passed on it. I checked into the 8130 the guy showed with it and it had to have been faked or forged. I called the shop shown on it and spoke with the owner, that had signed it off. He said that work order number he signed off in 2015. The 8130 shown with his name and signature was dated Aug 27, 2017. I asked to have him send it to another reputable avionics shop to be tested and a new 8130 issued, then once checked out, I'd wire him the money...and I'd pay for the testing and shipping, then the shop could send it to me once I paid for it... He still wanted 50% cash down wired to him. He also wouldn't give me the name of the shop that supposedly pulled it from his Piper Malibu for an upgrade to a G500, or the N number of his Malibu. I called BS. Back to searching for a 530W or better... BTW, as an scam alert, it was listed on Planeboard/avionics. Dont bother with the guy. Last name Nigel, location Traverse City MI (?)
  6. Really? Again, I'm obviously not an avionics whiz, but how can that be better than all the new GPS tech available today (like the DIRECT to button)? I'm curious....but I had planned on getting rid of it. Just kind of figured I'd want all of the old stuff eventually.
  7. Pilot's Window Question - I'm bored...

    Hey all. Thanks for the replies... still laughing at some of them! Back deployed now and have internet again so I'm MS'n again. Note to self... turn autopilot off before opening window to take picture !!! That had to be an upholstery repair job?? Ha Thinwing... Sac?? My planes at L36 ! Some of those Sierra Nevada mtns are right behind my house (well, sortof)
  8. Pilot's Window Question - I'm bored...

    Guys, All very good explanations for sure ! Hey Jim ... I too had thought about the vacuum maybe affecting the instruments like you said, as an Alt Static source issue maybe but wasn't sure. The vacuum sucking the window shut fast enough to break the pilots window...that could be stupid interesting in hurry ! I know in my K, that event would surely ruin the new upholstery that's being done now, while I'm doing my last 9 weeks deployed. HA I normally close my pilots window as the last thing before taxiing onto the runway to depart so have never tried closing it in flight really. I did have a right side passenger door pop open unlatched one time in a Cessna 172 just after breaking ground. I was by myself and in retrospect, never actually checked the door for solid latching because I didn't go in that side. Just assumed it was locked from sitting on the ramp. The noise that made even with a headset on almost ruined the upholstery! ha Good to know about that much force being on the window and to completely hold onto it to close.
  9. All, So as you will probably pick up, I am sitting in a hotel room on my way in country and I'm bored. So, I do what every pilot geek does, flip through my K Model POH that I brought with me. I'm reading Airspeed Limitations and ran across a seemingly somewhat insignificant limitation that my curiosity got the best of me. So what better to do than to pose it to my MS brotheren. My POH says the Max Pilot Window Open Speed is 130 kts/150cas. The Never Exceed Speed is 132/152. That little window is only 4in x 5in. If I happen to open it faster than that will my plane pressurize and blow the tail cone off my plane or what ? Ha ha Does anyone have any odd experiences with this window at speed or maybe insight on this limitation? More of a curious question but like I said, I'm bored.
  10. Jerry, Thank you for the ELT info. Sure makes sense and for $1K with the internal GPS ...what price do we put on life and safety. I'll sure add it to my Get-List on this upgrade trek.
  11. Dave, I hate to post some questions for fear of looking ignorant on a past time that I love so much, but ... Is there some other government requirement coming that I'm oblivious too that requires us to change ELT's ? What's the benefit of changing to that ELT over the one that's in my plane currently? I did just replace the battery at last annual so it should be good for a while. Most of you can tell, I'm NOT an avionics kind of guy so this will all be a huge learning experience. I've been blessed to be able to just about anything mechanically but the electronics world was left out of knowledge pack. Ha I am surprised after doing research and looking at so many different panels, of even the same plane models, that there's almost no two panels alike. I can only imagine how much of a cluster the factory must have been for assembly.
  12. Pritch, Hello again !! That's perfect! But it looks like I have a second GS in the way. Does anyone think it necessary to have a second GS anymore? That's where I would like it to go, for scanning purposes. I Googled avionics shops in Oregon for just those reasons.. No Taxes, and something still close enough to fly to. I found Pacific Coast Avionics and JLC Avionics in Ashland. You can be my guinea pig for JLC. I'll be looking to have it all done in late March/April after I get back from my deployment. So, an update...I thought I had the GTN 750 bought there seems to be too many red flags with the seller. I may pass on a the deal of a lifetime but we all know what they say...if it seems too good to be true... But, I did buy a G5 yesterday with the intentions of adding it to a compatible GPS/NAV/COM, so I think my next best move is to go do a detailed measurement of my panels and just layout and make new panels with the proper spacing for what I'm keeping and adding new. Aside from just having a shop "just do it all" has anyone made their own actual panels? I'm thinking of laying it out and have it waterjet cut somewhere local. I used to run one and sure wish I had access to that again. I could cut an entire panel section in less than 10 min...then just have it powder coated and maybe silk screened for lettering after and just take it to the shop with the plane.
  13. DanM, I initially thought about the same game plan. Doing it in several stages to help spread the cost out but after realizing how much it costs each time to crack open the panel...geez. Thousands each time for the same repetitive action of pulling the panel... I'm going to try to swing getting as much done while its open as possible, even if it hurts a little. The overall gain on value and usability has to be worth the extra cost. This may sound odd but I like some steam gauges on the panel. Unless the lottery gods smile and I could buy a brand new plane all glass, I dont think I'll be looking to go completely glass. I do fly that way at my job, all instruments all the time so it's nice to get back into a GA cockpit and see a little old-school. All my bird has now is the factory TiT and EGT so the 830 will be a major step up. I think at this time I'd rather spend the extra couple G's on a G5 to couple to the GTN like you said, instead of stepping up to the JPI 900. Like yours, my ADF and indicator are history in this upgrade and I want to ditch the Sigtronics intercom with a nice panel one, probably a Garmin 340 or PS Eng 8000BT maybe. #2 KX155 stays for a second radio, the LORAN boat anchor goes. Still undecided on the KNS 80. Like Bob said, it would be nice to keep the DME and a second ILS is always nice but I see Stanton's point of dump it...(to me its old school-why keep it in an upgrades panel.) GSXRPilot, I'm man enough to admit, that I've slobbered over your panel more than once. ha Very nice! Still waiting on that mystical lottery god ... (probably would help to win if I played ?!)
  14. Wow, fantastic ! thanks Oldguy. My panel design begins... and, found out I've bought myself a GTN 750 tomorrow !