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  1. At least he was a gentleman...

    Sorry, Ops are slow tonight and I'm bored. Too much time to think. ...back to my new Mooney panel dreaming...
  2. At least he was a gentleman...

    So...if he decides to get into politics by flying hookers to politicians, can he do it with his commercial or will he need that ATP? Technically would he be getting paid by the politician to fly the hooker to him (need the ATP for that) or by the hooker as his employee, and she's just hitching a ride to wherever he happens to be flying to? another business opportunity ...kinda like an upscale pizza delivery service , only .... ? Or, if he flies to pick up the politician and takes him for a "pleasure flight"... what state legal jurisdiction on prostitution will apply, or would none of them since its in the air the entire time ? yet another possible business opportunity ?
  3. I had to travel to London the first week of November and ended up having a full day with nothing to do so like every good pilot would - headed up to the RAF Museum in Hendon. Took an Uber ride from downtown and it cost about $35 each way and ended up being an hour ride. I think it was only 10 miles but the traffic...not good. Just sit back and take in the sites. It's free to get in and consisted of 4 or 5 large hanger buildings. There was a separate building that had all of the WW1 aircraft and memorabilia ..very cool too. I spent 5 hours walking around the place. I think there's over 100 aircraft in the main building, pretty impressive. There's plenty of WW2 fighters including Spitfires, Focke Wolf's, ME 262, Harvard, Thunderbolt, Junkers JU87 and then the bombers, B24, B17, TB 25 Mitchell, the Avro Lancaster B1 was impressive too. There are a number of jet aircraft as well; a Gloster Meteor (very cool), F6, Vampire, Hawker Hunter... and the massive former nuclear bomber The Vulcan. Plenty others obviously and all very cool to study. If you have a free half day and happen to find yourself in London, it is well worth a trip to northern London, Hendon. Great place inside to eat too.
  4. Stormscope wx1000+ complete system

    Alan, PM Sent. Thanks
  5. Stormscope wx1000+ complete system

    Marauder, Thank you for the very detailed explanation of the differences. That helped me a lot to understand its value and the possible latency of the FIS-b wx broadcasts. I have to also say that I'm somewhat smitten by your panel ! ha My '80 231, bless her little heart is all original but that's about to change. Perhaps this can be just of her updates. If I can ask, which of the PS Eng comm panel is that? I've been looking at those as well, and will probably opt for the -8000BT. I am wondering if my current antenna cable will work for the WX 1000 installation? I understand form above that the wiring, antenna will not work, but that would save running at least the antenna cable. I suspect it would not since materials, etc improve over the product lifecycle. Thank you again ! It was great to see the different information systems at work showing the different returns, all to make a better informed decision.
  6. Stormscope wx1000+ complete system

    Like Zulle I have an older version, but the WX 7A that I've never used and cant get it to actually do anything so I assume its inop. I see that the newer version has to be completely be swapped out with all hardware. I've never used a storm scope (or flown in wx that required it) but have a question about storm scopes in general as far as usefulness goes. With our Garmin's and our Avidyne's, our iPads, Stratus, etc that have wx in great detail, what's different about these storm scopes that would warrant me upgrading from what I currently have? Please understand I am sincerely curious and not downing the older hardware. To be honest I see in the AOPA VRef I get an add-on for having the WX 1000 and I get 0 for my WX 7A. I would like to upgrade but need some reasoning. Thanks All
  7. Hoskins Wingtip Strobes

    OW Hotel, PM me for the fix !! I'm deployed so might take a day to answer but you're gonna like this !
  8. 79 231 -LB TIT Probe Question

    Great thread guys. I've got a 231 that has a functioning TIT but I've bought an 830 and will put it in next month. Haven't ordered the JP probe yet but it will be waiting for me when I get back from deployment. I'd be curious to learn more about adding the JP probe in the same proximity to the original as well. Bear in mind I haven't begun research to actually doing it so have no idea about the details of installing the second probe. I'll keep posted to this thread. Thanks for all the info as always.
  9. Landing without landing light

    Interestingly enough, I was taught to land without using landing lights ! My first flight instructor who also happened to be my (ex) wife's uncle had a bajillion hours and was just one of those cool older guys that had flown everything. His unspoken claim to fame was flying A LOT in Vietnam. Low level recon ops, rocket support, AFASC, white plane supply get the idea. He had me doing waaay more than PPL req's when I took my practical at 42 hrs. My examiner (who knew my "uncle" well) got a kick out of me doing extreme slow flight 360's with the stall warning horn both directions...and then doing stall recovery. I bet him a sodie I could touchdown within 20 ft of any place he picked on the runway for my last full stop. One of the best Dr Peppers I ever had...right after he signed me off ! When it came time for my night flight early in my PPL training we took off just before sunset and did some maneuvers until it was dark. He said go home. I did. We got in the pattern and he showed me how to turn on the PCL...walaaa, runway, taxiways, so cool to see our little 2800 ft small-town airport like that. On final I asked about some landing lights so I could see the ground. He said Nope. That was my first attempt at pinching a hole in the left seat upholstery! You're kidding right ?? Nope, just listen to me and do exactly what I tell you. I did, we landed and I thought I had just slayed a giant. I landed a plane in the dark ! The world was mine ! That was our norm for weeks as my training progressed. He was very serious when he told me under no circumstances are you to turn on the landing lights. Okay. One night short on final at maybe 3-400 feet he reached over and flipped on "that switch". I was like OMG I could do this with my eyes closed !!!! Couldn't believe what the runway actually looked like at night with headlights on ! After that I actually preferred landing without lights !! I eventually crept to the lighted side. I love flying at night, always have always will. When I got my precious new 1980 K model two years ago, I let us get used to each other for about 30 hours then took her out for possibly her first ever (prob not really) lights out landing. Didn't want to scare her too bad too soon so she'd love me forever... She handled it like a pro and now she loves it as much as I do. I'm going to reward her with new Alphabeams next month when I get back from my AFG deployment so me, my beautiful wife and my mistress can light up the world together at night. All of the times I have landed lights out were of course with very good airport lighting systems and good knowledge and familiarity of the intended runway. I do believe every pilot should practice this once in a while with a qualified right seater if you're not accustomed to doing it. There are a hundred scenarios one could ponder but the worst of the worst - land at night no electricity... whacha going to do when you get close to the ground? Some may have no idea. Heaven forbid that ever happens to any of us but in our line-of-work or hobby, we practice for all sorts of emergency conditions so its not unknown to us when some level of shock, fear or anxiety could possibly overtake your emotions and bodily reactions. R
  10. NorCal beach Departure-Night landing in a 231

    Hyett, thank you. It was a lot of fun making it actually and putting the video together with the music. I only wish I could be back home to fly and video to make more. I'm deployed now and we make different kinds of movies here.
  11. NorCal beach Departure-Night landing in a 231

    Oscar, Thank you. It was Enya. I first heard her music like this when I bought a dive video from a trip to Cozumel... that's the music they put to our dive... Never forgot that.. Seemed like a flight was fitting too.
  12. NorCal beach Departure-Night landing in a 231

    Pritch, Sharks really are in the bay? That's funny. I had no idea. I was kidding for the video. Now the next time we go back there, we'll really be watching for them. Thanks ! We ere going to fly into KEKA initially but decided to go on to Arcata since it was closer to my daughters house. We love that area up there. Its beautiful.
  13. NorCal beach Departure-Night landing in a 231

    Thanks All. Skates, I have a couple of the Replay XD Prime cameras. Most people are sold on the GoPro probably because of their advertising dollars spent, but we've tested the Replay XD camera's literally to Mach .92 and altitudes to 41,000 ' on aerial platforms. They are slightly larger than a lipstick tube, have mini SD cards and have a multitude of mounts, attachments and accessories including a pigtail for onboard power instead of battery. On the aerial platforms we had to use the live-power pig tails when we went above 20,000' or so due the cold shortening the battery life. (normal battery life can be up to 3 or 4 hrs) I mounted the basic swivel mount with their adhesive patches under the tail cone. (which we've tested at work to over 500 kts and they held !!) One really cool feature of those camera's (the Prime X's) is they will bluetooth ! I fab'b a small mount on my instr panel and with an old iPhone 5 just bluetoothed to the camera. It's perfect for another Gear-Up verification with live video feed.
  14. Here's a condensed 10 min video of our flight from KACV Arcata, CA to L36 just under KSMF Sacramento airspace at night. Hope the links work. "Turbo 231 Mooney Sunset Departure over the Beach"
  15. GNS530W va GTN650

    Niiice ! Heck, the only thing my 231 has in common with yours is they both have wings ! Lurking for serious panel upgrade now from all virgin original '80 in pristine condition.