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  1. TargetDriver

    Portable Intercom Question - quick fix

    Hey Jim ! Good to hear from you again. Copy on the link, thanks! So, when you used yours, did you just stay plugged into your own mic jacks and then plug the portable in for your two passengers? I would think since its plugged into the plane that all three should be able to hear and communicate over the internal intercom, right? .. and you would still have ptt for outside comms? Looks like I'm relocating to OK in two months so going to wait until I get there to have all my avionics updated (has to be cheaper there than in Cali !) That G5 stares at me all the time asking when, when ! ha
  2. So guys, I have to take a little trip next week. Taking our daughter to College for her orientation day. Our K model only has a 2 place intercom thats always enough, until we add a passenger. Its' about 4 hr flight and don't want to leave her all by herself, so to speak. I've attached a pic of a $90 2 place intercom from A/S. Couldn't I leave my headset plugged into my jacks on my side, plug this into my wifes jacks and then hers into the "pilot" jacks and our daughter into the "co-pilot" jacks ? My wife doesn't make radio calls so just need theirs to be internal to the cockpit. Thanks Gents....and yes a full new comm panel is coming soon with all of the other goodies.
  3. TargetDriver

    Gear Up Alarm fail at annual

    Thanks Thin... Just tried to use basic troubleshooting on something I know very little about... probably more about intimidation than anything. Could not have done it without the great help and guidance from the guys here on MS. I'm not on any other forums and never really have been but gold ! I looked up the Stabilant 22. Looks like great stuff. I will hit NAPA to see if they have it... Sure can't hurt to add to the chem shelf in the hanger. R
  4. TargetDriver

    Gear Up Alarm fail at annual

    UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!! HEY EVERYBODY, HAPPY FRIDAY !!! The sun is shining again in the world of Mooney !!! Can you guess why I'm so happy ???? FOUND IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I quit last night at 10pm after a 12 hours day on it, in it, under it and inside it. Not sure how it all works but.... the ground wire from the gear warning horn goes through a large mating plug below the panel and after it comes down from the pilots left A post under the headliner. The ground wire pin had pulled out of the plug. Fixed the pin flare tabs and reinserted it. Tug tested good. Before that I had found that the power was back feeding from the Gear Over Ride switch on the WE31D22 wire (with the diode-it checked bad once I had cut that wire ahead of it and isolated it-replaced it with a new one). maybe the lack of a ground did something to the diode? dunno. Once I reconnected the ground wire I swung the gear and tried the throttle. Walaaaa, no buzzer noise off idle with the throttle ! Fixed. IA inspects it today, sign off logbooks, go flying this afternoon !! IPC and Biannual later! Guys I can't thank you enough for all the technical help!! Your suggestions helped me to know which wires to chase down and what to look for. NEVER could've done it without you ! We areplanning on going to the Kerrville hooah this year some hopefully I can meet some of you guys there, or at Oshkosh if I get to go, or... If you're close to Oklahoma City after August 1..relocating for work there. ... I need a hanger there too !
  5. TargetDriver

    Gear Up Alarm fail at annual

    The schematic shows the airspeed safety switch right next to the gear over ride switch on the diagram in the "upper panel" area which leads me to believe that it should be the version that you guys are talking about, on the back of the airspeed indicator. I've scoured the prints for any indication of a similar switch on either wing section (mines on the left wing). The logs say the donuts are 7 years old but I've measured them and the stance is still riding high so I haven't messed with them.
  6. TargetDriver

    Gear Up Alarm fail at annual

    Car... Yes, true. I just posted a pic (it posted sideways) of what I believe is this planes version of the airspeed saftey switch. I just checked the back of the airspeed indicator and there's absolutely nothing back there. Its flat with no ports, fittings or nipples. Yes, the Stall Warning "switch/Sensor" is about 12 in outboard of the airspeed safety switch. We did test the stall warning switch by holding it up with the Master on and it sounds as expected when held up, as would be in a high alpha disturbed stall condition.
  7. TargetDriver

    Gear Up Alarm fail at annual

    Airspeed switch- I got all the way under the panel and there is nothing attached to or coming off of the back of the airspeed indicator. It's back its basically flat with a small black plastic boss in the center with some wires that are heat shrinked together, possibly 3 or 4 wires. Nothing to put a nipple or rubber surgical hose on to. I have attached a pic of what I believe is the airspeed safety switch. MS has rotated the pic 90 deg. Sorry.
  8. TargetDriver

    Gear Up Alarm fail at annual

    So a daily update ... Been at it all day. removed belly panels-checked up and down limit switches for electrical function and installation and adjustment. All fine. Pulled right breaker panel (out about 3 in). Checked for bad connections/loose/broken wires. All fine Tested Gear Cont, Gear Warn breakers. all fine. Checked airspeed safety switch in right wing leading edge (its just inboard of the stall warning switch). The switch itself checked good but but never showed current running through it in any condition. Tried it taped back to simulate airflow (switch made by pressure from the small paddle that would be in the air stream). No difference. Checked Sonalert horn again for proper function. Works as expected. Cannot get to the Over Ride gear bypass switch next to annunciator panel without removing front main panel. Found one diode, inline on the -16D22 going to the Up limit Switch that tested bad (slightly passing) after we de-soldered one end. Bought another dioide to match it, installed-no change to horn operating while the throttle was advanced off of idle. HOWEVER... Throttle at idle, I just ran the gear up, horn sounding, pushed throttle in halfway, still sounding (should have stopped off idle with the throttle) so I pulled the Gear Cont breaker to shut it up...then by chance, I pulled the throttle back to idle, not thinking - the Horn Sounded like it should ! So, with the gear Cont breaker out the horn works as it should, but of course the gear action stops. I'm going to dive back into the schematic and start at the Gear Cont Breaker. If this means anything to you guys, I'm all ears !! and have a endless supply of gratitude!
  9. TargetDriver

    Gear Up Alarm fail at annual

    Jack, thank you ! I read in the maintenance manual about the airspeed switch (I presume it's the one just under the left leading edge that looks like a small paddle hanging in the airstream) but I haven't seen that anywhere in the full schematic. Yes we had the plane up on stands. The buzzer should sound when the gear is in any condition other than "down and locked" AND the throttle is at idle ( throttle micro switch is allowed to fall open just at the end of the cable housing). It did buzz like this, BUT it should have stopped when the throttle was pushed in some, which closed the micro switch...but it dfidn't. It just keeps buzzing. So are you saying that the airspeed switch needs to be held back like its flying so the horn will stop? Thank you all for your continued help !!! You guys rock.
  10. TargetDriver

    Gear Up Alarm fail at annual

    Shu, Wow, thank you for all that. I am in way over my head but I'll keep pressing on with your guys help. I've attached shots of the two switches from the + side of the buzzer. 21WE31D22 goes to the Gear Safety Switch. 21WE16D22 goes to a Gear Up Limit Switch. I traced the lines as best I could with red pencil. Hope this helps. I bought a multimeter to test the diodes. I'm not getting any of the readings shown on any of the You Tube videos testing diodes. One suggestion was that I disconnect (read- cut) one wire of a diode to be able to test it properly (with no possible voltage going to it) . Gonna wait to do that until it looks like it's a diode.
  11. TargetDriver

    Gear Up Alarm fail at annual

    Andy, Thanks for great info. I have some good A&P's at our small little airport, but as you've said, they're not the wiring guru's...and I'm the guy that momentarily electrocuted himself changing a hot water heater... 220v hurts and suuuucks. ha I can build the plane, just dont know diddly about those electrons. Agreed, its getting power when it shouldn't. The chaffed wire idea scares the crap out of me. Seems so daunting to find which one it is as they all disappear into the wiring abyss. So, I have a question. Are you talking about a power wire thats grounding/chaffed or a ground side wire? Doesn't make sense to me that a ground side wire would be a problem grounding somewhere else. I've high lighted the headliner part of the schematic that shows the gear warning horn.
  12. TargetDriver

    Gear Up Alarm fail at annual

    Car-, Thanks for reply. Yes I have the maintenance manual (on my laptop) and it shows the complete electrical schematics. It does show the gear warning horn (but doesn't call out Sonalert) Both the gear up and the stall warning buzzers are Sonalerts. Both have two terminal tabs ( a + and a - ) with small screws. The gear warning Sonalert has 3 wires coming that are factory crimped to a single ring terminal. On the positive side there is a diode on two of the wires, one facing toward the buzzer, the other facing away. (I was told diodes are basically one-way "valves") so it looks like the power comes in, goes through and then out of the buzzer, with the diodes preventing power from feeding backwards. I replaced the micro switch on the back side of the throttle, just behide the panel. It was a bear, but it did test as it should, which the original one tested bad. Yes, as I understand it, with the gear not down and locked, and when the throttle cable is (in my case) all the way out, at idle, the alarm should sound. In my case, now it does, BUT...when you push the throttle in some, past the detent that the micro switch settles down into, the alarm should stop, but it doesn't - it keeps buzzing. I did test the diodes earlier today by first watching a couple videos on simple diode testing ... neither one "passed" or did what they were supposed to according to multiple testing videos. Several guys said its rare for diodes to ever go bad, little alone two of them, unless there was a major power surge.
  13. TargetDriver

    Gear Up Alarm fail at annual

    Sorry, totally forgot to add the important stuff. 1980 K model. Piezo alarms looked to be original - Mallory Sonalerts. # -0345. If I forgot something important, dont hesitate to ping me.
  14. So just finished my annual and everything was fine...or so I thought, except for when the IA asked to hear the gear up alarm when it was on the jacks. Nada, crickets. This was my first annual since buying the plane two years ago. (spent a year in Afghanistan). I literally said "don't think it has one, never heard it and the prebuy and annual at purchase never demonstrated it to me" He wasn't amused. Bad me. So much for an easy annual. So we tested just the gear up buzzer and it didn't work, only clicked lightly. Thought it was bad until an electrical engineer that has a plane on the field happened by. He checked the buzzer with a 12v power source and it buzzed fine...thats when he showed us that the Mallory buzzer has polarity. turns out it was installed in the plane backwards at some point. figured that fixed it. reinstalled it and the thing wouldn't shut off ! He also crawls under the panel and checks the throttle limit switch (must be all the way out -at idle-ish) to make the micro switch. He finds that it's allowing power to pass even when its made - the throttle is not at idle. Bad micro switch. So I replace the micro switch. Back to the jacks today for the sign off when the buzzer stops after pushing in the throttle, with the gear unlocked or up. Nope. Still buzzing. The only logical path for power now to be feeding the buzzer when it shouldn't be is maybe one of the limit switches, up or down.... or possibly our electrical engineer friend also suggested maybe it could be one or both of the two diodes at the buzzer power wires (thgere's 3 wires crimped into the same terminal. (per factory schematics) Perhaps if one of those was bad? However, when we do the gear swing, they work perfectly so that to me kills the bad up or down limit switch possibility. A side note - when the Gear Cont breaker is pulled the buzzer stops, but so does the gear. Kinda need that. Has anyone ever had this issue, warning buzzers going bad or similar where the buzzer will not shut off? Strange I know. The fact that the gear up warning buzzer was possibly wired backwards might have been intentional to just stop it from going off, not sure. I bought a new multimeter tester with a diode testing feature. Will test those tomorrow morning. Went to electronics store to find a diode in case I need to soldier in new ones... doing tha tjob is a no brainer...figuring out which diode to buy as a non-electronics guy...impossible. Suggestions ? ...and no we don't have an aircraft type electrician on or around the field. Thanks guys !
  15. A, Marco and Capt R, Sorry for the late reply. Finally finished that 1 year deployment in Afganland ... was back home just long enough to pull the cowlings off and swap 12 bright new shiny Fine wire plugs in the beginning stage of an annual, then had to leave again for a month. Will be reunited with my Mooney Mistress in 2 weeks to continue. Thanks for the heads up on the CDT gauge. I'll definitely be checking the type cert. I bought the plane 3 years ago now and its been through my prebuy and annual by a very reputable shop and had my 1 idea how many annuals the previous owner (he passed away at 84 yrs old and owned it for 26 yrs) had with it Inop. All they told me was that he never replaced the sensor becasue it cost about 1G they thought. I will definitely start chasing wires in this annual though. Thanks guys ! ...Just realized I get to change my location in my profile !!! Ha No Mo' war zone !