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  1. Jack46

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Hi, Please add me to the map. I don't know if I have the link. Jack46
  2. jlunseth, Thanks, that's high praise.
  3. About half way from KBTL to KOWB to attend a MAPA PPP session, the alternator field circuit breaker popped. I shut the field switch off, and reset the breaker, turned the field switch back on. In about 5-10 minutes the breaker popped again. I repeated the reset process. I told myself if it happened a third time, I was RTBing to KBTL. In about 5-10 minutes, it popped a third time so I did a 180. On the roughly 45 minute flight back, the breaker never popped again. So, now I'm wondering if I made the right decision. Is this an issue that is just annoying or is it a safety of flight issue? How can I differentiate? What happens if I just keep re-setting the breaker? Is this caused by the alternator, voltage regulator, weak circuit breaker, something else? Has anyone else experienced this? Jack
  4. Jack46

    201 Schematic / Bad Avionics Relay?

    I had the exact same problem in my 1988 J. The relay part number is the same. I found one for $600 with no guarantee it would work. The local Mooney service center advised making sure none of the circuit breaker terminals were coming into contact with the buss or the relay. In my case, we found corrosion on the relay terminals. The relay bench tested fine. Since cleaning up the terminals and making sure there were no other contacts, it has been fine. Fingers crossed because the kit from Mooney to fix this costs $1200 to $1400, not including installation. JB
  5. Jack46

    Yuma 2018

    I'm looking for someone who might be interested in riding shotgun from MI to Yuma for the Caravan Formation clinic February 1-4. If so, send me a message
  6. Jack46

    Yuma Caravan Clinic

    I'm looking for someone who might be interested in riding shotgun from MI to Yuma for the Caravan Formation clinic February 1-4. If so, send me a message.
  7. Jack46

    Avionics Master Relay

    The a/c serial number is 24-3068. The shop said the part no. installed is MB4413 manufactured by Potter Brumfield
  8. Jack46

    Avionics Master Relay

    The failure mode is, it sticks on. Meaning, when I put the avionics master in the "off" position, everything stays on and I have to shut them down individually. That means, after start up, they have to be all turned on individually.
  9. It is becoming more and more likely I will need an avionics master relay for my 1988 "J". Mooney no longer supplies that part. Any suggestions on where to find one?
  10. Choose what you like for descent from altitude. Try to keep at least 15"/2500 to keep the engine warm. For approaches, I set 13"/2500. With the airplane clean, the airspeed will settle around100KIAS. From there at the FAF, I lower the gear and first notch of flaps. This yields about 90KIAS for the final approach. Hope this helps. Try these numbers and adjust to what suits you best.
  11. Working Garmin aera 796 with yoke mount and two antennae for sale. Saw one on ebay for $1599. Will sell for $1200.
  12. I transitioned from a E to a J after a short ride with another pilot in the J and 10 hours in the E. The airplanes fly the same, don't worry about that. Spend an hour in the cockpit of the J mentally running through every move from start up to shut down. Find all the switches, levers etc., go over it several times in your mind. Mentally fly the mission. It's what the Blue Angels do before every flight. Then, go fly the plane. You will be fine. Jack
  13. Jack46

    Who's coming to Oshkosh?

    I'm planning to fly in on Monday the 25th and be at the Caravan BBQ on the 26th. Most likely I'll be parked on the north 40 somewhere. Tail number is N205VV. Hope to see you there.