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  1. Thank you. Will get that looked after tomorrow.
  2. Had a broken back in '94. Replace two vertebrae and bone craft another one. Told me I would never be able to use my back normal again. Said may be 60%. 23years later and I'm flying. Good gym, good food and dont tell me I cant. If you take it easy you will be up in no time. It took me 4months.
  3. Any ideas what to do with the protection cover over the trim wheel on the 231. Mine is MIA. JT
  4. I have come up with a new autopilot issue. If Im on the ground and testing the heading bug in the heading mount. I will have the heading bug center on the top. Not touching anything and engage the autopilot for the ground test. The HSI turns by itself anti clockwise with out moving the bug that was center in the middel. Any ideas?
  5. They said it was faulty but why can I still use my primer. I am not a mechanic so what is the function of the diverter valve. I am glad my plane is flying though.
  6. Ok. I am confused. Went out to go fly. Tried the Hi-boostpump. No joy starting the plane. I though....mmm. Let's try the primer switch( I was under the impression that the switch will not work due to the fuel solenoid been removed). Pushed the primer and wholla. She, primed and no issues. Here is a picture of what the mechanic removed. Did I missed something??
  7. Would that be the second swiitch on the right hand
  8. Don, Im getting some doe skin tomorrow. Will keep you to date.
  9. Yes you read it correct. The broken part sits on top the engine with fuel lines that is a sealled unit. That unit is done. I dont know the name of the unit but I can get a picture. They by-pass that unit to use the hi-boost and now I'm heaving trouble cause a new unit is 2500 bucks without the US-CAN conversion.
  10. Well done. Keep filing IFR as much as possible to keep you sharp. I always tell my students. If you don't use it you'll loose it. It is a well deserved rating and enjoy it!!
  11. Where did you order these ones. I woul like to order them to for my M20K 231
  12. I do have a POH but is not telling me anything about HI boost start up. Maybe I should find a new POH
  13. Got a USA address to ship to. Order 2
  14. They removed the prime switch. I am only left with hi-boost and low-boost. Both work but Im having trouble get the right amount fuel to engine.