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  1. JPI 830 rmp

    Thank you. This started after we replaced the alternator
  2. JPI 830 rmp

    Good evening floks. I need help finding out why the RPM is moving up and down. Any help IMG_0044.MOV
  3. M20k pilot seat frame

    Doing the same. Phoning every place I can.
  4. Good day. Im looking for a m20kpilot seat frame. I want to use it on the co-pilot seat. Ps. My wife is too short to look over the dash ... Thanks JT
  5. You think 100W in summer unstead id 15/20?
  6. Trim Jackscrew Binding

    I have the same issues with a sticky trim tab. Might go and get mine clean. Thanks for the great info.
  7. Avionics for sale from Avionics Source

    How do I order??
  8. Airwolf air/oil separators

    They promote no more oil out the breather tube to make the belly dirty and compare that to the remote mount oil filter kit, will make oil temp cooler.
  9. Good day guys/girls Anyone out there using this airwolf..... ? http://www.airwolf.com/aw/products/air-oil-separators
  10. How to update GNS 430 Data Cards

    With Jeppesen you can pick different packages for your needs. You can phone the guys and ask them to assist you in what you want to do with the charts. I got mine for a really good deal for two units. Both Northen America and Terain as well as safe taxi. Safe taxi is a waist since we use ipads. If you need to borrow a skybound. Give me a hauler..
  11. Century31 Autopilot

    Thank you. Will get that looked after tomorrow.
  12. Lost trim wheel chain cover

    Thank you
  13. Had a broken back in '94. Replace two vertebrae and bone craft another one. Told me I would never be able to use my back normal again. Said may be 60%. 23years later and I'm flying. Good gym, good food and dont tell me I cant. If you take it easy you will be up in no time. It took me 4months.
  14. Any ideas what to do with the protection cover over the trim wheel on the 231. Mine is MIA. JT
  15. Century31 Autopilot

    I have come up with a new autopilot issue. If Im on the ground and testing the heading bug in the heading mount. I will have the heading bug center on the top. Not touching anything and engage the autopilot for the ground test. The HSI turns by itself anti clockwise with out moving the bug that was center in the middel. Any ideas?