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  1. Hi All I need some advise/Help/video clips on teaching complex aircraft. More the M20K. Im a CFII teaching multi/IFR but I need to teach my wife complex aircraft without been to quick on her. Any cheat sheets that can make it easier on her would help. Thanks JT
  2. Good day everyone. So my plane have some down time due to not picking up the prop 10year overhaul. ( ching ching ) So now I have time to do some TLC. Any one out there with a M20K pilot seat. The adjustable one. I just need the frame. Thank you JT
  3. What file on the laptop do you use to install that or what program? JT
  4. Anyone flown this route before. Any suggestions. Thanks JT ps. Planning on flying tomorrow.
  5. Thank you. Will read the info.
  6. My autopilot would not hold Alt hold. As soon as I engaged the AP and Alt Hold, the plane will trim start to nose down trim. Also, when using the heading bug in and making turns with new heading assignments, the AP will disconnect. JT
  7. Hi everyone. Im looking for a century 31 installation manual. Any help will be good. Thx JT
  8. Thank you. I will call them tomorrow
  9. Good day folks. Im in need of a Century 31 autopilot. Any one here have a loaner for me tomsee if it is my box or something else wrong. Thanks JT
  10. I must confess. I had never done the test nor do I know if the AME had done that when they installed the injecors. I am also not familiar with the downloads. I will get the manual out again and see how to download the information. Thank you for everyones help here on MS. JT
  11. I will have a look at those probes. The baffles was changed two years back to new ones. I have read an article that say you vave to clean the Gami’s at the annual. Mine is now on its 3rd annual with the Gami’s. Will get them clean. Thank you again for all the input. JT
  12. The #1is lower than the other and #4 always hot. Sorry I cant turn the photo JT
  13. Hi guys. Im trying to trouble shoot. Any one here willing to share a Centur31 Maintenance Manual. Not the operating manual. Thank you mooney friends. JT
  14. Where are all the connectors to clean ore how do we clean them Mine now disingage as soon a I turn it on. How and where do we spray the connectors and amp at the Hg. Im down to no more nerves flying it. Handfly at 17K cause autopilot flashes AP and then nothing. Drive me nuts. Please help. Gotta flight to Des Moines