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  1. Good evening guys. Does any one have templates to make a leather yoke. Im swining by an hide shop to buy some hide and want to try to make my own leather yoke. Thx. JT
  2. I will do that and see how it goes!!!
  3. Thanks. No moisture in the hangar.
  4. Ya. Usually 1.2hrs. Would that not contribute to corrosion?
  5. Good day folks I have notice some moisture on the oil dip stick when I check the oil. Any ideas on how I can prevent that. The plane fly about 1-2 flights a week and is in a heated hanger with the temp turn down to 15C(60F). Thanks J
  6. No joy for the PM to MyNameIsNobody.
  7. Hi all. I'm looking for an example of an airplane owners agreement. Plane will be shared 50/50. Any ideas, help. Thank you
  8. Good day Can any help me with a diagram for connecting a GTN to GPSS to Century 31 please. Thank you
  9. Good day. Does any one out there have a century 31 autopilot wiring diagram, please. Regards JT
  10. Good day. Do you get a HDG GPSS switch for the century 31. I have a GTN650 installed and was wondering about thr steer switch. Regards
  11. When I have the electric on. The trim tab trim nose down. Autopilot not holding alt when engage. Tab always trim down 4/500 fpm. Glideslope above the and autopilot still strim down and not capturing the GS
  12. Good day mooney friends. Does anybody have the instilation (wire diagram) manual for the century 31. I have some Alt hold issues and approach issues. Thank you JT
  13. So for a M20k 231 it should be vacuum?
  14. Are all the speedbrakes red. I think mine got painted white and that is why they so slow to close. Also do they all use elecrical source or are some using the vacuum pump. Thanks
  15. Good day folks. I'm having issues with my Century31 Autopilot. Keeps heading but up and down pitches with electrim "on". I took it down to Texas to a buddy of mine to look and see if the servos was faulty. Could not find any fualt. Also. The autopilot is not flying an approach. It pitch a 500' min down and capture a glidepath. Is there any buddy that has a spare unit that I can use to see if it the controller head. I know somewhere they said is to take it to the avionic shop where century factory is. Its not that easy for me to get there. I'm North of the border. Thank you