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  1. True. It’s going to be my 8th year. It’s me and my wife’s annual “Get away with no kids” week. Looking forward to it....
  2. We should meet up someplace. Any suggestions JT
  3. Any one with a cad file that I can use. I have downloaded solidworks but have no clue where to start oh the avionics design. JT
  4. Plane went in for an annual and now the cowl flaps stay open trail in flight. Where do I move the spring on the cowl to the body. I can close the cowls but get pushed open in flight. JT
  5. They said it was handling fees but we did not use them as handlers. We did our own Eapis and customs( I cross the US border quite regularly. So I know the eapis/custom stuff). I just think PR is not GA friendly or our plane with the Maple leave on it was screaming..... please charge us a lot of money!!!!! I was still ok with the high fuel price but the extra fees......Yaaiks. Oh, and we git charged for the courtesy vehicle too!!!
  6. You know it. Born and raised in Bloemies. We had home made chili-bites. We did the Bahamas 4 years ago and Belize 2 years back. I might try the Dominican next time or may just go up north to the Arctic circle.
  7. Ok. So we are back from our trip, but that was an intense expensive one. We left Canada and 4 hours later got in trouble with freezing rain, 2 miles on the approach. Landed safely in Belle Plain Iowa and Bruce was a champ. We had a heated hangar with a place to sleep in the hangar. Dirt cheap. Next day we had to dodge TS and lightning and we kept it low over Kansas and Atlanta under lightning. Landed for fuel an headed over to Fort Pierce for the life raft and some gas. Left the next morning for Turks and thats where it started to get interesting. Lost a vacuum pump on the way there. We decided to continue on and land in Turks. What a hidden fee we had to pay. Handling fee of $260US. They found us a place for $300US per person. We said no and found a local place for a $100US. We decided the next day to continue on to Puerto Rico to get the vacuum pump replaced. There we were met with a guy in black pants and shinny shoes(Ching Ching, money). Went through Customs and they took our beef jerky from Canada( we cleared customs twice with it). Got the vacuum pump replaced and received a nasty bill from the FBO for international garbage disposal ($260US). My blood is boiling. This after I payed the $460US handling fee and no gas yet. I lost the argument and had to pay jerky bill. On the way to St Maarten we got a quote for the handling fees. ( At this point Im pissed and not in a mood to continue) We landed safely and after a couple hundred, we were in a hotel. The view was great and we made it safely back in Saskatchewan. All I can say is, be aware of the hidden costs and a quote from the islands. JT
  8. Thanks for all the info. Good advice that we will sure follow.
  9. I will look him up. Thanks Paul.
  10. We will come back via Cuba and Jamaica. Keeping it mid 15’s Have to go pro’s. Gotta learn how they work plus a canon with a photo lense.
  11. I will keep you guys posted. Hope all goes well.
  12. Planning this flight next week.
  13. Thanks just reading it carusoam