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  1. One panel for M20K

    Thank you Don
  2. One panel for M20K

    Good day. Hope all is well. Can the M20K have a single instrument panel? I’ve seen a picture here on the forum of a single panel for another model. JT
  3. IFR training

    Hey Hank I have a M20K that I handfly approaches due to a partialy faulty autopilot. I am also a single engine / multi IFR instructor. Send me a pm any time with questions or help. As mention before. This is a tough rating to get. But worth every hour. Good luck and enjoy. JT
  4. SPOT interference with GTN650 and GTN750

  5. SPOT interference with GTN650 and GTN750

    Thanks for the info JT
  6. SPOT interference with GTN650 and GTN750

    I will go up this weekend ans set the ping to 10min intervals and see.
  7. SPOT interference with GTN650 and GTN750

    The spot’s tracking was bang on and reported every 3min. Only thing I can think is that the signal the spot send, over powerd the GPS signal. JT
  8. All the best for 2018 to ya all. I’ve just got back from flying to Mexico/Belize. I have notice that the SPOT( search and rescue tracker) interfere with the GTN650/750. I would turn it on and have the footnote active. A few minutes later I will loose all gps signal and the GPS will tell me to DR. We have moved the SPOT around the inside of the cabin and was able to leave it on the back seat with only one GPS compromised. Have any one else experience the same interference?
  9. 2018 Mooney Resolutions

    1. Belize 2. Yuma 3. KOSH 4 . Train more students 5. Family fun flying 6. Get my Wife to fly ME places.
  10. Door Seals

    Do you have a photo of that installed?
  11. Spatial Interior Clinic - New Garden (N57)

    Any thing on the youtube clips. JT
  12. Cowl flaps not closing

    I will look at the spring and see if I can get it tighten.
  13. Cowl flaps not closing

    Any pictures of the mechanism or the coil spring.
  14. Cowl flaps not closing

    Push/pull type. I will look at the spring that is on there.
  15. Cowl flaps not closing

    Hope everyone is geared for the holidays. Plane went in for the annual last week and got her back. Went up for a flight to take her home. Notice that the cowl flaps dont want to stay close in-flight. On the ground I can open and close it but in the air the airflow pushes it open again. Any suggestions? JT