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  1. Traffic plus weather in Canada

    My flights is about 3 hr legs.
  2. Traffic plus weather in Canada

    I have the GTX33 remote transponder. Im not close to US signals
  3. Not sure if this is the right column. Im trying to see what I can use for traffic and weather on Foreflight or on a GTN650 in Canada. I use a stratusS2 plus looking at a GDL 52. But I cant see if the GDL works with Foreflight nor does the Stratus work up here in Canada. Both devices works great in the States. Any suggestion to get traffic up here. JT
  4. Landing lights

    Great. Learning a few things lately.
  5. Landing lights

    So that will be the screws on the inside of the cowl. Will get it done tomorrow. Thanks
  6. Landing lights

    Good Evening Hope everyone is well. How do I adjust the landing lights on the M20K? The lights look like they have a specific way to get installed and tightend with 3screws. Left side is shining into the future and distance. The right side is shining onto the runway lights. Thanks JT
  7. Gunfighters Formation Clinic VII-Yuma AZ

    Going to sign up. Just need some company to share some fuel.
  8. M20K Binder

  9. M20K Binder

    Had the local sign/print shop printed it. Took the a day to do that.
  10. M20K Binder

    Final Product.
  11. Landing gear down inspection plate on floor

    Shall do. Thank you. In the post they talked about cleaning the plastic cover.
  12. Landing gear down inspection plate on floor

    There was another discussion on the topic earlier this year. Can’t seem to find it though.
  13. Landing gear down inspection plate on floor

    Thank you. Im going to open that and clean it.
  14. There was an article about how to clean the plexiglass plate on the floor for gear down indicator. I cant find that. Any help. Please
  15. M20K Binder

    How did you get the PDF file?