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  1. Nav LED lights

    What Nav LED lights can I look at for the M20k?
  2. Nav LED lights

    What Nav LED lights can I look at for the M20k?
  3. Take of fuel flow on M20K

    Will get on that after the long weekend. Thanks for all the input.
  4. What should the take off fuel flow be on a m20k. No intercooler but marlyn waste gate. Take off setting 39" and props full forward -+ 2700rpm. Im only getting 21.8gph on JPI 830 Thank you
  5. JPI 830 rmp

    We found that the new alternator was creating the spike on the RPM. We have moved the wire to the bottom of the alternator and all is good.
  6. Mooney crap for sale....

    Do you have the left seat still?
  7. JPI 830 rmp

    Thank you. This started after we replaced the alternator
  8. JPI 830 rmp

    Good evening floks. I need help finding out why the RPM is moving up and down. Any help IMG_0044.MOV
  9. M20k pilot seat frame

    Doing the same. Phoning every place I can.
  10. Good day. Im looking for a m20kpilot seat frame. I want to use it on the co-pilot seat. Ps. My wife is too short to look over the dash ... Thanks JT
  11. You think 100W in summer unstead id 15/20?
  12. Trim Jackscrew Binding

    I have the same issues with a sticky trim tab. Might go and get mine clean. Thanks for the great info.
  13. Avionics for sale from Avionics Source

    How do I order??
  14. Airwolf air/oil separators

    They promote no more oil out the breather tube to make the belly dirty and compare that to the remote mount oil filter kit, will make oil temp cooler.
  15. Good day guys/girls Anyone out there using this airwolf..... ? http://www.airwolf.com/aw/products/air-oil-separators