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  1. Aeroled Night and USB LED interior panel lighting

    Wow those strobes are bright. I think I'll follow and upgrade mine. How is the landing light at night? Does it provide enough light? Tim
  2. Me and my J on Flight Chops

    Awesome! Steve told me he had a Mooney flight he was working on. I also wondered if it was part of this community. You did a great job. Tim
  3. Xmas gift

    This is really great advice. I assume you want to upload on YouTube so I'll tell you my side of it based on that. I personally use the Sony action cams and like them a lot. You can control multiple cameras with the wrist monitor which is about the size of the GoPro backpack monitors and velcros to your wrist. As was stated above, I thought this was going to be an excellent idea but I never use it. It's too much hassle so I don't recommend remote control of cameras. You need to keep it as simple as possible or it's a drag to get all that set up. The best way is to just push record on all your cameras, get in the plane and go fly. When you land, turn them off and go download and edit. If you want to use a single battery you can do it but you'll have to push record and stop a lot and you might miss something. Besides most of us need to concentrate on flying the plane, not playing with cameras so I don't recommend that method.The problem with video recording all of your flight is that you run out of battery. On the Sonys I attach a portable external battery. However I've been considering the GoPro Hero 4 with the additional $50 battery BACKPAC which should double the time and no external batteries to deal with. This camera would go externally. The other thing to consider is if the remote control will 'wake up' the camera or if you have to wake it up manually. Again, I never got that far because it was too much of a hassle. Other things you'll need down the road is a way to edit and audio recording. You'll want to get a post production software package like Adobe Premier (it will run close to $1k on eBay or $20/month for a subscription which isn't bad because you can cancel it) or if you have a Mac you'll save a lot of money on Final Cut Pro X (around $300 if I remember). It's been a while so you'll have to look up the current prices. I've never heard any action camera with great audio. Sony is a lot better that GoPro though. So you'll need a splitter cable for the com line so your viewers can hear what's being said to ATC. You can record it on different devices. Right now I use a portable Sony digital recorder that I tuck away in a pocket in the plane so there's no chords to deal with. I've made a couple videos and I'm playing around with combining ambient sounds from the cameras and com radio sound. Content and some production value is what I'm trying to work on now. I just started recording and it's a bit difficult to get the content that's interesting to viewers...I'm still working on this. There's a lot of good videos on Youtube and a lot of people that drone on about their lives. A couple good YouTubers are Steveo1kinevo, Flightchops, MrAviation 101, Swayne Martin, Martin Pauley...all for different reasons; some are some are educational and well produced and some are just entertaining. Good luck with you decision. Most will work just fine.
  4. Hydraulic fluid

    I haven't looked at the books but it should be this guy. Seems to be leaking at the parking brake valve
  5. Need advice on this plane

    The problem with sitting for 10 years is things go bad. I wouldn't count on the Nav/Com working. There are a lot better deals out there. Find someone that someone has been flying regular.
  6. Hydraulic fluid

    Thanks for the quick response. I was able to pick it up this morning. A good friend is loaning me a hand pump to pump it in from the caliper location to expel any air. I just need someone to keep an eye on the resivoir. ;-)
  7. I think the fluid is low on my E model. The brake on the right main is mushy and my instructor believes the flaps aren't deploying all the way. What kind does it take? This weekend I'll trace the lines and see where it's going. I have a good idea it's leaking some from the parking brake valve. Tim
  8. Concorde Battery Management

    I just replaced mine today for the same reason. I could only get 12.5V but it wouldn't crank the plane ('65E). I got the RG 35AXC. I used the Battey Minder but couldn't bring it back. I think it was installed in 2009. Tim
  9. Looking to buy my first plane and need some advice

    I am a first year owner so these guys have a lot more useful long term info. My experience is very limited but some of these guys really know their stuff. When purchasing they will usually require 15% down. If it's over $50k they will want a professional evaluation such as a PPI. There are a few financial institutions that deal in aircraft. There's some threads on here with that info. I don't have much faith in old electronics. I've had too many fail so be sure to have some funds to fix problems that come up. Seems that the first year owning a plane is the most expensive as some have said. Especially if it wasn't flown regularly. Don't count on getting extra money you spend on the electronics or upgrades to come back to you. It seems to me like all the avionics upgrades I did might bring about 1/3 of the cost of upgrades plus hull value if I were to sell it. That's a vague statement that will get some bashing I'm sure. But knowing that, I'd still buy the plane I have. I'm doing commercial training in mine right now. I don't have to schedule at the flight school. I can take a lesson, go eat some lunch and come back and go practice some more of I want. If I have to take a trip for work or to see family I just hop in and go. There's a some repairs you can do yourself to keep the costs down with the help of an aircraft inspector. I don't know if you'll hangar it or not but that will be $2k-$3k. So with a $50k plane you will put around $8k down and with hangar you'll be about $1k a month plus gas and instructor. Insurance will run around $2k a year I'd guess based on your time and ratings and you pay it up front. My suggestion since your wanting instrument is to get a current instrument rated pilot to fly at least right seat in the plane and try out all the equipment. I suggest finding a Mooney owner close to you to see if they'd be able to help you out. That shiny new plane tends to glaze over our senses when we find a plane that makes you over look things that you kick yourself for later. A current Mooney owner will help remove the glaze so you can see clearly. Dont get in a rush. I love my plane but there was an F that was listed here that I would had more of what I wanted but there's a lot to say about poking around and finding my plane up the block. Tim
  10. Fuel tank sealing

    Wow, I just learned his wife passed away this week. Did I hear that right? I have talked to him and he's always been helpful.
  11. Fuel tank sealing

    I've decided to reseal the tanks on my '65 E. I'm not interested in bladders. Has anyone used Houston Tank Specialist? They are a lot closer than Willmar. Tim
  12. IFR Written DONE! Woot Woot

    Yay. Congratulations. Once you get that rating you feel more like you're part of the system when you fly. You scored really well...very nice. Tim
  13. New to video editing

    The video I made might only be interesting to someone wanting to hear radio chatter. I don't think it has much entertainment value. The production/entertainment is not there. It was mostly for practice. Watch steveo1kinevo, Flight Chops, or even Martin Pauly's videos. They keep me captivated, especially Steveo. I think it's they type of flying they do since I'm really trying to soak up info on IFR. Just watching a video flying over land isn't interesting to me but if it were spectacular views and you keep the clips short enough it would be really cool to watch. Swayne Martin does a good job of that.
  14. New to video editing

    Thanks. That's what I want to do next, work in some charts and such. The camera I had facing forward fell and I remounted it but the view was rubbish. I would like to mount one outside too. Not a big fan of it in flight but TO/landing are cool.
  15. New to video editing

    I've gotta say those guys like Steveo and Flight Chops do a lot of work to get their videos so polished. Here's a video I made of a trip to take some tests in OKC. Seemed like Wiley Post was having radio problems that day. I want to work on a couple things like a good beginning and end. Also try to change the screen that shows in the preview...for example, it shows me craning around to see the runway. I'm sure it's in the software. 'Had a lot of fun though! Tim