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  1. Pictreed

    UPDATE Great M20E now for sale

    This has the mods I want to do over the next few years. I paid this amount for mine because of the great condition, low time engine, and I knew the inspector that had been doing the logs. Mine had a gear up that was repaired well and I upgraded the avionics to suit my taste but I still need to get your left side panel and really want to upgraded cowl, windshield, wing fillets, and wing tips that you have. What I'm trying to say if someone is looking for a good Mooney this one would be a good place to start provided the other caveats check out.
  2. Pictreed

    Riddle me this

    Exactly why I replaced it. Not sure how long it's been that way.
  3. Pictreed

    Riddle me this

    Here's what mine looks like in place
  4. Pictreed

    PC not disengaging

    Mine acted the same way so I pulled the button out of the yoke.
  5. Pictreed

    Fuel Tank Patch

    Rats, that's the one I need to remove. Thanks Clarence.
  6. Pictreed

    Eddy Current AD

    It's not a concern. I was in the same place you are once. I bought the plane and was worried about it until I talked to the prop shop. My inspection runs about $180 and I have to fly to an airport 14 miles away...I'm there anyway doing a VOR check every month so not a big deal. I would expect Clarence to fill you in soon on what a waste of time it is to worry about this simple inspection that shouldn't exist anyway from what I hear from the guys who have been doing this for a long time and actually know what they're talking about.
  7. Pictreed

    Fuel Tank Patch

    What kind of patching material have you guys used? I guess it would be available at Aircraft Spruce?
  8. I'm going to get a reseal on my tanks but how would I make a temporary repair for now? It's leaking on the inboard side at the bottom. I can see it from inside the cabin. I'd like to open the tank access and just pooky some material in the corner to slow it down for now. Tim
  9. Pictreed

    Annual Questions - ‘65 E

    I think I’ll do the full seal. I’ll probably talk to Don first though.
  10. Pictreed

    Annual Questions - ‘65 E

    Now i need to figure out Houston or Minnesota for the repair.
  11. Pictreed

    Annual Questions - ‘65 E

    Annual done but after when we were getting ready for test flight I found right tank empty. When I got back from the test flight I had a 1 second drip from the right tank under the fuselage. I took out the interior on that side I found some gooey putty round what must have been a pretty good leak. The putty wasn't noticeable until I removed the top layer and the fuel really started to flow. I knew it had a leak and needed to be fixed but I guess I can't wait now. htt bTv9ynZaSF6xZEaZ4W4NKg.MOV
  12. Actual panel lights or those hot bullets on the overhead?
  13. Pictreed

    Annual Questions - ‘65 E

    All good advice and info. I see what you guys are saying, shorten the twists so the brace on the backside keeps the wire from moving. Is the safety wire there to keep it from moving at all or just unscrewing completely? I thought it was just to keep it in place if it did back out a bit. I've rebuilt a few VW engines but of course they don't have them. Not nit picking at all...I've been told by everyone to get rid of the jabbing hazard. That copper washer is 'convex' that came off an old battery but you guys think I need a lock washer on top of that one? Anthony or whoever suggested the electric grease, I picked some up today to keep that thing clean from now on. Shouldn't you leave the lower nut as a 'hold back'? I didn't know it's that sensitive. Hope I didn't already ruin it but I don't think I got it that tight till I got the grease on it. I was going to use dielectric compound I had but picked up the Dow stuff instead...not sure of the difference. I love this community. Sometimes pride is a hard pill to swallow but the advice is good. Thanks guys.
  14. Pictreed

    Annual Questions - ‘65 E

    Hopefully this is the right direction. If not, well I’m having fun and will do it again.