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  1. Annual Questions - ‘65 E

    The fuel pump is making great pressure so it will stay. Starter is in and I’m working on the gasket. I’ll use sharpened cans of appropriate size to cut holes in rubber mat...wait for photos and it will make sence.
  2. Annual Questions - ‘65 E

    I think I’d rather fix things as I go instead of waiting for a failure but thanks for posting that. Beaides, if I ever get that Ovation I want the new owner to know I did what I could to make it reliable.
  3. Annual Questions - ‘65 E

    I changed the topic name. I found this...hmmm. The guy I bought it from was helping me take the panels off. He didn’t know it was expired.
  4. Annual Questions - ‘65 E

    Thanks, I was just wondering about the felt. Clarence, Lycoming said the bigger one will fit the carb version but will hit something on the fuel injection system. Were they wrong? FYI I called LASAR about the boot between the Power Boost and the throttle body and they said about $300 so I need to make sure I really need it.
  5. Annual Questions - ‘65 E

    Sorry about the rotated pic
  6. Annual Questions - ‘65 E

    Here’s the two starters. Has anyone clearances their sheet metal for the new starter?
  7. Annual and torque table

    Ha. Tractor tight sounds scary. I’ve assembled 3 VW engines and some things were by feel but that’s been some time ago.
  8. I’m starting my first owner assist annual and replacing the MagnaFlite starter with a SkyTec. Does anyone have a torque list? Tim
  9. Annual Questions - ‘65 E

    I’m assuming the HT? Or LS
  10. Lots of good info. I agree that you might have a Mooney guy look at your gear next annual. It takes a little muscle at speed but it shouldn’t be bad. Nerves may make it harder too. Lol I’m glad your sticking with the Mooney for training. This is the best time to learn about energy management. My method is reduce to gear speed before the FAF by throttling back to 15”-16”. Gear down just before FAF. If you pull too early then just go back to around 20” and reduce to 16” for a stabilized approach. Congrats for making the decision to get the IR.
  11. Mine was made in September of 65 but the N number is 5697Q but the SN is higher. That's odd, I figured it would all be sequential.
  12. Anybody ever counted the screws?

    I'm about to start mine too. Wish I could live on the coast for a couple weeks..burrr!
  13. Annual Questions - ‘65 E

    I'll have to check that out. When I first got my plane the belt was slipping and I had to tighten it.
  14. Annual Questions - ‘65 E

    Not sure what the exact problem is but I know that starter may be reaching its service life so that will be the first step. Next will be looking at the alternator and regulator. I have adjusted the belt but it’s had the same problem (starting) through two batteries now. Mine are Concord.
  15. I need to replace my Magnaflight starter. My prop turns to the compression stroke and stops. New battery too. Looking at the Sky-Tec 149-12HT. Anything else I need to know? What kind of baffling modifications will be needed? I’m about to start the annual so this would be a good time to do it. Just not sure what I need to look out for. Tim