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  1. Rotate (F model)

    My G is exactly the same way. I find as I accelerate into the white arc, the airplane begins to "dance" and I apply a fairly significant amount of back pressure to pull it off the runway. After I break ground, I need to relax the back pressure to avoid overrotation. I find that the rotation is easier with back seat pax, but the overrotation after liftoff is worse. I suppose that is consistent with a more aft CG.
  2. Just got confirmation that I can get the day off, so I'll be there! Sorry @mooneyflyer for the late notice. I signed up using the link above.
  3. +1 for High Desert. They did my GMA 340 and GNS-430W install, as well as a GTN-650 install on another airplane I was a partner in. They are honest people with competitive pricing. I know Jeff (owner) personally and he does fantastic work. Let me know if you go with High Desert, I am based on the field and would be happy to fly you back to SMO after you drop off your bird.
  4. Mooney Fly-In, San Luis Obispo, CA

    The only picture I got from today... some beautiful scenery getting in and out of SBP. Thanks Mitch for putting it together!
  5. Mooney Fly-In, San Luis Obispo, CA

    I think I can make it! Anyone want a ride from the north Los Angeles area?
  6. AWOS 3 coming to Oceano Airport

    This is awesome. Even pilots flying into other airports in the area (SBP, SMX) will benefit from the added situational awareness. A huge thanks to those who made it happen!
  7. Summmer Leaning on Approach

    G owner here, so same engine as you. My engine also runs noticibly rough with full rich mixture and carb heat on. My personal procedure is to approach with the mixture pulled out 1". It makes the engine run much better, and wouldn't damage my engine if I needed to go to full power quickly.
  8. That's discouraging. Was planning on widening up the fixed flaps on my '68 G at next annual. I've been on a two-year mission to get my CHTs under control. Like you, I have the factory single-probe sensor with no idea how correct it is...
  9. Agree with Mike. the seller is advertising and pricing the airplane based on the premise that it is in airworthy condition. Doing a full annual with that payment agreement means that you get a VERY thorough inspection and you hold the owner accountable to their word.
  10. Future Mooney Pilot

    I'm late to the party, but welcome to MS and thanks for your service! $150k will buy you a lot of mooney. With that budget and your location, I would be looking at the J line. Sounds like you are already doing that. Ill echo carusoam above and highly suggest you add a WAAS gps to your requirements list. I told myself I didn't need one while shopping, then a year into ownership I changed my mind. That was an expensive and avoidable mistake.
  11. Welcome! I am a G owner myself and absolutely love it. I think I'm about 5-7 knots slower than a 'C or 'F. That doesn't bother me too much... I'm still doing 135 ktas on 9 gph. I love having the extra space for passengers and luggage, and I don't mind the carburetor. I'm happy to answer any G-specific questions you might have.
  12. Congratulations! Happy to have you on board.
  13. I built mine about a year ago before Foreflight dropped "support" for the AHRS features on the GPS puck. At that point, it was required to connect the puck using the header pins to get the IMU data. Now that the AHRS feature has basically been scrapped, you are correct in that the USB connection is a better way to go.
  14. I have to disagree. There's a huge difference between my GNS-430W and the Stratux that I soldered together in my living room. I don't trust myself to assemble circuit boards as well as a well established quality-controlled process, and I don't trust the open source community to rigorously find and fix all the bugs that could cost me my life in the clouds.
  15. Good question. As others have said, the altitude and attitude (when using foreflight+stratus) on the iPad are probably even better than your panel-mounted equivalents. But your iPad is not capable of measuring airspeed. The "speed ticker" on foreflight's AHRS page is your speed over the ground, not your speed through the air. The only source of airspeed is your airspeed indicator. I wouldn't feel comfortable covering up that instrument with your iPad, at least not while in the pattern or maneuvering. Also your iPad doesn't know your heading, it only knows your groundtrack. But that's arguably less important than airspeed.