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  1. here is one of my favorites, recharge with USB. Sometimes on sale at Andrew/ for $42
  2. The test show that the Alt was good, so next easiest to do is replace the reg. (lot easier that pulling the Alt. which is buried on the back of the case). Next you have to pull the Alt off to check the coupler. So if you are paying an I/A to pull it a $110 an hour and at least 4 hours to R&R, one starts the easy way. Fortunately the I/A know my capabilities and allows me to do most of the work under his watchful eye. Pritch
  3. Charging system quit working last week so off to the Maintenance Hangar to check it out. With the initial testing it showed that the voltage regulator was not functioning properly. Ordered new reg. and installed, test flight, a little better but still not right, the only time I got 14 volts was on short final with next to no rpm's. I/A said to pull the alternator, now this is a TSIO360 Continental so the Alt is mounted on the back of the case between the Mags. 2.5 hours later I have the Alt. off and back to the I/A to have him look at it. One quick spin of the gear and he confirms that it is the coupler that has gone bad. Two days and .9AMU's later I am reinstalling the Alt., another 2.5 hours of close quarters work. Quick engine run up and everything is POSITIVE for charging. Worse part is I had just put a new Alt. on two years ago, but used the old couple as it is more expensive than the Alt. Good thing I am retired and have the time to tinker on the Mistress. Pritch
  4. Here is a leisurely flight from KSAC to KRDD, with a slight headwind, a couple of weeks ago. Pritch
  5. Critical Alt is 19,000, if equipped with intercooler and Merlyn waste gate. The 231's top alt is 24,000. Later models are equipped with O2. Speed and fuel flow depends upon whether you fly LOP or ROP.
  6. That sheet metal is so shiny that it looks like you have @M20Doc 8 cylinder engine on the stand. Pritch
  7. Sheep skin, it's what every dog wants. Pritch
  8. Take the old one into your local Napa Aviation parts store and get one for a couple of bucks. It is nothing special. Pritch
  9. Pritch

    JPI 900

    Not the 900, just an 830 but is spot on for fuel flows. Coming home from Sacramento the other day, said she burned 16 gal. and went to the fuel pump and could only put in 16. Install was $0.00 as I did it myself under the watchful eye of my I/A. It is really an easy install. Pritch
  10. Sheep skins are the best way to go. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter and easy on the rear. (Butt & wallet) Pritch
  11. I used the heat shrink but connectors, simple easy and sanitary. Pritch
  12. Flight Aware shows in in the Concord NC area and is registered to a Ralph Presley. Pritch
  13. A little more info, there are a lot of us in CA so someone might be on the airport and know the plane. Or close enough to pop over and take a look at it for you. Pritch
  14. Certificate 8/22/07 and last 3rd class med on 5/07, so could have been sitting since 2010.
  15. Before heading back to Houston the plane had been at KFOT for a couple of days and one of our local Mooney pilots had talked to him. The plane was well equipped with up to date avionics and a fairly recent paint job. The owner had said that he bought it from an Oil Company and they spared no expense on the plane. He also had his wife with him before heading back home. Pritch