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  1. Are the cables mounted to the cabin floor but accessible if the belly panels are removed?
  2. My IA and I checked the splitter connections, and determined that they were clean. When I get back to the plane, I will replace the 1977 splitter with a new COMAC just as a precaution. I am somewhat pissed that the shop didn't consider informing me that the cables to the VOR/CDI+GS and VOR/CDI and GNS530W from the splitter had the original RG58 cables. Since they replaced the ELT, they should have given me the option to replace the old cables with the new RG400 cables from the splitter to the panel. The antenna to splitter will be completed at the annual. I was informed that there was a splitter just behind the GNS530W under the glareshield.
  3. My VOR's do not seem to operate unless 3 miles from the station. My avionics rack shows a splitter, but I am unable to determine the part number/availability. This is a 1977 M201J. Can someone please assist? Thanks.
  4. I don't bother because if someone wants to find me, they can very easily. Considering that I purchased this plane for under $35k, with damage, I didn't concern myself about the throttle quadrant.
  5. I just installed an Artex 345 coupled to my G530W for $1,600. This was a new installation.
  6. My installation of the JPI EDM900 cost about $7,500, parts and Labor. Work done at LASAR in Lakeport CA. See picture for location and orientation
  7. Glad you both made out OK. Possessions can be replaced, lives and health not as much. Good luck, thanks for your service. LMB CPT USAR RET