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  1. This discussion is great! Thanks to everyone for jumping in. The more attention we pay to this, the better for us all.
  2. My intention is not to start a rant from the group. I sublease my hangar to another Mooney pilot. He has a beautiful 231 with new interior, Dual Aspen Pros, and great paint...and as of Saturday, Class 26 (totaled). For a little background, I started as a WSO in the F4 in 1971. Got my first Mooney in 2001 - 1600 hours in type. I'm 71 now. My insurance has been brokered by Travers Aviation since 2001. I read with interest the MAPA Log article last month ref. insurance as we age. The article had excellent points and a caution - as we age, we might have to go to fixed gear. I don't want to stop flying my Mooney. So, please, pay attention to GUMPS. As a group, we must stop landing gear up - our planes and our future insurance coverage depend on it! Brad
  3. This thread just saved me a bunch of aggravation. Got her back with the new interior. Auto pilot started drifting to right. Couldn't correct on turn coordinator. Had local Avionics shop check out. Gave them copy of the schematic posted earlier in the thread. Sure enough, when the new side panels were installed, a screw was through the green line. Easy fix! Thanks!
  4. Just picked up Lolita from Lincoln Skyways. Fantastic job by Byron and his staff. While there, had a new Hartzell Simitar Prop installed. They did a Dynamic Balance - smooth as silk, and, I picked up 4-5 knots. With the 2 new G5s, I've now over improved her for more than she'll ever be worth to someone else - but not to me. She's perfect! Thanks to Byron. I highly recommend them. Merry Christmas and safe travels to all.
  5. At some point in time, the fitting had been glued in place. Small piece plugged line. Go figure.
  6. My fuel pressure gauge is stuck at 25. It does go up 3 when the boost pump is turned on, but goes back to 25 when turned off. Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Thanks Jolie. I met them at a Mooney Maintenance seminar a few years ago. Didn't realize they do interiors.
  8. Forever-since 2001. Just installed 2 G5’s. New paint last year.
  9. None. Just new seats and cover sides / plastic / carpet
  10. Thinking it may be time to upgrade Lolita's interior. Any West Coast shop suggestions? Thanks.
  11. Lolita. My wife named her - for obvious reasons.
  12. My mechanic is Rich Strand at Carson Valley Aircraft services at MEV, just South of RNO. Very knowledgeable Mooney man. He's doing a 231 annual as we speak.