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  1. An MSC may have the sign out front stating their status as such, but it just means they have all the manuals...
  2. I remember seeing one being rebuilt at Rosamond Skypark in Cali
  3. Instead of using a big syringe, another way to test the airspeed limit switch is to get about 50 feet of flexible clear vinyl tubing that will fit snugly over the front of the pitot tube. Cover up the drain hole as previously described. Feed the tubing into the cabin through the vent window and coil up the remaining length after closing off the opposite end. Select gear up and and closely watch the ASI as you carefully squeeze the coiled tubing until the gear retracts, noting the airspeed when the beeping stops and the gear retracts. i had the same problem after an annual and, after figuring out my switch was improperly adjusted, I turned the big slotted screw on the back of the ASI and squeezed the coil until the gear retracted at 60-65 knots. Don’t forget to take off the tape on the back of the pitot tube. Worked like a charm.
  4. Deltahawk? Phhhttt. The development of their 2 stroke diesel has been absolutely glacial. I remember 20 years ago at OSH, they were saying deliveries for experimentals were within a few quarters. Zoche aero-diesels was also prominent back then and they've gone nowhere. Vaporware. If the folks in Racine "ever" do come out with a certified power plant, think of the nostalgia of pulling the prop through on your inverted-V engine to check for hydraulic lock, just like your favorite radial warbird. I wouldn't hold my breath...
  5. I'm also interested in a remedy for the dim gear annunciator light after replacing all exterior lights with LEDs.
  6. Joe, Which breaker did you wind up with on you J...-2- or -5-? Terry Winnett
  7. Thank you, Skip. I need rub together a pair of shekels and get one of them there magical maintenance manuals for myself! Terry
  8. Hey Gang, I'm curious about the minimum airspeeds that typical J/Ks will fold up its legs? I recently had an airspeed switch replaced in my J and was surprised by the gear unsafe warning tone as I selected 'gear up' at my usual phase of take off. That was a new one for me, so I put the gear handle back down, all was calm again, and I decided to land. Today, I jacked her up, taped up the pitot drain hole, then ran 20 ft of flexible PVC tubing from the pitot tube through the vent window. After closing off the opposite end, I put the gear switch up and gently squeezed the remaining coiled length of tubing . The beeping stopped and the gear transited as the ASI hit 80 kts. I'm guessing my previous switch was set at around 70-75 KIAS and just wanted to hear what other owners have for their minimum gear retract speed. v/r Terry Winnett 84 M20J
  9. -a-, The digital version hasn't appeared on their website aviationconsumer.com yet, but here's the info on the paper copy: Mooney 231/252 It's time again to look at the used Mooney M20K market for the Aviation Consumer Used Aircraft Guide. We want to know what it's like to own these speedy travelers, how much they cost to operate, maintain and insure and what they're like to fly. If you'd like your Mooney to appear in the magazine, send us any photographs (full-size, high-resolution) you'd like to share to the email below. We welcome information on mods, support organizations or any other comments. Send correspondence on the Mooney by July 10, 2019 to: Aviation Consumer email at: ConsumerEditor@hotmail.com Cheers! Terry
  10. The Aviation Consumer, in their June 19 issue, is looking for a few sharing pilots to send in their stories for their Used Aircraft Guide, along with pictures. More info on the back page of the magazine.
  11. Any sounds coming from the inoperative brake?
  12. Thank you, gents. No issues with CHTs, so sounding like the vernatherm. Oldguy, mine is older by a week maybe...24-1491.
  13. Fellow Mooney Nuts, With temps back up into the 90's, I keep running up to redline on my oil temps, requiring a lot of enriching and leveling off to keep them in line. I've looked at the baffling previously and it appeared to be sealing well. I took a closer look today and noticed a big gap at the front of the cowling under the flywheel/starter/alternator area. Ram air was deleted previously. Should there be baffling in this area? Is that gap necessary for something like providing airflow to the muffler? I'd appreciate any observations! Terry M20J@KLBB
  14. Had that same tube bend during my last annual. The mechanic blipped the gear up until it unlocked in order to swing it by hand to ensure the reinstalled gear door would fit. I guess it wasn’t fully unlocked when he tried to push the right main into the gear well and the FBO had to eat the $450 part and the shop time to replace it.
  15. Got hit by green lasers a few times while night flying in C172s around Tokyo; Didn’t affect my vision and all I did was report it to the tower. The flight medicine clinic would evaluate AF pilots a couple of times a quarter after illumination events. They were definitely malicious acts by the local populace.
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