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  1. TerryDubYa

    preciseflight speed brakes

    Any sounds coming from the inoperative brake?
  2. TerryDubYa

    High Oil Temps and Baffling

    Thank you, gents. No issues with CHTs, so sounding like the vernatherm. Oldguy, mine is older by a week maybe...24-1491.
  3. Fellow Mooney Nuts, With temps back up into the 90's, I keep running up to redline on my oil temps, requiring a lot of enriching and leveling off to keep them in line. I've looked at the baffling previously and it appeared to be sealing well. I took a closer look today and noticed a big gap at the front of the cowling under the flywheel/starter/alternator area. Ram air was deleted previously. Should there be baffling in this area? Is that gap necessary for something like providing airflow to the muffler? I'd appreciate any observations! Terry M20J@KLBB
  4. TerryDubYa

    Bent retract rod

    Had that same tube bend during my last annual. The mechanic blipped the gear up until it unlocked in order to swing it by hand to ensure the reinstalled gear door would fit. I guess it wasn’t fully unlocked when he tried to push the right main into the gear well and the FBO had to eat the $450 part and the shop time to replace it.
  5. TerryDubYa


    Got hit by green lasers a few times while night flying in C172s around Tokyo; Didn’t affect my vision and all I did was report it to the tower. The flight medicine clinic would evaluate AF pilots a couple of times a quarter after illumination events. They were definitely malicious acts by the local populace.
  6. TerryDubYa

    Recommend me a new insurance broker

    Mike Strombeck out of KVNY did a great job with finding underwriters with the best rates, especially for a new owner with previously zero Mooney time. http://www.aviatorsinsurance.com/
  7. I can recommend a shop to avoid, which is ASB Avionics at KMHV, Mojave. Had a Lynx 9000, and a PS Engineering audio panel installed by that shop over three weeks this spring. The Lynx install worked fine, but audio started becoming intermittent and then COM 1 stopped working. An avionics tech here found the audio panel rack was installed too far back and didn’t allow the rear connector to fully engage and my COM 1 rack was not fastened to the vertical stack support. Couldn’t believe such shoddy, negligent work went out their door! Terry
  8. Hi MSers, I'm about to shed my shackles, leave California and move to West Texas next month. My annual is due in a few months and wanted to hear of anyone's experience with having an annual done at Lubbock Aero. Would much appreciate any input. Terry
  9. TerryDubYa

    Interior Part and Reference Material

    I guess I flunk this test on deciphering how the numbers line up with the list. Here's a picture of trim piece between the two panels. Thank you for the attachments!! Let's see if the picture goes inverted... Terry iPhoto.app.zip
  10. Hi group, I'm working on refurbishing the crumbling interior panels on my J using Bruce Jaeger's kit and a lot of SEM products. Does anyone know what the part number is for that little silver strip that joins/covers the pilot side panel (aft of the pilot shoulder belt attach point) with the rear passenger side panel? Or perhaps an equivalent replacement? Also, what reference manuals are recommended so that I don't have to pose such annoyingly pedestrian questions to the group? Thanks and cheers! Terry
  11. TerryDubYa

    I've been cheating

    This is a cool homebuilt amphibian - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spencer_Air_Car I remember visiting a shop in Lubbock a long time ago where one was being built. It's a big project, though...oh wait, I'm supposed to be dissuading you...
  12. TerryDubYa

    Mooney Fly-In, SMX

    Blimey, it's not looking too good for us fair wx flyers.
  13. TerryDubYa

    Flying in to OMA

    My "no SA" comment was obviously inaccurate. But I do like having my own map with information that isn't scrolling one parameter at a time. Plus, I'm busy catching up on all the movies I never watched in the theaters.
  14. TerryDubYa

    Flying in to OMA

    I use FF anytime I'm stuck in a cattle car, but found out that it was useless in 787s while flying to Japan last year. Must be the carbon fiber fuselage and the electronic dimming windows. 10 hour flights with no SA sucks!
  15. TerryDubYa

    M20J Rear Seat Pan Question

    Thanks, guys. I'll try the suggested acetone and alu tape before reinstalling the seat pan.