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  1. I have my ADS-B compliance report. It passed, but only shows 1090 out, no 1090 in or UAT in. Sounds like that could be the problem. i pulled down the install manuals but the settings didn’t jump out at me. I may need to set in the airplane and step through it. I think I’ll give the avionics installer a call. Coty
  2. In Foreflight I have filters turned off, to see all traffic. I also checked the Garmin 335, there does not seem to be a setting to show an alternate ADSB in. The Garmin Aera 560 nor ForeFlight showed the missing traffic. Of course they both had the GDL39 as input. ForeFlight does recognize “own ship” and knows there is ADSB out. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if there is a pattern, but there is an occasional plane that doesn’t show.
  3. I’ve had a Garmin GDL-39 for a while an would regularly see aircraft that didn’t show on ADS-B. I assumed it was because I didn’t have ADS-B out. I’ve installed a Garmin GTX 335 and have ADS-B out now. I still see aircraft that are not showing on the scope. One was an American Airlines at 10,000 ft coming in to DFW. Others were traffic called by ATC while I was at 7000 or 8000 ft. I expected the radar returns would have better coverage and show what ATC saw, that’s not been the case. Anyone else seeing something similar?
  4. I didn't have any O2 issues. Of course no cannula at that altitude, I used the mask. I checked my logbook, surprisingly I documented very little. It was in '03. I have an Aerox M cylinder and remember I had to keep dialing up the flow as altitude increased.
  5. On a slow Sunday afternoon I asked the controllers if they had time for me to take my M20E to 21,000 feet. They said sure, think it will make it? I wondered that myself. I made the trip from Dallas to Memphis weekly. I was able to make it to 21K, but it probably took 10 minutes to get that last 1,000 feet. I stayed at 21K for about ten minutes and then asked for lower. The manifold pressure was very low, I will need to see if logged it in my logbook. The thing I remember most was the lack of controll. It was extremely mushy and a little frightening. They list a service ceiling of 21K for the E model. Technically, I hit the service ceiling at 20K or less (100 fps climb rate), but it made it to 21K. I seriously doubt I will ever do it again. I commonly fly 9 to 13,000 feet on longer cross countries with the E model, if there are good winds. On shorter trips, I normally stay at 9 or less.
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