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  1. Hi,I live in Australia where not one shop wants to redo tanks plus labour is $100.00 per hr.I own a F model with leaking tanks and decided to do the job myself.I bought a magnetic driven chemical pump since any other will dissolve the seals with Polygone.After some trials and disasters with all the mentioned problems in this blog ,which is normal in R&D,came up with the commercial available garden sprinkler and replaced the plastic fittings with non dissolvable plastic fittings plus bearings to make it run smooth.Had to ad some more holes in the arms to make it propel better,I made 2 sprinklers to fit in the tanks from below,leave the top hatches on to prevent leaking,under neath I built a mobile tray,that covers the 3 tanks plus a bit more,that collects the liquid and filters out the course material,then before the pump I have a fine filter which is highly required since stuff gets past.Ihave cleaned both wing tanks with great success without hardly any manual work.If any one is interested I can supply pictures and working of the rig.GOOD LUCK
  2. Hi,I bought insulation from Soundex with a cutting pattern,maybe you can contact them with the drawing for your model for installation. Phone:901-335-0985