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  1. I had something similar in my rocket earlier this year. I had the fuel pump rebuilt and the problem has ceased. It may not be the answer for you but I have no issues now with full power in all settings and it is running as good and as smooth as ever. I noticed it mostly on takeoff as it would not reach max Manifold pressure and start to lose power and ran much smoother at 35-36 inches.
  2. I will take a look at UT47. Thanks for the info. I love Lake Powell and Utah so it could be a good option.
  3. If you come to AZ, I know a CFI who has access to a Rocket he routinely flies, and he has flown mine as well(which is also for sale). He might do the training elsewhere also. I am sure he would give you excellent instruction as needed for the Rocket.
  4. I have seen the sad sight at Whiskey Creek many times. It is terrible to see the plane like that on the ramp. Hope it was a great trip.
  5. Have a great flight. Going to anyplace named Whiskey Creek just makes you think of the old west. Silver is a great little mountain town.
  6. Whiskey Creek is much closer to town with a very narrow runway in good shape overall. I have tried to call the owner/manager listed and only gotten the voice mailbox is full message. It is the closest alternative and has a few transient parking spots but you should bring your own tie downs if you want to be safe. It can be very windy. I dont think fuel is available there also but I have stopped planning to take on fuel in Silver City altogether and have not explored the field to verify. Las Cruces or Dona Anna Cty have fuel and food if you want to be safe and fill up knowing you can get to the Tucson area without getting gas in Silver.
  7. If you decide not to land at La Cholla, the Marana airport FBO will treat you right. Grant County (KSVC) does not have fuel last time I was there so you will want to check first if you need a top off. It is also a 20-30 minute drive into Silver City and I am not sure about taxi or rental car. Usually there is no one there at the office in Grant County and I can't remember the last time I saw someone else when I landed at KSVC.
  8. I am less than 2 years from retirement and looking for a more perfect place than my current home of Tucson. I would only add the requirement of world class medical facilities within an hour to my list and south or southwest instead of southeast. Tucson already fits the criteria pretty well, but for some reason I have a crazy idea that I would like to try living close to a large lake, river or stream.
  9. Best of luck on the purchase. I looked at 2 of those listed at La Cholla and I was not sure I wanted to try to taxi to the runway, but it has been a few years and hopefully some tree trimming and pothole filling has happened.
  10. It would be great to live by a runway but AVQ is still pretty nice. I have looked at moving to La Cholla as well. Would a poor result in the lawsuit shut the airpark down?
  11. Well done. You take the nit picking well too, which is very important for continued success. I will likely be listing my Rocket on your site when the annual is finished.
  12. and thanks Curosoam. When I bought it 6 years ago I read everything on here and other sites that I could. The site really helped out on a nose wheel issue I had a year ago. The maintenance shop overturned the nose wheel and broke something with the tug at my local shop. After the repair the plane acted like a drift car on landing. I brought a post from the site to the mechanic and he took the advice and properly fixed the setup on the nose so it acted normal again. There is a wealth of knowledge here. It has been a wonderful plane to own. After the purchase, I upgraded it to all glass, the non-garmin less expensive route, and never have regretted the choice. I love turning 7 hour drives into 55 minute fights here in the mountainous southwest. It has been a time machine and the family loves it. I have a smile on my face all day when I hear Center call out to the bonanzas and 310s that they need to watch for the Mooney overtaking them.
  13. It was late and a typo. 30/22 at 65% which at 12000 should be 195kn and 19gallons. I need to get to 16-17000 before I start to see those numbers. If I don't move into a twin I will have to look at the lighter prop. I don't like the idea of putting lead in back and having a permanent reduction in useful weight.
  14. Your numbers are similar to what I see in my rocket but I dont remember ever having less speed (TAS) up higher. I can't get the speed up to the book numbers. I have the engine monitor and climb at 35/25 and 120indicated or better to keep temps down most of the time, but I am usually starting out at over 100 degrees on the runway in AZ. I usually run at 31/22 and find I am 10 short of book speed and about a gallon higher on my ff from book. A friend has an STC for lead in the tail near the battery and he gets most of the speed back but loses a passenger or quite a bit of gas. The plane is super nose heavy so anytime I have less weight up front or more in the baggage area I see higher speeds.