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  1. Try Kracon in Lincoln Ca KLHM, 916 645 1614. They painted E three years ago and I was very happy with the service and the finished product.
  2. This happened to me several times in my E model. I removed the master cylinder and overhauled it using new orings from Spruce Aircraft. There is a check valve of sorts in the master cylinder that is the issue. I haven't had any issues since the overhaul.
  3. Removed from my 1966 M20E in working order. I installed a Plane Power system. $100.00
  4. I was given a 65 M20E that sat for 4 years with a mid time engine. I spent a year and a half restoring her completely including paint, interior, fuel bladders, avionics, gear over and prop overhaul. I didn't overhaul the engine but did overhaul or replace all the accessories. I'm an A&P so labor was free and I still spent $85,000.00. If I had to do it over again I would pass on it. Having said that I enjoy flying her.
  5. Thanks for the information guys. I'll post the solution when I figure it out.
  6. Does anyone know the correct belt P/N for an Inter-av alternator installation? I'm currently using a Lycoming belt P/N 37B19774-374 belt. The problem with this belt is the pulley on the alternator in wider than the belt. Even when I tighten the belt it goes to the bottom of the pulley allowing the belt to slip. I'm told the belt that came with the STC was a Gates belt. I can either change the pulley or the belt. Mooney M20/E
  7. I had a similar Issue with my E model. Mine had sat for four years before a complete restoration. I overhauled all components firewall forward except the engine itself and the fuel distributor. On my first test flight it started to backfire on the downwind leg however I was able to make it back. Turns out one of the injectors clogged even though the fuel system was new. I removed the fuel distributor and found it was corroded causing the injector to clog. Over the next four or five flights I had high EGT on Cylinder number two. I swapped injectors around and no changes. I removed the stainless line from the distributor to the injector and ran safety wire though it and cleaned it with pressure. This worked and all EGT run the same. I think a piece of corrosion had broken off and got stuck in the line reducing the fuel flow enough to cause high EGT but enough fuel to run. I hope this helps.
  8. Brittain had my servo for a year and a half while they made their new mold. I received an overhauled servo with their new boot installed several weeks ago. It looks and works great. They have a backlog to work through so it may take awhile.
  9. If you include the fuel sending units with the cluster gauge I'll buy them for 300.00.
  10. Can you show a picture of the back of the Garwin cluster gauges.
  11. Mhemperly made an offer April 26 2016 for $50.00 Regardless of that what do you want for the cluster gauge. You posted a picture of two units sitting on top of each other.
  12. Do you still have the cluster Gauge pictured on top with the cannon plug and individual gauges? It looks like you wanted $50.00, if so I'll take it.