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    this is the propeller hub on a Mooney M20-C, we were doing the Eddy current inspection and got a reading that there was a crack. We removed the shotpeening dipped it in zyglo and the crack clearly showed up in the dark area.....
  2. Hartzell Propeller Hub Crack

    I normally do not post, I want to let the aircraft owners know that in the last two weeks we have found two cracks in two different aircraft propeller hubs under AD 2009-22-03. Both had been inspected 100 hrs earlier and had shown no discrempencies. Not sure what to think, is it a vibration, time, age that these are just now showing up cracked. We had not had a hub cracked in 15 years so we are treating this very seriously.

    Everyone always says Hartzell Hubs its a scam to change your hubs out, they never had a cracked hub. Well we found two this last week and here is a picture of what it looks like.