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  1. The Engine has 660 hours SMOH. Not sure about the wobble test or reaming.
  2. I have the EI-UGB-16 Engine Monitor. As I explained to the IA, without knowing what values are correct, the only way for me to find any value is to lean to rough and pull back to get a baseline.
  3. In search of my oil consumption issue, my IA did a compression check and found that since January my compressions went from 72/80 to low 50s/80 one was at 45/50. The issue was the exhaust valves were leaking. The rings and cylinder bore were good shape. My IA state that I was running the engine too lean and that caused the valve guides to wear out and keeping the exhaust valve open. I asked him what is a good value to keep the EGTs at and he stated no higher than 1250. He wasn't concerned with CHTs. From all the readings I have done, my IA logic seems reversed, and many sites indicate that EGT temps below 1600 are meaningless. Before the engine repair, I was running the EGTs around 1279 - 1359 and the CHTs 279 - 330. 22mp/2400-2500 rpms. My lean procedures were to pull the mixture until the engine started running rough and then push back in until it cleared. The engine seemed like it was happy but I don't want to burn things up again. What values should I be targeting. I have a M20G with the 180hp carburetored. Thanks Neal
  4. Is this the Lasar STC or a regular windscreen?
  5. The oil consumption varies, but I seem to suck a quart every 4 hours. Although I am starting to detect a fouling plug after the engine has sat a couple of days, which is a new development. So the next chance I get I am going to pull the bottom plugs and hopefully the culprit will be obvious.
  6. I believe I have a stuck oil ring, I seem to burn about 1 qt every 4 hours and the oil blackens very quickly, within 6 hours. I am not seeing any oil on the belly, however I don't seem to be able to lean as great as I should. When I pull the bottom plus all the plugs look pretty normal in that one is NOT oil soaked. Below is a picture of the engine monitor, not sure how to tell from the monitor which cylinder might be the offender. I have tried all the normal remedies to get the ring unstuck, however it only frees for a bit and then seems to stick again. All the compressions are 70+/80psi and the engine runs strong, just burns the oil. I am not overly worried, but I would like to address it next annual if I can figure out which cylinder is having the issue. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Neal b
  7. I would be interested in what AeroTrim as to say. Do they even sell the electric trim anymore.
  8. I just did this last year. If you have help, it should only take a couple of days. It takes longer than what you would think it does. One reason is you have to drill out the holes for the new windows. Not hard but you do want to take your time with it not to crack the window. Neal
  9. Has anyone reupholstered their seats using the Airtex product? If so what are your thoughts? Did it turn out well and how is it holding up? I was thinking about taking on this project over the winter and on the fence about using a local shop or doing it myself using the Airtex products. Thanks for any feedback and pictures... Neal
  10. I try to preheat as much as possible and it DOES make a big difference in the ease of starting. I had the plane pulled into a hanger for a couple of hours (no preheat) one cold day, and while it helped, the CHTs and the oil temp was only up to 40 degrees. It started a little harder than what I would have liked. I have a Concord battery which kept the blades turning enough to start. I really think highly of the Concord batteries.
  11. Assuming no pre-heat is available and a temperature between 30 - 45 degrees, what are people finding to start the 180hp carburated engine? My engine was cold and I did my normal turn the fuel pump on to pressurize and 4 pumps on the throttle fuel pump off. The engine popped but didn't start. I repeated the process, but I couldn't get it to fire. After a while, I pumped the throttle about 7 -10 times and it finally fired up. However, I don't think this would be an effective procedure. Looking for recommendations. Thanks Neal M20G
  12. Wow! that is beautiful! Where did you get the cowl?
  13. My objective would be a forever-plane, and not touch-up. I am all in favor of removing the flight control surfaces. In fact I was rather surprised on when the vendor mentioned they didn't remove them. To me that raises a red flag on the quality.
  14. Looking to take the plunge and get my bird painted around the beginning of the year. Looking for recommendations of paint shops around the Kansas City area or the Midwest in general. I have a couple of quotes ranging from $8K - $16K. The $8k price doesn't remove the flight controls (not sure how important that would be). While $8K sounds great $16K is outside the budget. Something around $10 would be best. Anyone got any recommendations and/or and opinion of some of the shops around? Any places to stay away from? I am also looking at a couple of places down in FL as well. Thanks Neal
  15. If you don't mind me asking where did you purchase your cover from?