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  1. I have a G model. Doesn't really matter what airplane you get, you will always wish it had better climb and more speed. The G is a nice flying bird, even with the 180hp I never felt it was underpowered even on the hottest day at gross weight. I have flown the 200hp models and didn't really notice much in the way of climb or speed, but I am sure it was there. The nice thing about the 180hp is that its a slightly cheaper engine to overhaul. That said if I ever had to replace the engine, I would get the STC and put the 200hp in it. I wouldn't rule out a G if you found one nicely equipped with good times on the engine/airframe and with decent paint.
  2. The Cowl looks beautiful. I want one for my G..... the jealousy is setting in.
  3. Lasar has these back in stock. I just got mine from them from being back ordered.
  4. I Made a post in the general forum earlier in the year. For a little while the Turn Coordinator stopped and then started working again. Now it has stopped again. Basically states no electrical power. Yes it has power going to it and I don't feel or hear it try and spin up. It still sees to work on the vacuum side. My turn coordinator supports the Brittan Autopilot where it has the adjustment for roll. Anyone got a suggestion on where to send it for an overhaul? Thanks Neal
  5. For sale 2 fuel senders for a Mooney with the 52gal tanks and Digital Aerospace Logic FS101 display. I have a M20G with the 52 gallon tanks so it only had two senders. According to the logs my fuel senders were replaced in 2008. What I don't know if these were new or rebuilt, so I would assume rebuilt. I replaced them with the CIES senders. These senders were working when I removed them, however the right sender has a slight issue. When the tanks were topped off, sometimes the right sender would read the full amount while other times it would start at 17 gallons. At 17 gallons it would track down as normal, it would do this fairly often. When the digital display showed 0 in the tank you still had 9 gallons remaining. The left sender I didn't have an issue with nor the display. These look to be in good shape, and the floats look good as well. I am posting on here for a little while and then to Ebay. Asking $250 for everything, with $20 shipping in the US. If you have any questions please let me know. Neal
  6. You might give Dean Ayers a call at Leavenworth Aviation. He has worked on Mooneys for decades. I have used him in the past and present, and he is very fair and will let the owner get involved. Neal
  7. Spruce cuts a PO to CEIS directly. I am going through this process right now. I will give KUDOS to CEIS and Spruce. I have a G model and the parts manual states 4 fuel senders, the CEIS kit states 4 fuel senders so. I placed the order with Spruce. After talking with the A&P and some visual inspection found only 2 senders total (one per tank). So I called CEIS and talked with Christine, she was very helpful and after some research we found that my G model with the 52 gallon tanks only has 2 senders. Luckily for me, CEIS hadn't built my senders yet and were able to build the correct ones. Christine stated she would call Spruce and modify the PO (no sense paying for 2 extra senders). I checked my orders on Spruce and looks like they made the adjustment. Neal
  8. Well, on my flight today my turn coordinator stopped working. Basically states no electrical power. Yes it has power going to it and I don't feel or hear it try and spin up. My turn coordinator supports the Brittan Autopilot where it has the adjustment for roll. Anyone got a suggestion on where to send it for an overhaul? Thanks Neal
  9. The Engine has 660 hours SMOH. Not sure about the wobble test or reaming.
  10. I have the EI-UGB-16 Engine Monitor. As I explained to the IA, without knowing what values are correct, the only way for me to find any value is to lean to rough and pull back to get a baseline.
  11. In search of my oil consumption issue, my IA did a compression check and found that since January my compressions went from 72/80 to low 50s/80 one was at 45/50. The issue was the exhaust valves were leaking. The rings and cylinder bore were good shape. My IA state that I was running the engine too lean and that caused the valve guides to wear out and keeping the exhaust valve open. I asked him what is a good value to keep the EGTs at and he stated no higher than 1250. He wasn't concerned with CHTs. From all the readings I have done, my IA logic seems reversed, and many sites indicate that EGT temps below 1600 are meaningless. Before the engine repair, I was running the EGTs around 1279 - 1359 and the CHTs 279 - 330. 22mp/2400-2500 rpms. My lean procedures were to pull the mixture until the engine started running rough and then push back in until it cleared. The engine seemed like it was happy but I don't want to burn things up again. What values should I be targeting. I have a M20G with the 180hp carburetored. Thanks Neal
  12. Is this the Lasar STC or a regular windscreen?
  13. The oil consumption varies, but I seem to suck a quart every 4 hours. Although I am starting to detect a fouling plug after the engine has sat a couple of days, which is a new development. So the next chance I get I am going to pull the bottom plugs and hopefully the culprit will be obvious.
  14. I believe I have a stuck oil ring, I seem to burn about 1 qt every 4 hours and the oil blackens very quickly, within 6 hours. I am not seeing any oil on the belly, however I don't seem to be able to lean as great as I should. When I pull the bottom plus all the plugs look pretty normal in that one is NOT oil soaked. Below is a picture of the engine monitor, not sure how to tell from the monitor which cylinder might be the offender. I have tried all the normal remedies to get the ring unstuck, however it only frees for a bit and then seems to stick again. All the compressions are 70+/80psi and the engine runs strong, just burns the oil. I am not overly worried, but I would like to address it next annual if I can figure out which cylinder is having the issue. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Neal b
  15. I would be interested in what AeroTrim as to say. Do they even sell the electric trim anymore.