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  1. You may get a little more interest if you post some pictures
  2. Is this one still available? Any more panel pictures?
  3. My mistake. It showed sold on Ebay.
  4. Sold on eBay on 11/19/17 for $26,900
  5. I have nothing to do with this plane, it just sounded and looked nice. Price is even better
  6. As a controller, I would've told you about the helicopter. If I didn't know about the helo, and the pilot sees it and feels unsure, say something. Questioning doesn't hurt. It's your life on the line.
  7. Are you looking for a partner to buy a share of the plane or would you consider "renting" it out for an hourly rate? Either way I'm out, too nice of a plane for me and too far away.
  8. My 2nd generation iPad would always over heat. Sucks when you're using that for nav and not expecting it to go out. My 4th generation has yet to overheat, even under the same condition. Just my experience.
  9. Maybe this one works.
  10. That's weird. Doesn't work on my phone either.
  11. Not 1050 but close.
  12. Congrats. I remember a discussion about landing a long body vs a short body. What's your take?