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  1. Ah ha. I understand. Rotating it inner assembly with the screws loosened. That was easy. THANK YOU!!!!!
  2. Really, that’s it? Don’t have to disassemble the unit?
  3. Just got the governor back from rebuild. Seems like the prop governor control arm is 180 degrees off. Cable comes from pilot side of firewall and with control arm in down orientation, pushing cable in pushes against spring which is Low rpm when it should be high rpm????
  4. Ya, point taken. I’ll leave the call to my A&P.
  5. Thanks. Looks like the exact part. $195 each! Ouch. vs $43 turbohoses.com not same part number and have to cut down.
  6. Thanks. About $43 each but will need to cut the legs down a bit. Anyone have a bad feeling about that?
  7. Hey folks, See photo. My J has a turbo normalizer (Rayjay) from M20 Turbos Inc which is defunct of course. I’m looking for the 930199-22 flex tube that is a short segment of 22 degree angled 2 1/4” diameter tube approx 4” long that attach to either side of the wastegate. The only sources my A&P has found have been straight or 45 degrees. I am looking for 2 of them. I appreciate any help locating a source.
  8. Is it accessable without removing a bunch of stuff or pulling the engine??
  9. Yes. Mostly stays behind the baffle in back of the cylinders. I know gear doors and belly normally gets filthy from the vent.
  10. Current engine is now past TBO at 2150 hrs. Just came out of annual 2 months ago with compressions at 76/78/78/78 and no sign of engine wear in 50 hour oil changes. The engine has had a minor oil leak that is presumed to be at the back bottom of the crankcase (from dye test) since I purchased it (didn't show up on pre-buy). Nothing on the floor, just a small amount that gets blown around the engine compartment and ends up accumulating on nose gear doors and belly over time. Other A&P's tried addressing it without success. Can't be addressed without pulling engine and even then, no gua
  11. Hello oh wise keepers of Mooney knowledge, The time has come to replace the engine in my M20J 201. (IO-360-A3B6D). It's my first time ever replacing an AC engine so excuse my ignorance. I'll admit that I did not look through all 175 pages of topics so I'm sure that some answers to my questions are burred somewhere in this monster. My budget is $30k without additional financing. My options as I see them are: 1. Buy crate engine from someone like PennYan (other recomendations???) and have it swapped. Pro: Quick turnaround on M20. Better resale value (although not planning on selli
  12. Correct, there's not. There's even wear marks on the current cover. Only talking about like 1/8" thickness.
  13. Has anyone put toe brakes on the co-pilot side of a J? Is it possible? Is it allowable? I found a set of pilot side rudder peddles. I figure if anyone has done it, it'd be one of you guys.
  14. Hello all, Trim chain cover was removed at last annual and screws are nowhere to be found. I found the cover but what size are the 4 screws that hold the cover onto the assembly. It's a pretty flimsy piece of plastic and thinking of 3d printing something a bit sturdier. Related question, what is the proper lube for the trim chain? Thank you. Bryan
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