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  1. jgarrison Senior Member Basic Member 244 220 posts Posted February 4 I just sell the bottles. 115cf Kevlar for $1475 Must you use the same type of bottle kevlar,aluminum ,steel that your system was stc'd with?
  2. looking for a trim interrupt switch for a 79 k also a cdt/ tit guage
  3. can you switch bottle types in an installation or do you have to keep the same type bottle? In other words can you switch from an HT steel to a composite without recertifying the installation?
  4. Again I am sure any private company would resell the traded in units, but what of the oem programs?
  5. Its The manufacturers doing it Ive been told not private avionics shops.obviously.And no it doesnt make financial sense unless you want to control the market or reduce liability tails.Why does Avidyne offer a huge rebate for a competitors unit?where do they resell these units if they are not destroyed?
  6. I been told differently but with all the avionics professionals here ,the fate of a 430 or 530 returned to Garmin or Avidyne should be easily determined.
  7. Trading in good gps units only to have them destroyed does a great disservice to those pilots that cannot afford new units.It may not even be the best economical choice since there is a healthy market for used 430s and 530s.
  8. Vance Im going through the same thing trying to get checked out in a k. step one is to hit the owners manual HARD and start memorising all those limitations and procedures. Then sit in the cockpit for a couple of times going through normal and abnormal procedures until you can find all the gauges and information quickly and comfortably.Once you feel comfortable in the cockpit with all this then its time to call the CFI and start applying all this Knowledge in the air.I havent flown small planes in over 30 years and in my day job, flying on one engine on oxygen at FL 240 is a double emergency
  9. Mike I am a new 231 owner transitioning from somewhat larger airplanes .I wonder if you have some time in the next few weeks for a checkout. Thanks Georges
  10. so how did this turn out? I am chasing down same symptoms
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