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  1. Hello "MA"

    thank you for your answer.

    Please send the service instructions for the speedbrakes to my mail adress:




  2. I had the same issue some time ago. If this happens inflight, pulling the circuit breaker will fully retract the speed brake again. Precise Flight sent me calibration instructions for the microswitches. The process is no rocket science and the calibration takes an hour or so. Fritz: If you PM me your email address I am happy to send the pdfs.
  3. When I broke in my IO550 steel cylinders by the book (Anthony's #7) I saw high "break in" temperatures for less than one hour. After that, temps continued decreasing and settled at current state after 5-7 hours or so. If one cylinder still runs hot after five hours, I recommend swapping the CHT sensor, make sure this jug runs doesn't run lean (engine monitor) and carefully checking airflow / engine and cylinder baffling My old trustworthy M20E was running with 350F-360F CHT in cruise (WOT, LOP).
  4. My oil filter is mounted vertically so I never tried this one. I looks easier to use than plastic bags and towels under the filter. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/tempestoildraintool.php?clickkey=30995
  5. Xavier I have good experience with https://www.southernaircraft.co.uk/ The very responsive team that will guide you through the paperwork within days. Insurance is no issue. Brexit and the currency devaluation of the British Pound make the GBP 375.- annual fee cheaper every day :-) Peter
  6. Jim I believe I was insured through them with an US residence some years ago. I suggest to call and discuss your situation with the agent. When I talked to him he was competent and engaged to find a solution. Peter
  7. Hi Tom EMPOA, the European Mooney Association offers a fleet rate for Mooney’s. https://www.empoa.eu/index.php/en/empoa-flottenversicherung.html Easy process. Happy to share contact details through PM. Peter
  8. Here is a workaround for the insurance requirements: 1. Get your US insurance. This covers all North America including Canadian airspace. 2. Get a (short term) EU insurance. These have worldwide coverage excluding North America. The combination of both covers the ferry flight. The EU insurance is affordable and has very high liability coverage (I remember €5M?)
  9. I suggest to call Precise support. They were very friendly and helpful with finding the root cause when I had issues with mine. https://www.preciseflight.com/ I had to send in mine in for overhaul. Be prepared to send in the control box as well. As mentioned above: Removing and installing the brakes and control box is an easy job. It took 3 hrs or so. They work perfectly now ... and hopefully for the next 10 years.
  10. I did not do the baby jar test. That would have been next step if the fix above would have failed. I don't remember any dirt in the ultrasound bath. Both, nozzle and fuel line looked shiny and polished after cleaning.
  11. Symptom IO-550 with GAMI injectors. Nicely balanced in cruise: GAMI spread 0.4 gal/min. At takeoff average EGT of all cylinders 1300F ... except #6 at 1450 EGT. At takeoff all CHT around 380F (hot summer day) ... except #6 quickly raising above 400F. Diagnosis I ran the SavvyAnalysis in flight tests: Ignition, mixture distribution, induction: No findings Increased max fuel flow from 29 to 31 gal/h: All cylinders got richer at takeoff but #6 Reduced RPM from 2700 to 2500 right after takeoff ... and the problem went away! #6 EGT got back to similar EGT like the olde
  12. Fully agree: I have been scuba diving with my dry suit under an ice layer in a frozen lake. Very comfortable even after 45min. I would not be concerned to swim in my dry suit for some minutes in the North Atlantic before getting into the raft. I own a Switlik single person raft. This can be carried like a belt over the dry suit. This minimizes the risk to not get it out of the aircraft after ditching. http://www.switlik.com/aviation/isplr/features For some flying single engine over the ocean is reckless, some do it for living. Everybody is right from his perspective. I accept the cal
  13. I check my CC bills: ~$4k for the trip. $2.7k for avgas, $350 for two nights (aibnb in Iqaluit, airport hotel in Reykjavik), $600 for landing and handling fees, rest for food, skydemon subscription, etc. I already own a raft, dry diving suit, ELT transmitter, portable radio etc. No expenses for renting. I know you can get a 1st class commercial ticket for that money ... I currently have two residencies, one in the US and one in Germany. I am looking forward to flying in Europe this summer and will eventually fly the Mooney back to the US next year
  14. Hey Mike - for the return trip next summer? :-) Looking forward to catch up in Oshkosh!
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