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  1. I used the 231 numbers then adjusted them for the 252. I have found that my 252 is around 5 to 7 knots faster than the posted 231 numbers and the fuel burn is very close. You can add 5 knots to all the 231 numbers and be pretty close
  2. I talked with David in Kennett. I know they have a good reputation on MS forum and my decision came down to my local guys working with America's Aircraft and having a good relationship with them. Price was about the same. I was surprised some of the well known shops around the country quoted me 62G. I am sure they do great job but that is the same price as factory reman. Its hard to believe a engine rebuild is the price of a nice new car.
  3. Has anyone used America's Aircraft Engines out of Oklahoma? A couple local mechanics where I am based (Denton, TX) have used them several times with good results. I thought about a factory rebuilt from airpower but the 62G is to high for my taste. I talked with jewel and he was about the same price as Americas Aircraft. It Turns out that I went to high school with the owner of Americas aircraft In Tulsa back in the day so I have decided to give them my business. BTW, its around 37G with factory cylinders. I love my 252 and how fast and efficient it is but Mx cost on this engine is much more than the IO 470 and 520 i have owned in the past.
  4. I airline into DFW on the morning of the 18th around 930am. If AA is on time I should be able to get to my plane in Denton and make it down for lunch.
  5. If you end up in roanoke then you will want to consider 52f (northwest regional) or Denton. 52f is a small private airport with a cool vibe and lots of experimental type planes around. Denton is where i keep my plane. Its a busy towered airport with plenty of services, either would be a good choice depending what you are looking for
  6. How could FAA they possibly find me PIC if i am unable to be fly because of either drinking a beer or not having my glasses on ect. . Either case would 100% of the time keep me from being PIC. I always drink a beer before my wife flies us somewhere. slam dunk, no way for me to be PIC.
  7. I Agree, I fly for a living as well and my wife has her private. When we fly together (often) she is ALWAYS pic. I can leave my medical at home or drink a beer and legally could not be PIC even though I have a ATP, CFII, ect. Its not hard to bust a reg on airspace or a notam i didnt read close enough and risk my paycheck.
  8. Duncan aviation in Lincoln NE using a silk screening process that is very fast and looks great. I picked up a $200,000. paint job they did for a Gulfstream 550 and they missed placards all over that airplane. It only took a few hours and like i said the silk screening placards look great. (should for 200k) I am going to look into how to do this on my m20k.
  9. Thank you all for your replies, great info. Working on a place to stay then it will be easier to figure our what airport to use. As some of you have stated a place to stay in sept is tight on supply. I was hoping that the tourist season would be winding down with the kids back in school but no such luck.
  10. Going to Lake Tahoe the last week of Sept and we have a condo rented. Cant wait to fly the mooney out west from texas. Planning on leaving a few days early and looking at visiting Yosemite. What airports near Yosemite would anyone recommend? I do not need a rental car since my brother is driving up from SAC and will pick us up. Just need a place for overnight parking and fuel. Also any insight on places to stay near or in Yosemite? Hope the fires are out by then.
  11. I have used my speed brakes a couple times to make sure they work in my 252. Cant remember a time I have needed them yet in 300 hours of flying. I wouldnt pay any extra to have them. Maybe i am too cheap, figure i will use altitude for speed or less fuel on the way down. 20" manifold keeps the engine warm enough on my plane
  12. One thought I would like to bring up is that most (almost all) stalls in transport aircraft are with the auto pilot on.. Stall training in the simulator at my work has changed from hand flying them to using the auto pilot until the stall then of course hand flying the recovery. For those of you that have autopilots i would become familiar with how your autopilot and airplane react to approaching and stall. Your more likely to stall the plane by mismanagement of the auto pilot than hand flying for those of you that use auto pilots regularly.
  13. I have had my 252 for two years and have flown it about 200 hours and so far it has been a great airplane as far as cost and performance. I usually run it at 28" manifold and 2500 rpm at any altitude. the fuel burn is usually around 12.8gph and tas anywhere from 165 knots down low to 190k up at fl190. insurance is around 1400 and both of my annuals have been around 2500 including a few small repairs. I did have to replace the alternator and voltage regulator that was around 1500. Usually its just my wife and I so useful load has not been a issue. I have had 4 normal size adults in it for short flights ( i only have about 30 gallons when i do that) and once the back seat pax get in there is plenty of room. I am surprised how many times I have taken advantage of flying higher because of summer temps or wx or to catch a tail wind and often fly in the 15 to 17500' range. I owned a cessna 182 before and the mooney has been cheaper to operate per mile. Good luck on your search for a new airplane.
  14. RNP approaches take special air crew training and aircraft operator has to have approval to perform these approaches. I use RNP approaches at work. Kind of a pain to go thru the approval process but the RNP let you shoot low approaches into mountain airports for example.
  15. Just got a renewal notice on my 1986 m20k. It went from just under 1400 to almost 2000. (nothing changed as far as hanger or pilot) I currently have USAIG. I sent my info in to aopa to see what kind of quote I get back from them. I was shocked at the increase. Has anyone else seen this kind of increase?