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  1. 67 m20f exec. For sale

    Thanks to who ever corrected pictures , still haven't figured out how to do it. Thanks for the interest I have more info as promised. A/C TSN 4670 PROP TT 4670 TSPOH 1315 PROP EDDY DONE AT ANNUAL ENGINE TSMOH 1696 aprox 40 hrs on 4 new cylinder assy. Compression 1-78 2- 76 3-75 4-78 garmin 430 is non WAAS A few other items done at annual service gascolator new gaskets and seals replace main and nose shocks rebuild flap pump replace rat socks replace brake lining replace fuel drain LH and RH as I mentioned just finished annual in June. 10 pages available on request. Thanks for your interest, Darrell
  2. I have spent the last two years tweaking this plane but I'm just not flying enough right now to keep her. So Iam listing it here first and see how it goes then maybe trade a plane. I'm listing it from work so don't have everything in front of be but here is a start I will try to update later. If you have questions please feel free to shoot me a PM. Not alway able to follow listing. Just finished annual with DonMaxwell. Also installed gtx345 ads-b in and out receive weather and traffic. Garmin 430, brittain ll auto pilot, gma 340 audio panel, JPI 830 engine monitor. Prop overhauled at annual. New cylinders, fuel injectors& lines , sky-tec start, fuel flow dividers, spider, gee bee engine baffles, exhaust pipe, donuts , tires , Sorry about inverted pics don't know how to rotate them.
  3. M20F Before/After

    Very nice inside and out ! Extra speed of course also be interesting to see how much cooler temps will be.
  4. Since getting it back from Dmax I feel a lot better about the plane I know that the plane and log books have been gone over. Now I am at a good starting point. There is always something that can been done I budget (haha alway go over) so much each year for annuals etc. this year I hope to work off the WANT side of the list instead of the NEED side. The guys here on MS are awesome when it comes to help and resources. Hope you get to work on the want side of your list more than the need side. It more fun.
  5. P.S. get engine monitor first thing I did and it has saved my bacon and helps navigate through the process of trouble shooting. Love my JPI 830.
  6. Congrats on the plane. It has been said many times here to have about 10 grand After purchase for unknowns . I would suggest you start with a annual from a Mooney guy preferably not familiar with your plan history. To make long story short I like many others was in your place. My plane was just out of annual (Whoope do) when I purchased it thought I was ready to go but for two years I was always behind the eight ball always chasing something thinking each time that should do it. Ignorance does not make you safe looking back on my two year journey it is a wonder I was not a statistic and after loosing confidence in my plane and two inflight Engine loss l took it to don maxwell had I started there I would have saved a LOT of money and time. If you are not familiar with Mooney planes don't think you are. I don't mind fixing probables as they arise but start with a good annual. If I had it to do over I would do many things different one would be not wait for my annual to get on top of problems after two years Dmax still found 6 pages of items. (AD,s never done and 1200 hours taken off the engine through "magic" log books. Just to name a couple ) Good luck on your journey. It will be worth it.
  7. Yes. And it was another shop that found the fraud. The other shops where familiar with the plane not that it should influence there job but ?
  8. From what it appears the prior owner represented a low time engine. When a crank case repair was made several years ago (14) it was ADDED 0 TSMO as well as other entries from previous owner showing low time line. After going thru all of the history of receipts an email was found to the previous owner from that previous seller showing true engine time as well as the previous owner acknowledging needed AD's on engine and prop. It seems they will not pursue any action against the previous owner. Sad people can do such blatant misrepresentation (FRAUD)and have the safty of the cost of litigation to hide behind. Would there be a statue of limitations? Just another example of money well spent with a prebuy from a reputable and qualified shop. Not necessarily the closest.
  9. So I have a friend and fellow pilot who purchased a plane a couple of years ago after a recent annual it was brought to there attention they have 1200 more hours on the engine then the log book show. As well as non compliant AD on prop. Just curious on thoughts of recourse if any.
  10. Bahamas Travel

    Made the trip one time great experience. Didn't have all this great support. Not sure what time you plan on getting into Bahamas but from what I recall you don't want to get there after sunset (may be an hour before sunset ) but I think it's more of a hassle and they will charge you for arriving after this time. My experience with customs on both sides was uneventful. I sure you will have a great time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Things that make you go WTF

    Wow Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Thanks demander I have found a cap.
  13. Buying near major overhaul

    Well put. I bought a low time SMOH. and have spent enough to put a big dent in a factory rebuild. There is never a guarantee but good maintenance and flying regularly a nice plus. When you have it done you know what you have.

    Thanks, small price to pay for a little more piece of mind.