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  1. I had the same experience in September last year over L.A. at 11500'. We were three people onboard the Mooney and none of us in the airplane could identify what that big object was. I reported it to the ATC immediately. Then FAA and FBI called and interviewed all of us. They were not able to see anything on their radar. As far as I know they couldn't figure out what that was either. I was wondering why they didn't have a primary radar anymore.
  2. Did a fuel pressure transducer diagnose and replacement at CoastAir last week. They did a good job in finding the issue and replacing the part.
  3. I imported my J last year from Canada. Let me know in a private message, if you want to discuss the process.
  4. I suggest you call Jimmy Garrison or another dealer, and ask his opinion. An educated deal is worth a lot.
  5. Very much appreciate your support @carusoam. You are always nice to everyone and am happy we have you in MS. And you're totally right. Very well said.
  6. Thanks. I wish one day visit the Arctic by a ship. I could see pieces of ice from FL330. Beautiful sight.
  7. Saw this spectacular sight over Arctic Ocean this morning (or maybe last night California time. 12 hours difference observed in half hour); on a flight to DXB from LAX. One of the clouds looked like a mushroom. Can CB develop over Arctic?
  8. Those who don't have Craig's email are those who haven't donated
  9. What worried me the most, was if there are backups of the posts in this forum. It's an encyclopaedia of useful information about Mooneys that should never be lost. Generally, It has become a great concern among some scientists that most of our today's knowledge and scientific progress are stored on computer memories. And if for whatever reason those memories are lost, it will be a disaster. I hope there are backups for MS content.
  10. I have been getting connection error in the past couple of days
  11. Very nice paper Erik. I went through it quickly and its interesting the way you segment developing clusters in temporally flattened matrices. I have to read it more thoroughly though. I work in a close subject to yours, more in temporal pattern detection by HMM, and infinite clustering with Dirichlet Process. Great to meet you here.
  12. An interesting article from Fraunhofer institute in Germany about making aircraft surfaces less sticky in ice conditions using Direct Laser Interference Patterning (DLIP). It will be very interesting if this technique could also make surfaces non-sticky in freezing rain. https://www.archiv.fraunhofer.de/Fraunhofer_magazine_1_2020/#46
  13. Ario

    Santa Barbara KSBA Runway 15L

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate your support.
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