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  1. Many thanks RMag for the help! I will give feedback later as soon as I get again on board.
  2. Of course that I am trying to get terrain warnings when flying (very) close terrain or obstacle. Already explained above that on these situations GarminPilot gives the Terrain Warning, but nothing happens on GTN...
  3. Thanks for all comments. I am almost sure that this is a setup problem and not a alert audio wiring problem because I do receive other audio messages from GTN and, most important, besides not having aural messages for basic Terrain Awareness I don’t receive any Terrain Awareness visual messages on display either as I do receive on iPad on GarminPilot. The GTN750 main software was originally V6.21 and it was upgraded to V6.70 last summer. The picture in attach shows that my GTN options menu on the Terrain page aren’t as they should be according to GTN Pilots Guide, because I believ
  4. I do not receive any message at start up like “Terrain System OK”, neither do I receive any visual warning or aural warning message for terrain or obstacle or GP deviation. But I do receive visual and aural message for traffic warning. So I believe this is not a audio wiring problem from GTN to audiopanel because if it was I wouldn’t get any other aural warning like the traffic warnings call outs, and I would see the visual terrain warning message, right? According to GTN manual, on the Terrain App page, on the setup settings, if the Inhibit is selected it will be automatically dis
  5. I am just expecting terrain and obstacle awareness, and not TAWS. I know that I need to buy an optional feature for TAWS-B or TAWS-A, but that’s not what I am looking for. I just want to have basic terrain and obstacle awareness, but I am not having that... I think this is something wrong with the setup
  6. Dear Mooniacs I recently realized that the GTN 750 in our M20J Allegro has another problem, probably since installation. Only now I noticed that the basic Terrain Awareness System is not working at all, because I never heard the initial message after system self-test on power up "TAWS System OK". And neither I saw or heard any basic Terrain Awareness warning message when we fly close to obstacles or mountain terain. I have a valid terrain and obstacle database, and I do see contours terrain colours overlay, and obstacle colours symbols overlay, on map page or terrain page. But i
  7. Dear Mooniacs After a long time, we finally switched the pins from AP to GTN to the correct position, and now the problem is solved! Due to Pandemic we couldn't have done this service before, but now our Allegro is performing RNP LPV app fully automatically with the KFC150 AP. Thanks to all that shared their knowledge! Cheers, Fredi P.S: attached is a video of the aircraft performing a GTN Visual Approach to runway16, during a crosswing day. Sorry for the video quality, but it is only to show the AP going from HDG to APP mode, and them capturing GS fully automatic
  8. Dear All I contacted Mooney Support early this week asking if they know anything about this switch, and here is Kevin’s reply: “Fredi, I have consulted with our electrical design engineers and there is no data to support that the switch was in place when the aircraft was manufactured at the factory. It would be very interesting to trace the wiring and find out what it is connected to. Sincerely, Kevin Kammer” I already went to the hangar and flipped the Protected Red Switch and confirmed this is a Radio Master Bypass. By coincidence I just saw an UK M20K sale advertisem
  9. Hi, Many thanks for all comments. As already edit on my first post, I clarify that this switch is not labeled. This M20J Allegro (SN 24-3429) was bought at Kerrville and then flew directly to Europe for its only single owner since new till present. A picture from the original panel is attached, and as you can see, since factory this bird had an ELT, but didn’t had any EPIRB. I looked through the Logs and there isn’t any entry regarding this switch. As this J doesn’t take any weapons, I believe the switch is an Avionics Auxiliar Switch as someone told me before and as Greg and Skip
  10. To fellow late M20J connoisseurs: I have a long time doubt regarding a non-labeled switch on the cockpit panel of a 1998 M20J Allegro (SN 24-3429), the third last J to roll out from Kevrille. On the right side of the cockpit, on the CB panel, there is a red protected switch on the lower right corner, and I am not quite sure what is this for? I was told that it is an Avionics Emergency Switch, but I don’t know if it is true... You can see the switch on the pictures in attach. This aircraft rolled out from Mooney Factory with it, but this Allegro doesn't have a 2nd battery, neit
  11. Dear ALL, This is a very old topic, but I would like to share with MS community that I had the same problem of high fuel flow readings on Shaddin Miniflo-L (S/N:8008 Software:60.01.77) on our 1998 M20J Allegro with IO-360-A3B6 (the third last J that rolled out of Kerrville). The difference from the Miniflo to the fuel pump was around 15% higher on Shaddin. After reading all the comments on this topic, I went through the Shaddin instructions and performed a flight test to turn ON the fuel pump for a couple of minutes while on cruise and didn’t notice any drop on fuel flow that could i
  12. Dear all, I had a chat with Garmin Avionics Europe, and here is the reply: If the autopilot will fly an ILS without any problem, but will not fly the glideslope of any GPS approach, then this may indicate a wiring problem. There is an "ILS Energise" line from the GTN to the autopilot, which is meant to confirm that your Nav Radio is tuned to an ILS, which is what allows the autopilot to go into approach mode and fly the vertical element of an approach. The autopilot does not know about GPS approaches, so this is the only way it can allow approach mode to work. The solution to this is
  13. Hi Carusoam When we bought GTN750, the unit came with MainSoftware V6.2. And it was already something wrong because since first day on GPS approaches we saw GS indication on HSI but he AP would not capture and fly the glide path... only the LOC. But the AP could fly ILS approaches fully coupled with LOC and GS. After the recent GTN SoftwareUpgrade to V6.70, the problem persist, and it is also noticeable on “GTN Visual Approaches” which are GPS approaches self computed by GTN with GP output, that is clearly visible on HSI as well, but the AP cannot fly it, although it can still fly fu
  14. Thanks Warren and Schinderhannes for your comments. I am precisely looking for thins kind of information / advice. I confirm that the AP can fly correctly ILS approaches and follow the GS. But cannot fly the GS of GPS approaches with vertical guidance. This already happened before the recent GTN software upgrade, but now after the software upgrade it is more noticeable because the AP cannot fly the GPS Visual Approaches and it should! It is really strange that the AP can fly ILS approaches and capture the ILS GS, but cannot fly the GS of a GPS approach even that the GS is correctl
  15. Ok. Thanks for the advice Donkaye. I will let this maintenance for our avionics guy. But it is real strange that the KFC150 captures the LOC&GS of an ILS but not of an GPS Approach. So I guess the missed wiring is only about GPS wire, right?
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