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  1. N5756v

    Garmin 430

    So I am setting up a Cessna 150 for instrument training and find myself needing a 430 , where would a guy go to buy a used 430 from a reputable source? P.S My mooney is for sale on the All American aircraft with a brand new engine from Mena Aircraft Engines. For some reason I find it a very hard plane to find places to land now that I moved to Alaska .
  2. 30-40 k for an engine is high I think . Hell my bird is almost back togeather with a rebuilt TSIO -360 from Mena aircraft in Arkansas and his bill on the rebuilt engine was only 42k and the base price for the rebuild was 39k...... non of that is R&R just rebuild costs
  3. I found this vid very informing https://www.funplacestofly.com/blog.asp?ID=2071
  4. N5756v

    Missing Log Books

    Full stop . Your willing to foot the bill for flying back and forth to your guy to do a pre buy and he won't let you sorry walk away .
  5. My intercooler lets me drop .5 for every ten degrees of cooling so if my mp is supposed to be 28 and my intercooler is cooling 60 degrees then I can drop 3 down to 25 . I have been told by other pilots , non mooney pilots that a drop of three is a little much . My intercooler usually is cooling right around 60 degrees . Now with all that being said if I am cooling 60 degreesish I usually drop right around 2 . I don't have a merlyn so on that end I am ignorant.
  6. N5756v

    Mooney Down in Texas

    Don't you carry a bottle of whisky?
  7. N5756v

    Mooney Down in Texas

    ^^^^^^^^ sums it up rather well . I buy insurance for a reason . Motor quit = all about walking away . Glad this guy was ok
  8. N5756v

    Speed brakes

    My speed breaks are the same color as my airplane ........ it's an 84 231k but I think she's been painted
  9. I always tell the line guys about the no towing thing and they always say "yep we get a lot of moonyes thru here so we know". I have been lucky . But if something happens at least I made them aware of it
  10. N5756v

    Vacuum step rubber servo

    This is the same seal for percise flight speed brakes I believe Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. N5756v

    Vacuum step rubber servo

    Yes please can I have the contact info , I have been looking for months for this part
  12. N5756v

    Trump Rally in Roanoke

    It's a crapshoot I think . So many variables Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. N5756v

    Trump Rally in Roanoke

    This thread has the ability to go sideways Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. N5756v

    There must be something about me...

    Wow , Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. N5756v


    Glaciers are fun but we have seen so many in Alaska Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk