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  1. Easy there, not quite the middle of nowhere. That's my home drone!
  2. Top notch example of a mooney restoration! I noticed P1D slipped a glimpse of your plane in his latest video, look forward to see what you do with his as well.
  3. Alex, had the 150 next to you in bonham. Sid told me today you were looking at a mooney. He knows Mooney's very well but I'd still carry it to Maxwell and then let sid complete the anualls in the following years. Just my 2 cents. Don will probably be extremely thorough and he will have good negotiating power behind what he says with his reputation.
  4. If this is Larry take it to maxwell you won't regret it, wish I would have.
  5. That's what I should have done but now I don't have the option. Hope yours doesn't give any more trouble!
  6. Looks as if this is gonna turn up dry, thanks.
  7. Joined the forum over a year ago when I purchased my 63 c model and have actively read nearly every thread since although never posting. Lots of good info, thanks! Anyway I started having the dreaded fuel leaks and decided I would take it to Houston after reading the good reviews of them on here but an a&p IA friend convinced me he could do it as he had done several of them over the years. 5 months later my plane is still in my hanger with the fuel tanks 90% stripped almost ready to be sealed. I've read all the threads on here about it and I'm nearly prepared to do it myself but i thought I would reach out and see if anyone had any leads for someone that has experience and might be willing to do it at my hanger since the plane is not flyable. I'm located 60nm north east of Dallas. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for the response, was hoping to find someone local. I'm now a member of the mooney club and should be taking delivery next week.
  9. First post here, been lurking for a while. I'm searching for someone near Jackson Tennessee to look over a c model that I have found. Any suggestions?