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  1. Hyett6420

    Seat Rollers

    ill nip up later this week or early next and take a look. its currently 95 here so far too hot to be dripping sweat all over the place working on seat racks. :)
  2. Hyett6420

    Seat Rollers

    You mean like "its coming home, its coming home", :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B2hmVphZuA or the good old terraces songs
  3. Hyett6420

    Seat Rollers

    Ok, so i looked at the seats in motion at the weekend and the rollers are not even touching the tracks, so something is wrong there. I wanted to remove a seat but i could not work out how. Anyone got any ideas how they come out on a J? thank you for all your advice so far.
  4. Hyett6420

    Seat tracks

    Ok, so i looked at the seats in motion at the weekend and the rollers are not even touching the tracks, so something is wrong there. I wanted to remove a seat but i could not work out how. Anyone got any ideas how they come out on a J?
  5. Hyett6420

    lawsuit in Philly

    Why two judges
  6. Hyett6420

    Seat tracks

    Thank you gentlemen, i will pull a seat and have a look and change the rollers out first. Any scraping shpuld be easy to id as the seat frames were painted last year.
  7. Hyett6420

    Seat Rollers

    Hi all AL has developed an interesting issue. When moving the front seats they seem to grate with a metal on metal sound. I cant remember them ever doing that before and bearing in mind that the metal aspects are quite old, (1986). I wondered whether the rollers will have gone or something like that. Anyone else have this issue and have solved it? Thanks in advance. Andrew
  8. Hyett6420

    80kt headwinds and early Mooneys

    Ah i live by the POH on RAM air and she is inly ever open when in clear air above the smog etc etc. However i did once fly through clouds, picked up some ice while over the North Sea as @carusoam says, with the ram air closed. The moment i was out of clouds again i opened it. Splutter splutter cough cough then the good old motor ran smooth again. Lesson learnt read ALL. Of the POH. It clearly says dont open Ram Air until you are sure that any ice may have melted off the cowling and inlet. Oh the water temp of the North Sea that day was 1c. As some will remember form last year, that put my survival time as less than a few minutes!
  9. Hyett6420

    Today's flight for 2018

    This place looks idyllic
  10. Urgent you need to edit the Old' before he sees it. full monocers are always better
  11. Hyett6420

    Prop paint issue

    Very soon, gove it a few years, .
  12. Hyett6420

    Braking After Landing

    Plus one on this, definitely bring the flaps up the moment you have landed this dumps the lift and puts the weight onthe wheels, otherwise you are liable to lock up the weheels quote quickly
  13. Hyett6420

    lawsuit in Philly

    Tommy, the issue is NOT that the coffee was hot. She put the damn cup between her legs, then as the car moved she jolted and the coffee spilled, she then did nit remove her clothing that had the hot water on it, which was continuing to burn her. Sorry but yes hot water burns but she has to take note of her own stupidity that caused the accident and subsequent lack of action that caused the major injuries.
  14. Hyett6420

    lawsuit in Philly

    I read this case in detail. She put the cup of hot coffee between her legs, then they drove off ( read a few yards) the coffee spilt, she had nylon leggings on, she got out of the car, damced up and down a bit complaining she was burning but DID NOT removed her leggings which would have stopped the burning. Everyone knows when you are burnt you put the burn under cold water to stop the burning process, she didnt even do that, despite the fact there was a Macdonalds a few yards away. The lawyers in this case freely admitted that they pulled the accident/compaints records from Macs and found numerous comlaints about hot coffee. To,stop it burning you it would have to be below 65 degrees centigrade which to most people would be "cold". This was a frivolous case and the US system in this regard damages people all over the world. "Where there is blame there is a claim" is a US legal mantra, and is wrong.
  15. Would love to be there, but cant this year, 2020 is our next scheduled arrival, that will be me, the new husband (getting married on the 8th December 2018 at the Fitzrovia chapel) oh and AL if i grow the balls to fly her across the pond! Immentioned this flying across the pond thing to Andrew and he siad "have fun"