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  1. Today's flight for 2017

    We flew in her at Oshkosh 2015. Very happy memories.
  2. one of the unsung heroes of the museums to be is a little known one called The Shuttleworth Collection just outside London, if you are off to Duxford, it is sort of on the way. What is different about this one is it has OLD aircraft and I mean OLD, like an original Bleriot that actually still flies, Box planes etc. You can get a close up look at how these planes were built, none of this "Type SX-234-RG-BZ-03 screw/rivet" here, just good old fashioned brass furniture screws and varnish. Absolutely fascinating, because they also have the WW1 fighters and then the early 1930's. You can see the progress that is made form the furniture screws to riveted complex aluminium structures in the space of nay 20 years. http://www.shuttleworth.org/ If you are ever over here it is WELL worth a visit as is Duxford.
  3. About time I fessed up

    Well thats where you go then. The thing about being IR rated is NOT that you will always be able to land at your home base, BUT that you are able to land at a destination that is within you and your aircrafts capabilities. I left AL in France last year you may recall because the whole of the UK had a 200 foot ceiling with 1k viz, below my capabilities and those of AL, so i went commerical that had autoland.
  4. Dog Rescue from Houston area POSTPONED

    What an amazing charity. I dont belive we have such a thing over here
  5. Resurrecting a J

    When she is flying again, please dont forget to invite the previous owners relatives to watcg her fly again. It will make them happy im sure to see something that the previous owner loved so much, flying again.
  6. Mooney Summit V

    I realised that i had not put up the presentation that i did on over water flying. The videos can be seen and heard by clicking on them on the last sldes. Be safe out there, wear a life jacket, carry a DECENT raft, and be prepared. Mooney Summit 2017.pptx
  7. Savy Analysis and LOP Test

    PMSL. You guys teaching each other grammar.
  8. King KT74

    Thats quite appalling really. You should be able to read it in strong sunlight, after all isnt that what aeroplanes fly in!
  9. Abandoned Mooneys

    How did this get so far from @Raptor05121 a original post?
  10. Abandoned Mooneys

    why do people refuse to sell these things, is it just to say "I own a plane". Always strikes me as ludicrous. We have a couple of dead Birds at Elstree, ones a Lake Amphibian and ones a Rockwell commander Twin. With a little bit of TLC they cold be brought back to life.
  11. Resurrecting a J

    @Fookz92 ive just gone through a similar process on mine, but didn't touch the engine. Do a Search for obal re-fit, if you need to know what they look like "naked". For the tanks i cant recommend Weep no more at Oasis aero strongly enough. On the brakes make sure that there is n o corrosion on the brake master pistons. Andrew
  12. Ping me a mail to andrew@andrewhyett.com and ill send you a photo copy of the invoice when imhad mine done in may.
  13. Eric is OK

    Omg. I read that article earlier but didnt put two and two togther. So so glad he is ok, please send him my best wishes @mike_elliott.
  14. Survival Kit Discussion

    Glock 17 anyone. Or being British i suppose i would have to use a Walther PPK with a vodka Martini, shaken and not stirred.
  15. Survival Kit Discussion

    Sorry only just seen this, to be honest im not sure which sta system they use. I know that it takes four weeks minimum tomregister but thats due to staffing issues more than anything else.