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  1. Today's flight was a little trip upto the Wash and back, the UK has two lumps sticking out of the bottom right hand side, the big bite sized piece missing between the two is The Wash. We have a flight sharing app here in EASA world called Wingly so I had two passengers join me for the trip. Glorious weather, not a cloud in the sky when we took off. 1.5 hours round trip. Flight prep as the sun rises Fuel draining. The wind which was calm at the start had begun to pick up and was pointing straight down the downhill runway. My husband's favourite interiors shot. It's his design, so he is quite proud of it. IMG_0167.MOV Take off IMG_0173.MOV Overhead. Can someone explain why those gear doors appear a different colour when they are not? IMG_0174.MOV Landing IMG_0176.MOV Taxiing home with some happy passengers. The sun on baby.
  2. Ive just had ALL my pucks replaced. She is noticeably smoother on the ground, yes she bounces, they ALL do, check out the video attached. This is EGTR in the UK with its not quite so smooth pavement. If you hold the yoke back it reduces the bounce, also don't taxi fast. IMG_0174.MOV
  3. But I bet it will be at a Garmin price not an aspen price. Am going to friedrichshafen next week. I'll tell you what I see there. The IMPORTANT point to remember with all this glass stuff is it not avionics salesmen anymore but software salesmen. The difference between a second hand car salesman and a software salesman??? The car salesman KNOWS he's talking bollocks. So basically what I am saying is beware of new glass and salesmen telling you it will do x y and z until you have actually witnessed it yourself. Just a PP and ex fortune 50 CIO.
  4. Hes a new member guys, shall we at least welcome him aboard? Hes only posted 8 posts.
  5. Ok in that case take it to a shop. Swap out the ARTIFICIAL HORIZON for one you KNOW works. Go flying level flight and do the same level and climbing tests as above. This will cost you a couple of bucks to "borrow" the AH for an afternoon. If you still get the same error you know your AH is fine and that the fault is possibly in the AP. Im still confused as to why your AP is not commanding trim down to correct the AH flydown output though. So let's swap out the AH and see if it then commands trim as well. Please report back once you have done this. Andrew
  6. What Carousam say but also take it to a Mooney shop that has the rigs and just check it is all lined up correctly. It will cost a little bit but AL we discovered had been rigged with 20 degrees t/o flaps, elevators wrong etc. Nice to have her now as the factory said she should be. Andrew
  7. Hoses. When I did my own maintenance on my MGB (I was young and flexible) I used to replace all hoses every year as a matter of course. The car never failed me. On my aircraft my a and p persuaded me this was not necessary as they are inspected! In the refit we found three hoses including a heater hose with a large hole in it, that had hard spots etc that needed replacing. The new a and p and I have an agreement now, all hoses replaced every two years regardless of what the "manufacturers" say. They are on the ground, I'm in the air, I would prefer to j kw all my hoses are fine with new clips and sealed happily. Andrew
  8. 1. With the ap off where does the artificial horizon sit in level flight? 2. then once set up straight and level manually turn on the FD only. Where does it sit?? 3. is it still 10 degrees down? 4. Now turn off the FD 5. Trim 5 degrees nose up on the AI 6. turn on the FD only 7. whats does the FD say (it should be at 5 degrees up) 8. is it still 10 degrees nose down? 9. Then if so the signal being sent by the AH to the AP is wrong or is being Interpreted by the AP as wrong. 10. If the above holds true. Go to a GOOD BK shop, do a temp swap of your AI for a loan. Repeat the above tests If still nose down you know your AI is ok. I am intrigued that you say the AP is pushing the control column and not trimming. Guessing the vertical trim servo is having a bad day BUT eliminate the AI first as that is the controlling unit for the AP. Andrew
  9. Same here with my trips to Newcastle where my daughter is. 1.5 hours Mooney time start to shutdown v 4 hours in the car. If she passes finals she is moving to Glasgow so that's a two hour trip v a 10 hour drive!
  10. Uber ROCKS, (unless its a prius!).
  11. My plane doesnt often save me money. It DOES however save the one thing that money cannot buy....TIME. That makes it worth its weight in gold to me.
  12. I did find one of Tom Daley after a dive, where his trunks had fallen off, but felt admin might moan.
  13. Like what? You REALLY dont want to see me in swimwear.
  14. I put the first EPOS system into the UK. Well " helped put " as i was only 19 but there were three of us doing it (avg age 21). It ran on 8 HUGE IBM. computers, kept on failing as we doscovered that someone had connected a telecoms line into the cabling, 25V on a microvolt cable lets the smoke out on the boards, literally. Two years later it was running on 286 pcs. The shop was Harrods. .
  15. im as old as the man i feel.