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  1. So a quick hijack, (squawk 7500 or whatever), whats the upgrade path for a king kma24, is there a plug and play option out there? Andrew
  2. And they ALWAYS try and slam it like its a car, drives me INSANE!
  3. Back in the 40s we lost a lot of guys who kept crashing on take off. It turned out that the new bigger more powerful bombers had so many things to remember to do to get the aircraft ready for take off that they forgot occasionally and the plane crashed. 20 years ago as i taxied out after doing my power checks from memory my CFI who happened to be in the right seat put his finger in the flap switch and set take off flaps. At the same time he said these immortal words "one day Hyett not using a checklist will kill you". I have never forgotten thst day and have used a checklist ever since. For EVERYTHING. Preflight, power, pre takeoff, cruise, descent, pre-landing Andrew
  4. I take your point on the flitting back and forth. Ill ask them how they chose the injectors.
  5. I dont think it happened before the gami install cyril. I will send a message to them on how the scoped whatnwas needed for the injectors. It does concern me obviously. As for flying over water, hmmmm i do that sooo often.
  6. EGTR to LFAT (that's France chaps) for a little better weather, a light lunch and some sunbathing in the dunes on the beach while the UK was covered in Thunderstorms. Weather had improved by the time we returned fortunately. IMG_4734.MOV a little land yachting on the beach as you do. if you join the right hand side of this with the left hand side of the one below you will see the panorama of the dunes. They are about 10 miles long. Look closely and you can see a German ww2 gun emplacement. there was a farmers day in the town so they did a few displays and lined the streets with grass and pallets of produce. IMG_4740.MOVIMG_4740.MOVIMG_4740.MOV they even had a little student band which was rather fun. IMG_4740.MOV now for the flyin pics. . France over Kent UK old father Thames with London in the dark stance taken through the ray bans. .
  7. ear plugs. I race ocean going sailing yachts and such ear plugs are a god send Imagine trying to sleep inside a carbon fibre drum while the guy over your head is continually grinding the trimming winch. I have tried foam useless, silicon, useless ish the best for noise cancelling are the wax ones you soften in your hand and insert in your ear canal. Now I DO NOT under any circumstances recommend that you wear ear plugs while flying piloting an aircraft but if you are a passenger and need to sleep these work well and don't cause issues with pressure (well not on the times I have used them in a commercial airliner) Andrew
  8. My setup is Bose A20s at the front and two DCs for the back. Sorry @bradp no idea who makes the in ear things. However I WOULD say you are wearing your glasses wrong with your headsets. My glasses, sunglasses etc are always worn with the arms resting on top of the ear muff. I never let them penetrate the muff as that is uncomfortable, noisy, causes headaches and everything else. In my youth back in the Cretaceous period and before electricity had been discovered, I used a Telex Electret Mike e951 headset. Sort of cheap DC. The clamp never gave me a headache, what did was the pressure on the top. I've found with the Bose that does not happen. I've never had a headache and I do 5 hour trips regularly. The moment you hit that magic button sweetness and peace envelop the cockpit Andrew
  9. The answer to that one, i dont know, YET. .
  10. I lived near Biggin Hill airport in Kent. One day my father was driving with me past Biggin as a Spitfire roared over our heads, dipped into the valley, pulled up into a barrel Roll and flew back. "Daddy what plane is that?," "thats a Spitfire darling", "i want to be a spitfire pilot when i grow up". I was 6. I was hooked, i wanted to be a spitfire pilot till i was 11 and someone told me they didnt fly Spitfires anymore. I then wanted to be a fighter pilot, i worked hard for that dream, saved all my money and got a PPL, then politics took over and i realised the RAF didnt accept people who were "different", so my dream collapsed, i cried my heart out. I kept my PPL current and rented when i could. I worked hard at the corporate game and climbed to the top of the tree to the point i could afford my own plane. I never went commercial, i am in two minds whether i should have, one says yes it would have been fun, the other says all my commercial mates are bored and think it is "just a job". I SO wanted to fly fast jets, and still do. Ill never get the chance now. Perhaps a mooney is the next best thing. I will fly a spitfire before i die though, that is so on my bucket list. Am so glad that the next generation can be " different" and still fly though. Jealous of that. Andrew
  11. Ah ok, i understand now. Sorry it was a bit cryptic for my little grey cells. So i tend to run at WOT above 4000 feet at 2500 rpm, so you would recomend then closer to 80 than 50 ROP. What is dF by the way (degrees Farenheit?). Andrew oh on long trips i fly at fl070 normally
  12. Well a cub doesnt cost THAT much, and you can get a 150 in the uK for peanuts so im sure you can over there as well. Dont sell buy a taildragger and keep the mooney. 150 hours youll get at no time in a taildragger, will take one hour just to fly from one end of the runway to the other!
  13. Que? Sorry dont follow what you mean, dont forget im from the UK so some stuff i wont know.
  14. Always nice to be able to do that. .
  15. Ah Rob has a good point, i had not put that bit in. I always run 50 ROP for best power.