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  1. Drive safely Chris. Have a glass of Malbec when you get there.
  2. Yes I agree about the FBO guy. And yes high wings always seem to go first but what is also interesting is that People tie them down to concrete buckets which weigh about 50 kilos each to hold down an aircraft whose wing at flight speed can lift 150 kilos easily. So stupid.
  3. Ah sorry that's misleading. The aircraft that was bent wing was just outside the hangar having been moved from its original spot where it had pulled out its tie down and snapped the tie down on the other side. The others were waiting to be tied down. The 152 in the vid was in the graveyard anyway so no nothing is tied down there. On the apron. Nothing is tied down because the airport doesn't offer wires on the apron
  4. You can't kick the tyres on a Mooney, they are so low down you bang your shins on the wing.
  5. And we had this today. Two aircraft lost oh and the windsock! IMG_4131.MOV IMG_4132.MOV 49.8 knots max wind speed. 1 person killed in Northern England. Power lines down all over the place, railways covered in branches and trees.
  6. About 10-20k depending on its condition.
  7. Fully agree, a non corrosion J with AP and GPS is unlikely to be at 60k. Go for a good F or E
  8. I dont understand this post. I have been on this forum for 2 years almost now, in that time i have seen 10 or so aircraft advertised. Some Js some not. A J in Europe will set you back about 80 uk pounds, so approx 100k. Over there. Have you tried what we do with houses, go down the FAA listings and apply direct to the owners to see if they want to sell? you are buying a 30 yr old plane, so it will have issues that need to be addressed, ask yourself how many 30 yr old cars do you see in the parking lot, if you do it will be a sunny dry day and then the car will go home again to be cleaned and put back in its cacoon. The car will also be expensive. You cant expect a 30 yr old aircraft to have no issues, be in perfect condition with a glass cockpit etc etc, to be sold for nothing, there are probsbly only two or three of those in existence in the Mooney community. When i bought AL i knew i was buying issues, but i had chosen those issues having costed them out..thats what you need to do lower your budget for purchase and use the excess to cover any fixing issues. Just my thoughts.
  9. Hans solo did in Star Wars. Lol
  10. Nah. I,want one of these. http://mashable.com/2017/02/20/first-fully-manned-hoverbike-hoversurf/#VMRsmQ_vPqqG
  11. 650 metres, 2132 feet to you lot. 250 amsl. Sloping uphill 75-80 across the fence as there is a large stetch of trees just before the threshold.
  12. Alex, i think it was m20doc who posted an exceelent vid on a commanche pilot who did his baffles. The way he does it is really interesting, definitely worth a look. I think the video is about aerodynamics more than baffles but there are a few slides in it about baffles.
  13. Routing CLN TO HSD is 101 miles. There is 80 miles where I'm not in range of gliding to land from 6k. It's class A above so can't get into that easily. So time wise there are 30 mins when I'm in danger in case of engine failure. Andrew
  14. No it's not good is it. Lol. I will be wearing an insulated immersion suit and LJ also have a life raft. PLB flares and insulating space blankets.
  15. Try readng this. Particularly the twbles around page 42. http://www.hse.gov.uk/research/otopdf/1995/oto95038.pdf.