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  1. Hyett6420

    Today's flight for 2018

    Best pic of G-OBAL ever. Taken today from the bomb aimers position of the only airworthy Lancaster bomber this sode of the atlantic. AL is the aircraft woth the blue cover to the left of the one worh the red cover in front of the tower and to the right of the long taxiway running north south.
  2. Hyett6420

    Looking for a 252

    Je suis en la vacances en France. A la plage de Cap D’agde. Ok so i will deign to answer if i may. The first question i would ask is where are you based, and why a 252 as they are rarer than a virgin prostitute. I do know of a 252 in Elstree that may be for sale but it will need a complete engine tear down and overhaul. Its just been down but by an auto shop and no paperwork! Let me know where you are etc and ill respond. I check this approximately once or twice a week at the mo but i have turned on notificiations for this thread so provided im not drinking Sangria then ill reply.
  3. Hyett6420

    Under attack

    Yep we had the same situation in th UK recently on the moors. Even set fire to the peat which is supposed to be wet and thus fire proof. Now we have Police CCTV pics all over the media saying "we want to speak to this guy".
  4. Hyett6420

    Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    Hector at aerocomfort is the guy to go to.
  5. Wow, excellent planning, well done Mike. Ill see you there, if Brexit has not removed all our travelling rights. .
  6. Hyett6420

    Autopilot Redundancy

    Yes perfectly possible, but only if they are Garmin. Sorry matey, i had to throw a little humour in. more seriously, i cannot see hiw the servos would work. Yes you could get a new 191 or 192 with a physical switch making sure only one is operating, but that doesnt cover the KI swiss watch, the servos etc.
  7. Hyett6420

    Shoulder Belt?

    @Raptor05121 Alex. I have put this video to show you what happens when you Dont wear a seat belt but also when you are only wearing a lap belt. If you look at the second video you will see the head rocking forward, but the body is resteained by the shoulder belt. Now with a little imagination you can see what would happen if you only had a lap belt, your whole upper boy rocks forward,impacts that lovely vertical pointy thing called a yoke and you have a self imposed hole in your head or chest. https://youtu.be/d7iYZPp2zYY
  8. Hyett6420

    Shoulder Belt?

    I do always, i like my head the way it is. Also i have one of those annoying cars that beeps all the time, either that or my driver insists upon belts in the rear.
  9. Hyett6420

    Hey All you Oshkosh People

    No probs at all. Drop me a email to remind me in the morning or my aged senile brain will not remember for three years!
  10. Hyett6420

    GA Safety

    From what i can tell on the stats what kills most of us is loss of control. So ANY system that stops us from doing that, lole those autopilots that nidge us back into reality, an angle of attack reader that stops us pulling too hard etc will make an amazing difference to our accident rate. The only thing im not sure of is why the cirrus crash where the lady did three missed approaches and stalled/spun into a car park and was captured by cctv was not saved by the ap nudge system.
  11. Hyett6420

    Under attack

    Thoughts with you from this side of the pond.
  12. Hyett6420

    Mooney + Porsche

    Why Porsche? I dont follow the marketting logic however i AM glad they are learning from the car market. They now need to sell them like cars and get cars salesmen to sell them, just like Cirrus do.
  13. Hyett6420

    Beach Airport For Sale

    Ive jist checked and saw it had a Walmart so my fiance will be ok to live there. If it has a crate and Barrel then we will move and buy it immediately. Seriously does anyone have any more details?
  14. Hyett6420

    Hey All you Oshkosh People

    Hi John i hope you are well. Having looked at this at aeroexpo in the UK i believe it replaces only the FC autopilots, but i may be wrong. So the 192 rather than the 191. It does look like a great deal. Have you the kap or the Kfc? If you have the kap i can ask the UK bk rep if you like. Andrew
  15. Hyett6420

    GA Safety

    well i said watch this space...... so