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  1. In answer to the original poster. A mooney is a fast aeroplane. If you wish to fly it in VFR conditions then why is that different than a 152 flying in vfr conditions, you just travel faster. So in answer to your question, go get a mooney and fly it in any you wish.
  2. You often see these forecast. i think this is the first one i have ever seen. Phenomena: Severe mountain wave Valid from: Fri 21 Apr 2017 - 05:01 UTC Valid to: Fri 21 Apr 2017 - 09:01 UTC EGPX SIGMET 01 VALID 210501/210901 EGRR- EGPX SCOTTISH FIR SEV MTW FCST WI N5733 W00421 - N5732 W00100 - N5612 W00056 - N5611 W00415 - N5733 W00421 FL060/180 STNR NC=
  3. Today's flight was from egtr to Biggin Hill. I learnt to fly at Biggin Hill and it was nice to be back there after such a long time away. Lovely clear blue skies bumpy as hell. Unable to climb above t due to class A above. Fortunately on 35 min flight but felt like forever. The journey in the car is three hours across town Took 10 roses, one for every 4 years, my mothers favourite.
  4. To "s..t" a brick means to be very scared. So bricking it means that you are very scared because you are "s..ting bricks".
  5. You kicked your wife out purely because you hadn't locked the hangar door, what in earth was your pre nup like? Wow!
  6. How many FAA registered aircraft that are bought in the USA are then sold or transferred to the EASA or whatever register within 6 months, like mine was? As for the FAA to EASA change. It keeps getting postponed due to politics. Probably within 20 years they will finally shut it down but then someone will take them to the ECJ and ask "why can I fly my aircraft on a FAA ticket in European airspace, but the EU is forcing me to change my ticket to fly the same aircraft in European airspace. It my ratings wo t be valid anymore. This is against my human rights under the EU charter." So in short I can't ever see it happening. Andrew
  7. I thought it was the dumb Brit that got blocked with his tongue in cheek joke about friedrichshafen actually being rick fried and shafted. . Now back to the point in hand. I am SERIOUSLY worried about Mooney. I am not convinced they have a plan. If they did WHY fire the marketing guy and the CEO. That does not make sense, not even in the USA unless Donald did it in which case anything is possible.
  8. So where is it then?
  9. It's not unfair. Why wait till it's certified by EASA. If you want to sell it sell it. It wasn't certified by the FAA but they launched it with a blaze of publicity.
  10. My point is that to only focus on the USA market I think is blind. If citrus , piper and Cessna all thought it was worth turning up for at Fired rick and shaft him why didn't Mooney. Why was the European Mooney rep dressed in a Piper shirt selling Pipers! You say there are 34 registered Mooneys in the U.K., how many piper arrows, 182s and more importantly Cirruses? A lot. As for GA traffic there is tons in the UK listen to 132.8 nextime you are in London and you will hear it. All outside of London real due to alight clear in case of engine failure. But if you didn't see Any I know a really good optician for some new glasses for you. My local airfield has 9k movements a year restricted by local by laws otherwise they would have 20k plus and that is 14 miles north of st Paul's As for being built in the USA, I got that from Oshkosh 2015 where I sat in the tent and listened to the Chinese guy talking about jobs and hearing the cheers when he mentioned them in the USA and no cheers when he mentioned China. Listening in here and everyone talks about how great it is they are built in Kerville. It isn't a UK thing it is a USA outward perception thing For example how often on your nightly news bulletins do you talk about extrnal (outside USA) affairs In the U.K. It is done daily, i can count on the fingers of one hand how many times I have seen it in the US. So that's all I'm saying in the matter before it gets political and non Mooney ish. Mooneys sell well in Germany, Austria and Switzerland historically, fried rick and shaft him is in Germany. QED. If you are not there you can't sell. Im not saying sell to the UK I'm saying sell to the 500 million in Europe.
  11. I agree with the bearded chap, complete no no as was the Chinese guy. However the interior fit of the TtX is crap compared to the Mooney and the Cirrus. I would say that Mooney have it ok at the moment with regards interior fit BUT there marketing ability SUCKS big time. The other problem is there are just not listening and hearing this message. Where were they in Europes biggest GA trade show this year? Nowhere. The arrogance that they only need to sel to the USA is a load of bollocks. You need sales anywhere you can get them when you are only selling 11 planes a year. Andrew
  12. Personally, it has corrosion of some kind on the spar cap. WALK AWAY. Too expensive to fix unless you take 15-20k off the asking price.
  13. Fully agree. Piper have upwards mobility. Cirrus have upwards mobility, mooney have stagnation.
  14. Oh for ffs, sorry to be blunt but noone cares outside of the US where the planes are built. You all happily buy Embraer jets, airbuses etc. This "has to be built in the USA" is such 1950s nonsense. Europe pilots got really mad at friedrichshafen (bigger than sun and fun by a mile) as Mooney were not there. Piper yes, cessna, yes, Cirrus yes, in fact all the majors, but not Mooney. Mooneys problem is they cant market their way out of a paperbag. Good product, crap marketting, aka Lotus v microsoft. They didnt even turn up with a cabin mockup. Their "Mooney" rep in Europe (note they only have one for 500 million people) was wearing a Piper jacket and selling the Matrix to everyone. Cirrus salesmen were going on about thenjet and the fact their planes have a parachute, i even spoke to a Mooney driver who was sitting in the jet, good discussion about what bollocks the salesman had just told them about Cirrus aircraft. Cirrus sell planes like car salesmen, Mooney are nowhere to be seen.