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  1. Oh if you look at my tabs you can see what im browsing at the mo, cables to start baby once the covid scare is over and we all come back to flat batteries. And how to make Ginger beer.
  2. We would get arrested if we event tried to go more than 1.5 miles from the house. God old ANPR!!!
  3. UK Airspace is dead, nothing moving a5 all. Sooooo quiet.
  4. When we were little ones at Primary School (5-11yrs old) we were taught a Nusery rhyme which went like this Insy winsy spider, climbed up the spout, Down came the rain and washed the spider out. but was taught to be said thus insy winsy spidER climbed up the spoutER, done came the rainER and washed the spidER outER. Ie emphsising the end of the Spider and the Ts etc. I can still remember chanting it to this day.
  5. cant get near the thing at the moment, police enforced lock down!
  6. we have been asked to (on an app) list all sysmptoms of anything we think may be COVID 19 so they can track it.
  7. mines mounted just behind the passenger wing. Now whether it was factory of "airline" fitted remains to be seen. ill have to dig out the logs and check. Thanks for all the hlep guys, ill have the A and P look at it in a month or so before we purchase anything. Andrew
  8. Congrats on the new job matey. Only downside is you wont be able to play World of Warships from the cockpit of a 172.
  9. as my ex mother in law once said to me (she being form the North and me the south)....If Grass is Grarrrss, whats an Ass?
  10. No more complicated than that, so calm down dear its only a commercial (look it up). Ill try and explain. So.... Im off to Uni, off down the pub, off to the hospital. But......do you want to go to university (ie not a specific one), do you want to go to Hospital, again not specific. And just to confuse you even more Shall we go to The Hospital....ah English a lovely language that is soo bloody confusing. BUT Oxford University, Cambridge Uni etc, are different because they are towns/cities, so you dont say shall we go to The Washington, hence we dont say The Oxford University, we say shall we go to Oxford University.