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  1. I concur. Ive used PLbs on my life vest (im a bowman on an ocean going yacht). If it is not attached to you it is useless when you go over. Ive been in the water twice (bloody helmswoman) and the first time was just after the stsrt so i got picked up almost immediately by the yacht behind. The second time it was night and in the bay of Biscay. I was in the water hours, i was VERY scared. The PLB saved my life and allowed the resuce helicopter to steer my yacht to pick me up. Have a grab bag on the back seat containing water, and other vital stuff. Andrew
  2. They have saved my life twice in the sea. Love them.
  3. Thats not a plane its a flying xmas tree
  4. I like it, it looks almost like a phoenix crossed with ancient egyptian. Very artisitic
  5. Amazing how quickly the women get jealous when you spend more on your toy and don't allow them to imitate Pretty Woman. . Men soooo much easier.
  6. I think this guy should run our GAS chapter for recovering addicts
  7. My name is Andrew and I'm addicted. I hope after an exterior and interior refurb to be able to stay on the wagon but the instrument panel needs some things.........it is tough to keep going into rehab. They told me to go to rehab I said no no no.
  8. Oh god NOOOOOOO. My dad had some and swore by them but sorry not for me. Some cheese perhaps. .
  9. Being out of the closet so to speak is always better, so well done for saying hello and welcome aboard our friendly (sometimes passionate) community. I have a J and wouldnt have anything else. There are two of us with occasional two friends in the back. The leg room in the back is useful for adults (not so much kids). The speed v effeciency is to me the perfect combo in a J. once again welcome aboard. Andrew
  10. Well I have flown, but in a 152 (power ratio = wet fart), landings and the flight were perfect albeit DAMN slow, you cross the threshold at WHAT speed? I will share with you all my plan:- Engineer will put plane back together Flight test pilot (Seppe use the same one every time) will put 5 hours on the aircraft (my figure, theirs was less) to make sure everything as far as he is concerned works, flight controls, gear, radios, AP, engine Ts & Ps etc. I will test fly aircraft afterwards, with him in right hand seat, do about 2-3 hours to get comfortable again, then my co -owner will do the same. Then if all OK we shall fly her home. Andrew
  11. Gear is white. Gear doors will match the wing underwing colour. (Secret at this stage. )
  12. This is true Neil. But APD has decided to take me to Helsinki as a commiseration present so I am spending Friday in a wood fired sauna and spa complex. Heaven.
  13. Oh definitely not 10amus. But then she will be sorted when she comes out and as good as new
  14. wheel wells painted. Door trims painted. I love the last photo, it looks as though she is flying
  15. Under part 23 perhaps but who said it would be certified under part 23. It could be certified under the new rules.