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  1. Why not visit EGTR that will put your hours up. . Oh and ill show you london.
  2. Well what a tumultuous two days. Pic and rest of story to follow tomorrow. Ok update time. Its Friday 17:57 BST and three days ago we flew up to Newcastle University for my Daughters Graduation. She is now another Dr Hyett like my Mother and Father before her. Went IFR up there and VFR back. Although technically the weather coming back was worse than going up. EGTR - EGNT. EGTR had a notamed runway closure to finish at 125:00 UTC so i filed a plan to ensure that it opened on time as there was NO WAY I was missing her graduation due to some pot hole filling! Left at 16:30 BST and landed 1:30 hours later. Andrew 2 was busy taking pics and videos. So enjoy the country estates he took photos of. Quick Pre-flight check and make sure Husband's headset is all working fine. Take off on 08 bye bye Elstree see you tomorrow. Looks like Harvest time in the UK me thinks. Leeds Bradford Airport as we zipped past at FL100 Dont tell the Russians, but it is up norf somewhere! IMG_2152.MOV 17 mile ILS into Newcastle. Looooooooong Final with a 737 up our bum! (this was the last bit!) Arrival A few of the new Doctors! The before posing photo, Dad, Mother and Daughter. One SERIOUSLY proud father and a very clever Daughter. (who apparently is still a bit shell shocked about it all!) Dad 2 or in reality Andrew 2, he as well has had to cope with 5 years of "i cant do this, its all too hard". But She did do it and it wasnt too hard, Andrew and I can now relax (possibly) IMG_2289.MOV Leaving Newcastle in the gloom, it was YUCK The reason we fly Mooneys, they get to FL070 SO fast! The Two Andrews flying home, happy and content to See Andrew 1s daughter all grown up. Love the white interior of AL. About 40 miles after this was taken we descended into EGTR which had a 8000 foot cloud base. Andrew 2 not overly happy! IMG_2288.MOV
  3. First solo accomplished, slips on ice from the ice bucket challenge, breaks neck, second solo is done aeroplane less as he now has his own personal angel wings. Huge congrats on the plane, first solo and NOT slipping on the ice cubes!
  4. If you buy a lance, i see you coming back to a Mooney when you FINALLY ask that girl to marry you and for the 4 years before you increase the worlds population even further you will want to travel all over the place, jist the two of you and that camping gear. never forget Murphies law, possesions will always grow to occupy the space you have for them. Give me a shovel and a tarpulin, one burner stove, and ive got weekend camping gear. luv ya matey Andrew
  5. Just because "you" lot are behind us, even in time! Lol. .
  6. Genius, thank you young man. As for cobwebs in your other post, we have a perm one in the rear of the tail, over the linkages, it does not matter how fast of far we fly, that is still there when we land. Its our lucky spider.
  7. Cool article, you must have been really bored. If i only wamt to do a few flight with these mounts, how do i get the mount off afterwards? Thats always been my concern. Andrew
  8. Your pay grade means I can't possibly comment, this is way too high.
  9. well I don't know, Nasa have kept quiet for years about Trump and Theresa May being aliens from the Planet Zog. I only found that out due to my security clearance and my friendship with Jubba the Hut.
  10. I think personally that our biggest concern should be which one of the GPS boxes will perform without error, Avidyne or Garmin? Anyone like care to offer an opinion.
  11. You mean we have to remove our transponders (check google on IFF if anyone doesnt get that one)
  12. So if you are flying an approach and after you tune into a vor or dme, you pull to id that the signal you are receiving is ACTUALLY the one you are tuned to. When flying an ILS or other approach you should have this on ident so you can hear if the signal gets lost.
  13. So im no good with names, whoops.
  14. Dont think so, at egtr the runway is right next to the heli stands and often we have helis hovering near the edge of the runway waiting to,cross, ive never felt any downwash or effect from them.
  15. The whole of wildlife goes quiet, but otherwise as Steve says its just a shadow. (Actually hes called Greg, just dont tell anybody).