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  1. This is such sad news, our condolences go out to Marks family and friends. Let them take some comfort that he is at peace now and flying with the angels. RIP Mark, fly well.
  2. Airlines Standard Op Proc is "If not on stable approach at 1000 feet go around if IMC" Personally I would have gone around on this one, a number of reasons:- ILSs have "ghost" descent GS above the real one and this can lead to all sorts of issues if you track the incorrect GS. Always intercept the GS from below. You were not stable Probably sweating a little bit as well, So go around, calm it all down and have a nice stable approach and landing. How much extra time would it have taken 15 mins? Whats your life worth, I bet its more than 15 mins of wasted time. Andrew
  3. another way is to go to the menu at the top and there is an Activity tag, click this, then select what you want to search on, you can create customised searches as well.
  4. Thats like EGTR 08, goes downhill, if you arent DEAD on vref and on the threshold line, go around and try again. The 16 in this pic is exactly like 26 at EGTR lomg forest to go over, with a school in the middle which has put up a nice set of Rugby goal posts directly on final. Its an "interesting" approach.
  5. Add EGTR in as well, it has a nice dip in the middle, . Just as you are about to touch the ground drops away.
  6. Nice to meet you amd I Hope you got back ok. Out of interest, what route did you take that required you to talk to Heathrow Controller?
  7. Hi guys, a REALLY good friend of mine needs to get a FAA IR for his helicopter licence. He has a FAA PPL (H). Do any of you know anyone out in your little continent that could do the flying training, book training and testing for him. He is happy to go anywhere in the USA to do this. Hes very much like me in character so that hopefully helps in the type of instructor style,he would need. Thanks in advance. Andrew
  8. I would never take a J into Baltrum much as I want to as it looks adorable. 4 up means all 4 seats full, not 4 passengers bit three plus pilot. You cant take more than 4 in a J there are only 4 seats. As others have said if you practice going into difficulty strips regularly then they are not too much of an issue for you. PS, I always take care. Pps I would say dry grass has a shorter landing distance, but I never take G-OBAL on grass due to the lower gear doors.
  9. No you REALLY dont to land in that gravel honest. Its reqlly old WW2 concrete that is falling apart. I would use in an emergency ONLY, otherwise no. I tend to land (because of the trees) just by the alpha taxiway on 26 so you can then work out from the green line how quickly I stop with very little braking then a back track to parking (on this occasion scaring the student on final) .
  10. I did the 80yards as I knew I had already blown a few of your brain cells calculating 681 metres to feet and didn't want to cause any more harm.
  11. So there is LOTS of dscussion on the forums about how to land a Mooney on a short runway. Well im intrigued for as you can see from the pic attached of my flight today, I land at a 681 metre runway every time I land at my home field. Can someone explain to me why people find it so difficult? Even with 4 up she lands easily in this distance, and thats having passed over a forest of trees that are approx 80 yards from the beginning of the runway.
  12. Todays flight was a little flight to the seaside at Shoreham/Brighton. It was a flyin. I spotted 4 mooneys inc my one. How many can you spot in the video? Clue, look at 00:0-3 in the far distance, 00:12 white one, OBAL obviously and 00:21 Andrew built in the 30s this is the art deco terminal the white cliffs for you 14D49503-AA32-43BB-B5A4-BE8D2C3A848B.MOV
  13. The actual electric motor system and wormdrive is off an old wellington bomber as is the emergency drop system. Whether thats what you have on your C I have no idea as until I joined mooneyspace I never knew such a thing as a C existed.
  14. @brndiar the article above only relates to electric operated gears with the old wellington bomber designed worm drive.