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  1. G-OBAL refit

    Noted and thanks for the offer.
  2. Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    My understanding is that air paint is thinner and lighter, but to be honest, i know nought about car paints.
  3. We have always been at war with Eurasia..

    Come and live in the Uk and its just like being in 1984, 366 cameras spot you on avg eqch day and everything is a sex crime!
  4. G-OBAL refit

    Oh yeah, lol
  5. G-OBAL refit

    Beautiful. With the screen on the gtn do you not need a second aspen?
  6. G-OBAL refit

    The avidyne has an app that duplicates a lot of the boxes functionality on the ipad, including giving you a svt, its one if the things i like about it, also its little wifi keyboard,
  7. G-OBAL refit

    Useful to know. Thanks Mike
  8. G-OBAL refit

    Thanks Chris, thats a fair point. I might put in the 2k system rather than just the one screen aspen, although i have an ipad so apart from it being a backup is there anypoint to having a second screen, oh decisions, decisions. Worth than being a kid ina sweet shop. Now if i could get weather while airbourne........
  9. G-OBAL refit

    Do you have a pic of @gsxrpilot panel. I did look for one but couldnt find it. So is the general feeling that Aspen still have some life in them, ie tn years or so, or would it be more prudent to do the radios which i HAVE to do due to regs over here, and then wait a year or so to see what else pops out into the stc field?
  10. G-OBAL refit

    Oh ive had that kind of day, ive given up answering about zero time as its going around in circles, GAMA have clearly stated that the engine is zero calendared as well as zero houred, what more do i need. Grrrr i have enough data to defend in a UK court of law if requried and thats all i need. ok small words.... the AI needs to stay i THINK for two reasons.....1. To drive the AP and as a legal backup, whats the point of having a turn and bank when i can have an AI. If the brown stuff hits the revolving thing then lets not make my life too hard if it can be avoided. The EA-100 will give me gpss steering, i believe, but tbh im not sure whether the AI becomes redundant for the ap in that case, i just know i need it as a backup legally. For the altitude / vs select, i know the kfc150 can have that with a few mods, which i think are the two things you have put above. Nice to have if i can get it. I. Flew with a kap140 the other day which had all of that and it was sweet and even talked to you. I do want the aspen to be able to say minimums and 500 etc. Dont really care about the vacuum pump tbh, everyone seems to worry so about them, but im not presurised and if i have electric everything, but a vacuum AI then i have a fail safe. The vacuum pump will also be brand new after the engine is put in anyway. Avionics i will freely admit is an area i know little about. I know what i want them to do, but i think i am very much an IT user asking the developer team to design me a system and i know what it will look like,and so do they, but as we all know those two "look likes" will be completely diffferent.
  11. Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    As lots have asked and i have been remiss, i have this week put together a document on how to paint your plane, based on my experience woth AL. Im also going to ping it the editors of the flying mags as i think it is worth more people understanding this complex fraught with cowboys experience. I will add it to my G-obal refit thread by wednesday next week and will put a line on here to say ive done it. It will include costs as well, but those dont include by time of doing all the research in the first place, which took months! I did however learn a great deal. Ok FAA you need to regulate paint shops.
  12. G-OBAL refit

    Diversity on the transponder is this part of the #metoo campaign? I think (and only think its a gtx 375). Put in before i bought the plane. I agree i honestly cant see any value to me in the G5s. They have to be able to drive an ap and to me only King APs are any good ( ). Thanks re the graphics.
  13. G-OBAL refit

    Ah ok. English difference i think. So the “logbooks return to zero hours amd zero calendar” so yes the whole thing is reset to zero not just the hours, ie 0 ttsn is what zero calendar means over here. So yes i am getting zero timed. Ill also make sure they dont leave any wrenches in the cowling. What your mate had done was what the previous owners had done after one of them dinged the prop on AL I insisted this time that we would rebuild the engine and zero time it.
  14. G-OBAL refit

    Im tempted by that train of thought as well. My only concern is garmins pricing structure, ie will they insist on yearly payments to make x or y function happen, and if for whatever reason we dont pay then they instantly stop working. Im not willing to pay up 15k and then ontop of that pay a software subscription fee, for "maintenance".to keep the charts active I never paid those when i was a CIO as they are basically a very expensive rip off and ill be damned if ill pay for them on my plane. For example my current gps costs 50 a year to keep it upto date, thats a fine figure!
  15. G-OBAL refit

    The gama engine puts in a new roller cam shaft, the ONLY things that are kept are as i have previously stated (already had a roller cam). Yes it comes with a two year warranty, which are looking to extend, something you cant do at Lycoming. With a lycoming rebuild, you will, yes definitely will, have your orginal crank case, they have not made any new ones for a couple of years. Which means you have your original crank as well, just like mine. The question was am i getting a zero timed engine, YES, its in writing from GAMA, the rest is marketting symantics.