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  1. Hyett6420

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    Ah THAT Mooney. Hmmm yes, umm yes ummm walk away. Example. Engine was fretting instead of sending it to Gama or somewhere similar it was sent to a car engine rebuilder up north. She is very tired and not that loved. If you want to spend a lot of money on rebuilding a Mooney then she is a good project but will need an engine rebuild plus new interior and paint. So you wouldn't get much change out of 70-80k. However once done she will be lovely and we would have two good mooneys at Elstree.
  2. Hyett6420

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    We will help all we can. There are lots of tired Js in Europe and lots of tired 231s as well. We can seatch one out and then you can build her how you want her which is what im doing with AL. Just got the panel to go. As i said on the phone the airspace around us is not that condusive to high FL flying. 12-14k is where they plonk us if we are up there otherwise they keep us around 9-10. Also difference in time between a J and a K for an avg 600 odd mile trip is not that much in reality. Cross continent to go and see Putin is a different story but who wants to see him anyway. Andrew
  3. Hyett6420

    G-OBAL refit

    Probably with a green flag attached. Lamguage is a funny thing, for instance, SAL in latin becomes salary in English because they were paid in salt, but SAL stays as salt in Spanish and French as salt, but becomes salario in Spanish. Lingua in latin means language, but if you say lingua quickly enough and often enough you can see how it has evolved to language or in Spanish lengua. Engineer being the same.
  4. Hyett6420

    Mooney has been sitting

    Check out for corrosion in the wheel wells, and along the spar caps, also look in the fuel tanks for the same corrosion. Other than that, i think everyone has got it covered.
  5. Hyett6420

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    Also depends on the airspace he would be learning in. Low hours, high perfomamce turbo plane, in and around the most complicated and congested airspace in the world, is not a good mix. Remember hes based right next to Heathrow!
  6. Hyett6420

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    I would say yes they do , but ..... he higher prices for a good european specimen would be got in the usa or rest of world.
  7. Hyett6420

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    But also a ton of easa disadvantages.
  8. Hyett6420

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    I strongly recomend you dont go for a flight in the rocket. This seller is a crafty soul me thinks.
  9. Hyett6420

    G-OBAL refit

    Over here you cant call yourself a Chartered Engineer without a degree. Nor i dont think a structural engineer. Wiki probably has more details
  10. Hyett6420

    G-OBAL refit

    Ah well you see our sort of mess with the word engineers comes from the evolution of the word from bridge, road, ship builder to incorporate when they invented them engines, so a railway engineer became someone who not only designed and built railways but also someone who worked on the steam engines, note not necessarily the same person obviously. I love our language sometimes.
  11. Hyett6420

    G-OBAL refit

    We are actually being quite nice to him at the moment as he is playing the good cop to my bad cop with the engineers. We are looking to get a permit to fly so we can run the engine in at least and then next day take her to Aeroskill for them to do the Annual. It is driving gently crazy, after all I've got a wedding to plan, as well as try to run a company. Once we get her out of these engineers hands ill be a lot happier and hopefully that is literally a few days away. Ive attached an image of the crack in the landing gear puck retaining plate. When did anyone last check theirs? I reckon there will be a few cracks out there.
  12. Hyett6420

    G-OBAL refit

    Further update to keep you all in the loop. On replacing the pucks (if you recall i replaced them as part of the paint, but since we had had a heavy landing I was advised by Aeroskill to replace all the bolts in the landing gear, so took the opportunity to replace the pucks again as well. I will now know i have new bolts etc in the gear. On replacing the base plate in the pucks they removed the bushel and found a crack. So a quick phone call and order to our friends in Kerrville and the parts are already here. This was discovered on Thursday, Way to go Mooney. Speedy service. These are now being installed and apart form a new stall warner, she should be ready to fly tail end of next week. Obviously i will have to play politics a bit with the Engineers at Elstree but that's one of the hassles that I have had to deal with in this horrible saga of the prop strike. I was not allowed to have Aeroskill come across and inspect the plane and remove engine etc, so i was forced to use the only engineers on the airfield, who quoted at me regularly the famous line "you are not actually a customer of ours so you go to the back of the queue", hence it took til December 2017 for them to inspect the aircraft, and we lost three months. Now everything is being done sequentially, when to our mind, while the engine was being rebuilt, the landing gear could have been looked at, stall warner changed, then engine back on and ready to fly. Sorry just venting a little frustration... She is also out of Annual now so will have to be run in, flown to aeroskill for the annual and we waste a few more weeks. I might actually get to fly this year, but possible not! Good new is that i am writing an article for a flying magazine about how to choose a paint shop and what to make sure happens in a paint refresh. Andrew
  13. Hyett6420

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    Hi the op and I have spoke at length. I personally think a J would fit his needs right now. Andrew
  14. Hyett6420


    Hi. Are you on fb? There is a uk based group of 5000 pilots called ga aviation community. I would suggest you join that and put the question there. As a general rule flying in euripe is easy (Ireland is part of Europe). Note that the North and the South are two different countries so there may be Special Branch / Customs regs you have to follow (check onlinegar for more details). As for renting in Ireland ive never done it, so cant help bit flying to there from the UK is easy so i would not foresee any problems with you renting. As i said join that fb group and put the question there. There are lots of Irish chaps on it who will help. Andrew
  15. Hyett6420

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    Call me. Ive sent you a DM with my mobile on it. Im based at Elstree and own G-OBAL. If you search Mooneyspace you will find obal refit. Read learn and inwardly digest but definitely call me. Andrew