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  1. Hyett6420

    Today's flight for 2018

    Thank you ill do that.
  2. Hyett6420

    Can aeroplanes be like ships?

    Disagree with you matey. The pressure at the bottom of the sea is incredible, air is no more than the sea, so the pressure down here is "equal" to us as to a bottom crawling sea creature down there. So a ship floating on the atmosphere, is the equivalent of a ship floating on the sea. The karman line sounds fascinating, why not call it air level like we call sea level.
  3. Hyett6420

    Ramp and Other Fees AGAIN!

    Can they come to the UK next please. PLEASE. We even have non monopoly laws, but they seem to be being ignored.
  4. Hyett6420

    Today's flight for 2018

    well i was going to put a video of the sun shining on G-obals paint making her look all sexy like but at 147 meg it didnt let me. it just says its done and then is all black. any ideas chaps?
  5. Glad you are ok. I was always taught dont raise the gear until you cant use the runway anymore. Having said that i tnd to fly out of "short strips" 1000 metres max a 5000 foot strip would possibly make me want to raise thengear. now rushing off to check my fuel system after the engine complete rebuild. Andrew
  6. Hyett6420

    Can aeroplanes be like ships?

    We should post this thread to Peter Garrison of Flying magazine. He would have fun with it. I agree with freeboard bit a bit like salt spray filling a dinghy. With regards to PSI on a vacuum..... the psi of air on the surface is 45 if i recall correctly, but at the top of the atmosphere surely it would not be the same, exactly like the psi on the submarine at surface versus 6 fathoms down. So the hull would not need to withstand that much pressure on the surface of the atmosphere because the pressure exerted on the hull would be so much less. I do agree whoever that the hull would need to eother be very tall or very broad.
  7. Hyett6420

    Can aeroplanes be like ships?

    Youve missed the point about the hull strength being sufficient to reflect that pressure. Same as any boat
  8. Hyett6420

    Can aeroplanes be like ships?

    But if the freeboard is high enough the air could not flow in. Same principle as wooden dingies or even steel yachts.
  9. Hyett6420

    Can aeroplanes be like ships?

    Sorry ive just come back to this. So steel is not light, so im not sure you would need to build it light (except to get it up there lf course), but if you built a steel hulled EXTREMELY tall and wide ship in theory it should "float" on the top of the upper atmosphere.
  10. Hyett6420

    lawsuit in Philly

    Ok, the UK does not have such a litigious culture as the USA, but we do allow AAIB reports in courts. We also allow coroners reports in courts even though they too are only peoples opinions. Even though the AAIB works exactly the same way as the NTSB its reports are accepted as "the truth" of what happened. Im not sure whether the authors or investigators are allowed to be interviewed in court however. I would have to check. The Police reports on car accidents are also allowed in courts (the AAIB only does planes, the police do car accidents) , but they are allowed to be put on the stand. Andrew
  11. Hyett6420

    Annual Ouch

    You are right it can be repaired and is simple to repairb bit i disagree that this happened over years. That lever only needs to be positioned badly once and 5-10 gear extensions will strip that important brass part that allows you to hand lower the gear. Andrew
  12. Hyett6420

    Annual Ouch

    Lol love it. Two CIOs cant work out the technology. a
  13. Hyett6420

    Best Headset?

    And for todays Question of Sport, its Guess the Pilot.
  14. Hyett6420

    Annual Ouch

    Thats the one, thanks Dave. I cant work out how this damn search engine here works, but i knew i had posted a otn of photos about that damn back spring.
  15. Hyett6420

    Annual Ouch

    Ok, this sounds familiar. I would hazard a guess that the reason it is ractheting is that the little brass engagement "nut" has beenworn because the manual gear actuating rod has been resting on it while the gear has beenoperating due to misalignment. I have taken some photos of mine in bits that had exactly the same issue, and i posted them on here, but i cannot find them for love nor money, but i have tagged a couple of people who might be able to find them for you. The GOOD news is YOU DO NOT almost certainly need to spend 7-8k on this. The part is only 800 usd and Don might have an old one for you, like he did for me if Lasar and Mooney dont have one. Ill search lasars parts list and see if its in there. Its an easy change out and you could do that section yourself if you wish, and have the a and p put it back. The important bit to remember when it is put bsck is that the lever that actuates it is NOT touching it in nirmal mode. (If i remember correctly. ) @carusoam can you help me find the photos and article i put of the "no back spring issue" with all the photos ofmthe actuator.. The search engine and I seem to not getting on this morning. Thanks so much. Andrew