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  1. Hyett6420

    Darned Swiss Watch

    go onto youtube Matey and watch a few episodes of "Yes Minister" and you will see where he learnt it form . Maggie Thatcher said it was the closest example she had ever seen of how our Civil Servants work. Great British humour.
  2. Hyett6420

    Darned Swiss Watch

    you are not friends with Dentist Peter by any chance?
  3. Hyett6420

    Darned Swiss Watch

    Sorry did you say English? I beg to differ, :)
  4. Hyett6420

    Got into ice today

    I've flown in ice a number of times, not intentionally but it has happened. Aircraft is not equipped with De-ice. The last time I was at 2500 (no ice, just light rain and solid IMC at 4C) and the controller put me into the hold at 3500 so an Esayjet 737 could land ahead of me. I instantly started picking up ice, called controller and said I could stay here for no more than 10 mins due to ice and the 737 bless him said "let the mooney down, we will go into the hold". So I was cleared down, did the approach and all was well. Important thing is not to panic and know you have an out. The EasyJet guy came and chatted to me after we both landed and said "I handled it well, love your plane. I put us in the hold as we have heated wings and I knew you didnt, so to us it is no big deal." nice guy. Another time coming back form Holland over the North Sea, light rime ice at 5k, diverted 90 degrees to the left and all was well after about 45 mins of flying. Was asking to climb into Controlled Airspace at 6k (I wanted 12k to get on top) but it was taking an age to liaise with London Centre to get me up there, so i was just aobut to declare and emergency and just climb when the ice stopped building. Only got .5 inch but it was enough. Be safe out there. If I only ever flew in warm weather i would never go flying :)
  5. Greetings, there is a long thread on here called G obal refit, which follows the process i went through with my UK based J and choosing the people who would do the work on her for that and going forward. I looked at everybody in the UK regarding paint, Mooneys etc and chose Holland. Ive looked at and dealt with troyes in france, they dont answer the phone, dont return calls, nor emails, even european service centres say the same. Personally i would not touch Troyes. i use Aeroskill Maestenbrek. Great company, their attention to detail is unrivalled in any organisation ive ever found. Costs for an annual are around the 3 K mark. (Euros) They are a Mooney Service centre, are also the ONLY european centre authorised by Paul to do Weep No More on Money tanks, the de facto solution for leaking tanks. The knowledge and contacts they have really is amazing. They know all the major contacts in the USA regarding mooney parts and solutions. I cant recommd them highly enough. Regarding the infamous back spring, if you do a search on here for backspring and my name, you will find some pictures and explanation of this devious piece of metal and how EASY it is to repair and replace. @carusoam could help dig that link out for these guys? If you want to call me re stuff i cant say on here regarding some companies, feel free, happy to share info. +44 77 11 260255. NB im on uk time and am in bed by 22:00 every night! Mooneys are not difficult to maintain nor expensive, nor is there a parts shortage, regardless of what some engineers say. Andrew ps the only thing we might need to be concerned about is Brexit and what that does to easa reg aircraft.
  6. Hyett6420

    Flying in the rain...

    i cant see the video i watched inn this lot. it was a few years ago and took two aeroplanes flying the same route, one Turbo charged with de-ice and one no along a route and described the options both had. Ill try to find it but it was a while ago. It was there that they said climb first "while you still can". The 180 and 90 rule was also in that video. The logic of the climb is that 1. you get to dryer air, so it should stop the ice build up 2. it gives you height which is an advantage at all times. HOWEVER if the IC build up is SO fast, ie freezing rain, turn around and get the hell out FAST! Andrew
  7. Hi gang. A few years ago i did a talk on Flying over water, where I eschewed the virtue of WEARING life jackets, having a life raft on board and Personal Locator Beacons etc. I have found this video in the Air Safety Institute where a Moooney had an engine failure and ditched off the coast of Florida. Sobering listening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOOyWMOzpXI Andrew
  8. Hyett6420

    Flying in the rain...

    ive had freezing rain only once, oh shit was that scary. Sounded like i was back in a war zone being shot at.
  9. Hyett6420

    Flying in the rain...

    OK why climb when you are picking up Ice when the logical thing in your brain says descend to warmer air. Well the Aviation Safety Institute says otherwise and so i investigated and they are correct. The logic is this, if you are in icing, then you need to get out, also note that icing is quite often VERY localised, so climbing up a few thousand feet, (4 mins or so) will get you to dryer air where there is no ice. Furthermore you have gained height and height is your BEST friend f you are in icing. Say you descend to that warmer air, but find there is none (a temp inversion perhaps) and you are still picking up ice, then now you have a problem, your plane is heavier, it wont climb so well and that ground is getting closer. Climb ALWAYS, declare an emergency ALWAYS, Turn 90 degrees or 180 if it is VERY severe, but definitely climb. Watch the videos on Youtube, they are very enlightening. Andrew
  10. Hyett6420

    Aspen Promotion - Install Cost?

    Thanks matey. Thats very clear.
  11. Hyett6420

    Aspen Promotion - Install Cost?

    was the install 12,900 for the whole unit and install or just the install cost $12,900? Sorry to ask but I am just pricing this up as we speak with a Evolution Pro Max PFD
  12. Hyett6420

    You know it's cold when...

    When I was a student we used other more natural methods to keep warm.
  13. Hyett6420

    You know it's cold when...

    love this, but of course its Finland and they are wearing clothes only for the Cameras I think. Been to that place and ti is very pretty, and no they dont wear swimsuits when swimming normally.
  14. Hyett6420

    You know it's cold when...

    Where's Minnesota?