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  1. Wheres @chinoguym20 guy now then, does he know anything?
  2. Yes Emmet and then AFTER i had posted that i spoke to Willem at aeroskill and i was reminded of something i had agreed with them at the start but i had forgotten. So much was going on in that refurb it was hard to keep track.
  3. no you are incorrect in the latter part, that was my error, they were going to replace them as part of the refurb so deliberately had not covered them as a consequence.
  4. Greetings, one is alive...... Aeroskill are the only company in Europe allowed to use the weep no more technology. Thus their tank reseals are guaranteed for 7 odd years. Excellent work, all the old stuff cleaned out so the tanks are just bare metal (see obal refit in mooneyspace for pics etc). great company I would highly recommend them. They are also a MSC. Andrew
  5. Emmet I know about your experience and there are two sides to every story, ne c’est pas? A friend of mine for example just took his new to him ovation to aeroskill and he texted me today and quote “ im not usually an emoji sort of person but I have to say that aeroskill is F...ing awesome, I think im going to be a customer formlife, their attention to detail is amazing” On a personal level ive never had an issue with them and I concur with my friends comments. Andre
  6. Ill drop you a mail at foreflight because to be totally honest, its totally useless to tell us about airspace that is activated by Notam when it is not active. There are many other points as well that need to change to really be useful in European airspace. Andrew
  7. So its Wednesday which means only one thing.... yep WTW.....Except these were actual taken on Monday ad Tuesday a little trip from London to Northern Scotland, (inverness) and back to drop off a friend. 3.5 hours against Storm Dennis. Oh such fun. so first photo is Monday approaching the Cairngorm Mountain range (4700’) before let down into Inverness. Highest ground I have ever flown over in 38 years of flying. Fl085 with a 260 45 crosswind with LOTS of gentle wave motion playing havoc with our airspeed. second is a video on the way back on tuesday when the clouds were not so nice to me, this was feeding my way between snow laden towering cumulus at FL100 IMG_1551.MOV Then just south of Durham in the North of England the clouds didnt play nicely at all any more so this is todays WTW but just before that happened i managed to take the normal mooney zoom photo. 157 knots, FL100 and 9.7 gph, WOW. now the interesting one... having dropped down to a slightly warmer altitude (-20C was good for the freezing rain and snow but not for Baby) the ice melted, but the interesting bit is that the last bit of ice to melt was the stuff over the stall strip. Sorry for quality of the photo, the turbulence down at 3k was unreal.
  8. Hi, binge watching Bosch on a wet windy weekend. On series 5 episode 3 there is a great shot of a small aerodrome woth at least three mooneys on it. One is N9201A. Anyone on here own here. Be cool if you do. Small world and all that.
  9. You are an angel thank u. Our uk bk rep is a sort of “ heres the box go play” type of guy and as such his in depth knowledge is almost non existent.
  10. Hmm hunkered down against Storm Ciara today. G-OBAL tucked up safely in a hangar for the weekend. And this is why.....
  11. Do you happen to know whether the auto disengage for the 230 match the same as the kfc150, in terms of roll rate and pitch rate?
  12. HI GUYS FF is available in Europe now and I took the plunge and bought a subscription. On our UK airspace there is a thing in the profile called W-metrsearch. (See pic) does anyone know what that type of airspace is and can I stop it reporting it because its total nonsense over here. There is no way we have some weird form of airspace covering a third of the UK that ive never heard of. Thanks Andrew
  13. As usual Anthony you know me too well. Yep crossing oceans (well seas!)
  14. For the Olympics yes but never for anything else so once every 50 years or so. After all HM the Queen lives in Windsor castle, could you imagine if there was a TFR every-time she was there, it would shit Heathrow!