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  1. Ps one of the arms of the business is an Interior Design arm (thats interior architecture to you) where if you want european style insides, then ping us a line and we can help you. Sort of like the pics attached.
  2. Awesome picture and isnt Mark an absolute saint.
  3. @Shadrach @kpaul thank you gentlemen for your help. Most useful indeed.
  4. Hi ive on,y just found this thread, but I run a construction company in the UK. Our building regs are tougher than yours so I wont mention electrics, noise etc. However:- Width of door, as wide as you can get away with. One day you will be tired and you dont want the cramped opening damaging your wing tips. insulation:- go with 75mm kingspan aluminium lined in the walls, and the ceiling. Dont forget the air gap to allow moisture to circulate. If where you are building it gets cold, then make ceiling 150mm. Seperate the beams from the outside roofing and wall material in order to stop heat/ cold transfer. (Ill ping some websites below for you) rooflights can be a huge pain, although Velux are excellent, its the fitters that tend not to be. Make sure the flashing kit is installed correctly, this keeps them dry. HOWEVER best options are roof light tunnels. We use them in three storey deep basements to get natural light below ground. Piece of piss to install, you can then run the polished tunnel where you want to to deliver the light. https://www.velux.co.uk/products/sun-tunnels Flooring, if you can dont do a slab, LOTS of concrete and hassle. Use a floating floor system, like this.. www.quadrabuild.com Easier to install, then float your base panels (constructed off site and designed to be structurally strong enough to take your plane). Make sure they also have a damp proof membrane AND at least 125mm kingspan inslation or cold tootsies you will get. Make it out of galvanized steel, install a fire extinguishing system my personal preference on doors would be flat panel concertining sytle that fold away to the side. No hydralics needed, just electric motor and cable, and if the electrics fail, you can push them open. Electrics:- Put solar panels on the roof if allowed, as this will help,pay your elex bill. Dm me if you dont understand any of this. Andrew
  5. STOP PRESS The UK is waking up and is trialing ADS-B as a situation aware source and appears to be trialling weather on the UAT link as well (well in southern UK where i am anyway.). So now I can buy USA products like the Stratus 3 and get ADSB in and weather. I am about to move to foreflight as well as they now have CAA charts on there. My only concern is how does the Stratus charge, as your mains power is different to ours. Does it use USB like most of these devices? Thanks in advance. Andrew
  6. And the CB award of the week goes to.....
  7. This sounds like such a fun trip. Child bonding time is an amazing thing to do. I have happy memories of doing a few things like this with Vicki, roasting marshmallows around the camp fire being one (it was her idea, i had never had roasted marshmallows before, but boy...). Flying her back south from newcastle in the heavy rain was another. Such great times. Glas you had fun. Did he manage to choose a school?
  8. this is probably the most fascinating thread on MS Ive ever read. Thanks guys for all the insight.
  9. So here is how my brain works. I. "Ass u med" that because the Ps series had a numbering system that the 8000 was the latest and the 7000 was not fsr behind. However from what you have said that appears NOT to be the case. So which is the one with all the bells and whistles and spare pins for all my alerts to feed into. . @Avionics Source @gsxrpilot Happy to see these at the summit as we wont be upgrading till next year. Andrew
  10. So to grease these i assume you connect grease gun (with correct grease) to "grease nipple" (its what we call it but now i have a new word in my vocabulary) and pump grease till you see clean grease come out or is that not the method? Andrew
  11. I must admit it is a VERY useful way of travelling short distances. Hop in, fire up, go and land literally outside the door of where you are going. Very expensive to operate though. The thing i did love was the way that the landing fee at the local airport where we went sfterwards charged 5 quid microlight, 10 quid fixed wing, 20 quid helicopter. Even though heli chopper used no facilities whatsoever except a spot of grass! I think they though, oh he can afford it,
  12. Cool. One of my still to do dreams is to fly above a solid cloud layer on a full moon night and see the clouds all lit up. I have never done it yet and have wamted to for nigh on 30 years.
  13. I dont like the display screen on that one Paul, im a sort of on/off button type of guy, call me old fashioned. For the sake of a few quid i dont mind spending the extra to have more buttons v screen.
  14. So awakening this thread rather than starting a mew one. Im upgrading the panel in the next year or so, so i have a kma24 and te original idea was to just leave the existing intercom and kma24 in place but i have since flown with the PS products, either as garmin labels or own and they are amazing. The audio quality with out fiddling with a squelch is just to die for. Soooo I dont want Garmin, I do want a PS device. I sort of like the 7000 range as it gives me bluetooth, front inputs, enough spare pins for audio ap alerts, JPi alerts (if such things exist), aspen minimums type alerts. I LOVE the simplicity of the kma24 and dont want to lose that press a button and you hear sound on the phones, press the bottom one and get the sound on the speaker functionality, the fact that there is a button for each device, ie adf, dme, vor etc. I note that the 7000 with bluetooth seems to give me that ability and uses the same wiring harness except for the intercom that the kma24 uses which reduces costs. Am i correct in this or would another model NOT GARMIN do the job. @Avionics Source Thanks in advance.