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  1. Sorry are you REALLY tryng to convince this Brit that Americans can walk and dont just drive everywhere. .
  2. Good job you aint in the USAF then with those recognition skills. . They are BAE hawks. My best friend who is from the usa said this to me once abiut a British film called " the full monty". "You can tell its a british film, the actors are ugly, they can actually act and the film has a plot". Oh as for the "if its ugly its British" thing, "train hard, fight easy". .
  3. Hi guys, please see attached, if you see or hear of these being sold on, please let your local FBI office know and have them call the UK. Thanks. Lets stop this scourge that is happeninng. Andrew
  4. Hi Hank, nope nice concrete place, ex wellington bomber repair station in WW2. The resevoir was added in '48. Red 1 which is the lead aircraft in the Red Arrows learnt to fly at Elstree (Egtr) so if he gets the chance he lets us know he is around. . Andrew
  5. Hi guys, look who decided to visit Elstree yesterday evening.
  6. And therein is my beef with Mooney WHY are you setting up the stand it should be Mooney. With Mooney branding all over it, right next to the cirrus stand inside the Masso. Andrew
  7. Oh yeah we got THAT bit, it was all the fun y symbol things that the cave men drew that we didn't get. @Hank Calculus, i never got past O’levels (google it).
  8. Can i be honest and say i did not understand a WORD of what that article said.
  9. The problem was though Mooney did not have a stand so people only saw C, P, and C brands
  10. Im still confused as to why anyone is still talking about let alone contemplating flying this plane to the overhaul shop. 1. Continental have said dont run engine 2. Loss of life risk (measured as likelihood of engine failure = medium, plus impact = extremely high, therefore high to extremely high risk action) 3. Definitely, without any reasonable doubt the responsibility of the OH shop to cover all costs, risks, issues etc to get this fixed. Pass issue to OH shop give them 14 days (or what ever the legal minimum time period is in the USA) to find solution that DOES NOT involve the owner in any form except opening his hangar for access and let them sort this mess. At the same time insist that you want Continental to oversee at OH shops cost the work to ensure it is done right. DO NOT fly this plane. Andrew
  11. to quote a phrase form a few years ago, there are known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns. The important thing is to at least know ALL of the Known knowns and the known unknowns before going anywhere near a maint organisation. I really really do feel for my American Cousins as ove here we have a wonderful law that protects the consumer called the Consumer Rights Act, basically it says "if you screwed up then you Mr maint org must pay to fix, and if it isn't the maints faults but say Garmins, it does not matter, the Maint fixes at his cost and then claims back off Garmin". I've posted a little copy of a relevant section below. It might help you guys when negotiating and dealing with these orgs who take you for a ride. The actual act if you are bored and cant sleep at Night, thats @Oldguy http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2015/15/contents/enacted and the section that deals with this particular issue:- http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2015/15/section/19/enacted and http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2015/15/part/1/chapter/4/crossheading/what-statutory-rights-are-there-under-a-services-contract/enacted the latter is the real killer in this case and for most maint organisations for as a consumer you expect reasonable care and skill and if the Avionics shop for example installs Avionics, "reasonable care and skill" would mean that the thing works and does what you want it to, as well as they informing you of anything that it would NOT do that you already have. I could go on, but you guys get the gist. You REALLY need this at a federal level, we have across the whole of the EU in some form or other. Andrew
  12. Beechtalk seems to slag most things from what i can gather. whenever someone wants to say something negative it always seems to appear either on Beechtalk or EuroGA. I never get to see negative stuff on Mooneyspace for example. Now the KI340 etc, its just Software guys
  13. Hi I've just had one installed from scratch in my J with all the sensors you could possibly imagine, inc "have I left the oven on", "did I feed the Dog" etc. (Joke). I was quoted 2995 Euros at 70 an hour. Hope that helps Andrew
  14. Whats the arrow pointing at in the picture, it appears to pointing at a Rivet with a ring around it, any idea why, was this your AMEs arrow or a previous guys? Regarding repair shops, I note that your friend has done lots of spar work to many aircraft, but not Mooneys, now I'm not saying Mooneys are especially difficult to repair, but he will be learning on your aircraft form a structural perspective, is this wise? Andrew
  15. im just quoting the original OP, He said 700cm wheels, i just quoted