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  1. Go for a run Eric, you sound stressed.
  2. Oh we ALL have that problem, every summit, Oshkosh etc. Im Andrew by the way, that damn Brit, but your Mother will, I am sure, recognise that.
  3. Nope those are not Wellington boots. Wellington boots are called as such after the Duke of Wellington, (he who kicked the French) who wore black knee length boots. In his case made of leather, now made of Rubber. The sort of things you put your toddlers in to go and splash in puddles, or as adults do the gardening in on wet muddy days, these ones below being the more expensive Yuppy variety. https://www.hunterboots.com/gb/en_gb/womens-wellington-boots
  4. What you mean like Nokia? Actually a wellington boot manufacturer. (Someone please translate).
  5. Its approx 1700 miles, sooo first thing you need to ask yourself is “how old are you”, second thing to ask yourself “after what length of flight time are you exhausted”, we all have our limits. Mines approx 6 hours, after which i need a good nights sleep, and decent high protein breakfast. So work on 135-140 knots ground speed, (westerly headwinds, unless the USA is so great a country you can control the wind, ), plus fuel stops so approx 3 days. BUT that will then give you “get there itis” a very deadly disease, so make it 4 days, possibly 5 and you will be comfortable and not rushed, tired, pressured etc. Have fun, sounds amazing.
  6. Happy “we kicked out the brits day” folks. Love the “banned fireworks displays”. Was this because of fire risk or social distancing? If the former, i sort of get that one, the latter....hold on didn't you say you were free from oppression? oh and before ANYONE mentions the Queen, (thats HM, not me this time), best investment we have, we pay 360m for palace upkeep etc, and we get back 2.5bn in tourism, and she has NO executive authority whatsoever, even has to ask to go to one of the other houses, like Balmoral. You guys do, repeat do know how to do a firework display, i saw a newscast of a plane flying over LA (i think) looked like there was a war going on, amazing, all that money just being burnt, when they could have given it to us so it could have been spent on our mooneys, god those LA people are selfish! have fun folks, don't do anything I wouldnt. there you go Anthony, thats what you wanted, ( @carusoam ).
  7. I disagree ONLY with the first line and penultimate sentence on the sec d paragraph. what they need to do, is not try to penetrate an existing market, but make that market bigger and take THAT share of the market. Ill give you an example...Guinness, great ale, market was saturated to the point of being as wet as the sea, every brewery in Ireland sold Ale. So what did the ancestors do, well they made St Patrick's day as the day you drank guinness, no other beer just guinness, then they expanded that across the colonies.....then what did the modern owners do, well in Africa you cant really sell Guinness so you sell the Guinness Malt (non alcoholic Guinness) creating a whole new market segment from EXACTLY, the same product, “for health reasons”. Other examples, how to increase sales of Vodka amongst the young in the 90s, well vodka was a spirit the young dont like spirits, , so you create a sweet vodka mixer and call it a trendy name, Smirnoff Ice, sweet vodka at a ridiculous price, literally flew off the shelves. Market size increased for exactly the same product except you create that increase and thus took it. Marketing 101. (anyone who has realised I worked for Diageo at some point, well done) Andrew
  8. Yep next one will be an Airbus. Sorry just HAD to. Lol.
  9. Im heartbroken. Bob and I met four summit years ago. He has known me literally a couple of days, but made such an impact. He always remembered my name (something I admit im not very good at) and took the time to come over and speak to this “brit” who had flown all the way across the big pond just to share plane stories. He did this every summit since that first one. He was a true gentlemen, when gentlemen were exactly that. May the winds always be behind you Bob.
  10. I have one coming out in a few weeks if you dont get this one but its 12/14v.
  11. Im going to ask the daft question, the trutrak autopilot is that bk aerocruz 230 or am i totally confused.
  12. I would not worry about the dent, as that is the visible bit, im more worried about the flap seals, and general lack of neglect. The flaps seals look all over the place, so one then wonders why. Why for me is “why are you selling with a knackered flap when your insurance will cover it being fixed?” Small minor technical point.