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  1. NO NO NO , there are 11, (ELEVEN) commandments. 11. Thou shalt not be caught!
  2. Took a guy flying in my J the other day (normally instructs on SR20 thingies). We were told to climb to FL060, so i adjusted the AP up at 500 fpm . He looked at me aghast and laughed "saying thats ALL you have to do, not change power setting or anything" "nope just adjust up, and up she goes, occasionally adding Mp as the air gets thinner, and a little bit of lean, but otherwise nothing" "I fly the wrong plane, I want one of these" QED.
  3. For those that nterested, PETER2000 is a friend of mine who lives in Brighton, UK. Very techie chap. His real name is Peter Holt. Small world huh
  4. Just a quick note to say that Andrew, I and Vicki are safe. A number of you have written DMs and I thought this the easiest way of saying to all that we are ok. thank you all for your concern. Andrew and Family Ps have a good Thanksgiving dont eat too much think of that mtow
  5. And because removing the pitot cover is the first thing i do when i approach the plane when i go flying i have never seen the asi registering anything but 0 as the pressure is always equal when i get into the plane at that point. ah science.
  6. The pressure definitely changed and we had a very very misty two days following the flight. Ill drain the staic lines tomorrow. It did reset back to 0 airspeed once i rmoved the pitot cover, and then stayed at 0 once it was put back on again. It was a bit wierd.
  7. So has anyone else ever had this issue, it's a first for me in 36 years of flying. Today i went to clean the plane, I taxied her around to the airport cleaning area carefully leaving the pitot cover on as I did not want to get water in the pitot system, i cleaned the plane, polished and waxed her, then taxied her back. When i parked her up I noticed that ASI was indicating close to 40 knots. I pulled the alternate air, made no difference. So i removed the pitot cover and the airspeed reset to zero. So heres the question, WHY? Im honestly intrigued as I could not work it out. Did starting the engine change the static system somehow, why would the ASI read a positive speed when the pitot cover is on?
  8. The avg age of the whole crew at NASA for the apollo missions was about 25. The brightest brains are often the young ones, we older folks just have wisdom lf experience.
  9. This Sunday gone past, I flew to a fly in. There all the aircraft lined up and parked, Piper Cherokee, Jodels, Robins, DA40s, amd one Mooney. After Breakfast I was one if the last to walk out to the line, there was eveyone all crowded around my Mooney, all having a nose and peak. They are machines of mystery, we need to publicise that aura far more around social media. Noone would ever buy anything else ever again. Andrew,
  10. One does wonder why the Stec rather than Century or BK, as to my knowledge BK and Century outnumber APs of,other brands in the planes most likely to upgrade their APs
  11. Should have gone to specsavers. https://www.specsavers.co.uk/
  12. Forret Gump. If you get a chance go to Hunting Island in SC, which is where it was filmed. The Shrimps boats came from a company called "The Gay Fish Co" which is a husband and wife outfit Mr and Mrs Gay whi own most of the town from what I could gather, there was the Gay Hairdressers, The Gay Store etc. Lovey lovely place though we had one of our best holidays there back in 06
  13. But i bet you did not know that the mainsheet man on my racing yacht was the EU head of treasury for Lehman and 2 weeks before lehmans said "chapter 11 bankruptcy " they asked him to move all EU money back to the USA. Now here in lies the rub. The EU branch if lehmans was VERY profitiable, hence it had the funds to transfer, but the USA bit had issues. Bankruptcy in the USA is different to the EU, in the EU the moment you declare bankruptcy, business stops, and the business is then immediately wound up and assets sold off or given away. The USA guys were told this but didnt listen, so when they declared bankruptcy the EU branch (the profitable bit) had to shut immediately. Amazing what people tell you on a long night crossing in a yacht race. He was mightily annoyed at the USA for killing a profitable business. Has they not transferred the monies, leaving the EU end with nothing, they could have shown that the EU was liquid and saved the company. Oh well, older and wiser. Andrew
  14. But it is sold as removing all risk. Ive watched the sales first hand at a show, and it targets the "bank", with the "plane with a parachute" and says it is safe as a consequence. Now "safe" implies nothing will ever happen to you. "Safer" on the other hand has ti be justified with backup numbers v other brands etc. So they say safe, despite the fact that most GA accidents happen jist after TO or base to final turn which is outidde the envelope for CAPS deployment. I believe that their sales model if taken into a court room, could be in trouble. The trouble is, the sales is all talk,and patter, the literature does not say its "safe" so proving that the salesman "told me it was safe" would be difficult. Andrew