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  1. So we now deal with software salesmen when it comes to our avionics socas an Ex CIO i would like to roll out my favourite quote of my career.... Q. Whats the differnce betweena second hand car salesman and a software salesman? A. The car salesman knows he talking bollocks.
  2. Gear Doughnuts

    It depends Pete, if you have not ordered it, had it delivered, written the paper trail for it, then yes its acceptable. Just ordering the part yourself is a small part of the process. I have this argument with my clients when i build houses for them, they think that just ordering a sink is allcthey need to do, when there is a lot of paperwork, and timing behind the delivery of said sink so that it arrives on site, with the drains, attachements etc it will need to be fitted. Im sure the same is true of dental crowns?
  3. Gear Doughnuts

    El Buey Dos by any chance in Madrid? Raw meat, hot plates, awesome place. .
  4. Speed Mods

    I think we are all missing the best speed mod out there... Smooth and as reliable as.... and WHAT power!
  5. Hurricane Irma

    10:46 UTC winds at 65mph at the Jupiter inlet. Love that feed, thanks @Firebird2xc Andrew
  6. Just found this thread, very useful. Im going to order one to play with. Lettering wise i was going to take it to a mate of mine who is a dentist, have him "cut" the letters in using one of his little drill things, then fine paint them in. Ill let you know how it goes. Landing light is my one thats gone. Andrew
  7. Oil Filler Funnel

    The club i use as a "watering hole" has an ingenous solution, they take a 500ml coke bottle or similar (as all the tops are the same size) then they cut the top of the bottle off about a third of the way down, screw the top into the oil filler and you have a funnel. Then it gets thrown away after use. So so simple, love it as an idea. The screw thread on thr bottle ismthe same as the filler, imagine that!
  8. Vacuum pump failed

    In your first picture, there is a broken piece off the spindle in the middle, THAT to be shows that you shouldnt try to rebuild, but buy a new one. Unless that whole assembly is replaced on refurb. I would be concerned that that spindle is reused. Andrew
  9. Look,at how the Mooney is made. The outer skin is NON structural unlike the other brands, so it is not tight like them, this leads to the "inside of a drum" effect, due to all the panels vibrating very slighlty but enough to transmit the noise inside. Its like being on the inside of amsailing yacht when someone is operating a winch above, damn noisy. The best most effective way to reduce the noise is to reduce what you HEAR, this is done through ANR headsets, decent intercoms and foam earplugs. Dont use any other earplugs as you cant hear ANYTHING through the headset then, . I swear by my Bose A20 and a set of foam plugs (for long trips), works a treat. The foam cancels out the higher frequencies that the Bose seems to only reduce. NB ONLY put the plugs in after run ups and take off so you can clearly hear the engine. Andrew
  10. Best IFR Panel

    Depends, are you catholic? If so then oh yes, otherwise, lets take the 10 commandmets..... Well you eat meat and vegetables, yes? And yet God said, thou shalt not kill, well she clearly doesnt like us as she doesnt want us to eat! Thou shall not covet thy neighbours Ox, well he has not got an Ox so thats ok, just a damn nice Mooney Panel, see its not in the commandments so its ok. Thou shall love thy neighbour as thyself, well you are loving your neighbours Mooney Panels and thats almost thensame thing, so so far, you are doing ok on the commandments.
  11. Today's flight for 2017

    Yay someone else that writes like me.
  12. Hurricane Irma

    Thats an upgrade, its his tactical attack radar, only shows cessnas and Pipers and what weapon to use to bring them down.
  13. Hurricane Irma

    To all of you in Florida and in danger. God speed, keep safe. I hope and pray that all will be well for you, your families, your birds and property. At the end of the day the last two can be fixed, so take care of number one and two. Hugs from a little Island in Europe.
  14. Hurricane Irma

    Check your connections before you think it's something major. You have done a lot of work on your baby so might n ot have put something back right.
  15. Hurricane Irma

    I've always though a perfect advert for Mooney would be a photo on a billboard taken above a traffic jam.... Labor Day traffic...In your Mooney you would be there by now. Andrew