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  1. So sheer laziness has resulted in a long delay in doing the adjustment on our Brittain Altitude Hold. We (wife Kelly and I)flew up to MKE for a Brewer game and “guessed” that the plane was “trimmed” with pitch pull about 500’ up from a down nose with pull of pitch on altitude hold. I was informed that a full 360 turn was 100’ so did 5 clockwise turns on the adjustment box. When we flew just the opposite occurred. Big upward nose move with pitch pull that required abut the same nose down trim (and an unequal sight gage on panel). So, before next flight I will do three counter-clockwise turns of the pitch adjustment and see where we are with a pull of the pitch. It seems like a 360 turn did WAY more than 100’...YMMV. Our plane flies at about 135-145 knots with 10GPH fuel flow. I have to burn an extra gallon (7500-8500’) to get book values for speed. (Three blade prop/cowl closure/201 windshield/brake rotation) 2550RPM. My exhaust spread was within 1-3 degrees across the cylinders for temp. (I know temps don’t mean squat, but liked this close spread as “neat” to see exhaust bars looking consistent) Hottest cylinder was 368 (always 50 degrees warmer on #2 than other three). Others chilling at just over 3 bills. My wife has a new hobby: Being concerned about other traffic now that it paints on her I-pad. “Honey, that plane is 4000’ below us...If we dove at 500FPM it would take us 8 minutes to hit ‘em”...”O.K. But our paths are going to cross.” Me-“keep me posted”. Weird deal on talking with tower at Mitchell. I am on final to 7 R and coming down from 3k ft and she tells me to break off 70 degrees to right because a Cessna is loitering? Really? Thought this was weird in her airspace. Anyway landing was uneventful except I was “high” so didn’t even make first stripe...After not flying for a few weeks there is always some “weird” thing that happens to make flight interesting. Right?
  2. Get a Red 252 and call ‘em a pair.
  3. MyNameIsNobody

    EI Engine monitors?

    My certified individual EI Engine Gauges/fuel flow/clock just work. For YEARS they just work. Totally satisfied customer.
  4. MyNameIsNobody

    Insurance woes

    You may “think” that, but they are absolutely NOT the same. If you get a burger and your wife gets a salad and the other couple gets Surf and Turf is splitting the bill evenly fair? No is the answer. If the couple that eat meals that were way more expensive do say “No, lets just split by couple ours was WAY more”, THEY are either ignorant or taking advantage of your good nature.
  5. MyNameIsNobody

    Insurance woes

    Life’s individual decisions have consequences. You and your group choose to absorb the costs of the individual that made a poor decision. (Go around). There is another entity that works in a similar fashion. As long as all agree and it is in writing...O.K.
  6. MyNameIsNobody

    Insurance woes

  7. MyNameIsNobody

    Insurance woes

  8. MyNameIsNobody

    Brittain install manual

    So here is my question. The TC-100 integrates the Electric Turn Co-ordinator with the P.C. Gyro that controls wings level flight. The “Turn Coordinator is electric NOT gyro based. The Wing leveler component in the TC-100 IS the gyro. My P.C. System gyro is separate from my electric turn coordinator. Is your P.C. System working at all? Do you have the opposite turns of yoke to turn on ground with P.C. System on? I have a back-up TC-100 for when my planes PC gyro fails and or if the electric Turn Coordinator fails.
  9. MyNameIsNobody

    Mooney in the water in Palo Alto

    You left out flaps. You have full flaps too, right?
  10. MyNameIsNobody

    Brittain install manual

    I have “it”, but it is in paper form. Somebody must have it in a PDF.
  11. MyNameIsNobody

    A couple of questions from a newbie

    We are Mooniac’s to be technically correct on who we are. My advice is get your license. LEARN to fly and THEN look at investing in your airplane that fits your mission. Good luck! Have fun. Better off learning in someone else’s plane.
  12. MyNameIsNobody

    Insurance woes

    My recommendation is to have your co-owner eat the increase in premium as his decision is the reason your premiums increased. That should be written into your co-owner agreement. Insurance carrier is offering a quote instead of saying “No”. They are looking at the risk and assessing and mitigating exposure.
  13. MyNameIsNobody

    Brittain install manual

    So neither the wing leveler (TC-100 control) or the Accu-Trak (Heading) function or just one or the other? What are you using to drive the Accu-Trak? I have mine connected to a GNC300XL on the analog left and right.
  14. MyNameIsNobody


    Somewhere the Reaper scoffs quietly...