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  1. MyNameIsNobody

    Memphis Belle

    I was at Wright Pat in February. Sadly missed her. Saw some of my favorites though.
  2. MyNameIsNobody

    Water Drainage. Anybody else had this?

    We replaced side-windows. New caulk to spec installed. With cabin cover certain not from windows. I will try your suggestion. Thanks. Still surprised that much water would be getting in with vent closed and a cabin cover over the roof vent?
  3. My plane is hangered, but when overnight it is out on ramp. Even with a cabin cover I have noticed a LOT of water coming out of plane (after a heavy rain) when I would tow to pump for fuel. Anybody else have this happen? Where is water coming from? I thought of this because of another thread that discussed the overhead cabin air vent drain tube... I never pinpointed where the water was coming out of other than “the belly”. It was significant amount. Not dripping, but running water for a few seconds, like someone emptied a gallon bucket. Ideas? Thoughts?
  4. MyNameIsNobody

    Summmer Leaning on Approach

    A lot of test pilots on this thread. I like the idea of applying with checklist BECAUSE: -Like a seatbelt, you never know when you will need “it” and after is too late. -Carb ice is an uncommon event, but low and slow reacting vs. being preventative-CONSISTENTLY is good medicine.
  5. MyNameIsNobody

    Recommendations on Selling Mooney

    There are no dues. Ads or no ads.
  6. MyNameIsNobody

    Recommendations on Selling Mooney

    Humans. Never cease to amaze and confound me. Mooneyspace, a place where humans go out of their way to be friendly until they are not. I have to ask: (because no one else will) “Seller, you have a human interested in your plane and you completely ignore his query.” Why would you do that? You are looking to sell your plane and reach out. A human communicates he is an interested buyer and you ignore him. Face palm. Ya, A broker is definitely the way you should go Sam.
  7. MyNameIsNobody

    Tail light - buld replacement

    Didn’t say “did”. I will try to get to sleep tonight knowing I might be flying “dirty”... Maybe it will be 45 seconds instead of my usual 30 to ZZZZZZzzzzzz
  8. MyNameIsNobody

    Tail light - buld replacement

    Agree 100%. If a panel (avionics) item has flown for years in Experimental and is no different than certified other than “It’s certified”...OR even if it is not certified BUT has flown as an experimental part...LET FAA BLESS IT as “O.k. To install in a certified plane. That, sadly is not the case. You put that not PMA, not STC tail light bulb in your plane with the increased safety of a strobe and you are WRONG. FAA is NOT keeping up with demand for certification. That is a massive fail by Federal Government. We agree. I just won’t put that in my plane. You and Paul will...
  9. MyNameIsNobody

    Tail light - buld replacement

    I think you and Paul are spot on, but where does it end? I want the process of evaluation to change. Until then I fly with parts that are “blessed”. I just think the prices of recognition lights are ridiculous and I wouldn’t pay it. Why pay it when a GE taillight bulb that lasts 1500 hours is under $5 bucks? Now regarding landing lights and strobes that is a different animal. I paid for an STC on a HID landing light and installed Whelen strobes that also had wingtip bulbs integrated for recognition lights. I fly with my landing light on at all times. Go ahead and put some lower cost unapproved LED in your recognition light. I don’t care, but A&P’s and FAA ramp inspectors do. For what you get it is NOT worth not putting in a $5 buck bulb that is “the blessed” bulb in my opinion. There are guys on here that definitely have the “stench of unapproved” emanating from all over “their” planes. “It”/hanger fairy’s are celebrated on this site. No bueno.
  10. MyNameIsNobody

    Need PC Turn Coordinator

    PM sent.
  11. MyNameIsNobody

    Turbulence + V = chicken

    I have never flown in anything I would call more adverse than light chop. For sure on a hot summer day I have experienced intermittent bumps that might even get the head close to ceiling, but would never rate it as moderate and definitely NOT severe. I fly in the yellow arc primarily and on decent 180 is my personal VNE, so when I am at 170 I modify pitch or reduce airspeed (500’/min). If I get more than a couple cloud jolts at those speeds in decent I will slow down. Never concerned about airframe. My concern is my and passengers comfort. The yellow Arc is there for a reason, but our planes are stout and the yellow is conservative in vintage Mooney’s. That said, if I got into moderate sustained turbulence I am getting to top of green. For comfort.
  12. MyNameIsNobody

    Front seats recovered and yokes wrapped...

    Ahhhhhh. That will look great when done! Really nice looking cabin.
  13. MyNameIsNobody

    Front seats recovered and yokes wrapped...

    Yokes and seats look fantastic. What is up with your wheel-well plastic? Prep and a rattle can will “fix” that.
  14. “It’s not so much a a hard number as a misty dark squishy feelin’”. But as long as GA is happy all good. Like the amazing ever occurring panels of Whiz the wingtips...or winglets are VERY nice aesthetically. I am sure the lights are very bright and use less energy and will require less service (Until a line guy/phantom nails one). I am sure that 2 AMU’s PLUS another 2 for fitment are a solid investment in the feel good category. Go forth and open pocketbook to the wise purchase. PS-If this would of been posted on the Modern thread I wouldn’t even of seen it. BUT, and that is a BIG but, It is in vintage where sale values for our planes are horrible. This money is better spent in other areas. Truly you should of just bought a post ‘78 J with sculpted wingtips instead of trying to create one. Cheaper in the long run. Those .2 AMU LED recognition lights look like a bargain compared to these babies... Maybe a sweet Sabre-cowl enclosure once temp gremlins are tamed is money better spent? If you are looking for an investment buy a numbers matching Luger. If you just want to spend money these tips are the bomb.
  15. A lot of “that” (remains to be seen) going around in GA... Just sayin’ Doooude. (Not yellin’ just tellin’)