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  1. Hi sorry been away from the post for a long time. I am still looking for a Brittain TC100 604-200-200.

  2. ARI cowl closure purchased today. Cost point where I/we needed to be vs. the better solution in Sabre’s cowl. We will have prop off at annual for re-seal/etc so time was right to do cowl closure. Got a refurbed DG with heading bug $.8 AMU’s and the ARI for $1.5AMU’s so about the price of a G5 for the two. I/We will have a cowl plug and a laser lower cowl closure available in February...PM me if interested.
  3. Triflow? Keep a can of compressed air. That $%^& is amazing....
  4. Bought a refurbished DG today. The cost of the G5 was not worth it. Triple the price for the glass. NOPE. ARI cowl mod should give a tad more speed and a lot cleaner look. Dollars better spent.
  5. Not picking up what you are laying down? What “Indicator” is replaced by G5?
  6. Yes. I have the drawing that Brown provided. Hoping someone else already did the “work”. We have a processing DG that is annoying on a 2 hour flight. Can buy a refurbished unit for $800 vs. more than triple that for the G5 w/required accessories installed. Probably should do the refurbed unit for cost savings ease of install (swap). Spend the savings on an ARI cowl closure...
  7. Anyone actually connected their G5 DG to the Accu-Flite? How does it work? Will Garmin (possibly) include Brittain as authorized auto-pilot for use with G5? Thoughts? Drawbacks?
  8. Yup never good with Ebonics. Yes Blocking is awesome for West Coast Emasculated syssup....Use it. It’s made for you.
  9. Hey Chuckster, Speaking of not putting your whole name in your info. Kind of the pot calling the kettle black, eh? Rhetorical.
  10. Good stuff Bob. Felt a little deja vu. How pray tell do you handle that thimble full of water in the recess of the properly sealed properly serviced gasketed fuel cap? Do you also carry a can of compressed air to spray that thimble full of water from each cap recess?
  11. Chuckles that is a tough one. I am going to go with C or maybe T for Trigger. Wait let me blow a little compressed air on “it”. Yeah, that is much better.
  12. Doubling down. Nice. HI-Larious. Gotta go and ponder my replies on thousands of threads including the “former me”...