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  1. MyNameIsNobody

    Passed Commercial Checkride!!

    Your priorities were spot on. Congrats on all “life” achievements. Taildraggers do it in the dirt... Have fun. I have 13 hours in a Citabria and it is just pure unadulterated fun.
  2. MyNameIsNobody


    I guess you couldn’t find it... Answer is NO. It is in there somewhere.
  3. MyNameIsNobody


    I have the electric solenoid installed. The yoke switch does same as the old yoke thumb button, but instead of holding it is “off” or on (PC) based on switch position. The solenoid is “working” when you have PC in off position as it has an electric input to close the valve...just like your thumb. YOU STILL HAVE THE PC control. Mine in my ‘66 is below (pilot side) window access below the hydraulic fluid reservoir. I haven’t seen it, but I know it is there. When it dies I will replace with the unit that is married to Turn Coordinator. (TC-100)
  4. MyNameIsNobody

    Question on Brittain Service & Maintenance

    Apparently more difficult than an Accu-Trak as my A& P said pass on doing the install. Jerry did a fine job. Service is DEFINITELY a BIG concern. I wish someone would purchase and continue to support Brittain.
  5. MyNameIsNobody

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    Red? John Deere Green is king in Iowa buddy.
  6. MyNameIsNobody

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    Everyone knows the “best” is whatever is in your hanger that unlocks your passion every time you say “clear the prop”...
  7. MyNameIsNobody

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    He had me at “ball sucking”....
  8. MyNameIsNobody

    10 Hrs. Dual? Really?

    Sorry (not sorry) this just strikes me as length condescension. A short body Mooney can do what an F does (as stated). A short bodied Mooney is a “Forever” Mooney in every way that a Mid or Long body Mooney is. You can put just as much in the panel, fly as far with extended tanks, EVEN over mountains (if doing so in a single engine plane is your thing). I roll my eyes in your general direction (A)...
  9. MyNameIsNobody

    10 Hrs. Dual? Really?

    Weird? You got that right.
  10. Is somebody used to having people do things for them? Too funny.
  11. MyNameIsNobody

    Just sell me the f**$’ng oil

    Hi-Larious. I would of laughed in her face and turned around and walked out. She would of never gotten the Mooney dig in because I would of been laughing to loud as I walked out the door. I can buy two cases for that from Signature no less delivered to my door. You are out of the CB club bub.
  12. Was not trying to imply an upstage Ross. Sweet use of the exclamation point though. Easy does it pard... Tricky...Not so much in my experience.
  13. Servos come up regularly on eBay. Nice to have shoppers find the link and spoon feed you the part. They were cheap in years past. So cheap that not buying spares was not possible.
  14. Some dumb ass said EBay is your friend earlier... Nevermind.
  15. EBay is your friend.... Try taping it and seeing how it works.