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  1. @carusoam - just about all East Coast flying with maybe one or two trips to the West Coast. The 45 minutes is not a limit, it is currently the longest one way flight we have done. No bladder issues on that short of a flighA nice J was the original thought, but as you say, the prices are ticking upward.
  2. Old guy, you are not being too nosy, between the three of us, we amount to about 560 lbs. I am the guy who what if’s everything and trying to get the most bang for the buck. In all actuality, the bladders will most likely not last as long as the fuel tanks. We haven’t really tested it as I am currently renting and most of out flights have been fairly short with the longest being about 45 minutes one way, so looking for a machine that will increase the distance travelled in the same amount of time.
  3. Looking for a M20C/F/K owner in the Tidewater area (Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk) of Virginia that would be willing to take me for a flight and maybe a $100 hamburger. I have not had the opportunity to see a Mooney up close, let alone sit in one. I have been lurking here for a while and quite honestly cannot decide on what flavor fits my needs...I guess I really need to define my needs to narrow it down, but would like to consider all options. Budget is TBD, but initially looking at keeping it under $100K which probably puts the K out of my price range. I am a low time pilot (85 hours) who has pretty much been on a sabbatical for the last two years due to my job. I have recently gotten back in to the seat, having completed my Flight Review and started flying again, now I want to build hours with IFR being the next step. Needs (or wants I guess) would include room for three (me, the wife and teen age son) with a couple of flights a year to Florida (Tampa) and Asheville, NC to visit family. would also like to ability to take long weekend trips to wherever we wanted to visit and get there fast...or at least faster than a C172. I would like a high useful load with a low fuel burn rate (don't we all). All of my flying has been in a C172 as that is pretty much all there is available where I rent...currently no low wing or complex aircraft available, but I have it on good authority there may be one coming soon. Anyhow, if you have an aircraft that meets the above desires and are based locally or will be passing through and are willing to spend some time showing me your plane, I would like to get together. Mike
  4. Thanks George! I will definitely look you up!
  5. Anyone planning to attend the AOPA Fly-in at Bremerton, WA or know if the Mooney Ambassadors will have a tent? I am a low time pilot (PPL) who has been lurking the Mooneyspace site for about the last 18 months. I have recently moved to Bremerton, WA from Chesapeake, VA, courtesy of the Navy and being on a ship is not giving me as much flying time as I would have hoped. Dreaming of eventual ownership, right now I am relegated to rent and build hours until the time is right. I have become very interested in the Mooney aircraft, although I have yet to see one up close. I am pretty content to learn as much as I can about all of the various Mooney models and trying to determine what my flying mission would be in order to decide on a particular model.