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  1. Eraaen

    Got my renewal insurance quote today...

    Similar exp. 1100tt 700'ish retract. IFR. 1,000,000/100,00 each. $5k med per person. 135K hull. 0 Deduct. No claims. Last 5 yrs it been creeping up approx. $100 per year. This year jumped almost $300 to $1,966 and that was switching to Old Republic from Star. They were another $100 higher yet.. the only benefit they had was less restrictions on hours/qualifications for "other pilots" nobody else fly's my plane anyway. I gasped, and asked the broker what was going on (I'm of the same thought that the more experience I get in the plane, the cheaper the insurance should be) She mentioned that the underwriters pretty much socked it to all retractables over the last few years. I hadn't thought of it at the time, but I keep $5k deductibles on all of my other vehicles. Does anyone have any experience with putting a larger deductible in place on aircraft? Might be a dumb idea.. a simple ding could cost thousands anyway.
  2. Eraaen

    ipad mini

    I was not familiar with avare until this string.. but it doesn't look like it will run plates and procedures. I'm still running Mini 3 with foreflight. As long as Apple will support downloads and Foreflight keeps adding all the cool stuff they do. I think I'll stick with my set up. I can't even justify moving to a Mini 4 (unless there is something I don't know?)??
  3. Eraaen

    I'm not sure who to believe

    Clarence. I was just looking at this schematic yesterday with the guys at the shop. So, what happened is, the Aneroid Adjustment as it is pictured, controls the high pressure. The locking nut doesn't actually thread onto the screw as I imagined. It threads into the housing. In my case, the replacement housing threads were jacked. It felt like it tightened, but wasn't going in far enough. It was loose enough that the adjustment screw could still be turned by hand. That's the issue that wasn't caught the first time.
  4. Eraaen

    I'm not sure who to believe

    From my understanding, it was the high pressure screw. As described to me, this screw screws out to increase pressure (contrary to my common sense anyway) and then a lock nut tightens in to hold it in place. (I haven't actually seen it) To me it sounds like the "screw" threads must be messed up. But, the company who rebuilt it says it's a problem with the housing and it's already been sent back. I am not an expert on Rocket conversions, I just like to go fast. It is my understanding that these are 340/414 engines that have been detuned to 305HP vs what I think are normally 310HP. It's turbo'd, book says 32-33 gph at full power.
  5. Eraaen

    I'm not sure who to believe

    Honestly, I have no idea, these same group of guys have been wrenching for me since I purchased. Over time, we have found our sources. But, now that I know there is a "latest pump configuration" I'll be sure to ask.. thank you!!
  6. I have owned my 80 231K/Rocket for about 5 years now. I have NEVER seen Fuel Flows at the level they should be. Maxed out around 27gph on full power. I have mentioned this every oil change/annual. I was always told it was within specs. Well, the last few flights it never came above 23gph. I mentioned this again. Time to send fuel pump out (fine) a new/rebuilt one comes back. Now fuel controller is dumping gas. It goes out (fine). All put back together and log notes state totalizer is showing 5GPH high. I scratch my head.. NO WAY. It's been spot on for 5 years (even had a conversation about it with maint. manager) I was shown the certified gauge they used to set it up. He says, "keep an eye on it and let me know." I decide it's best for me to go solo on this one. I enter the runway and slowly push up the manifold pressure.. the fuel flow keeps climbing and climbing at gets to around 39gph. (they did say it was showing 5 gph high) But, I am hauling A** and by this point very far behind the aircraft and decide its time to stop watching and start flying. Well, I'm well down the runway and moving fast, so when I rotate I blast off!! and that's when the motor just went BLAAAAHH. I made the immediate decision that I was not ending up on the other side of the fence. In one swoop I had pulled the power, put out airbrakes, and put the plane into one of the wildest slips you would ever see this close to the ground, while at the same time dropping flaps. I hit the ground just as I rolled out of the slip. Had to commit to another decision. If I went off the end of the runway, into the grass/downhill, I'd loose all braking force and still be in the fence. So I got as far to the right as possible and cut the left corner off the runway with tires screaming. I fully expected to hear metal crunching as wing hit or gear collapsed. I got it stopped in the staging area. Then realized the motor was running fine. So, obviously. My gauge is fine and I totally flooded the motor on takeoff. After some extremely direct "conversation" with the Maint. Manager. He offered to purchase a new gauge and look at it. Just got a phone call. The rebuilt core housing is bad and wont let the set screw hold the adjustment screw in place. So, it was backing out and increasing the pressure. They had it set correctly in the hanger but, when they buttoned everything up and did a final run the totalizer showed 5 high, because.. it was after the adjuster backed out. I'm not really sure what the moral of this story is. It should NEVER have left the rebuild company like this. My guys SHOULD have caught the problem. I SHOULD have insisted on more follow through/testing before attempting to fly. Just sharing a story, because it was scary.
  7. Eraaen

    M20k rear bench seat

    My 1980 231k looks likes bolts.. they are, but they are into "J" hooks that swivel up to the side. Instead of needing to completely remove them, its just a loosen and spin up. I have two seat cushions that are Velcro'd down. they come up easily enough. But, I also unclick the seatbelts because they might damage the rear when folded down. Also the rear seat is held in on the bottom by a round .(???). thing on either side that slides into a track making removal real easy.. However, a total pain in the A** to slide back in. I stopped removing it and just fold it down when needed.
  8. According to Don Maxwell these are 130285-003 and about $43 each from mooney.
  9. I'm sorry, I don't have time to look right now. Gott'a run out. But if you search on my posts from a while back, you will see pics of both the bulbs and screw in caps that one of these nice guys gave me a part number for.
  10. Eraaen

    self-service O2

    Ditto on the "bring your own adapter" I bought a second one to keep in the plane. I have found a few places in Florida who will fill for my return flight on weekends. But, they never have the adaptor, and they are always AP. it's never cheap away from home.
  11. Eraaen

    231 cowl flaps

    on your "cold" cylinder .. check the probes. On mine I noticed the same thing. (one cylinder running 50 degrees cooler than the rest) It turned out that this cylinder has the original CHT probe for the dash. Not sure why is wasn't swapped out. But speculation is, that this is why that cylinder shows colder than the rest. (can't remember what # it is)
  12. Eraaen

    Rocket W&B?

    Except for mentioning the 600lbs of luggage (just kidding) But, it's usually a LOT and it goes in the back. You sound just like us. Because of this, I'm only filling as much fuel as needed for planned flight. This way when we get to our final destination it has never been an issue for me. If you have to land heavy, keep the power on and the nose up.
  13. Eraaen

    MooneySpace Member Map

    You might be busy, I'm in
  14. I obtained my private around 18 years ago. This was all I was EVER taught/instructed. I've never seen the 270 turn to reenter the pattern. Not in writing, not in Bi-Annuals.. etc. Ya learn something every day on this post.