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  1. Eraaen

    DIY engine heater

    I have one of the expensive "stick" heaters (can't think of the name) for the engine. I just leave it on all the time. I have the same heater you purchased connected to a 3g cell switch. The heater is sitting on a stool in the cargo area. I can turn it on remotely and have a toasty warm cockpit when I arrive. I also have a big Kerosene heater in the hanger. It works in the spring/fall. But, in the dead of winter it has to be running for a couple of hours to really make a dent. By then dragons are dancing on the walls (if you know what I mean). The best purchase I made was last year. It must have been the perfect storm. I went to the hanger and it looked like somebody had sprayed everything down with a hose it was so humid. I purchased a big dehumidifier and I just let it run with a hose attached that flows out under the hanger door. It'll mostly keep the humidity around 35 with the added benefit that it produces (a little) heat.
  2. I hadn't heard about this additional rebate until this thread. I've been one of those procrastinators. This rebate got my but in gear. My local shop is booked through Feb. So, time to pull the trigger. This is the quote I received: GTX345 $6800 installed and tied to 530W Flight Stream 210 $1750 installed Credit for existing GTX330 $250. I know it's upgradable, however I'd like ADSB in and the ability to link to my Ipad Credit for existing GDL69 $500 Do these numbers Jive?? I'm mostly interested in if the removal items may be worth more than the credits given. Before anyone mentions Satellite Radio.. My GDL was turned off long ago but it must have missed the "kill signal" I've never paid a fee. I've always had satellite weather, just no radio. (I'm happy with my Ipod) Just figured I'd loose some weight in the process and sell it if I could.
  3. Eraaen

    Looking for a used Pitot Tube

    Wow, prices all over the place. Everything checked out from the dash to the tube. I was charged $1145.99 to have it "overhauled" I don't know if that meant it was traded/core charge, or if it was somehow repaired.
  4. Eraaen

    Annual Ouch

    I've owed for 5 years. I too attempt to keep on top of maintenance. I have a squawk sheet for each oil change, a couple of the rod ends were replaced when I purchased. Cliffy, as far as lubrication goes. Nope, this is the first aircraft that I have purchased on my own. The first that I have been responsible for maint issues. I have never oiled/lubed these items outside of an annual. Maybe my bad/ I wasn't aware it needed to be done that often. For an aircraft that flys approx. 200hrs a year,(well maybe not that much anymore) it's in the shop often enough and stored inside. I haven't dug into logs to see if/when they had ever been replaced or serviced before. I've kind of been relying on my shop manager (who seems to know his Mooneys.)
  5. Eraaen

    Annual Ouch

    Ouch,, way to rub it in. Mine have usually been around $2k, except for the time we found a cracked Turbo. This could be coming in close to $16,000. Approx 10-11% of the planes value and it certainly won't increase it's value. There goes my engine reserve.. and it totaly throws that cool 4 blade prop out the window. AND, I just got my 2017 taxes wrapped up. Time for a big Bourbon.
  6. Eraaen

    Annual Ouch

    My first real Ouch of an Annual: 1980 231K/Rocket IFR Cert $300. Oxy Bottle Hydro ??$350-$750 est. Belly Beacon inop $272 (but found a aero adaptor so that it sits higher in the belly!! that might give me an extra 1/2 kt)L & R fuel tank sending units leaking $71. Nose gear link $798. Nose gear center bolt $136. L & R aileron rod end/bolts $98. RT flap has two rod ends worn and jackshaft $895. rudder rod end #3 worn $50. Pito heat inop $1145. L and R main gear retraction bell crank $1,200. Plus a few other little items, Plus labor for all of these, plus reg annual cost. etc etc. this is all normal wear and tear I suppose. I have to expect some of it from a 38 yr old airframe. BUT, the biggest.. and I'm looking for help here. Is the Emergency Gear Manual extension cord actuator (it works if you pull on it gently, but it is "ratcheting"/ slipping if you are in the OH Sh*T, my gear isn't coming down mode.. Mooney will not supply kits until Jan 2019. Laser has a overhauled unit.. for GASP!! $7,650. I'm betting the overhaul kit (whenever it comes out) and labor to overhaul it will probably be around that price tag. I'm shopping, but if anybody has any leads I'd sure like hear about it.
  7. Eraaen

    500 Hour past TBO Rocket gets OH

    Hmmmm, I've been trying to hide money to get prepared for what I figured was going to be closer to $40-50k. If I didn't replace the new, turbo, alt, Mags, Fuel Pump, Fuel Controller, etc etc. I am curious to see if they can keep it under $20k on the motor only. Looks to be estimating around $17.5 on their page. Any ideas on shipping? I'm closer, but hate the idea of 12 hour round trips/twice.
  8. Eraaen

    How to install LED Strobes?

    Bryan, in a earlier quote you said this was "unshielded" is that correct? wouldn't it need to be a shielded line in order to prevent pulse interference with the radios? Maybe its so low power as a sync wire it doesn't
  9. Eraaen

    New Rocket Owner

    Triplets. Antares, I sat here staring at your plane attempting to figure out what that big "antenna" was on the top of your plane. I'm a little slow.
  10. Eraaen

    Ft Lauderdale trip

    I missed this before.. but, we go down all the time. Our youngest Daughter is attending Nova Southeastern. KHWO (North Perry) Hollywood aviation. Technically, there is a Tie Down Fee at Hollywood Aviation, right by the tower. But, Helga who is always there, can have a car waiting (any rental) will give you the after hours gate code. The self fuel tank is one of the cheapest in the state if you pay inside (the trick). She normally waives or deeply discounts the tie down of $25 per night. My only problem is that NO ONE on that field will do Oxy refills. I've found a couple airboat guys at another airport (?? FXE maybe) that can do it. But, it's expensive and they are never able to fill completely. Bring your own adaptor if you need it.
  11. Eraaen

    First Year Cost of Ownership

    I've spent a lot of money on big ticket purchases in my life. But, this is exactly why purchasing an aircraft was the MOST nerve wrenching purchase I have ever made. Up till my current aircraft I had only leased or been a silent member who just wrote checks. During thepre-buy that turned into an annual we only found a few things. Pito Tube was all rusted, clogged. And the turbo wastegate was leaking and needed to be overhauled. The owner and I split it. All was good until the Turbo was found cracked at first oil change (might have been that way all along and we just missed it on first attempt) Over the next 4 years: In no particular order, Mags, Plugs/wires, fuel pump, fuel controller, tach cable, cowl cable, brake lines/pads, tires (2) I think I had a bad right brake, kept flat spotting (or yes I could have had a heavy foot) Batteries, rebuilt compass, re--setting the pot for the ammeter low light on dash. Electrical short through the front cowl that kept popping the landing lights breaker. New landing lights, two new landing light covers. found alt air door stuck open and repaired the whole airbox. replaced cable for oxy cyl, replaced gauge for oxy. I have never kept a spread sheet (I don't want my wife to find it, as far as she knows, it's all gas!!) me writing it all down is scary enough and I know I haven't even got to the big stuff yet. The GPS database upgrades were one of my biggest shocks for ownership/sounds silly now. But, I spent more than I originally intended, hoping I wouldn't get caught up in attempting to "upgrade into" my plane. That worked out for me, the only thing I'm "planning on" is to upgrade the transponder to a GTX345 and flight stream 210 combo.. I just keep looking for more alternatives and waiting to see if the prices come down before the deadline.
  12. I've only had this problem in extreme cold temps at high altitude. It's only happened twice, and I mean COLD, and at 23/24k. Both times, if I just held/steadied the yolk the problem disappeared. I wrote it off to extreme cold air effecting the auto pilot combined with thin air. But, I'd love to hear if this is something else I need to be concerned about.
  13. I've purchased two. The first I purchased disintegrated on the second flight. The second one I purchased was WAY better quality. I just looked up my records. I purchased the whole package. LED Landing and Taxi lights along with the part number GLA2414 from the lens was $245.48 (I know, ouch) but fit like a glove and came with sticker to make it legal. The first one came with a warning saying.. well you know.. it's not legal.... don't tell anybody sort of thing. I can't remember who I got the first one from. GLAP does not ring a bell. Might have been LP Aero.. but, I can't be sure.
  14. Eraaen

    Lawn mower tow

    I bought a cheap Chinese 125cc kids 4 wheel ATV, electric start, reverse. I immediately smoked the first clutch. Then I had a monster rear sprocket made for it. Now I can tow it as far and as fast as I am comfortable with. I posted a link in here a while ago but, now I can't seem to find it.
  15. Eraaen

    Got my renewal insurance quote today...

    Similar exp. 1100tt 700'ish retract. IFR. 1,000,000/100,00 each. $5k med per person. 135K hull. 0 Deduct. No claims. Last 5 yrs it been creeping up approx. $100 per year. This year jumped almost $300 to $1,966 and that was switching to Old Republic from Star. They were another $100 higher yet.. the only benefit they had was less restrictions on hours/qualifications for "other pilots" nobody else fly's my plane anyway. I gasped, and asked the broker what was going on (I'm of the same thought that the more experience I get in the plane, the cheaper the insurance should be) She mentioned that the underwriters pretty much socked it to all retractables over the last few years. I hadn't thought of it at the time, but I keep $5k deductibles on all of my other vehicles. Does anyone have any experience with putting a larger deductible in place on aircraft? Might be a dumb idea.. a simple ding could cost thousands anyway.