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  1. LLC or Personal?

    Funny, we must have hit the button at the same time. I was hiding ownership from my Ex and my wife's Ex. They pulled registration and had if figured out within a month.
  2. LLC or Personal?

    Made the mistake of LLC. "Thought" I was hiding ownership (from prying eyes etc.) it doesn't. Total pain in behind. Now, in order to move it back into my name. Registration is easy enough. But then there is the finance company, and, and, and. I could do it. I'm just lazy, and I file taxes as zero's. No reason if you are the sole owner. Only reason I could think of other than partnership issues mentioned above is that you are writing the whole thing off as a legitimate business expense. Good luck on that one. Probably a guaranteed Audit.
  3. M20k 305

    For me it has been based primarily on CHT with TIT as a secondary consideration. I pretty much stopped trying to find degrees ROP as it always seemed to be way to hot for my liking. As mentioned, fuel flows have never been as high as book. Even firewalled on take off I'm about 1.5 below book. I know the totalizer is accurate when compared with refilling all 4 tanks. It is spot on with totals. Rather than throw money at it now (I'm pretty close to TBO) it just keeps running stronger. I'll save my money until rebuild is required. On a side note. Sort of. How do you guys determine when it's time to pull the trigger on a rebuild? When it makes metal? Hours? Compression? Oil Consumption? I know they are all factors. It just seems to me that way to many Turbo'd engines seem to be having top ends done every 600 hours around my home base. I'm well beyond that with my settings.
  4. M20k 305

    My fuel flows have never been as high as book. I typically fly at 18/19k. 32/2400 ROP with 20.5GPH and see 210/215'ish TAS. Some would say that might be pushing it, but my compression numbers have been continually been climbing over the last few years (probably because I'm flying often) and I'm no longer getting the exhaust film on the belly when I was first trying to baby it, and leaning the heck out of it. These settings keep the CHT's around 380 and TIT around 1530/1540
  5. Need Long Body Cover

    I've got one that I would let go of. Price???? No idea what they are worth used. It came with the plane when I purchased it. Seems to be in like new condition. I've only unrolled it and noticed it wouldn't fit without modifications/cutting (roof top antenna that must have been added later) I'll be in the hanger on Thursday the 15th for some pre flight prep. Text me if you are interested and I can roll out the cover and send you some pics 317-439-0576
  6. Yep, been using one with T-Mobile, but it only supports 2g. It stopped working for me (and needed a relay to prevent melting) This one supports att4g. However, the cheapest Att plan is $20 per month. I did verify that it will work on T-Mobile 4g for $3 per month and not be phased out in 2020 like the older unit I had been using. That's the theory anyway. Just wondering if anyone has actually tried it
  7. A new AT&T 4G switch I just stumbled across. I was bench testing my old TMobile Smart Socket and could not get the system to connect to the Network. After 30+ minutes on the phone with TMobile trying to verify my account was still active (three transferred phone calls, etc) I finally got frustrated and told them to pound sand and canceled my TMobile account. All of my other accounts are with AT&T. Found it interesting. It's the first switch I've seen that supports 4G. Anybody else researched this one yet?
  8. Jeeze, thank you. Even in this thread.. I just skipped by it.
  9. So, I've been using this for the last two years and assumed all was good. I've been using it to switch on/off a small ceramic heater to preheat the cabin and gauges. Ignorance is bliss. The last time I used it, I happened to just check the box. The cord from the outlet was so hot it was almost melting. I recall back when this topic first started someone was using this switch to power some sort of relay for this problem. I can't seem to find that anymore. Probably skipped right over it.
  10. I was doing some searching on cabin heat and came across a post were you mentioned adding another "Heat Muff" to your Rocket.  Pls excuse, but what is that?? I also have a Rocket.  We fly in full ski clothing in the winter.. It's freaking cold.

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    2. Yooper Rocketman

      Yooper Rocketman

      I have engine uncowled checking everything over before my trip to Florida Friday.  I took some pictures on how I keep my Rocket more comfortable in the winter. 

      Closed cell foam in all vents, muffler wrap sealing the primary heat muff around the exhaust pipes (also protects the exhaust from metal on metal wear), secondary heat muff at waste gate, rubber block off over half the oil cooler, inflatable door seal, Styrofoam on all surfaces of baggage compartment to tail cone.  





    3. Yooper Rocketman
    4. Eraaen


      awesome!!  Thank you for spending the time.  I'll be spending some time in the hanger this week.  Looks like I need to fly to Mpls the end of the week.  The FBO is wonderful there. They let me keep my plane in the heated hanger when it is there.  But, it has always been a chilly ride each way.  I usually have to much sh*t/luggage in the back. Doubles as insulation. :)

  11. Oxygen refills is Pa/Nj area

    Is this a state by state thing?? In Indiana AirGas and a couple of other Oxy sources tell me I can't purchase any cylinders over 80CF and that I'd have to lease them. $150/each for 5 yrs. I keep dragging my feet.. seems spendy, but my wife has breathing issues and HAS to be on O2 over 4,000ft. Cant tell you how many times I've had to search for a supply, and of course no one is around to do it on weekends.
  12. Dual 530's

    I currently have a 530 w with a crap king com an a king 80 rnav. I know I want to upgrade to the new gtx 345 w/ -a flight stream 210 so I can upload flight plans(victor airways) from my IPad. Real question is. If I junk the old stuff and find a used 530 non was. Do I have to then keep two sets of cards updated or just leave the non was 530 withhout cards and use as a map reference /comm only. It would still drive the back up VOR to keep me legal. I'm getting diff answers from aviation shops. Seems most people who have dual 530's keep them both updated. Might be a garmin tech question, but figured I'd try you guys first
  13. Mooney Rocket

    I'm in northern Indianapolis, KUMP.. The plane is currently in annual. But shouldn't be long. Call me if interested. I'm not on here very often. 317-439-0576. Erick
  14. Got mine put together today.. works like a champ (at home) Will have to wait and see what reception is like inside a big metal box. Mine looks a little different. Switch 1 and three look the same.. But, there are two double pole outlets for Switch 2.. SW2-1 and SW2-2. They are both controlled by the SW2 button. Oh, and I found a number for T-Mobile that will get you through to a human in less then 30mins of talking to a computer.877-720-5795 #1 then #0 twice. Once you have the phone number for your card you can refill via web at (haven't tried it yet but it sounded easy enough) Based upon earlier fuse topics I can't believe I'll ever power more then one ceramic heater for the cockpit. I have a Hornet heater that I just leave running all the time in the winter for the engine bay. Any more than these two running in the hanger pops breakers anyway. Only downside I have/see is trying to remember the codes to turn stuff on.. I'm old and forgetful. Will have to carry the instructions with me all the time