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  1. wpbarnar

    Owner produced heat shield

    My experience is similar. I started this post and have had experienced another failure after my initial repair with parts purchased from Mooney. I am thinking about trying something like below. The heat shield is not rigid which should eliminate the potential to crack. Additionally, most of the respondents in this thread are Encore owners. Is this problem unique to the Encore or do other K models experience similar failures. Bill 6E645805-140B-4D13-9F18-6A420CE46CE3.jp2
  2. wpbarnar

    Any tricks to pulling oil screen on IO-360?

    Chip detectors pick up ferrous metals. To best of my knowledge, they do not dectect non ferrous material. Bill
  3. wpbarnar

    TSIO 360 Oil Quick Drain

    My Encore has this type. It is the one piece type. Slip a hose on it and push up to drain versus some of the others that require removing a cap and attaching the drain fitting and hose. I find this one easier to use when taking an oil sample. Don't have the part number but it should be 5/8 - 18 threads as the crush washer is AN 900-11 Bill
  4. wpbarnar

    FBO recommendation KGRB

    Good first-hand information. Much appreciated. Bill
  5. I am flying into Green Bay WI during Air Venture to see visit friends. Any recommendations on FBOs as I see there is two on the field? I assume I need to reserve a spot. Bill
  6. While you are at it, take a close look under the heat shield on the exhaust cross over tube in front. On my TSIO 360 SB, I found the mounting standoff for the heat shield, chafing into the exhaust tube. Bill
  7. Unfortunately not much you can do. On Monroy equipped aircraft, total fuel level in flight is difficult to determine by the fuel level gages, once the mains have been filled above 1/2 capacity. Given time the quantity above 1/2, will equalize into the aux tanks. The senders only read the level in the mains. Hence your gages will only report the volume in the mains, where In actuality, total volume is what is indicated in the mains plus the volume in the aux tanks. You can not measure the aux level in flight. This can only be done on the ground with a “stick” You depend on your fuel flow meter/totalizer and maintain your tank level senders to be accurate on the bottom half of the tanks. This the case in my Encore. Not sure about other Mooney models with Monroy tanks Bill
  8. wpbarnar

    Nickel Carbide Cylinders

    @CaptRJM, Who’s Ni plated cylinders did you use? I would like to use Ni cylinders when performing a TOH on my TSIO 360 SB. I did not think CMI offered Ni cylinders for the TSIO 360. Bill
  9. I replaced all 12 on my TSIO-360 with silicon gaskets . Done correctly as per the instructions it takes longer than you may think. I torqued them to 25 inch pounds in steps, ran the engine and checked the torque again. I spent all afternoon (4+ hours) You may want to check the condition of your rocker covers before you invest in new gaskets. Make sure the sealing surface is flat. The covers may be deformed, especially if they had silicon gaskets and someone over tightened them. I had to replace several of mine to eventually stop the oil seepage. Bill
  10. wpbarnar

    New to me M20K - many questions (now AOG)

    Check to see what type of CHT probe your JPI monitor uses for the #2 cylinder. It may be different. The factory or primary gauge is usually in the #2 cylinder and some JPI installations use an under the spark plug sensor as they cannot remove or replace the “primary” probe. The spark plug gasket sensors read significantly higher versus the probes in the other seven cylinders. I agree with what others have said about your fuel setup appearing to be on the lean side, but the problem may be also compounded by an inaccurate reading if that one cylinder has a different type of probe. I had an identical problem when I first purchased my K model. I replaced the spark plug gasket probe with the JPI probe that inserts underneath the factory bayonet. Search for 3/8” JPI CHT probe. Bill
  11. My Encore was in the avionics shop for some work. After reading @donkaye & @Oscar Avalle posts and playing with 6.41 on my Ipad simulator, I quickly requested the shop to update my GTN 750. Tried it out today and it was great! My home base (L31) is in a black hole with no VASI or equivalent. This will not change anything during daylight, but will be a much appreciated additional tool at night. Bill
  12. wpbarnar

    Only one Whelen strobe not working

    That power supply is for the two wing tip strobes only. The tail is powered by another power supply mounted in the tail. It is mounted on an inspection cover on the left side. If I read correctly, you have already, determined the bulb is OK. You can swap the left wing, right wing outputs from the power supply and determine if it is internal to the power spply or in the wiring. You can also move the inop left side over to the unused output. I have attached Whelen's install manual. The Mooney service manual also contain some information on testing the power supply output with a volt meter. If memory serves correctly, a good power supply output is 400-600 VDC Use caution when handling the output wiring when the power supply is powered up. There is enough energy there to give you more than a mild tingle. Bill HDACF install.pdf
  13. wpbarnar

    Looking to Buy an Eagle or Early Ovation?

    I am biased, but think a 252 or Encore with Monroy tanks would suit you well. My Encore ( 105 gallons total useable ) flying between 15 & 20 K feet should be able to make that 1000 mile hop on 75 to 80 gallons in no wind. There are several very knowledgeable K model owners on this forum. @kortopates @gsxrpilot @Parker_Woodruff @jlunseth and others. They should have some real world examples. Bill
  14. wpbarnar

    Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    The Aspen has a VSI tape that pops up in the HSI window when you are in a decent. 200k TAS is plausible in a 252 @ 25k ft. I think he is level flight. @gsxrpilot, Have you ever looked into why the JPI and Aspen OAT indications don't correlate closer. If the Aspen is reading low you are going a knot faster. Bill
  15. I like the Bogi-bar from Bogert Aviation. It locks solidly onto the axle of the tail wheel. I have used and owned others, but believe the Bogi-bar clamps on the best if properly sized for your particular tail wheel. Generally I only pull with a tow bar and push with my hands. I typically push most tail wheels at the attachment point on the rudder for the flying wires. Place the base of your thumbs on the attachment point and you can push without pushing on the wires or fabric surfaces. Bill