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  1. I just saw this ad.. MOONEY M20K • $16,000 • FOR IMMEDIATE SALE • Mooney M20K 1979 for sale. $16,000 firm. Total time air frame 2144. 120 hours on engine since rebuild. Always hangared. Has not flown since 1990. Located in Hayward, CA. Must be moved by December 31. Contact ASAP... Serious inquiries only. 916 996-8528 • Contact Richard A. Launey, Owner - located Sacramento, CA USA • Telephone: 916 996-8528 • Posted November 19, 2018 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad • View Larger Pictures
  2. mpg


    Wowwie!!! A thread titled "175" About twin engine Beachcraft in a forum dedicated to Mooney not that is anything wrong with that,,, but I clicked it because I thought it would be about Cessna model 175......
  3. i wrote my quoted post in 4-15,, in 3-17 i bought a 66 cherokee pa-28 140 as seen in my avitar. i flew it home from boise in 6-17,,, you can see it in your pic tied down on the other side of that mooney,, it is grey and blue... it is named,,, Camouflage.....
  4. the air in the envelope of a hot air balloon is still air, but because of heat it becomes so less dense that it floats upon the cool more dense air that surrounds it.
  5. mpg

    Don't be like me!

    This,,, ^^^^^ right there,, your own words tell us all that this 25 minute waste of our time was indeed Click Bait!! Titled very specifically just to get us to watch your stupid video! Oh and by the way,,, the punch line, the whole point, of the funny video, was a giant fail, because of your deceit... IF,,, You had just edited the video down to the single minute that actually counted,,, Nobody including me, would be bitching you out...
  6. mpg

    Don't be like me!

    It Is a click bait. I believed it would be an important safety video. But after a totally mundane flight, I am astounded to find that the trouble you were in was, forgetting to call your MOM! I will be sure to ignore your videos in the future,,, OH and I want 25 minutes of my wasted life returned!
  7. 1962 MOONEY M20C • $21,000 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • S/N 2004. TT 3598, SMOH 1196. Narco CP136 TSO audio panel, (2) Mark 12d TSO nav comms, AT 50A transponder, ADF 31A, Northstar M3 GPS. Last annual 2009. Always hangared. Will need radios and thorough annual. • Contact Jerry Holzsweig, Friend of Owner - located DALLAS, TX USA • Telephone: 9723424179 • Posted May 18, 2018 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad • View Larger Pictures
  8. after that long, loosing MP, and power, and speed, and heat,,, you are lucky,, really lucky that your engine still had enough heat in it to heat your carb and melt that ice..
  9. 1964 MOONEY M20D C MODEL CONV. • $39,800 • FOR SALE BY OWNER • AFTT 5308, engine TSMO 668. High compressions 76, 76, 78, 79. This is an M20D converted to a C model. Beautiful new interior installed 2017. Rajay turbocharger lets you climb well over 18000ft. IFR certified Garmin GPS155XL, Terra dual nav/comms with GS receivers. Fuel tanks stripped and resealed in 2015. Lots of mods including electric flaps, 201 windshield, panel, and wingtips, inboard gear doors, cowl closure, aileron and flap gap seals, flap hinge covers, wing root fairings, and more! Good paint (7/10). Fresh annual completed March 2018. Ready for new owner! • Contact Daniel Romeike, Owner - located Morristown , TN USA • Telephone: 4237072707 • Posted April 20, 2018 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad • View Larger Pictures
  10. I enjoyed your write up, as I have enjoyed all your stories. like I said before,, you must have a really good typewriter.... But this is different. You tried to make a flyin some time back, but it didnt take off,,, -1,,, OK. This time you tried again,,, you were the germ, you planted a seed, and it was good. Some help came to help tend that germ, that seed, that Idea,,, and it grew! I have known you for a long time through this forum, and think we are friends. I am proud of what you have done. Your germ/seed has produced what is probably the biggest gathering of Mooney's ANYWHERE,,,EVER!!! thanks for the write up and the pics...
  11. since the prop needs repair or replacement due to impact,,, would this trigger a prop strike engine tear down/inspection requirement? not sure how the requirements are worded,,, but i think this meets them!
  12. OK,,, now I get it,,, he is supposed to act as if he is teaching a student.
  13. sooo,,, nobody has asked what must be a dumb question, why on earth will he be expected to take a check ride in the co-pilot seat?? I have never heard of such a Wrong thing to do!
  14. this may be the stripped hulk i saw in an add, on the wing and wheels, in the same area 2 years ago,,, i doesnt look any more viable now than it did then... price then,,,3500$ dont know what this guy paid for this,,, a guy would likely need to get this scrap hulk for free in order to make a flying mooney for a reasonable amount of money...
  15. hey op... do your senders have the wrong diameter cork floats on them?? too big, will float to full to the top, until the gas has gone way down,,, too big, will float too high with a partial tank of gas, and if they are too big in diameter,, when the have no gas to float on,,, they will still show gas in the tank, even though there is No gas for them to float on...