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  1. here is what i think i know,,, neither overspeed was for sure 3000 rpm,,, your tach over reads by 50 rpm,, sooo true rpm was 2950 max,,, that is Less than 10% overspeed!! the 1st time was a surprise, but you were ready for the 2nd time,, you were in take off mode and i would bet your right hand was still on the engine controls, if the surge was obvious,,, and you noticed Right Now!! you could have easily and instinctively reduced power or propeller speed Within 3 seconds!!! Read the SB,, you very well could be in the all clear.. still need to correct what made it happen..
  2. get a rpm test done to confirm your tach reading!! compare that tach reading to your exact memory of the rpm you saw!! dredge your memory for the exact amount of time that you ran at that maximum overspeed!! study sb 369!
  3. His style and chattyness of writing bogged me down and was hard to get..
  4. Glide ratio M20D

    kind of confused,, the OP is asking about his D, but it is probably really modified to be a C... right? Well a C wheels up and windmilling shows 19.3 mi glide and a ratio of 10.3 to 1 from 10,000 ft... Well I have a Cherokee, and my POH says that,,, My plane wheels down and welded and windmilling will glide 19.3 mi and a ratio of 10.3 to 1 from 10,000 ft..!! me, myself has decided that if im really going to glide down, I will nose it up, loose some speed, and get that prop stopped!!! for a better ratio... this just dont make no sense!
  5. UpDate,,,,,, My Very Special Day!! the lead up is that i bought a cherokee south of boise on wasnt until 6-23 that i got back there to bring it home, it had some gas in it, so i flew it 25 mi to nampa for my 1st solo and landing in 28 yrs, to get gas,,, then i flew 375 mi to my home drome, kpwt.. it wasnt until 6-28 that i went back to My airport, to pay for my tiedown, and to sit in my plane, just for the heII of it. I finally went out again on 7-12, got her fired up,, taxied over and filled her up to the tabs,, i spent about 3 hours in the hot cockpit doing maintenance, it made me feel great! So for the special day part. 7-13-17,, I enjoyed a relaxed 20 min drive from home to My airport,, Then i walked like a pilot across the ramp to My Own Plane,, then,,, I went Flying!! For an hr., made an ugly landing,, but my best in 28 yrs.. It feels great to finally realize that I can go and fly anytime i want,, and you know what? I might just go out tomorrow and do it again!
  6. thank ,,, I like to read you... No. 1 the gas thing came up because of faster gas use than planned, worked out that switching back and forth would leave me in unknown territory.. saw that right tank to the tabs gauge wiggled when I waggled so trusted that 17 gals was really there... left tank started at full and showed it,, went down slowly and steadily so trusted that. decided not landing with some here, and some more there,,, soooo I saved the 2 hrs in the right and watched the left go to zero and even less,, never a hickup,,, just died ,,, im a pilot! quick look at the gauge and the pressure,,, already had my hand pre programmed to turn the valve,, looked up to see a straight and nose over glide,, and seconds pass, engine back to normal... No.2,,, been there done that,, back in feb 1979,, wont do that again,,, but the eclipse was amazing!! No.3 Noooo!!! Not me,, not ever!!! No.4 This has been done,,,, during No.2,,, 10,000 ft, 4 butts in a cherokee! This was,,, has been my longest X/C 37 yrs,, in a plane ive never flown, that has a damage history, that just came out of annual! Maybe my risk aversion needs some soul searching.. The plan was solid,,, until something changed,,, then everything else changed with it,,, but I gotter done!!!!
  7. Well,,, Just for your update pleasure... after an arduous and expensive 600 mi,,, ferry, cab, bus and another cab rides, i get to ID26.... a very careful preflight and runup takes me from ID26, 37 minutes to KMAN for car gas, and my 1st solo landing in 28 years! rest awhile and im off,,, straight through, passing KBKE, KHRI, KELN, and across the Cascade mountains and into KPWT, Home!!! and my 2nd solo landing in 28 yrs!!! cruising this part @ 6500 ft.. .6 hrs to KMAN,, then another 4.7 hrs to Home. the plane burns more per hr,, and flies slower than any of my plans or dreams,,, but it gave me an opportunity to do a thing i had planned for another time, a thing many of you would not do,,, on purpose!! i ran a tank DRY! took all of 6 seconds after the switch to restore power... and my gauges really do read very accurately
  8. Thoughts on buying a Mooney Bravo

    since youre looking,,, please consider this... 94 Mooney M20M: TKS, GTN750. This Week Only By WorldWiseTrade, 2 hours ago
  9. TSMOH

    I still havent got to play with my plane yet,, but I have gone through the logs twice,, and made some notes of odd things! Its a 66 and some time back the original engine was put in another plane, no telling how my plane kept on flying! Some time goes by and my engine is reinstalled in my plane!?!?!!! I havent tried to figure out tach time,, especially with the engine swap...
  10. What is your fuel minimum?

    surprised nobody said anything about that!! if i land with less than 10 gallons,,, i will refuse to take off!!
  11. MooneySpace Member Map

    im a mooney spacer,, but as you know my first and so far only plane is a cherokee, bought in march.. i want in and i need the link too please..
  12. Walk me through the purchase process?

    well,,, tell me more please. I just drove to idaho and bought a cherokee,, the plane is still there, but the faa says it is registered to me, at my washington address. it has the old style elt. I Hate Taxes!!!
  13. check the latch of your oil door on the cowling!!
  14. probably,,, 2 more flights like today// 28 yrs since my last flight! i will have spent for these 3 retraining flights, as much as i spent in 1978 to become a private pilot!!! i agree, day 2 will be smoother, but i should spray myself down with a can of triflow to help things along...
  15. I took 1.7 hr cherokee retraining flight today... I am sooo rusty,, I squeek!!! Again tomorrow!