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  1. I really really like the Sporty's video for context. They have a demo, as well. I think King is quite pricey. Either way, get Sheppard for the written.
  2. My D model never came with PC and still sports the factory "shotgun" panel with /A equipment (dual VORs and a DME). I've got about 50 hours simulated under the hood and have no trouble whatsoever staring at gauges for up to 2 hours and holding wings level. I know it isn't the same when you're alone and in actual conditions, but I plan on flying my plane quite a bit with the factory panel as-is. My father and his father flew them as such. With ADS-B In and tablet at my fingertips, no reason it still can't be done in 2019. Some will agree, others will disagree and say you need a $100,000 panel to fly IFR. Just my $0.02
  3. Fred, that graphics card is horribly underpowered to run the train that is XP11. I have an GTX850 (newer and faster) with an i7 and 12GB RAM in my laptop and its still not enough on low settings. My desktop is a 8GB GTX1070 with an overclocked i7 and 16GB RAM and its barely good enough to run it on medium high. I am using the Alabeo M20R Ovation for my IFR training. Its the same company that made the M20J but has better systems and easier to see gauges. I'd recommend a new computer if you are going to get into serious simming. About as effective as lining up against a Porsche with a 1993 Honda Civic.
  4. My C model is based on grass primarily. We also have another C, an E, and an R at the same grass airport. Absolutely no problems whatsoever. Maybe have to scrub the tips a little harder in the summer when washing to get the green tinge off, but thats it. Its a little uncomfortable but free fiddy sure does sound like a nice price
  5. Thanks for posting. I'll use this to brush up- I'm about to go for my checkride
  6. Ive created a new thread: https://mooneyspace.com/topic/27776-raptors-led-torpedo-retrofit/?tab=comments#comment-457269
  7. Its a simple 12v LED strip. For $39 less, go on eBay.
  8. My plane had a 10 month annual from Oct 2015- Nov 2016 with 0 hours running. Got it back, flew 50 hours in a month. Oil samples were clean. I wouldn't worry about it, personally. (I'm at 2200SMOH)
  9. Those pictures are gorgeous. Congratulations, guys!
  10. Would a Skew-T chart be a +1 to mention on an IFR checkride as an additional weather report for flight planning purposes?
  11. Millennial here, I'd take an ILS over an LPV any day. Same logic.
  12. I do it every 50 hours in N Fla. My engine is 2200SMOH, FWIW, oil results are normal
  13. I got mine in a 182. IIRC it was 0.7 and three laps around the pattern. I got it because I plan to do jump ops once I get my commercial and some require 182 checkout