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  1. Thats interesting youre down to 135KTAS with the prop. I have the same prop on an engine with 5800TT/2600SMOH and the last time I did a "speed run" at 8500 I got 143-147KTAS depending on how I had the mixture leaned. How heavy is your plane? Has it been rerigged recently?
  2. I wonder what the rate of gear ups between electric and Johnson bar is...
  3. Is there a FB group/page?
  4. Florida is the second-most densely populated state in terms of pilots. With little to no new hangar construction is pretty difficult finding available hangar space. I live in the middle of nowhere in North Central Florida with three planes on the ramp and it took me three years to get a hangar
  5. I've averaged about 175hrs/yr for the past 5 years I've owned my plane Last year I flew 52 hours My plane came out of annual over a month ago and I still haven't flown it. What used to be a $75-100 fillup is now almost $200. Hard to justify swiping $200 to go bum around by myself for an hour. If AvGas hit $10/gal, I would automatically sell my plane.
  6. Check the Lycoming manual. The difference is the red knob. Best power is usually in the most strenuous regime of mixture settings which will achieve best power and ultimately, highest CHTs and ICP (Internal Cylinder Pressure). Conversely, the best economy is much leaner and kinder to the engine. Where are you seeing same power between two mixture settings?
  7. Can you clarify? He regretted not holding the M20L for the more powerful engine? Also, what did he say on the 301? Not to do it at all?
  8. Positive rate, gear up ASAP. The longer you prolong is, the greater aerodynamic loads. It sure raises some eyebrows with the group of pilots that "wait until all useable runway is gone" but I fly outof 4,000 ft runways so after rotating and climbing out, by the time the gear is up theres no way you can slow down, land, and stop on the remaining runway, tl;dr- ASAP.
  9. Ive been following them for several years on social media and they seem to have a following but Ive never seen any of their work up close
  10. Not even that. The airliner I fly has a Vref of 129-145kts (depending on weight). Sometimes approach will have us hold 170kts until a 5 mile final for metering which is out of flap configuration for us and need you to be quick to react and slow down to Vref. That light single was a full 10 knots faster than what airliners 15 times his weight consider "fast"
  11. I flew survey for 6 months all around Peoria and Springfield two years ago. Very intimately familiar where he went down. Right now is corn fields with full stalks or already harvested fields. Both are preferable over downtown main street.
  12. My personal minimums in addition to weather and LOTOT is for dead-stick landings. Unless there is a runway in front of me, the gear is staying up. It seems to be the prevailing way to the best outcome for off-field landings IMHO
  13. Don't confuse speed brakes with spoilers. Spoilers "spoil" the lift. Speedbrakes just do drag.
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