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  1. KISM pireps?

    Orlando Approach has no problem giving Bravo transition. The two times I've came in from 8k, they've let me through. Otherwise you'd be racing in the descent to stay under. With the weather starting to kick up this time of year, you'll be getting thrown around quite a bit down low.
  2. Would anyone be interested?

    No the reason they haven't been incorporated is because the FAA and lawyers ruin it for the rest of us. If aviation was cheaper, the Porsche Mooney would have been a viable if it were competitive in the market. Imagine if development would have continued from 1988 to today at an exponential pace without blossoming finances ruining it- we'd all be behind FADEC engines, but alas, we're stuck behind tractor engines that have less moving parts than a woman's vibrator but cost $50,000. I'm no engineer, I'm no economist. I'm just a low-time, young private pilot with a passion for aviation just getting mad watching our industry wither away due to silly reasons while the auto industry is blossoming with laser headlights and hologram dash boards for the same price as a flying relic from the 50s.
  3. Would anyone be interested?

    The Continental CD135 and CD155 are starting to become very popular. I am closely following two projects in a 172 and a Piper Archer. Granted both are overseas and being used in a flight school environment, initial testing is giving them 5-10 kts faster on the order of 5.5-6.0 gph. I believe the TBR on the gearboxes are now over 2,000 hours, and they can burn diesel ($2.90/gal right now near me) and JetA ($3.30/gal) versus $3.90+ for 100LL. Mooney was also using these engines in the M10 project. -EFI as you know would allow for more efficient leaning. Less spread on the injectors. This isn't new -Electronic Ignition is more precise compared to mags which can drift in timing which reduces power and increases fuel consumption. Do any search on people doing EI swap and they're claiming lower CHTs, more power, higher climb rates, etc etc. -Air cooling is simple and reliable, but I believe technology has gotten to the point that other methods can be made *as* reliable. My F-150 is 20 years old. I've *NEVER* changed the water pump. It is a factory unit, as it rolled off the assembly line in 1997. It has 600,000 miles on it. I have replaced the radiator, only to an accident. You claim you don't want to fly at night at IFR due to a radiator or liquid line bursting, but you're flying behind one of those right now- an oil cooler. Losing either one of those would result in the same ending. Combine all of these factors and it makes for an efficient engine. There is 0 reason the technology of the modern automobile industry cannot be applied to general aviation. The Diamond DA62 is also a strong contender to this. The twin Astro diesel engines at a measly 180 hp can loft seven people, or a useful load of 1,600 pounds, up to 160kts on 12gph TOTAL. High cruise speed is 190KTAS at 17GPH. Its a Baron 58 on steroids with the economy of a Mooney. On even cheaper fuel! Those numbers wouldn't be anywhere using an air-cooled gasoline engine without huge big-block 300hp+ TIO-550s sucking 20+ a side. The Astro's have a TBO of 1800hrs. I'm not familiar with Continentals, but a quick google search says the 550s TBO is 1700hours. The only downside to these new engines is the massive price. I had very high hopes for the M10 injecting much needed capital into Mooney. If I had unlimited funds, I think a M20 with a ~180hp diesel engine would be an amazing combo.
  4. Dont forget the LB's are 28v which can use thinner wires. 14v requires thicker wires
  5. Raptor

    Someone owes me some royalties
  6. Would anyone be interested?

    Ah yes, the circa-1930 tractor engine. Known for its ultra efficiency with a carburator older than my grandpa and with less power than a modern subcompact car. I really do think a diesel-powered, direct-injection, water-cooled engine with FADEC would be the most powerful and most efficient engine to stick into an airplane. If not and sticking with gasoline air-cooled, to at least go with double electronic ignition, new exhaust, injected engine, with a complete makeover of the intake/cooling system (ala David's research but with R&D budget from Lycoming) in carbon fiber or kevlar.
  7. Sun n Fun 2018

    Someone come hunt me down in the Vintage Camping section. I'm flying in Weds or Thurs and staying until Sunday
  8. THAT is a sweet car. I've been pining over getting one of those for the longest, especially in Oxford White. About time someone shows up with a truck. My 1998 F-150. Little 4.2L V6, gets about 17mpg, has about 600,000 miles on the odometer. Its slowly starting to fall apart but its $200/yr to insure and gas is cheap. It would be nice to get a new Mustang but the idea of spending $5-600/month for the next 6 years is abhorrent to me.
  9. Used serviceable IO-360-A1A?

    @AlexLev please keep us updated! I thought thought their prices were too good to be true but that looks fantastic!
  10. Mooney Rentals

    That was posted 5 years ago
  11. C or E under Consideration

    Where in FL are you going ? Lots of us down here as well.
  12. 1.) Landing light failure (no biggie- my CFI was steadfast on doing initial PPL nighttime training with half landings without one. Ironically, as I was coming back to land, he was doing nighttime training with ANOTHER student at the same airport when I noticed the bulb was blown so the irony of the situation was funny over UNICOM.) 2.) Lost alternator right before Irma hit. All of S. Fla was evacuating north. I went on a hourly pleasure cruise south to get some lunch and my voltage dropped from 14 to 11 about 10 mins away from the Class D. I landed at a small airport and shut it down, tried to start up and the prop didnt even move. Got a jump, and ferried it home with a handheld. 3.) Governor seal blew on run-up and went to coarse pitch. Shut it down and towed it back to the hangar. (its weird seeing the prop in full coarse pitch when stopped). 4.) Gradually increasing crack in exhaust. Noticed it when the carb heat check on downwind was enough to almost starve the engine when it was sucking in its own fumes. 5.) Starter stuck on a dead spot at my CFIs house. Luckily I was moving to that airport a week later so I just left it.
  13. I put one in my plane. N/S its dead on. E/W, its up to 20 degrees off. And thats WITH the correction balls.
  14. Strobes

    There are two guys on the Piper Forum running the XP (experimental) version with a 337 from the FSDO.
  15. Strobes

    This Aveo Red Baron is only 1.5" high and actually has a comet-flash feature instead of the "on/off" of the Whelens