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  1. I read that in 9th grade. Good book
  2. Bumping this to the top.
  3. I have been told by countless Cirri' pilots that the chute was part of the main design consideration and the FAA decided it was good enough to waive spin testing during certification.
  4. Thanks so much, Tom. There are some nights this plane has left me in stress-related sleepless nights but reading such strong words from my Mooney friends makes it all worth it!
  5. Agreed. They go bankrupt and change CEOs faster than my girlfriend changes her mind of what she wants for dinner.
  6. Piper tried that, and people are now paying that to get rid of it
  7. I find it.....intriguing....that the new $900,000 Mooneys have a major parts commonality with my 55+ year old $15,000 plane. Same rivet line, same hockey pucks, same trusses, same vertical stabilizer, etc. The price for what you get for seems exorbitant. $900k, I'd get a used <Insert your favorite sub-1m airplane here>
  8. Butterfly isnt connected and is rusted away.
  9. While we're on the subject- what is the little round inlet on the LEFT side of the airbox? has a butterfly valve in it? Mine isnt hooked to anything
  10. I think everyone forgets what a D model is. No PC. Basic panel. Basic instruments. No dorsal fin. No hat rack. My yokes:
  11. I have the carb temp gauge. I also use mine proactively if there is visible moisture out. I also use it to get the power down on final. As noted, it runs excessively rich, so I keep the mixture leaned until I'm short final and need reserve for go-around power, and both go in. I've got 250 hours in Florida and I've never experienced carb ice.
  12. Question guys: I bought a sweeping-hand clock for my plane at SnF. $30. I fly quite often, so I am thinking about having it done up as a 24/7 powered to the battery. Any thoughts on this?
  13. Its the new M20D/C-V Ultra with pilot's side door
  14. Updating some things here: I flew my first Young Eagles rally in the Mooney last weekend at Cross City. I am now past 100 hours, so oil change #2 was completed yesterday as well as spring cleaning the hangar. I haven't been current on here, but I have started my IFR training. I've flown dual twice so far. My first lesson was foggles and simulated instrument time, doing turns and climbs and descents. I am getting used to timed turns and we have "calibrated" the turn coordiantor so I know how my plane needs to be to get it turned at 3 deg/sec, but the problem I am having is that my MP gauge has a history of some sort of oil in it so its slow to respond, and is hampering my power changes for 500FPM climb/descent. I bought a new one off a member on here but I still need to schedule it with my A&P to get it swapped out. My instructor says he is very pleased with how I handle the plane and that it usually takes 3-4 lessons for his usual IFR students to master the turns so quick, I also did some steep turns under the hood and hot damn are they hard!