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  1. Going on year 4 with my Concorde RG-35AXC. Last time I did a capacitance check, it was almost as good as new. I fly 3-5 hours a week, no external charger.
  2. There are a couple that tickle my fancy. Have you narrowed them down a bit from which we could choose?
  3. I'm just a jog and a hike north in Lake City. KLCQ. I'm down in the Orlando area often
  4. I should have clarified- once the wires are in place, splicing 2 hot wires, a sync, and a ground are fundamentally easy. I haven't had the pleasure of rewiring a wing yet lol.
  5. The 650s are very nice. Do you have a separate switch for nav light and strobe? If so, remove the strobe power supply and simply run the low-voltage wire into the 650. Same for the nav. There should be a green sync wire if you want them connected and a ground wire. Super easy to wire, not sure with the wingtips. Your mechanic will easily have them installed.
  6. I paid $16k for my 63 M20D, which is IFR certified with basic 6-pack and a "run out" engine. I've probably for $45-50k into it by now, and if I sold it today it probably wouldn't get maybe $25k for it. I highly, HIGHLY suggest paying more up front, it will make it worthwhile so you don't spend the next 11 months watching your "new-to-you" airplane doing nothing but sit in a hangar and be worked on all the time. If you're seriously interested, my friend has a 1964 M20C, 400SMOH, nice flying airplane, needs some radios for $35k here in Florida. PM me.
  7. That looks cool but that's exactly where I rest my feet on flights when the seat is slid back. Noo thanks
  8. I did a write-up like this last year. I had to upgrade my rhetostat overhead to a solid-state PWM. I fly at night often so I still love that I did this upgrade
  9. I've flown four 2-blade Mooneys and two 3-blade ones (mine inclusive). I wouldn't go back to a 2-blade. I true out at 143-146KTAS depending on weight
  10. I'd love to be able to install a hat rack. Would free up some room by putting my cover there.