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  1. Forum Upgrade?

    Thanks for the upgrade. A dark theme would be much welcomed.
  2. Glide ratio M20D

    Ron, that is a fantastic looking bird
  3. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Just put a "beware of K9" sticker on the step
  4. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    A magneto is simply a switch with tumblers. Can't you just pull it out, wire a new one from AircraftSpruce in?
  5. What Would you Do to This Panel?

    Nothing. That panel is state of the art for me
  6. Free shirt from LASAR

    Not yet. I believe they are shipping them out all at once.
  7. Fuel Tank Total Rehaul

    I had my local A&P do mine according to the Mooney maintenance manual. Total cost was around $5k. I have one screw on the fuel door starting to seep, but I'm sure we can patch that in 5 minutes.
  8. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Jesse, please keep us posted on this. I think this bird would be worthwhile versus my lowly C. You know your financial details better than any of us. This would be quite a great story a year or so from now
  9. Let's talk about tires...

    Cmon guys, we're all on the same team here. Let's keep it a friendly debate and not make it an argument.
  10. Let's talk about tires...

    http://www.aviationconsumer.com/issues/34_6/misc/5341-1.html " We burned a lot of rubber to find out. Top picks are from Goodyear and a retread called the Monster. "
  11. I'll switch to Aeroshell 100W now

    I'm in N Fla, I run 100W+, I think the coldest flight I flew was in January, OAT was ~35*F but my hangar was about 45*F. I only flew two cold flights that would've required a pre-heater.
  12. Let's talk about tires...

    Didn't Aviation Consumer do a cost benefit analysis on all tires and come out and say the Dessers retreads are the best bang for your buck?
  13. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Yes, thanks! Several people here have been helping me immensely. We might be back up and running soon
  14. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Jesse, I'll dive into my experience to let you determine what would be best: I found my current plane sitting in a hangar only an hour's drive away from me. Owner lost his medical but had still been flying it around the patch. It was out of annual by 2 years. The engine is at TBO, tanks were leaking. I bought it for $16k, and about 12 months later (that's not a typo), I finally flew it for the first time. My first annual was $11,000 and some change. I'm $26k into it and it's got a timed out engine and crap panel, but still is a hoot to fly. I've been lucky with the Lycoming's having the cam up top, mine hasn't been showing any signs of wear. Oil filters have been spotless. With that said, you have highlighted the BIG possibilities. The engine can be considered a run-out. You can do what my friend Cody did and buy an engine off Barnstormers and swap it. You might be able to find a mid-time IO-360 for anywhere between $10k-20k and do a swap, instantly raises the value. The tanks, that's another big part. If you do bladders, it's a buy once, cry once deal. Half of the price of my 11k annual was labor in stripping and resealing the tanks alone, so I spent 5k on those alone. I will say, when I saw the first picture, I was like "oh wow cool" and when I scrolled down and saw how bright she shone, my heart skipped a beat. That is ONE SEXY 201! Right now inside me is screaming "get it! get it! get it!" BUT you also want to make sure you are ready for this leap. Airplanes, especially at our age (I bought mine at 24, I'm 26 now) is A MASSIVE FINANCIAL BURDEN. I'm spending close to 90% of my disposable income alone to be able to say I own a plane. My girlfriend wants to go house shopping, but we can't because of the airplane. My truck is 20 years old and I would like something newer and more economical, but I can't because of the airplane. There are times that I have been depressed due to financial strain and my short and long term goals with owning versus not owning it. If I had to do it all over again, honestly, hand on heart, I would go back in time to tell my past self to walk away. I'm not sure how your income situation is, but my plane is literally eating me out of house and home. I want to finish my IFR and commercial tickets and I'll eventually sell it, at a massive loss. And this is with a carburated, Johnson-bar C model. With the J, you've got the angle valve cylinders which are almost twice the price of their parallel valve brethren, you've got fuel servos, electric gear, etc. You ask how much we think its worth and how much you would need? Well as above, someone said 50k for a runout and 100k for a perfect J model. But, that is a 1981 model and it was last flown in 89? Its a time capsule. I can't imagine it having much time, and being hangared is a good sign. I haven no idea what it would be worth but I would easily say you need $20,000 to get it back in proper shape, and thats assuming the engine does not need a swap. But please keep in mind this is just my take! This is just something I wish I would have known when I saw my plane, because I fell in love. (A couple of the MS'ers on here also persuaded me not to undertake this project). It's not a smart move to fall in love with your first. and that plane deserves a home and if you have the financial backing and an A&P who is willing to help, it CAN be done. It just takes a lot of money
  15. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Even with the rebate they have going on, about $3,500. What's the point of putting that on a C model with a timed out engine and bare-bones panel?