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  1. As much as I played with my cowl flaps in the past 100 hours of flight time, I haven't noticed a lick of difference in speed or CHTs (albeit I only have the factory probe on the #3 for the Garwin cluster)
  2. He's referring to the M20A 14gal fuel tank. I don't think they changed anything between the A and C models to prevent its install, but I think a 337 and a lot of buttering of the FAA will be needed to run it in a certified M20C
  3. I feel like I'm going to need some lube when David finally posts some more pictures.
  4. Everything I am reading is pointing towards the FAA had CHANGED the TSO which caused their receivers to fall out of compliance.
  5. The Navworx unit recently got in a fuffle with the FAA about the legality of their GPS unit. I was eyeing their unit, but with the hot water they are in right now, I'm looking at the Stratus ESB. I'm wondering if I should go 1090 if I ever want to go to the Bahamas.
  6. That plane is DIRTY. I do not know why people expect to make $20k+ without spending 2 hours to wash the damned thing. I do see a lot of rusty/dirty screws around the avionics cover and the gear trusses look corroded. That video was too low of FPS and moving too quick to see anything other than the fact it was a 70s model M20C. I seem to recall being told polished props have to be manufactured as polished, one cannot strip the paint and polish one as sees fit, so that might also be an airworthiness issue. Just from what I've seen, I'd skip it. Unless you have A LOT of time and a friendly IA that wants your help, Raptor methodology will not work here.
  7. What model number fine wires are you C model owners running? I would love to get 4 of them for my bottom plugs.
  8. I flew a 152 to Tallahassee once. 80 miles. By car, takes about 1hr, 15 mins (cruise set 80-85mph on I-10). The fastest I've ever made the trip is 52 minutes at about 1am doing 90mph the whole way for a family emergency. That one day, we had a ~20kt headwind, our groundspeed was ~55kts, WOT 2400rpm. Including the vectoring around KTLH approach, it took us about two hours from startup to shutdown. What a pain in the rear.
  9. Yes mine is the same. Dimmer is bright or less bright. Not dim or off. I'm talking to others about current limiters
  10. Do you have an engine analyzer? I would like to look into this some more. I've always been WOT when at alt.
  11. Why are you guys coming off the enrichment circuit? With the mixture leaned, its not making a bit of difference in fuel flow but you are restricting the tuned intake, at least as was explained to me.
  12. I much prefer Tempest. My main reasoning is Champion had a design problem a few years ago with the insulators and maintained nothing was wrong with them, but one night, overnight, they changed their design with no press release to copy the Tempest design.
  13. I was up in Charleston, SC not too long ago. I might make a trip up to KFFA or Myrtle Beach sometime in a month or so. I wonder if we have any residents closer.
  14. I cannot wait for pictures.