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  1. The scissor jack from my car worked great. Low enough to fit under the axle, wide enough to grab it as it went up. Changed my nose wheel tube in 20 minutes.
  2. This site has saved much in terms of money, frustration, and helpful in meeting new people. I would love to see more index places but it has to come with labor. So far, I love the site.
  3. That sounds like a case for a belly beacon.
  4. I really appreciate it. This whole site any just about every Mooney pilot I've ran into has always been so supportive. You guys are my family
  5. I remember when the $2,000 LED Whelen wingtip lights came out people were clamoring the same thing. I've read 0 reports of anyone finding them missing. If anything, why would anyone literally steal something that is hard-coded to YOUR airplane and its sole purpose is to transmit its location?
  6. OPs thread has been an eye opener for me for sure. I'm going on my 5th renewal and will admit I still dont fully understand how aviation insurance works. I really wish there was a more elementary breakdown for us younger guys. Might have to shop around. Last years policy for me (450hr VFR pilot) with 35k hull and 500k liability was $900. I'm renewing as a multi-engine commercial instrument pilot with 750hrs and my broker told me I wouldnt see much of a drop in risk due to the amount of hours I fly and annual recurrent training I already do with my CFI. Although seeing these rates others are getting I might be back up in the $1,000+ range. I'm also tempted to drop hull coverage. If I do manage to find a job my Mooney flying will cut dramatically.
  7. I do have a good percentage of night time in my books. I personally love it. Smooth air, different scenery. You can feel every ounce of the aircraft and every pulse of the engine. Getting IFR approaches are easier with the NAS much quieter (read: safety pilot on CAVU nights) But I would also warn, if you don't have your IFR, either limit your night flying or do a VERY careful weather breif before you go up. Maybe as time passes I'll share a story but lets just say my most recent flight at night graduated me from "invincible pilot" into "careful pilot". My minimums to night flying are limited to only over areas I know from daytime flying (ie no pattern pounding when out of home turf), brief and plan on runway departures that have the least risk if an off-airport landing is needed after takeoff, and higher-than-normal cruise altitudes, usually along major thoroughfares.
  8. I've put approximately 550 hours on her since purchase at the beginning of this thread/ Sept 2015. Almost to 2300SMOH. Blackstone says engine is fantastic and last time I had the jugs off the cam and crank were beautiful. I'm in the midst of finishing my Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On and doing a major career change. I'm curently a 9-1-1 Supervisor at local county government, and trying to step into the commercial pilot world. Maybe even get onboard regionals next year and get my ATP? I'd love to be able to up my income so I can start putting money into 6744U. She desperately needs panel work.
  9. N6744U blessed me with commercial pilot certificate today.
  10. I tl;dr'ed the entire thread and this is my $0.02: A few weeks ago I traveled to Orlando to meet with two FAA inspectors for a medical flight test. One of them was a IA and was performing a "ramp and records" check on the aircraft and logbooks. At the end of the test, I asked them specifically what the FAA's view on non-TSO, drop-in LEDs are for airplanes and I am loosely quoting: "as long as there is no modification and drops in, its fine". Keep in mind, that is ONE quote from one inspector from ONE FSDO. I know other inspectors may ramp and ground a plane for the same thing but AFAIK, the Orlando FSDO is fine with it. Do with this information as you may.
  11. Sorry for not getting photos. MS is not mobile-friendly as well as other sites and requires me to go home and sit behind a desktop to transfer and upload.
  12. For easy greasers- make sure the aircraft is stabilized in trim and airspeed. I've found most new owners tend to try and hold pitch with continuous back pressure on final and really haul it back to flare, nowhere near trimmed. Most "aha!" moments are when they realize if they just trim it out, it will flare with much less pressure. Also, spending 5-10 minutes doing slow flight to give the prospective new owner the "feel" of the controls at 65mph and how mushy they are compared to cruise forces results in less over-controlling on round-out. Not a CFI, just sharing my $0.02.
  13. The good thing about the Skytec is it comes with another shear pin
  14. Awesome. I've had a few friends tell me its doable under 10 hours but I never thought that low. Congrats!