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  1. Raptor05121

    Governor Options

    I also have the Hartzell H-1. I called a couple of shops over the country and they said no one really carries parts kits for them anymore. Then I called the place that most recently overhauled mine in 2005 (Air Prop Specialists in Marianna, FL). They had parts for it. Mine was also leaking from the seal. Put the prop in low RPM and would not go back. I found that on cycling the prop at run-up. So I shut the engine down and towed it back. Blades were at full coarse pitch. I cleaned out the oil, removed the governor and send it off. I told them to do an IRAN instead of an overhaul. They send it back a week later with new seals all around. They commented everything else was in spec (perfect reason NOT to do an overhaul). I think total price, shipping both ways, parts and labor was $550. To overhaul would have been $1,300 to replace perfectly good parts.
  2. Raptor05121

    Wife’s pic

  3. Raptor05121

    Cheap hangars in Florida?

    My friend has his Cherokee in a massive shared hangar in Keystone Heights (42J) for $100/mo.
  4. Raptor05121

    Drop and Replace LED Landing Light

    Whelen is coming out with a new Parmetheus that draws on modern technology. I think the price point is the same ($250) for 200,000 candlepower. The AeroLEDS will still be the brightest.
  5. Raptor05121

    Screw Kits

    Oh god. How do you survive? I recently just discovered Hobby Lobby and I've been in there 5-6 times in the past 2-3 days.
  6. Raptor05121

    Screw Kits

    Thats what I ended up doing. Learn by doing!
  7. Raptor05121

    Screw Kits

    Removing them was such a pain, I went for full overkill in the first place. Out of the ~550 I think I had maybe 20 stripped out. Took me HOURSSSS to get them out
  8. Raptor05121

    Bruce Jaeger Interior

    God that's a sexy C model
  9. Raptor05121

    Screw Kits

    When I did the PPI on my plane, half of the wing inspection screws (100-degree countersunk) were corroded. I ordered I think like 600 of them and replaced every single one, with anti-sieze on all the threads. Every subsequent time I've ever had to open the wing its super easy. I need to get more cowling screws
  10. Raptor05121

    Fly-In Sat 6/9 KSEF Sebring

    I can't make this one but I can make Williston. Added to my calendar.
  11. Raptor05121

    About time I fessed up

    I've flown/in three C models with 2-blades and none are smoother than mine. Now it can be argued prop balance, carb settings, etc but I really really do love my smooth ride.
  12. Raptor05121

    Asymmetric Ailerons

    Mine are the same, but I have a pronounced right-turning tendency when I let off the yoke.
  13. Raptor05121

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    So I listed a radio thats been in my garage for a while. I noticed the "year" is required. Maybe another fill-in field can be used for avionics as they really dont have "years" or SMOH, etc Also, not too terribly excited about having my phone number there. Is this website protected from google spam bots and machines that scan for auto-dialing numbers?
  14. Raptor05121

    Fuel selector drain

    For the fuel selector, just push your drain probe into the small 5/16" metal tube sticking out of the bottom of the fuselage, flanking the left nosewheel door. Theres a ball in there thats held shut by a spring. You push the ball up, fuel flows out of the fuel selector and into the drain cup. The gascolator is in the nose wheel well. The only way to reach it is lying on your back. You *WILL* get gasoline and dirt in your face, as well as grass/dirt/pebbles on the back of your shirt. There is a good discussion we had years back that basically stated to drain the wing sumps FIRST as that's the ultimate low-point in the system. If you do the selector, you risk water running back towards the tanks. Don't forget to re-prime these with the electronic fuel pump prior to start.
  15. Raptor05121

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    Still waiting on my confirmation e-mail. Not in spam. I like the "newer" GUI versus controller. I'm excited to help build the momentum.