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  1. Logbook entry. I recently went to the Orlando FSDO (medical issue) and asked their lead A&P/IA inspector about their take on lights. Loosely quoting him in saying "as long as it doesnt require any modification and is drop-in, we're fine with it" I do understand FAR's are open to interpritation from inspector to inspector and FSDO to FSDO, so what one inspector/FSDO is okay with, another might ground you for. Just my $0.02
  2. I've probably done 4-5 oil changes with the new filters and they are noticeably easier to remove than the older ones with oil. 1" box end wrench is a Mooney owner's best friend for removal.
  3. So I guess I'll update this. I flew the Mooney up to Winchester, TN this Tuesday on my way to Springfield, IL. Nice little airport for cheap gas but it wasn't long before the weather started closing in. I tied the plane down and covered it. I blew up my air mattress in the FBO and had cheese crackers for dinner since Uber wasn't running. Soon my phone was going off for tornado warnings. The winds got BAD. light poles were twisting in the wind. Power to the entire city goes out. I ran out and put more tie-downs on the plane and sat in darkness as the wind picked up to 45+ mph and got REALLY scared if she was going to get hit or not. The building was creaking and shaking. I sat by a window with my pulse skyrocketing for about 40 minute until it calmed down. The next morning, staff came in and confirmed my suspicions- a tornado touched down less than a mile from the airport. A quick check of the controls and systems turned out the Mooney fared fine. The next morning, I filed and climbed out of a thin overcast layer and finished the next 3 hours in smooth air. Made me wish Rosen made visors for the older birds. I used my laminated checklist as a visor for several hours I arrived into Springfield and quickly met my new coworkers. We're flying 172s for 6 months and it wasn't long before the Mooney was pressed into action- we needed to head east to Indianapolis to retrieve one of the Cessnas Two Cessnas and the Mooney in their new home for the time being. We still need to go to Iowa next week to get two other planes (yes I've already warned them about the nose truss)
  4. I'm sorry for lack of pictures but three of us spent 3 days doing this annual with a time crunch for my upcoming move. We started off with overhauling the nose gear. I removed the entire truss and removed the bushings from all the joints. Cleaned the dirt/grime from all the crevasses and lubed and rebuilt it. New LASAR steering horn really tightened things up! After the nose was back together, we removed the old pucks and then fought to get the new ones in. I found a local Mooniac who had the OEM tools and that helped us press the new donuts in. What weird, is I have the SB tracking spacer but we COULD NOT get it on. With the tool at max compression, a breaker bar twisting it, we couldn't compress the donuts enough to get the collar and spacer on. So we elected to skip the SB spacer and just installed the collar. Surprisingly, she taxis and lands fine! No more "8 second ride", even without the spacer! My donuts were dated from 1999 so they were also due. The mains were easy to do with simply the weight of the plane. Then we noticed a faint smell of fuel eminating from the engine bay. Running the boost pump gave us a tiny drip coming from behind the engine. Removed the battery, battery box and found the culprit- fuel line from the gascolator to the engine-driven fuel pump had a pinhole leak. Whoever made this one years ago had safety wire wound around it to hold some makeshift insulation on it. We took it out, removed the fittings and fashioned a proper replacement. Proper AD's taken care of, buttoned up and everything else done, she was ready to go. I can't begin to explain how bad she needed new knees. Grass landings and takeoffs are not anywhere near as bad as they used to and I don't have to taxi around with dancing feet like a taildragger with the worn-out steering horn. Next week I'm loading up my most precious belongings, an air mattess and relocating to Illinois for 6 months- I got a job flying 172s for an outfit doing aerial survey.
  5. I agree, its probably just a sticker. If you remove the lead from 100LL, its octane rating drops to 94. Hence Swift's approach to the segment.
  6. I did an LED retrofit. https://mooneyspace.com/topic/27776-raptors-led-torpedo-retrofit/?tab=comments#comment-457269
  7. They're the same exact thing. An "overhauled" muffler/exhaust system is all brand new, they just move the data tag over and call it the same piece.
  8. A tornado last night in TN completely leveled an airport.
  9. Why isnt this a bigger thing? You should document your process and submit to AOPA/EAA/etc to get put in magazines
  10. Of course my IA is signing it off, my annual is in a few weeks. I was mainly regarding the wording of such an important part imparting a good/bad vibe for potential future buyers. I know *I* won't have a problem with it, but curious if some would rather see something like "drawing on file for copy of LASAR downlock block P/N XXXXXX machined from T606...." versus "replaced with owner-produced". It just seems to vauge to what quality "owner produced" means. Just myself being worrisome about having to explain it later.
  11. I'm not an A&P but that sounds low for a fuel-injected 200hp engine. I've always heard the "rule of thumb" for fuel flow is (rated HP / 10). So a 180hp engine should be 16-18gph, 200hp engine 18-20gph.
  12. In regards to the drawings- is there anything logbook-wise that needs to be mentioned/added to keep it kosher? Curious if a future buyer reading "replaced downlock block with owner-produced part" would be a red-flag