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  1. I really really like the Sporty's video for context. They have a demo, as well. I think King is quite pricey. Either way, get Sheppard for the written.
  2. Raptor05121

    Flying on Instruments with No PC

    My D model never came with PC and still sports the factory "shotgun" panel with /A equipment (dual VORs and a DME). I've got about 50 hours simulated under the hood and have no trouble whatsoever staring at gauges for up to 2 hours and holding wings level. I know it isn't the same when you're alone and in actual conditions, but I plan on flying my plane quite a bit with the factory panel as-is. My father and his father flew them as such. With ADS-B In and tablet at my fingertips, no reason it still can't be done in 2019. Some will agree, others will disagree and say you need a $100,000 panel to fly IFR. Just my $0.02
  3. Fred, that graphics card is horribly underpowered to run the train that is XP11. I have an GTX850 (newer and faster) with an i7 and 12GB RAM in my laptop and its still not enough on low settings. My desktop is a 8GB GTX1070 with an overclocked i7 and 16GB RAM and its barely good enough to run it on medium high. I am using the Alabeo M20R Ovation for my IFR training. Its the same company that made the M20J but has better systems and easier to see gauges. I'd recommend a new computer if you are going to get into serious simming. About as effective as lining up against a Porsche with a 1993 Honda Civic.
  4. Raptor05121

    Basing a J on Grass

    My C model is based on grass primarily. We also have another C, an E, and an R at the same grass airport. Absolutely no problems whatsoever. Maybe have to scrub the tips a little harder in the summer when washing to get the green tinge off, but thats it. Its a little uncomfortable but free fiddy sure does sound like a nice price
  5. Thanks for posting. I'll use this to brush up- I'm about to go for my checkride
  6. Raptor05121

    LED overhead instrument lights

    Ive created a new thread: https://mooneyspace.com/topic/27776-raptors-led-torpedo-retrofit/?tab=comments#comment-457269
  7. Raptor05121

    LED overhead instrument lights

    Its a simple 12v LED strip. For $39 less, go on eBay.
  8. My plane had a 10 month annual from Oct 2015- Nov 2016 with 0 hours running. Got it back, flew 50 hours in a month. Oil samples were clean. I wouldn't worry about it, personally. (I'm at 2200SMOH)
  9. Raptor05121

    Wedding news

    Those pictures are gorgeous. Congratulations, guys!
  10. Raptor05121

    Extreme turbulence and the Skew-T

    Would a Skew-T chart be a +1 to mention on an IFR checkride as an additional weather report for flight planning purposes?
  11. Raptor05121

    A little Lesson In Propellers

    Holy cow. The paint alone is great.
  12. Raptor05121

    ILS vs LPV

    Millennial here, I'd take an ILS over an LPV any day. Same logic.
  13. Raptor05121

    When should I change the oil?

    I do it every 50 hours in N Fla. My engine is 2200SMOH, FWIW, oil results are normal
  14. Raptor05121

    High Performance Endorsement

    I got mine in a 182. IIRC it was 0.7 and three laps around the pattern. I got it because I plan to do jump ops once I get my commercial and some require 182 checkout
  15. Raptor05121

    SabreCowl Gen2 preview

    That is gorgeous