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  1. Watch Mike Busch's seminars on the EAA webinar page for CHT, EGT, TIT and leaning tips.
  2. It sure is a risk. I bought one out of annual by 3 years and dumped $10,000 into it in one go (including resealing the tanks). If it is in your budget because of the discrepancies, it will end up costing you more in the long run. While my blanket recommendation would be to look at a plane that was flown often, I will say getting a basket case IS PLAUSIBLE if you tread very carefully.
  3. That's a damned good deal. Someone needs to jump on this.
  4. We actually found out Mooney made the sockets in reverse polarity to retain the "push-to-test" feature. So the sidewalls are positive with two rings to provide 12v (one with actuation and the other when depressed) and the ground is the center contact. So...short of rewiring them and losing the PTT feature, not worth it. I've located a gentleman with a used LASAR cowl enclosure. I'm getting in contact with LASAR to see if I can buy just the STC. Still need new tires. We are close to ordering the muffler. I'm having flying withdrawals.
  5. place for oil to go
  6. My stick is accurate as hell. I'd say within 0.1gallon but I made a "cheat sheet" on my POH in my plane with level readings and I put "accurate to 0.2 US Gal" in case someone else took it up
  7. Its Com. Mines in the same place. Ugly as sin, but you barely notice it in flight
  8. This should be a percentage, not gallons. Of course a 120 gallon Acclaim won't take off with 5-10 gallons, but my 48 gallon C model, that is quite normal for a 10 minute hop for cheaper fuel
  9. My tires are 10x worse than that. I barely have any tread left on mine. No cords showing, but telling how high pitch my "squeek" is, I know I have thinner rubber than other airplanes. I'm ordering new here soon.
  10. I was thinking this to myself last night and it makes sense. The exhaust isn't technically part of the "internal combustion engine" so yeah.
  11. Ironic how none of our members live in the Rockies or Alaska. I think we know our own limitations, haha!
  12. I can't wait to see it painted
  13. It was sarcasm. I've met Tom. Insanely cool guy
  14. Who is this Tom guy? Seems kinda cool https://blog.aopa.org/aopa/2017/05/19/sharing-ga-with-people-reminds-us-how-fortunate-we-are/
  15. I think LASAR will sell just the paperwork for $35.