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  1. Check to see if this isnt the proper part: https://lasar.com/flight-controls/flap-stop-block-210114-009?rq=flap block or https://lasar.com/flight-controls/hinge-block-240005-501?rq=block
  2. Whats horrible is those who take advantage of a community, especially one that is self-policing like aviation (crew cars, after-hours FBOs, donation tie-down fees, etc) is abused by those who know the system such as other pilots or aviation-minded public. Disgusting.
  3. How did I miss this. Amazing job. Reminds me of my own misadventures several years ago. I think between three A&Ps , myself, and 8 scratched elbows, we had 40+ hours into scraping, cleaning, alodining and resealing the tanks. They are still good 3 years later. I think I spent $2,500-$3,000 for parts and labor, so the deal is there if you can do it. Keep posting pictures! I'm glad to see another willing to do the labor to revive another D model! Subscribed!
  4. This. I don't know why, but mine starts sticking and I have to crack open the line and blow it out every annual. A drop or two of oil-like substance clogs the line.
  5. I started commercial ground today (I already have the flight requirements done) & calling a CFI with a Citabria tomorrow for tailwheel endorsement I am also looking at a local flight school with an Aztec for multi
  6. Aaaaaand on the flight home..... Irony? Luck? My plane is equipped with a Precise Flight backup which (with a power reduction) it pulled enough vacuum to erect the gyros. Good practice and interesting to see how the engine's intake system provides suction for these units. Back to Mooney-ing while a replacement is on the way. Looks like the old pump was installed in 2013, and was the last entry before I bought the plane. Lasted 428 hours. I'm also temporarily doubling my personal minimums for the first 15 hours of operation with the new pump until I'm comfortable with its use.
  7. Keep in mind there is a rain channel and drainage hole under the vintage avionics panels. Do NOT apply sealant there or in the hole. I don't have a picture but it should be clearly evident when you remove the covers.
  8. So basically pooey to anyone under the age of 45 owning a plane. I reject your reality and substitute my own. I got 0% APR for 48 months and just did a balance transfer and got another 48 months at 0% APR on my plane. Probably wont work for a $150k Ovation, but for a vintage shortbody, a personal line of credit via most local banks or in my case, CapitalOne, works just fine. No lien holders, no scanning logbooks, no hassle. As was stated earlier, its much better to keep cash in a higher earning line of interest right now. I'm dumping all of my spare cash into my 401K and Roth IRAs with the returns I saw last year, is a no-brainer.
  9. There was a file over in the downloads section last year which was a downloadable compass deviation card properly sized for printing and even had a Mooney logo greyed out in the background. I downloaded it and currently have it on my plane right now and was really nice but I can't find it on here. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and might have a copy?
  10. I just noticed mine is up as well. I'll send mine over shortly
  11. Special thanks to @Cody Stallings at Stallings Aircraft Propeller. He was gracious enough to let me borrow his big boy degaussing toy to fix my mag compass issue. For three years I've never had a proper reading magnetic compass. Which we all rarely look at them, but going for my IFR checkride here shortly, the mag compass becomes primary when you do the 'no gyro' approach and 30 degrees off heading is not technically legal. I switched the old whiskey compass out to this PAI-700 thinking it was a compass issue but then I learned about Mooney's wise decision to mount a magnetic compass to a steel tube. Over the years as people used vacuums or welded new gussets onto the engine mounts to kill an AD, the frame became magnetized. As you can see in my first picture, the aircraft is pointed due East but is indicating 055. Even with the compass correction balls and that Mu-Metal stuff, it never read accurately Following Mooney SB M20-150A for degaussing procedures, my IA and I took about 10 swipes with a degaussing coil to knock down the error to about 10 degrees and the internal compensators were able to correct off that. My home airport had a compass rose and all cardinal directions are true within 3 degrees Time for a new compass correction card and time to call the DPE. And thanks again to Stallings Aircraft Propeller. When the time comes to send my 3-blade Hartzell out, I know where it's going.