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  1. Can you explain the whole insurance procedure? What is made to determine the value to repair it instead of a check for 50k?
  2. Yup. Mine are in the back of the airplane as well, with a bit of speedtape over the holes. I've found you can easily tie down to the main wheel trusses.
  3. If you still need the info: we have several hotels in town, Quallity Inn near I-10, next to Wal-Mart and a bunch of fast food. I can pick-up/drop-off anyone wanting to make a stopover. Current 24J fuel is $3.66/gal
  4. Dan, thank you very much for your story and keeping up with us. I am going to share this if you don't mind. Many other people on various other forums were following your endeavour.
  5. It was at the end of his "all about cylinders" video. Someone asked the question.
  6. The rubber accordian boot after the filter? Mine was $250 from LASAR. I threw my old one away
  7. Mike Busch has answered this question. No such thing as too cold. Colder is better.
  8. Operation 'Cool Cylinders' was a success. 5 hours of work has netted me about a 20-30 degree cooler reading per the stock #3 CHT gauge. At 120MIAS, it was barely below 400 whereas before, it would be about 420. In cruise, it's down to 350 whereas it used to be at 380. Awesome! 350-360*F cruise. This used to be 380*+ 120MIAS climb. This value used to be 420*F
  9. Well I found a nice roll of 4"x6' silicon rubber baffling sealer in the box of goodies the previous owner left me, and I folded it upon itself and stuffed it REALLY tight in between the alternator and cowling. That was a BIG area shooting air straight into the lower cowling from the inlet. It's not as nice as that riveted felt as pictured above, but it will surely help raise the pressure differential. I also bought some red silicone (good for 650*F) and sealed up all the various holes in the cowling. It looks silly with all the red smears and dots all over. Also, the back of the doghouse was LOOSE. I found empty screw holes that holds the doghouse to the back of the #3 and #4 cylinders, so I found some screws and tightened that up, it should help force air between the fins and most importantly. hit the deflectors below which push air around the bottom of the cylinders. Also, I replaced some screws and added washers on some of the splits so they are flush. As darkness fell, I had the GF shine a flashlight and not a SPECK of light was coming out of the other side. I'm going up for a test flight tomorrow, I'm really excited to see how well it works! Maybe santa can bring me that guppy enclosure. (Anyone have one lying around???)
  10. So far you're in the lead with shortest runway. My home airport is 4,037 feet. I assume the last 37 feet is so it is eligible for a GPS approach which we just recently got. I do 80 over the fence if I'm lazy, but sometimes I'll try 75 and it makes it easier to plant the plane on my aimpoint.
  11. Over the weekend I saw an M20F with lots of baffle work with high-temp RTV silicone in small areas and he says he has excellent cooling so its given me hope to help seal up my baffles. I'm going to try and seal up as much small stuff as I can, but I think 60% of my cooling problems is directly under the starter/alternator area where pressurized air is going directly into the low-pressure cowl area. Does anyone know where I can get that cloth material I see everyone using to seal that up? What tools will I need to patch it up?
  12. Mine is in the nose
  13. I have a Narco Mark 12D radio out of a 14v Cherokee, working when removed. Tray and 6" of wiring included. No tag. Open to offers.
  14. Think sbout opting for the more-expensive RG-35AXC. Increased cranking amps, but most importantly, increased reserve time in case the alternator fails. I paid show special at Sun n Fun last year, $270. Your mechanic will need to revise the W&B, its about 3lbs heavier.
  15. My gear horn clicks on the throttle, but my throttle is very old and creeps forward. Very hard to keep on top of is when aligning for a landing.