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  1. When I go LED, I'll change the top to all-red LED and remove the bottom and cover the hole. Less drag.
  2. My top strobe was added in the 80s.
  3. I could use a pair
  4. Any chance you could double that order and sell a set for profit? I have the eBay stickers but I would like something nicer.
  5. Can you have someone get a video next time you go up? I'm wondering if your click is different than mine. I have to wiggle a bit.
  6. That's the only downside with the Johnson bar. Space is at such a premium and the spot between the seats has the ability to hold so much stuff. I could easily put a chart bag, cup holders, pockets, etc all down there. But I'm very forgetful and the J-bar is probably the safest way for me to own a retract
  7. x2. I pounded the pattern yesterday when I was solo. First time I was sloppy and came in at 80mph Vref and floated well past the 1,000' mark. I dropped gear and flaps much earlier next time around, 75 over numbers and I had it down about 300' past the numbers.
  8. I don't. There is quite a bit of gap around both. Also some splits in the top of my doghouse.
  9. I need to get a BatteryMinder. I have a new (<2yr old) Concorde RG-35AXC battery and even flying 5+ hours a week, the first blade is slow to turn over. I think my voltage regulator is shot. If anything, they are good insurance. Never have a dead battery.
  10. Agreed. I think my next plane is a 67 F with manual gear.
  11. Mine has a lot of openings as well. I hate the guppy mouth, I don't see the need to blast air over the alternator and starter.
  12. Welcome to MooneySpace. Is yours a Johnson-bar or electric gear? Be sure to post some pictures and fill out the profile information in your control panel so we know where you are from. Mooney's have an incredibly quick transition time from gear up to down and vice versa. Likewise, we (well, most of us), get the gear up ASAP. (See video below). My short field procedures in my C model (mph) is: back pressure on yoke (when the nose breaks ground, you might have to release some back pressure to prevent it coming up too much), once positive angle then gear-up ASAP, maintain Vx (80mph), clear obstacle, flaps up, pitch down for Vy (100mph), get to 1,000 feet, pitch down for enroute climb (120mph). This is all a very busy and very quick process and can all occur in a span of 10-30 seconds. If you have never flown a Mooney before, spend some time off a hard-surface runway that is plenty long enough before you go trying to set personal records for short-field ops in a Mooney. Also, spend a bunch of time learning what power settings will get you what (IE my 180hp, at 16"MP and full prop, will give me 120mph on the nose for downwind). Get the numbers on the dot. If you are doing 100mph on final, you WILL float to the next county. Do your W&B and figure out what 1.2x Vso is. I like 80mph final, 75 short final for gross. 70 is even better when light and will still float 100+ feet before touching. Your plane is a bit heavier so some tweaking is needed but those should be rough figures for you to look at.
  13. LASAR. $250. I just bought one a couple months ago.
  14. How are we looking for 2017? Need to re-up the donation drive again?
  15. I really, really, really want to go, but I'm working right now 6pm-6am and if I fly down there, I wont get ANY sleep before work, so I think I'm going to skip it.