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  1. Online pseudonyms and aliases.

    Go figure. I don't have the credit history of half of you and I'm not affected. I guess I was small potatoes.
  2. Aveo engineering wing tips

    Holy cow. Those look nice
  3. LED Upgrades.

    Nice! I love the belly beacon. I'm surprised you didn't have your gear down with as slow as that Cherokee was
  4. Mooney M20D 1 - Corrosion 0

    wow looks very nice!
  5. Young Mooney Driver in Need of Wisdom

    I added you on FB. I see you already know Connor? I love his M20F.
  6. Cruise RPM

    They're both right, IMHO. Mike is talking about efficient cruising if I remember from the last time I read that article. The author of the Mooney article pretty much summarizes: "you're in a Mooney, get there quick". I'm with Mike when local. 23/2300 nets me 10GPH at 2,000 feet for local flying. But, when I am actually going somewhere worth stretching the legs, I'll climb high and WOT/2500RPM and just deal with the fuel burn when I get to the pumps. More often than not, I will turn the prop down just to cut down on noise. It seems to be exponential with speed. 2300rpm is much quieter than 2500, and only costs me ~5-7mph
  7. Touch And Gos Poll

    Do them all the time on my 4,000 foot home runway. Flaps and Trim are the big ticket items, but if I do T&G, I'm probably solo, in which case I've gotten into the habit of no flaps for landing or taking off when so.
  8. Young Mooney Driver in Need of Wisdom

    Hi there (don't see your name) and welcome to the forum. There are a lot of Florida pilots here. I'm over in the Lake City area and I go to Flagler/DAB quite often. We also have a Florida Mooney subforum here with monthly lunch fly-outs [looks like the next is October 14, Flagler (FIN)]. Are you on Facebook? I regularly post N. Fla aviation events. Sept 29th-Oct 1 is the annual Mooney Summit (https://www.mooneysummit.com/) over in Panama City Beach and is used for "bettering the breed". I believe registration is full but you can sign up for the waiting list. The first day (Friday) is open-day at the airport so you could always stop in with the gaggle of 100+ other Mooneys there. @mike_elliott is also a CFI in South Florida that has buku Mooney experience.
  9. Thinking of straying from the fold

    I saw a Cherokee 6 the other day, it was a load hauler, had every seat removed sans the pilot seat. Doors opened up, I could've built a gym inside. I'll refrain from posting the picture in case it wasn't legal, but I was under the assumption a change in the W&B on hand is all that was needed.
  10. First E dies next week......

    That's a shame. Any interior pics?
  11. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Yeah boy it would be nice to catch up on some student loans!
  12. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    I sucked it up and bought the PlanePower. My wallet is crying but maybe once and for all this will be the fix. I've always had alternator whine since I've got it so...fingers crossed
  13. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    I have spoke to Alan on the subject. I'm thinking I might just buy once, cry once with the PlanePower unit and future-proof the plane
  14. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    I heard back from three shops. Apparently, my alternator is VERY old and they no longer make parts for them. Sigh. Looking at the PlanePower kits. I can buy JUST the alternator for $453, or for $519 it comes with some hardware, but still "NO BRACKET". I don't quite understand the difference, I;m about to call them. Anyone know if I'll also need to change the belt?