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  1. Raptor05121

    Battery Cables

    Do a voltage drop test on your old cables. I thought of doing the same until I saw how complicated it was. I simply degreased them and protected the terminals. Installed the 149NL and works 100% fine.
  2. Raptor05121

    Metal fuel line tubing maintenance

    I had replaced the one that runs from the fuel pump to the firewall. It had cracked longitudinally at the compression fitting and was leaking fuel. My mechanic at the time got the part number and ordered another. Came over, put it on, handed me a bill for $150, parts and labor. This was before I enacted the Raptor Methodology© and kept track of my parts, expenses, and assisted with maintenance. Its wasn't terribly expensive for as important as it was.
  3. Raptor05121

    Mooney search starting...

    Hello and welcome, John! As much as I love Mooneys, don't discount other Piper or Cessna models. The main reason people choose Mooney is for speed, efficiency, and safety. If you want room or backcountry performance, other models do better. There is a nice F model here in FL (I'm sure you've already seen it) with nice paint and engine, but IIRC still had a steam gauge panel (650 GPS). These well-equipped planes seem to go fast, especially when priced right. Good luck on your hunt.
  4. Raptor05121

    Light Grease on Prop Blade

    I think Cody has proven his worth many times over to this forum. Now if only we could get a professional on each subject matter, this forum would become a book! Thanks for your service, Cody. Many of us who lurk a lot still learn from your past words.
  5. I'm a Florida native, so I have no dog in this fight, but from the musings I see on the many type-groups I'm in on FB, someone posted that Tanis themselves warned not to leave it plugged in continuously for the same reason. Just my $0.02. Hope it helps your search.
  6. Raptor05121

    High nickel in oil?

    Thanks. I'll let them know and see what they say
  7. Raptor05121

    1960 M20A--automatic no or?

    IMHO, if I were going to look at a wood wing, I'd find a local A&P that is versed in older airplanes and wood and have him go with you to check it out
  8. Raptor05121

    High nickel in oil?

    Sorry, I checked my cylinders which #1-3 are silver (steel) and #4 is orange, which if my research is correct, should be steel with 0.010" overbore
  9. Raptor05121

    Muffler crack

    What is everyone paying for exhaust overhauls? Is it worth the price delta to go PowerFlow?
  10. This is my third oil sample result in 150 hours and my nickel levels are still high. Are the valve guides the only thing that would be indicative of this? I'm thinking I should be #4 (see times below). Maybe I should be planning on swapping it out here shortly? 180hp O-360-A1D, 2100SMOH Crank & Cam - Approx 900 hrs Cyls 1, 2, & 3- Approx 500 hours Cyl 4- 2100hrs
  11. Raptor05121

    Mag Drop Question

    I believe that would be failure to ground. OP, sounds to me your timing is now more correct than before. My mag drop is around 75-100 rpm.
  12. Raptor05121

    Rosen Sunvisor Replacement

    You can sign up to be notified when they will restart
  13. Raptor05121

    Control Locks

    I've considered the control forces so heavy they're really not needed on Mooney's. Mine is outside sometimes and even in winds they never seem to move.
  14. Raptor05121

    Mooney M20C Purchase Air Mods

    That is gorgeous
  15. Raptor05121

    1963 Mooney M20D: Fixed-Gear

    Damn. Just make sure the new owner stays active on here.