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  1. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    I was just thinking of that yesterday since I'm about to do my yokes and wheels. Thats the problem- its pretty well soaked in the slot
  2. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Hangar before: Hangar after: My girlfriend thought she could pull the plane out but she forgot the tow bar slips sometimes In other news, shoutout to @Sven for the persuasion to redo the wing walk material. I couldn't find the aluminum tape at my local Lowe's, so I used masking tape. I'll have more tomorrow afternoon.
  3. Is this before or after the cowling?
  4. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Thanks for the tips, guys. I'll look into the travel boards
  5. mixture issue

    Welcome to the forums, Aaron. Please post some basic details (model, engine, prop, etc, etc), also do you have an engine monitor and can back up trends, or has it suddenly started doing this?
  6. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Last flight for this year's annual. 175 hours in the past 12 months, and that is with 4 months of downtime due to random MX, I probably could have eclipsed 250 if I wasn't grounded so long. A whole lot of laundry list is in the works for 44U, stay tuned as we start next week! Not a bad tailwind today at 6500! Laundry list for next week: Standard annual inspection Comply with reoccuring ADs Replace halogen wingtip nav lights with Whelen Chroma-series bulbs Install LASAR landing light lens Strip & recover wing walk Remove wheels and send for powdercoating Install new tubes & tires Reweigh airplane for new W&B (17 years old, GULP) Rebuild fuel selector Replace cowl flap handle Install basic clock (IFR) Replace ELT battery Change oil Change air filter Clean and ohm test plugs IFR recert I'd REALLY like to re-rig the airplane because if you let go, she will go into a 20 degree bank to the right after 10-15 seconds. I have to fly by resting my left hand on the yoke to hold straight and level. But I'm lost on how to go about doing this.
  7. Yoopers Rocketman's Lancair

    Excellent update. I absolutely cannot wait to see the scheme you showed us on this bird!
  8. Crazy annual (paranoia)

    Also what of the engine mount reoccurring AD? If I read the SB correctly, a weld should terminate it.
  9. What is this device in the tail?

    I'm redoing mine. Last weigh in from Aug 2000 was 1,001lbs useful. I cannot find the W&B when they upgraded to the 3-blade in 2005. I fully expect to lose 40lbs useful here in a week.
  10. Crazy annual (paranoia)

    I'll be doing the same here shortly. How bad were the old calipers?
  11. Looking to Buy Mooney M20F or J

    I'm sure electric leads simply because 11k of the Mooney's made, easy to say 80% of them were post-68
  12. Smoke system for a Mooney

    One of the guys in my EAA chapter just installed a kit in his RV-6A. He does this too. Pops smoke when in the pattern or calling traffic. He said it was about 20-30lbs? You guys argue about losing that with fuel bladders, no way in hell a Mooney owner would lose that for an oil tank lol
  13. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    I'm no stranger to grass. I can't wait to try my new tires on the grass
  14. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Surprisingly, it's a paved runway, just no taxiways. You just pull into the grass. Its a good 250 feet from the runway to parking (red circle is where I was) so gotta go slow. Of course, the Stearmans were taking off and landing on the grass parallel to the runway.
  15. Alan's Hangar

    Little bit of a stretch from Florida